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Power Rangers

Personality Conflicts

I Wish…

Tommy and David’s mother has to make a choice.

Personality Conflicts

Do Tommy’s weird dreams actually mean anything?

Fathers and Sons

Adam has the unlikeliest partner for a mission: his father.

Shadow Dancers

Billy’s in danger and Tommy’s the only one who can save him.

Dying of the Light

Jason has a dark secret.

Things Left Undone

People are coming home.

Crystal's Shadow, Crystal's Light

Two more Rangers join in things.

Two of Hearts

The final decision.

Crystal Blue Persuasion

Rocky has an adventure all his own.


Tommy finally meets his father. Can he trade in?

Dark Mirror One: Tiger, Tiger

Rita makes a copy of Tommy.

Dark Mirror Two: Through a Glass Darkly

Well, if one copy was good, two would be…trouble?

Dark Mirror Three: Heart of Darkness

The Dark Reflections must choose.

The More Things Change

Time for Turbo!

Who You Gonna Call?

Zack meets some new friends in New York City.

Inner Demons

Rocky’s past wants to pay a visit.

Worlds Enough and Time

Billy has been having dreams. Now he enters them.

Thicker Than Water

Jason gets hit with a little flash from his own past.

Family Ties

Scorpina is back and this means major problems!

The Green-Eyed Monster

Jealousy is a very ugly thing.

Final Frontier

Astro Rangers, time to join in the fight!

Blows So Red

Andros has some competition for Cassie.

Second Star To The Right

Zordon’s been arrested?

Straight On Til Morning

Shadowborg is causing problems, and things in space aren’t getting any better.

Split Decision

Time to split up.

Shadow Hearts

Drew is in a lot of trouble.

The Waiting Game

Edenoi’s day of independence could be dawning…

Though The Heavens Fall

Court is in session.

Aftermath: Downshifting

The Turbo Rangers.

Aftermath: Metal Sunrise

The Beetleborgs Metallix.

Aftermath: Morning Stars

The Astro Rangers.

Aftermath: Rider Before The Storm

The Masked Rider.

Aftermath: Warrior Dawn

The Morphin Warriors.

Aftermath: Ghostly Futures

The Ghostbusters.

Aftermath: Crystal Morning

The Zeo Rangers.

Aftermath: Virtual Dawning

The V.R. Troopers.

Aftermath: Loose Threads

The support staff.

Shadows of the Future

Rocky sees a dark and shadowed future.

Phantom Quest

Aisha finds her destiny.

Mirror, Mirror

Dark Spectre just found something, and that’s not good.

Firebird Run

Tommy’s brother gets pulled into an adventure.


Blue Senturion joins the police force.

Birthday Blues

Lita’s birthday has arrived.

Once Upon a December

Time for the holidays.

Allied Powers

A new alliance is formed between Rita and Gasket.

For Want of a Nail

For Want of a Nail

What if the Zeo Crystal got lost before they could get it’s power?

Technicolor War

The new Rangers fight, and so does Tommy.

Tommy's Choice

Final Farewell

Divatox taps into Tommy’s worst weakness.

Blue Eternity

Justin gets hurt, and Tommy must return.

After Murianthus

Into The Fire

Jason has some nightmares.

Flames of Love

Kim needs reassurance.


Kat watches someone else be happy.


Ashes to Ashes

A tragedy strikes Angel Grove.

Comes The Dark

Zedd’s plan involves creatures of the night.

Green Magic

Spells of shadow weave through the air.

Midnight Sun

Divatox decides an evil Ranger isn’t such a bad idea.

Phoenix Rising

Tommy’s adventures are just beginning.

Blue Is The Color of Mourning

Justin’s father dies, and he’s getting sympathy from…Divatox?


Someone is attacking people in Angel Grove.

Shadow of Fear

Kim faces a test by herself.

Blood and Vengeance

A different version of Carlos and the Count.

The Running Ranger

There’s trouble in the Power Chamber, and only Billy and Kat are there to help.

Song and Dance

Tommy hears some music.

Getting Over You

Will Tommy ever be over Kim?

Never Too Late

Tommy listens to someone unexpected, and gets a reward he never thought possible.

A Rock Feels No Pain

Andros tries not to feel.


Jason thinks about the responsibility of the Gold Power.

Bishoujo Ranger Sailor Space

Something very weird!!

Against The Odds

Bulk and Skull think after they’ve been separated.

Higher Than An Eagle

Tommy realizes he’s been short-changing Kat.

In The Air Tonight

What goes on in Tommy’s mind?

Guardian Angel

Mike has some thoughts while he’s trapped in his own body.

Fading Dreams

The real reason behind the letter…

Forged in Fire, Tempered In Ice

Cam meets a strange woman, over and over again.

Mega Man



Protomon has some issues to overcome.

Flip Side

Danger beckons and there’s no way not to answer.

Power of Three

A few answers are given.


Promises To Keep

Some promises can be kept…some can’t.

Parallel Lines of Shadow and Light

The road from Mega Man to Mega Man X…


Don't Fear The Darkness

Ankoku Wa Osore Nai

Joey’s a vampire, Kaiba’s a sorceror, and… did she steal that monster from Lovecraft? Surprisingly, this is NOT AU. 🙂

The Only Constant

In the aftermath of Joey’s return, life goes back to normal… or as close as Domino City ever gets

Duelists' Night Out

Bringing new meaning to the term Double date.


Stand Alones


Carter Grayson goes to visit his family.

Lost and Found

On the way home, the MegaShip picks up an unexpected guest.


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