Zelda Martial Index

To Save Terra Venture

The Gold Quasar Saber

The Voices

Will the voices Zelda are hearing lead her back to her past?

The Golden Mountains of Mirinoi

The Voices have led Zelda back to Mirinoi, but what will Zelda discover once she's there?

Return to Mirinoi

Zelda may just have met the man who will gu

Quest for the Gold Crystal Quasar Saber

Will the guys be able to retrive the Crystal Quasar Sabers?

A Crack in the Dome

When Zelda and the other return to Terra Venture, a crack in the main dome is discovered.

The Appearance of the Six Crystal Quasar Daggers

What's Five Degrees off the Port Bow?

Zelda dn Trey leave the colony and encounters something five degrees to the port of their zords.

Capturing the Colony

The Imperial Varox Cruiser Fleet has plans for Terra Venture...

The Six Crystal Quasar Sabers

Zelda's morph sequence had failed, but left in its wake are six Crystal Sabers...who do they belong to?

The Infiltrators

Zelda discovers two imposters among the ranks of Varox, are they Zelda's friends or foe?

Taking Command

Taka and Byst helped her get free, now it's up to Zelda to take command.