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Lamont's Adventures

The L-Hat: The Saga Begins

A normal day in kindergarten can wind up being the adventure of a lifetime.

The House and Helke Show: Battle in the Dream Realm

A well intended sleepover can turn into one real nightmare.

The Cave

Co-authored by David Erbaugh A young David Erbaugh steps inside a mysterious cave, but he has no idea what he's in store for him.

The Tier Upper

Micheal Poleman is kidnapped by a strange man, and it's up to Lamont and his friends to save him.

The Maniac

Magic-El sends the Maniac after Lamont and company!


Lamont and David have found something very intriguing on the disk they found....

Death on a Massive Scale

Magical-El-Play kills all of Lamont's friends to get to him.

Destiny's Duel

Lamont and Magical finally face off in a battle.

Lamont and Danny's Rescue Rangers

Darkonda and Deviot as One

Darkonda and Deviot come from the future and merger into one, to prevent Lamont's future.


Charlie Blunt's experiment goes awry and now must attack the Rangers to survive.

Darkviot's Dark Dealing

Darkviot's most twisted and dangerous creation tries to eliminate the kids at Helke.

A Team is Formed

The team must work together in order to stay alive.

The Defeat of Darkviot

The team is formed, the enemy is identified, and if they don't stop him now, they never will.

An Alien's Arrival

An alien wants to live on Earth, but that's not what his comrades want.


When Danny stumbles up something big, it will get more real than he realizes.

Lamont and Danny's Rescue Rangers' Move: Richey and Zach's Spy Group

The enemies that Darviot created returns to finish what their master started.

The Return of Double-O-Danny

When the Gangsters break out of jail; they come after the person that placed them there.

Double-O-Danny and the Washers

Danny must stop the gang from eliminating his friends, but a greater danger looms on the horizon.

The Enemy of the Past

A stalker is after the Rangers...

The Last Attempt

Magicdarkviot makes a last ditch attempt to destroy Lamont and David.

The Masked Kid

Framed for Crimes

Lamont was framed for something that he didn't do.

One of the Great Enemies

Lamont uncovers a plot of a criminal that threatens the entire world.

Electric Emergency

A familiar kid is messing a great deal of power in order to stop the Masked Kid.

A Toy Store Manager

A disgruntled employer, seeking revenge, creates a series of deadly toys.

The Trees are Coming

A dangerous experiment mixes plant and human DNA.

Water or Not

If the Masked Kid stops an enemy, it will only make matters worse. What will the Masked Kid do now?

Nega Lamont Part I: Good vs. Evil

Electrical discovers a way to separate the good and evil in someone.

Nega Lamont Part II: The Secret of Your Dark Side

The enemies that Darkviot created returns to finish what their master started.

A Secret Organization

A government agency must call on the Masked Kid to twart the plans of a criminal organization.

A Criminal Team

Four criminals get together and isolates the city of Vandalia, but who is their leader?

The Return of a Great Enemy

He's back as Cyborg, although his memories are cloudy, but his motives are clear.

The Other Side

Lamont chases Nega Lamont to another Universe, and discovers his world isn't as bad as he thinks.

Innocent of all Charges

Lamont finally finds the proff to prove his innocence, but will he deliver the information in time?


The First Trip to Washington

Lamont has a great time in the National Capital, but across the continent, a new force is dawning.

A Friendly Betrayal

When someone Lamont thought was a friend betrays him, it sets a chain reaction in motion.

Boy Meets World and Beyond

As Lamont goes to LA, a new chapter in his life will begin.

The Green Ranger's Return

The Original Green Ranger

After a hundred of years of being kept as a secret, the Dragonzord Power Coin has been found and it has kept its power.

Secret of the Photograph

A mysterious photograph has traveled from the past to the present, but what exactly does the photograph hold?

The Rise of the Dove

Lamont's power are taken from him, but he is determined to remain the Green Ranger.

Turning Evil to Good

Andros finds out his long lost sister is actually Astronema! But, will he be able to persuade her to the side of good?

Trouble Heading for Earth

Dark Specter has sent comets hurling towards Earth, and it's up to the rangers to stop it.

Introducing the Mega Winger

The rangers get greatly needed assistance while Lamont struggles with Darkonda on the Dark Fortress.

Evil Twin Again

Astronema has a new plan of attack: making her own Lamont.

Double Ranger Power

The merging of the two Green Ranger powers has overloaded the Morphing Grid, and Lamont must find a new source of power.


While Lamont's outrage against what a teacher did to Ashley sends him to court, a mysterious man gives Astronema a special gift

Help from the Spice Club

Golfen is back. And who else should help Lamont out than those lovable characters, the Spice Club?

