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Tales of the Spice Club

Profiles of a New Team

Meet the members of the Spice Club!

Gossip, Gossip, Gossip

The Spice Club are sson introduced to their new adversary, Astronema.

It's Valentine's Day!!!

A double date is ruined when Elgar plans to make Jenny his bride.

Add Some Spice to Outer Space

Spice Club are sent to outer space to save the captive Earth rangers.

Tournament Results

The results of the tournament are in.Check out the hightlights and the gory details of the tournament. (Survey included)

The Dark Specter's Wrath

The time has come for Jenny to fight Dark Specter, and you just might need an asprin after you finish reading.

Sleep Tight

Spice Club’s Slumber Day may be the perfect opportunity for Astronema to get what she wants: Spinal.

Pointing Fingers

Some startling secrets about the Spice Club’s past are revealed.

What is Love?

Astronema and Spinal battles it out to determine Spinal’s future love life, while Jenny and Elgar go on a date.

Let's Boogie!!

Caught in a speeding with only the power to steer, will Carlos survive Jenny’s terrible driving skills?

Red Hot Vengeance

With Tommy under a spell, it just might Jenny the chance to get her own vengeance on the ‘greatest ranger ever.’

Did You Know That…

How much do you know about the Spice Club?

A Halloweenie Anniversary

Astronema decides to bring back some old monsters to spoil the fun of Halloween.

The Bug with No Name

With Jenny and Carlos stung by the Barillian but, will the remaining rangers be able to find the antidote and save their friends?

Jenny's Hardship

Jenny’s got Zordon’s key cards, but she may not be able to find out what they do when Darkonda kidnaps her.

The Naughty Daughters

Jenny and Hallie decide to play a trick on their mother but are they just a bit too good at it?

How Astronema Stole Christmas

The Christmas holiday is ruined when Astronema kidnaps all the children and sends down a monster to terrorize Angel Grove.

Sweet Candy Spice…Sour Candy

When Darkonda and Ecliptor merge, it can only mean chaos for the Spice Club

Leadership Friction

Is there any truth to the rumor that Carlos is spreading about Andros?

Dinner with Darkonda…Date with Destiny

Jenny finnaly gives into a date with Darkonda, and there’s someone after her for revenge.

Mulitple Dilemmas

The Spice Club finally locates Zordon, but are distracted when Spinal is kidnapped by an unknow entity.

Questions for the Spice Club

The Spice Club open up a little and tell their story.

Revenge of Dark Specter

Will the Spice Club win a rematch with Dark Specter.

Ready or Not, I've Got You

Darkonda has a plan to capture Jenny and make her his bride whether she like to or not.

Love is a Battlefield

With this love equation, somebody’s gonna get hurt.

A Magical Spice to It

Will Ruth’s dream of becoming part of the Spice Club come true?

Spicy Clues

Something fishy is going on aboard the Megaship.

Make Way for the Woman!

It’s time to show some girl power!

A Discovery from the Past

Will Ruth overcome her fear of Ecliptor?

Animal Spirits

Will Carlos survive the Journey he is about to undertake?

The Beast Inside

Trouble brews when the Hate Master and Scorpina returns.

A Genie's Competition

The good guys and the bad guys must compete in a tournament to determine who will get the three wishes.

Five Spices and a Baby

Bad things are happening, and on top of that, the Spices must take care of an infant Ashley!

A Spice, a Surprise, and a Swan

It’s Ruth’s birthday, and Ecliptor’s present to her is to marry her.

Dance into the Fire

I’ts time for Jenny and Darkonda’s honeymoon!

Those Blasted Keycards

After discovering the purpose of the keycards, they have to get to the weapons without Astronema’s interference.


Jenny must confront memories of her past…

Drive 'Em Crazy

Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster are back, and just in time too!

K-E-V-L, The Villain Channel

Relax and enjoy the crazy comdey of the Spices, Villains, and Rangers.

A Glimpse of the Future

Years into the future, a different battle is about to take place.

Surprise Her and Surprise Her Again

Will Jenny’s birthday wish come true?

The Sleeping Beauty

Jenny’s teammate just find a cure for Jenny before she becomes brain dead.

Children of the Sea

Will Jenny become and evil race of Crocotoxes’s mother?

Sometimes, Even He Can Help

When the Prince of Demons is summoned, Ruth and her teammates can sure use HIS help.

Public Enemy #1

The Astro Megaship is taken into custody for being spies, but who’s the real spy here?

