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The Reunion Series

Home for the Holidays

This reunion has tragic results.

No Time for Tears

Jason won’t talk to anyone!

Dierdra's Story

How a murderess is born!


Jason has had a rough year.

Memoirs of a Dead Ranger

Tommy looks back on his life . . . after it!

After the Fall of Evil

Dierdra survived the Countdown.

Intimate Stranger

Jason meets Dierdra, again!

Forever In Love

Zack and Trini think of how they fell in love.

Zeo Disaster

The Power of Friendship

Tommy learns some disheartening news about his Zeo powers.


Sometimes even Mother Nature seems to have something against Angel Grove


Kat has a flash from her past, thanks to the forces of evil.

Gray Area

Eve of Destruction

It’s time for Dallas to do some private thinking

Second Thoughts

Events from Alexis’ point of view


Tommy thinks about his hero

The Defenders Series

The Defenders

A new evil has shown up to threaten the Rangers.

Secrets and Lies

The Rangers learn who the fallen Defender was.


Can dreams really hurt you???


Revenge can be sweet! . . .


Some new friends need help!

C'est La Vie

That’s life.

Protectors of Space Series


Tommy has returned to Earth.

Light of Hope

More problems arise for the Defenders and Rangers when everything seems to be going right.

Never Forget

Andros and Tommy heel as someone else returns.

Please Forgive Me

Things settle back to normal or do they?

Is This Love?

The Rangers and Defenders return to the Megaship just in time.

Lightning Crashes

Danger threatens all around.

The Ties That Bind

It’s a family reunion for some, while Tommy gets some bad news.

If That's What it Takes

Andros learns about his true past.


In a battle, several of the team find themselves in deep trouble.

Holiday Miracles

Alexis faces Astronema, while the fight to unearth the trapped ones continues.

Stepping it Up

Ghosts from the past haunt the Rangers.

Help is Never Far Away

Jason and Tommy are in deep trouble.

Higher Learning

Time for two Rangers to go back to school.

A Friend In Need Again

A rescue run.

Mysterious Stranger

Two Ninjetti show up when they are needed.

The End of it All

Disaster is coming.

Missing You

They miss all that’s lost.

Pondering the Future

Someone wants to know what comes next.

Looking Back

Jimanya looks back.

Healing old Wounds

Tommy and Kat talk



The most unlikely person of all sends his daughter to save the future.

Guardians of Time

Surprising New Friends

The Defenders meet up with one of the Galaxy Rangers.

Familiar Faces and Places

The Defenders meet up with some people they know . . . sort of!


Two of the Rangers are captured


Time to regroup

Only in my Dreams

Time to escape

Ninjetti Revelations

A secret is revealed about one of the Guardian Ninjetties

Psycho Problems

Psycho Problems

Andros’ search for a present lands him in trouble.

Psycho Problems 2

The trouble with the Pyschos isn’t over yet.

Psycho Problems 3

Andros has been having some nasty dreams lately.

Psycho Problems 4

Psycho Pink wasn’t the only one saved in To The Tenth Power.

Star Fire Dilemma

Destinies Child

A strange fate awaits a newcomer to Angel Grove.

Fathers and Sons

All in the Family

Tommy finds out his ancestry.

Secrets Revealed

Much neesd to be uncovered.

Worst Nightmares

Things keep going from bad to worst.

Stand Alones

Trouble in Florida

Kim discovers drugs do KILL!

Back to Green

Can Tommy survive??


Andros gets the shock of his life.

Lost Coin

What if Kat had stolen Tommy’s coin instead of Kim’s????


Andros and Astronema discover their relationship.

Dangerous Situation

Gasket has Tommy again.

Don't Go

Leo is in death-danger.

The Evil Game

There’s trouble in the air.

True Colors

Kim wants to talk with Tommy.

Before and After

What was Tommy thinking about?

Switching Places

Two Tommies?


Just what happened while Leo was imprisoned?

Heart of Stone

What else happened when Leo was held captive?

Losing White

Have they lost Tommy?

Walking through Fire

Adam and Kimberly?

Graduation Day

A different view of how things might have been


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