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The Samurai Series

<br> Call to Arms

There’s a surprise in store for the Rangers.

The Gathering

Time to get together.

Day of the Zords

Zord day!

Turbo Mission

This one is something only they can do.

Way Down Under

An Australian visit.


One of the Rangers is badly hurt by a monster.

The Enemy Within

Don’t ever make a Ranger mad.

Beyond Good and Evil

Armageddon offers them all something.


They never thought this would happen.

Rangers, Rangers Everywhere

There are Rangers just everywhere!!

Hope For the Future, Thoughts of the Past

Zords and battles all over the place.

Dark Intentions

Have the Dark Rangers truly reformed?

Falling in Numbers

Final Combat.

Power Rangers Armageddon


Things are settling down..or are they?

Misplaced Ranger or Misplaced Trust?

Is it right or wrong?

The White Insomniac

Armageddon hires someone to take out a Ranger, and it seems Samurai White is that unfortunate Ranger.

A Problem Shared

As Jaxir continues his attack on the White Ranger, the remaining Samurai Rangers get involved.


Six down, four to go! Will the remaining Rangers be able to defeat an enemy they can’t even touch?

Prisoners Of War

As Kane infiltrates the last remaining prison camp, he makes a startling and emotional discovery.

Purple No More

Sara starts to get strange new Powers, but their origin isn’t like anything she could ever have imagined.

(Ultima)te Revelation

With Armageddon at Ultima’s mercy, it’s time for some answers.

A Fate Worse Than Death

An unexpected chase, with unexpected results.

Hell's Fury

It’s Halloween and an ancient and terrifying prophecy is coming true!

Hell's Fury Part Two: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Ranger Scorned

The Rangers face off against the forces of the Underworld.

Hell's Fury Part Three: Facing the Inevitable.

The Rangers face up to the reality of the situation, and it’s not a pretty sight!


Mysterious Power

Something has been watching the Rangers closely!


A mysterious enemy appears and offers the Rangers a choice!

Cube 2

The Rangers have made their decision and already start to regret it.

Cube 3

The Rangers continue on and bump into something that could either destroy them, or save them (and you get to decide what happens!)

Cube 4

Life and death decisions are coming more and more often, and once again you decide!

Cube 5

Things are starting to heat up as Tommy’s decisions get more serious by the moment.

Cube 6

The trintans cause a catastrophe for the Rangers!

Cube 7

The Trintans reveal something to the Rangers!

Cube 8

Tommy has to decide if he should save the White Trinta Ranger or not.

Cube 9

The Rangers have two choices, surrender, or die!

Travels of the Gold Samurai

A World of Trouble

Mike’s journey begins – on a world that hates the Rangers.

Powerless Rangers

Supply and Demand

Underhanded interplanetary business deals can mean only one thing for Earth – trouble!

A New Generation


The fight begins anew.

The Rings of Xentar

All in the Past

The Morphin’ grid discovered, the Rings sent and a Phantom told his mission!

When Worlds Collide

Friends of Old and New

A peaceful day at the beach is disrupted by a serious problem, and Billy begins a quest to try and solve it with some new friends.

The New Recruit

The journey through the rip continues, and the Rangers get a new recruit, by the name of Cynthia Harrell!

Phoenix Rising

A mysterious monster appears from the world of fanfics, but only a handful of Rangers can fight it.

Other Stories

A Rocky Ride

Rocky’s having some problems with another team member, and it means big trouble!

A Christmas Collection

Five Power Rangers Christmas stories!

A Touch of Heaven

A love story for Adam that shows nobody is ever alone!

Closing Down

Deepest thoughts of past, present and future.


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