Just Say It!

What difference three little words can make…

A Plague on the Ship

Carlos is haveing a problem — a BIG problem…

Separation and Reunion

When Astronema leads the gys to Zordon, is it a real change of heart, or a trap?

Family matters

When Karone is captured for sneaking aboard the Dark Fortress, it’s up to Jenny to save Earth and her mother.

Are You Psycho or Are We Insane?

The Psycho Rangers come into the picture, and that means trouble for the Megaship crew.

Old Friends Die Hard

Spinal’s old pal Fulgore is back — and better than ever.

The Experiment

The Spices try an experiment to battle the Psychos.

All in a Day's Horror

While the others battle the Psychos, Jenny is having horrifying hallucinations.

Back in the Day

The Spices share some stories from their past.

Spilling the Beans

Astronemna kidnaps Ruth and creates a robotic clone of her.

Question and Answers

Mindy answers some fan mail about Ruth.

Here We Go Again

Could Ruth be the key to getting out of a time warp?

The Body

The Astro Megaship crew is taken to Astronema’s secret city.

Return to Memory Lane

Photo albums can bring good and bad memories alike.

I Remember Way Back When…

While looking through an old scrapbook, the Spices recollects stories from their past.

Psycho Game Boy

The Pyscho Ranger data cards make for an interesting game, but this ain’t no game of Tetris…

You Go Girl!!

While Jenny is away, Astronema will play…

Black Jealousy

Ruth has taken interest in Fulgore’s past, but Carlos suspects more…

The Jewel of Targona

The crew travels to Targona

Ecliptor's Trial

Ecliptor invades the Megaship, only to find a pregnant Ruth aboard.

The Spice Club's Grandest Adventure, Thus Far

The Astro Megaship crew, along with some allies must save Earth from a magician bent on making it his own.

What's in Name?

No one will take Kathy seriously!

A Fatal Course

Is this the end of our heroes?

The SpiceClub: Season 2

Lost Galaxy

The Astro Megaship crew is transported to a lost galaxy where they gain new allies to counter a new threat.

The Name Game

While Jenny and Leo have a little fun on Onyx, Furio plans to destroy the Quasar Sabers.

The Lightstar Crystal

What will happen when Rachel and Robyn get their hands on the Lightstar Crystal?


Jenny faces the darker side of the human race.

No Turning Back

Will Darkonda’s love for Jenny be scorn now that Scorpius wants Jenny for himself?

Remorse Lake

All Trakeena need to turn Jenny evil is a troubled past and a lake full of bad memories.

Battle to the Death

Ruth finds out who she is and what she stands for during a deadly battle.

Dreams Come True

Jenny tests Darkonda’s newest experiment which makes her dreams a lot more real and stranger–than normal.

A Mouse Among Men

Is the K.I.L.L.E.R program a little too much for Jenny to handle?

Some Things are Timeless

Jenny and Ruth are thrown back in time.They must find the Book of Spells to get home before It gets them.

This Means War!

Jenny and the team won’t give up to Dark Specter without a fight.

Quadruple the Spice

Arbin Gordon, Pico, Might Gazelle, and Bio Rex adapt their new lives as Spice Club members.

Someone you Ought to Meet

Jenny uncovers what may be the Lights of Orion.

Hot Pursuit

Scorpius is after the Magic of the Universe…

Lost Souls

Leo loses hsi body, while Jenny, Magna Defender, and Zhane are taken over by wandering spirits.


This is NOT Spinal’s day.

Let's Get Together

Will Ruth enjoy the Mother’s Day present when she is stung by Momma Mite’s bugs?

Too Close

With Arbin under Treacheron’s contronl, Jenny must join the evil ranks long enough to destroy the potion.

Old Sour Puss

Why is Pico such an old sour puss?

Prime Target

Spinal’s found the Lights of Orion…now what?

Cours Par un Rêve

Impostra diguises herself as Ruth’s mother to get the Magic of the Universe and the Lights of Orion.

Brink of Insanity

Treacheron gives Jenny a drug which drives her insane.

One Peaceful Day

It’s the one day of the year when the Spices can’t partake in any violent act…but what happens when evil forces attack?

Under Pressure

Jenny is kidnapped, and the only way to get her back is for Spinal to hand over the Lights of Orion.

The Emerald Bracelet

Rachel is captured by Scorpius, will she be able to escape and return to the Spices alive?

Homeward Bound

Damon figures out a way to get hte Rangers and Spices back to their galaxy.


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