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This is an active fanfiction site and new fanfics/authors are welcome. Submissions may be sent to Shadowranger3@aol.com.
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I am a big fan of fanfiction. Back in 2001 I took over the running of a fanfiction site from Helen. The site has changed over time and the number of active authors has dwindled, But I have kept this site going as a way to archive some of the stories from days gone by.
At the moment authors are organised based on the author’s name. Active authors have been given their own site, as have several of the authors whose work I really like personally.
This site is still accepting submissions, but I am a little more picky about what I will host. Scripts are likely to be refused. However if you would like your work host here please email and I will consider it. If you would like you own archive that you can maintain without having to submit to me to upload, let me know and I will consider each request. Currently Ryuranger, The Q Team and Carl Turner are hosted in this way, as is my own work.
And now to the stories. Feel free to browse through the index or visit one of the sites hosted authors. Either way… Enjoy!

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