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Q Tastrophe


What do you do when the one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy joins the forces of evil and its your job to hunt him down?

First Blood

The first blows are struck and they are fatal ones.

Let It Begin

There’s no turning back.

The First Coming

The Rangers have to deal with one large monster.

Slice and Dice

Battle time.

Rogue Hunting

Past and present encounter one another.

Enter the Path

Ravage wakes up.

An Explanation

A few answers come to light.

Coming of the Darkness

Evil is coming…


Good versus evil.


Is it over?


A resistance begins.

Assembling the Forces

Various forces of good are drawing together.


What is happening to the Rangers?

A Daze in the Life

Just a day.


A dangerous battle takes place.


The battle dawns.


Adam Safran Index
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