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Power Rangers: Nightfighters

Character Introduction

Learn about the Nighfighters Team!

Fall of the Astros

A prophecy told by Zordon has come true, now the Space Rangers are going to need help – a lot of help.

The Gathering of Forces

The team’s biggest problem yet may not be coming from the forces of evil, but themselves.

The Return of the DragonZord

Beofre leaving Earth, the Rangers need to tie up some loose ends.


Sometimes, respect has to be earned.

Nowhere Left to Run

Kincaid can’t run away from the truth anymore.

The Power of Friendship

Ashley’s life now depends on one person, Adam

Where He's Been

A piece of Kincaid’s past is revealed.

I Never Walk Alone

Kincaid finally meets his father, but the Father and Son relationship doesn’t last.


Lord Crucible wants Bruce on his side.

Team Effort

Teamwork is the key to survival.

Mackenzie Solo

Mackenzie’s on her own now. . .

Chaos Storms

Someone is taking the Rangers’ negativity and turning them into forces of destruction.

In Honor of Our Mothers

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Mackenzie and Cassandra want to pay respect to their mothers.

Mixed Messages

After a freak accident, Hardrive is talking like DECA and Ashley is talking like. . .Hardrive!

Prelude to Revelations

Ashley has a special message for the Space Rangers

Birth of a Night Ranger

How Kincaid’s life as a ranger began.

Motivation for Evil

Why would the leader of the original Night Rangers turn against his own team and join forces with evil?

Where He is Now

It’s time for the rest of the story. . .

Ranger Rescue

Two more former rangers need to be rescued!

The Formation of New Powers

Adam’s on his last few prototypes, so he is going to need a new source of power.

Run to Iocast

Andros and Karone are teaming up to escape their imprisonment.

The Ranger Guard

Have Tommy, Kim, and Kat found the three lost Night Ranger Morphers?

The Night that Went Insane

It’s payback time!

The Iron Circle

The rules are simple: Two enters but only one will leave the ring.

Kamekazi Run

The former rangers are chosen to take on the powers of the Dragon.


Justin and Jessica may finally be reunited with their father – with some creative planning, of course.

Final Preparations

Bruce’s past is finally revealed.

Where He's Going

It’s almost down to the final showdown, but thing’s aren’t looking good for the Nightfighters.

When All Have Fallen…

The fight is on…

…One Shall Rise

It’s finally time for The One to rise.

After the Siege

Calling Out

A new evil force had risen, and it’s first target: Mirinoi.

The Gamble

Will the Galaxy Rangers be able to save Mirinoi all by themselves?

Love Will Turn You Around

It’s a wedding you don’t want to miss!

Powers of the Mind

Looks like Cassandra is in trouble.

The Evil Between Dimensions

A new enemy has been recruited from another dimension to fight the rangers.

Souls and Power

It’s up to Andros and Ashley to save a captured D.E.C.A!

Broken Heart of Another World

Seeing Carlos and Kimberly together is tearing Morgan apart.

The Hunt is On

Lord Styigan’s new plan? Capture all the Nightfighters.

Blood on the Cometblade

Morgan Vs. Kincaid…who’s going to come out as the winner?

Call to Arms

Right now, the rangers to need to get all the help they can get.

Dark Forces

The story of Lord Crucible is once again being told, this time, to a different audience.

The Great Battles

The end of the battle is drawing near…or is it just the beginning?

Running the Gauntlet

With Stygian connected to the Nexus Crystal, it could mean one thing; the annhiliation of countless lives.

First of the New Wave

The battle might be over, but there are still a few surprises in store for the gang.

The Assembly Resumes

The search for a new team of Nightfighters has begun.

Final Assembly

The new Nightfighters team is complete, but the story doesn’t just end there.

Crowning a Ranger

Could there be more Turbo morphers out there?

Extended Families

Vincent wants Kincaid, and he’d do just about anything to get what he wants.

Hope for the Future</a>

Coward of the County</a>



End of the Line

Every story has its end.


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