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The Earth Crystals Series

The Earth Crystals

When Lord Zedd’s mother joins in, it’s going to take a miracle to keep the world safe.


Jenga’s latest plan is hideous beyond measure.


Sometimes you have to make hard decisions.

Home No More

The Rangers and their new friends aren’t exactly having a peaceful visit.

Heart and Soul

Jenga and Justin get to know each other on an inside basis.

Inside the Grid

The Rangers get a few new vehicles, just in time for the latest attack.

Unleashing the Power

Justin’s found a way to go dimension-hopping, but he has to go to Phaedos first, and that could wind up being fatal for Jenga.


It’s the final battle for one set of Rangers, and things will never be the same again after this.

Parallels Again

The quest to rescue the missing Rangers takes their friends through many strange worlds, and some familiar ones as well.

Phantom One

Who is the Phantom Ranger?

Dream Walking

Vacation’s over for the Rangers, as a new evil force arises to take command.

Phantom Two

The Rangers seek to learn the identity of the Phantom Ranger, while Jenga’s little sister arrives.

The Switch

At last the searching Rangers have met with the lost ones, but it’s not that easy to get home safely!

Phantom Three

Phantom Ranger could be free of evil, but only if Jenga’s latest scheme fails.

Leaving the Shadows

The Rangers have problems to deal with, as does Jenga with a contender for her throne.

Thunder on the Horizon

Jenga decides to fight fire with fire with a team of evil Rangers.

Shining Tears

Could Sydney have found a home at last?

Phantom Four

Emily is home at last, and Jenga finds a power she yearns to possess.

Hope Springs Eternal

Kat is having dreams of three horsemen. . .who want her as a fourth.

Long, Hard Summer

Jenga and Astronema spend their summer in search of something…

Fall from Grace

The Psycho Rangers are not who you think they might be.

Dead of Winter

An end and a beginning.


Many things are happening on Earth and in space.

Seeds of Chaos

Jenga may be bored with the fight, but Divatox has a new plan that will turn the lights out on Angel Grove.

First Snow

The Turbo Rangers have returned from Phaedos, and just in time, because Angel Grove has turned chaotic.

Final Throes

The battle is in its final throes, and Jenga has an announcement that will surprise everyone.


Angel Grove and the Rangers have a lot to be thankful for.

Galaxy Rising

When Scorpius attacks Mirinoi, help is sought on Earth.


A new group of villains has arisen.

Miles to Go

It’s finally the night of the school dance, but safety is nowhere to be found.


The Non-canon Rangers of the Earth Crystals Saga

Survivor: Phaedos

Episode One: The Vortex

In the end, only one will remain. Outwit, outplay, outlast. Survivor

Candle in The Wind

Standing Outside the Fire

Five retired Rangers must save the world again, but this time from an evil they themselves set free.

One Emotion

The search begins as the teens begin to discover their special tasks.

Rope the Moon

The only way to catch the next demon is to unleash all the gifts of the teens.

Wide Open Space

In Washington D.C., the Chestkeepers face the worst demon yet.


The next demon is small, but deadly.

I'll Think Of a Reason Later

The new demon is going to take them back home to Angel Grove.

One Little Kiss

One little kiss can be fatal.

Leaving Kansas

Leaving Kansas

Some of the Astro Rangers are going on a very strange trip.

The Lost Adventures

Ebony and Onyx

When Carlos returns from a battle, things aren’t quite the way he left them.

Missing Medley

Missing Pink

With Kim gone, Billy finds a new friend and a love he never expected.

Missing Blue

Kim is a little surprised at Billy and Kat’s relationship.

Missing White

Tommy misses what he used to be.

Missing Yellow

What will the painting Trini has bought do to her?

Missing Tanya

It’s been a while since Adam’s seen her, but all those old feelings are there when she returns.

Missing Mike

The newest Red Ranger had to give up a lot to get the job.

From the Inside Out


In the space of a day, Jason Scott’s world changed forever.

Friendship Bracelets

Trini ponders on her new ‘job’.

Blue History

Billy thinks back on his Ranger days.


Moon Over Angel Grove

Insanity reigns as visitors come to Angel Grove in one of the funniest spoofs ever.

Really Wants

What if Billy had wanted the Zeo power?

Really Need

The zaniest quest for a new Ranger you’ll ever read!!

When Power Rangers Attack

Carlos has a little secret he’s hiding from the others.

I Can Love You Better

Kim and Kat inform Tommy: choose or else.

The True Phantom Annoyance

Cassie finds herself facing the spoofiest, and most dangerous, villains yet.

Other Stories

A Different Shade of Zeo

Three new Rangers? The Machine Empire is in for some serious trouble!

Another Christmas Miracle

Tommy and Kim get a Christmas present they’ll never forget.

Life Twice Lived

There are secrets about the Rangers you never expected. One or two of them in particular.

Parental Consent

The Space Rangers decide to come clean to their families.

Man in Pink

Kat goes into a very different line of work.

Jumanji: the New Game

A strange game brings together a group of players who could change the world.

Bleeding Blue

The Eternal Falls were supposed to save Billy’s life: they failed.

Unanswered Prayers

When we don’t get what we want, we just might wind up with what we need.

Typical First Date

Jason and Emily’s first date doesn’t go as planned.


Death is in the air.

The Blue-Haired Girl

Leo sees a woman on a bus that captures his imagination, but she will prove to be very difficult to find.

Christmas Stars

Something bad has happened in Who-ville. Er, Terra Venture.


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