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Legal Disclaimer: I don't own the Power Rangers, Saban does. This is the beginning of my 'From the Stars' series. This story is actually a blend of three short 'prequals' to the series I have in mind, I origonally wrote them for my little brother to read.

I also want to make a couple of other things clear. I play fast and loose with the time frame. Things go as usual until Astro, but I really crunch the timeline in the period between the era of Zeo, through Turbo, and until the day of Astro on which my story takes place. In other words, from the time during the Gold Ranger was a mystery until shortly after the season five ending of Astro (where Andros realizes it was Darkonda who snatched Kerone) the timeline is squeezed into a period of about eight months. I know, it makes little sense, and ones wonders how it could all have happened in that small amount of time. But it did, for pretenders sake.

Two other things of note, and that is where I put Andros and Ashley together myself (hey, these stories are actually a year and a half old, Andros and Ashley were not together at the time) and while Andros realized that Darkonda was the kidnapper culprit, he does not go to the alien planet. The Voyager Zords come in later.

One last little thing. The story does make brief mention of certain disturbing topics such as suicide. If you are bothered by you or your children reading this, please stop now. If not, read on.

Don't fall asleep, I had to make this clear so those of you who managed to make it this far are not going 'duh' when you actually read it. Now, on with the story!

From The Stars series – And So Life Goes On, part 1
By ZeoViolet

Teaser: Cassie at last discovers true love, and disaster threatens to tear Trey and the other rangers asunder.

Ashley Hammond sighed as she stared out at the starline effect of the Megaship in hyperush, which created a dazzling effect she had somehow become addicted to since becoming a Lightstar Ranger.

She was alone, for which she was grateful. If she had had to deal with Andros's icy-cold presence for another afternoon, she would, quite possibly, have screamed in frustration.

*Why does he treat us so distantly?* she almost seethed. *And you, Ashley Hammond, why did you have to pick somebody like him to fall in love with?*

She bit her lip and toyed with the locket around her neck. Suddenly realizing what she was doing, she dropped her hand. No way was she going to let Andros catch her doing what she had so often seen him do, toy with a locket with a faraway, sad expression on his face. The locket had been her twin brother's, or rather, one of them, until an accident had claimed his life a year earlier. Her other twin, as well as Ashley, still had a hard time putting this behind them.

*And I was so like Andros, at first, I am told*, she mused silently. Not even Carlos knew how angry she had been, how filled with pain, and even how she had tried to take her own life.

*How could one lose a twin?* she had wailed. *I've lost a third of my soul, and they tell me life goes on?!*

Eventually, though, the pain had dulled, and the nightmares about Clyde's death began to fade, though not always completely. She and her surviving twin, Johnathan, grew closer in the effort to heal.

She stuffed the locket back under her shirt before anyone saw her. Normally, she did not wear the small piece of jewelry with the peace sign embedded in the front, but it was getting close to the anniversary of his death. It made her feel better to wear it.

She turned her gaze back to the stars, watching the starlines grow thinner and thinner as the ship dropped out of hyperush. She had not *meant* to fall in love with Andros, it had simply happened. His suffering twisted in her own heart like a knife. And yet, any friendly movement from any one of them was rebuffed, especially hers. *She* seemed to disturb him the most.

*And what did we do to deserve it?* Ashly crossed her hands over her slim stomach and bit her lip. *Yes, he is cold. Yes, we sort of intruded on the solitary life he created for himself. And yes, he lost his sister and everything else he knew. Is that any reason to reject us like that? The only one who can ever talk to him is Carlos. If he would just open up a little–*

The soft *swish* of the bridge door alerted her to the fact that someone had entered. And, without even turning around, the mixture of a sudden chill (and also a sense of anticipation of dread) that bolted up her spine told her exactly who it was who had entered.

She felt his hazel eyes boring into her back, but she stubbornly stood her ground and did not turn around. She thought he would simply stalk to a console and tap on it, or leave just as quickly, or snap at her for some reason or other, but he did not do any of those things. She was mildly surprised when his soft footsteps walked the contours of the bridge until he was beside her.

He stopped next to her, about three feet away, and simply looked at her a moment. Then, to her further surprise, she watched out of the corner of her eye as he turned his gaze, also, to the stars, by now looking normal, and one star in particular loomed brightly. A bright blue, brown, and white ball began to fill the corner of the screen.