Battle on Earth, Aquitar, and Triforia

Cyclopsis and Eago are back as one! It is up to the rangers to call on all the arsenal of their past to fight this new menace.

Darkonda's Human?

Darkonda has a new plan to destroy the rangers -- disguise himself as a human to infultrate them unexpectedly.

Revised Countdown to Destruction

This is it. The battle for the Earth has begun...

Evil Revenge

When Lamont tries to morph to fight one more monster after the Countdown, he is sent back in time!

The Green Ranger's Return: Season 2

Evil Revenge Part III: A New Ranger in Old Times

Can Lamont find a place in the past?

Tommy's New Zord

While battling one of Zedd and Rita's monsters, Tommy finds out a little more about the Tigerzord.

Ninja Quest with a Twist

When the Thunderzords are destroyed, the rangers must find a new source of power--of course, it's not exactly like you think...

The Changing of the Colors of a Shogunzord

The rangers must find a way to defeat the White Shogunzord taken over by Rito.


The rangers have been turned into children, but when the Ninja Coins are destroyed, what reprecussions will there be in the future?

Farewell to a Friend

It's time for Lamont to return to his time, but Mondo throws Lamont three years into the past, when rangers doesn't exist yet.

Lamont's Adventures: The Next Generation

The Motion Picture

Co-authored by Christopher D. Leis The Mob sets out to destroy Lamont. But first, they must eliminate two key factors: the Green Ranger powers and Boy Meets World.

Khan's Revenge

Co-authored by Christopher D. Leis With the betrayal of Andy and the creation of the Demoter ring, the L-Team must find two new members.

The Search for Andy Again

Dark Parallax joins with Cyborg Andy and creates the ultimate threat for our heroes.

The Journey Home

On their way home from Cyborg Andy's defeat, the Mirror L-team attacks.

The Final Straw

Dark Parallax begins a brutal strike against the Railroaders.

The Undiscovered Universe

The L-team must banish Dark Parallax from this dimension, and make peace.

Power Rangers Railroad


Check out Lamont and his friends of the Railroad.


Check out the villans of the Rangers.

The Day of the Rail

It's up to Lamont and his friends to save the city of Vandalia from a mob. . .


Lamont and his friends must find new powers to help Angel Grove with its problems

The Washington D.C. Trip

The Railroaders go on a class trip to Washington D.C., but will the gang be able to stop some robbers from robbing the National Mint?


The Railroaders find special powers when all chaos breaks loose.

Khan's Back

The man that chased down the Railroaders in the 31st century is back. . .

Jurassic Day

Khan decides to send in some prehistoric creatures to destroy the Railroaders.

Radiation Leak

When Khan and Chaos team-up, it means trouble for the Railroaders.

The Search for Andy

The Railroaders must find Andy's body, but is he really dead?

On the Way Home

The L-team is captured by an alien race, and it is up to Aren and Lamont to find their beloved animals before they destroy Earth.

On the Way Home II: Search for the Animals

While Lamont and Aren search for the animals, the L-Team wait for their return.

Paradise Horizon

Lamont gotten himself into something BIG...

On the Way Home IV: Explosive Results

As Lamont and Aren return, they find their teammates in the clutches of the arch rival, Khan.

The Adventures of the E-team

B Turns to E

Which side will Brad choose?

The Changing History Arounders

The C.H.A. fromt he 31st century want to fix history so thing go their way...

Lamont's Adventures: The Next Generation: Season 2

The Return of the L-team

The L-team must gain a new weapon to regulate their powers, but they are not the only ones after it.

The Return of the L-team II: The Contest

Aren and Daniel fight in a tournament to determine who gets the new weapon.

The Return of the L-team III: The Prize

Aren wins the contest and wins the Ninja Dagger.

The Rash Wrath of Count Daniel Funela's Revenge

Outraged with the outcome of the tournament, Danny creates the Reverser to strip Aren of his powers.

Where is Everything?

With Aren gone, Daniel now wants his revenge on Lamont.

Oh No!

Deviot returns to the scene while toys have come alive.

Just a Bank Robbery

Co-authored by Crusader Vega When a bank is robbed, the L-team must chase him down to California to stop him.

Oh No! II: Not Again

The toys have returned, and an ancient secret is uncovered.


Co-authored by Brad Bergman. An ancient curse has been activated, and three of the L-team members must stop it.

Civil War in the 8th Grade

A fight separates the 8th grade class, and the L-team along with it.


Kyle Harring escapes from jail to seek revenge on the kids that trapped him.

K-I-L-L-E-R II: The Ultimate Threat

Kyle Harring, Khan, Daniel Funela, and Steel Thunder Hawk combine into one person to rip the L-team limb from limb.