"Entering Earth's orbit," announced DECA. Both occupants of the room ignored her, they simply continued to watch the screen, while Ashley was desperately wondering what she had done now to make him act even more strangely than usual.

The silence lingered until, at last, he spoke. "Earth. Ashley, what do you see in that place, anyway?"

Now she did look at him, surprise registering in her brown gaze. "*Why*? Andros, don't you ever miss KO-35? Any friends you may once have had? Your *Family*?!" The words had come out more sharp and cutting than she had meant to around him, considering the subject she was talking about with somebody like him, and she instantly regretted the sharp pain she saw in his eyes, as well as hurt. Somehow, the comment had struck a chord in him she had never before seen, but inwardly knew what it was.

"Oh, Andros, I am so sorry!" she exclaimed, her face going red. "Me and my big mouth!" Before she could stop herself and realize that she had quite possibly made another mistake, she had gripped his hand and looked into his eyes, asking forgiveness. Well knowing his apparent aversion to touch, she waited for him to jerk away angrily.

Again, he surprised her by doing nothing, only staring at her.

She found herself staring back into hazel eyes that now revealed more to her than she had ever before seen. She could see pain and heartache speared into his soul, it seemed, as well as a certain new level of understanding, but for what she could not quite fathom. As always, there was the veiled hint of the inner battle he constantly fought, an inner conflict of guilt he could not resolve.

"It-it is okay, Ashley," he stammered at last. "I guess…I did not phrase it right. The-the question, I mean." He blushed. "I-I do miss my home, I guess, and I don't have much family, besides Kerone, and–" he abruptly stopped. "Anyway, I also–apologize." His hazel gaze left hers and turned back to the blue sphere that was now in front of them, filling the viewscreen with it's awesome beauty.

Ashley could only stare at him in shock. Why was he acting so–well, un-Andros? The Andros she knew would never have acted like that in the first place, much less apologize and still leave his hand (which was unexpectedly warm) in hers. To put it mildly, he would have been much colder, much gruffer. This was a side of Andros Ashley suspected few ever saw. And why now? Why her? The question ran through her mind as she finally tore her gaze from his hansome face and looked at the screen again.

"Ashley? What is your family like?" She jumped. It was *really* starting to worry her, how strangely he was acting….

"My family? What a question… father died when I was young, I don't remember much of him, nor does my brother…..Mom raised us three by ourselves…." unable to finish, she changed the subject. "Why, Andros? Why that question? You have never been so interested in anybody else before."

"I–I don't know why, really." Blushing again, he brushed it off.

Ashley was about to open her mouth when a laughing Cassie ran in, chased by TJ. Carlos followed, and Alpha. All were eager to get back to Earth, and their normal lives. Amidst the hustle and bustle, Ashley did not get a chance to finish what she wanted to say.

Trey, Lord of Triforia, watched the blue-green sphere fill the viewing screen of the pyramidas. HIs unmorphed dark gaze took in the beautiful little world with it's incredible seas, strange landmasses, and spreads of white clouds circling the planet.

Earth. He had not been there in months. Not since the last bittersweet parting of the friends he had mangaged to make of the Zeo Rangers there, friends that had given him a certain persepective on life he had thought forever lost to his mind. He had been proud to call Tommy, Billy, Jason, Katherine, Tanya, and Rocky his friends, and had certainly never forgotten them, their strong team unity, and their courage.

Now, they were gone, replaced by a new generation of Rangers. The older ones had gotten on with their lives, having given their Turbo powers, as they were called, to a new set. Those powers were gone, and in their place was the same team (almost) with the Lightstar powers. And facing many dangerous new foes, like Dark Spectre.

Which was why he was here to warn them. Some dangerous new foes under Dark Spectre's command were coming to aid Astronema in conquering this sector of space, and their first target was Earth. Trey was quite unwilling to see such a fine planet turned into a barren wasteland, which was what might very well happen, even with the powerful Lightstar Powers protecting the planet. Though their power sources now differed, and the Power Chamber had been destroyed, he was here to help, in any way he could.

"*Dijilste Quin'tala*," announced his computer, in the High Triforian tongue. Trey winced. He had done it *again*, forgetting to set the computer language to Standard as he usually did for interstellar travel. Reaching over and tapping a couple of pads on a panel, the computer announced, in Standard this time, "Entering Earth's orbit."