K-I-L-L-E-R III: The Last 8th Grade Battle

The L-team pulls out all the stops to prevent the ultimate threat from destroying the entire World.

Lamont X: The New Adventures of the L-Team

Curse II: The Wrath of Everyone

Parts of the original formatting have been kept upon request of the author. Before 9th grade starts, a secret about some bad guys is discovered, and it's all out war for revenge.

Curse III: The Search for the Merger Sword

Parts of the original formatting have been kept upon request of the author. The L-team must excape from the island of Illusion, and Lamont must find the ultimate weapon.

The Return of the Mint

The men who broke into the Federal Mint a year ago escaped. Now, they decide to inact revenge on the L-team....


(From Lamont's Perspective) Nathan's back, and he's trying to turn Lamont evil!

M-J II: Aren Saves the Day

With all the rings gone, Aren must reclaim his powers to save the team.

M-J III: Last Survivors

The L-team rings have all been destroyed, and all but Jamie Moore is caught. She must battle Chaos alone.


With the L-team out of the way, Nathan goes to the next part of his plan. But the team won't believe it when Jacob betrays them.

Lamont X 8

Khan's Back II: Mandy's in Charge

With Lamont gone, Mandy is in charge of the team, only this time she doesn't have any powers.

Jurassic Day II: Jamie Saves the Team

The dinosaurs are back, and Jamie Pounds is the only one that can defeat them.

Traitor II: Brad's Betrayal

The team is falling apart and distrust is through the ranks. So Brad betrays the identities of the team to the media.

Civil War Again

The team is again split, but this time there will be no reuniting.

The Destruction of the L-Team

The split is final, and the Railroaders finally go their separate ways.

Season 2

Beginning of a New Team

The L-team is gone, but can some new people from a new team to stop the Ultimate threat.

Revenge of Daniel's Son

The Count had a son, now he wants revenge on the team for the creation with Dad became.

A Legend of the Merger Powers

As they hide from the forces of evil, the new team learns the secret of the Merger Crystals.

United Streets of Sonar Vandalia

The new team is finally formed.

Strike of the Ultimate Threat

In the jungles of Brazil the enemies are gathering for something special.

Nathan's Return

The Reverser has resurfaces, and it is fired at the spot where Lamont died.

Escape from the Jungle, Steven Manna's Wrath

Steven Manna is back, and is the boss of Nathan Lee, Sam Nako and the Ultimate Threat.

The Files of the Class of 98 Serial Killer

The First Death

10th grade seems like it will be a normal year, but then, the murders start...

Who Dun It

While the gang is trying to figure out who killed Liz, the killer is after another member of the team.

Spiderina Strikes Again

Someone is going after Chris and Brad. . .

Happy Anniversary

Two people are breaking up on their anniversary, but will this be their last fight forever?

A Fighting Chance

Our heroes get some help from some old and new friends.

Reversal Crash

An old enemy from Lamont's days as the Green Ranger resurfaces.

Time Crusaders

Just KIDing Part 1: We Need Help

After being returned to Kindergarten, the group of seven must now call for help.

Coming Full Circle

Chris continues his search for the Red Merger Crystal, but does the prize for which he is searching, in the past or his past?

White in Front of Your Face

Lamont goes to the court of King Louis XIV, and becomes a young soldier.

Power Rangers Merger

The Merger Strike

The power the Merger Crystals has been unleashed.

The Coming of the Gold

The Rangers have finally defeated Joseph, but a new villian stands upon the horizon, as does a new power. . .

Power Rangers Merger - Dark Ranger Chronicles


Two new Rangers are revealed as another one becomes evil. But the question is why?

Power Rangers Digital

Digital Quest: A Power Rangers Movie

A new threat goes after the old Rangers, and a new force must digitize to stop him.

Power Rangers Feudal Wars

The Merger Sabers and The DVD Strike

700 Years have past since the time of Lamont and the Power Rangers. Now two Familys are at war with each other. Five teenagers pull the legendary Merger Sabers out of a rock after resting for centuries, and give their family the edge. Meanwhile, Thomas Yolk tries to get rid of the Rangers by slicing them with DVD technology.


The Other 4

A 'friendly' game of tic-tac-toe just may do the trick.


Part 1

Every Saga has a beginning, and long before the time of Lamont there were four friends who got pulled into the Adventure of a lifetime with a foreigner. Their mission, stop a group of Aliens chasing a comet. It is not like anything you have seen before.Meanwhile, a Local Hero gets a Big head after a rescue, and the Rangers are jealous. But when the Enemy targets him for Energy purposes, the Rangers realize what a hero really is.