Trey sighed, and leaned back in his chair. No hiding who he was this time. Last time, it had only been to temporarily protect the Earth Ranger's own interest. And it had worked, until the accident (heck, he had been literally mowed down) on Aquitar.

As the Pyramidas entered Earth's atmosphere, he reflected on what little he did know of Earth and it's various cultures. He smiled slightly as he recalled Tommy asking him in bewilderment how a planetary leader could manage to spend so much time away from the planet he ruled.

Trey could not quite hide his amusement as he explained that the title of Lord of Triforia was not much more than ceremonial, basically, his people had freedom of choice to do as they wished. He only made the final decisions on planetary-scale matters, or matters of war, things in that domain. And in his culture, there were no such things as servants or money. Work got done because the individual wanted it. done, and was willing to do it, or get a friend to use his talents to do it for him, done in good cheer.

It made seeing the American's way of life a little easier. Technically, at least, they had freedom of choice. Still, poverty, disease, famine, and war could erupt. Most humans were basically kind, to his eye, and were worth helping. Many other interstellar races called Earth backwards and condemned the planet as being a spawning ground for an evil race.

Others, though, had seen the kind side to the human civilization, which was bigger than the evil side. The human civilization was only a few thousand years old, and had evolved faster than any race he had ever before heard of. There had evolved from that planet works of art and literature, like Shakespere and Motzart, that were now famous throughout the universe. A pure evil race could not have produced such prodigies as these and many others. People like Zordon, Dimitria, Ninjor, the Aquitians, and others, saw humans as having enough merit to understand what they were truly capeable of, and to soar above and beyond. He, himself, proudly counted the Zeo team as cherished friends.

Bringing himself back to reality, Trey refocused on the present as he felt the subtle shift underneath his feet that indicated the Pyramidas had docked on Earth and cloaked. He had a job to do.

"Computer, is the Megaship on Earth?" he asked.

"Affirmative. Megaship is docked at NASADA compound," said the computer cheerfully.

"Are any of the Lightstar Rangers aboard?"

"Affirmative. Cassie Chan and Andros Ackerson are on board."

"Locate the other Rangers."

"Ashley Hammond is in her place of residence. Carlos Perez is attending an event referred to on Earth as soccer, TJ Anderson is attending an event called baseball."

Trey pressed his lips together in thought. "Open a locked channel to the Megaship."

"Channel opened."

Trey swallowed before he started to speak. "Attention, Lightstar Rangers. This is Trey, Gold Ranger of the planet Triforia. I am docked on Earth, and must speak with you at the first opprotunity."

He paused, waiting for a reply. He was not long in silently sitting, a buzz alerted him that he was recieving a reply.

"This is Cassie Chan, the Pink Lightstar Ranger." A young woman, appearing to be about eighteen years of age with midnight-dark hair and dazzling eyes appeared on the screen. "How may we help you, Lord Trey of Trifoira?"

"Please, call me Trey." He hated formalities that many totalitarian insisted on using for planetary leaders. ""I have come on an urgent mission. I don't want to say it even over this channel, but I must speak with you and your team."

Cassie looked thoughtful. "That is okay with me, but if we do meet, it had better be in a semipublic place, for safety's sake. If Astronema gets wind of the fact you are here and we have gathered on one ship or the others, she may very well attack. This way, we could blend into the crowd."

"Then wherever you designate as appropriate, I will come."

"How about the north corner of Angel Grove Park?" she asked. "It is relatively private, just public enough for the rare passerby. We won't be disturbed. There is just one thing," she grinned, amused. "You would not have any earth-style clothes, would you?"

Trey blushed, realizing that his black-and-gold tunic would draw attention from onlookers if he went out in public. "I can replicate some."

"Good. Then meet us in the north corner, by the lake. There is a group of rocks, we can meet there."


"Okay. Trey out." he sighed, before going down to his quarters to his pesonal replicator. He ordered up what humans called a pair of black "jeans" and a black-and-gold shirt. Putting them on, he grimaced at how restrictive the jeans were.

*How do humans stand it?* he wondered, also slipping on a pair of earth-style sandals. At least these were more familar. He grabbed a dermal synthesizer to change the pigmentation over his left eye, obliterating the gold mark that all Triforians were born with. Looking into a mirror, he deemed his disguise complete. Shaking his writst to make his communicator appear, he disappeared in a swirl of black and gold.