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Disclaimer: Disclaimer-While there is very little in this story that has to do with Power Rangers, the whole basis of "Power Rangers" themselves have been placed at the basic idea of this story so therefore I cannot claim total ownership over this story. The basic idea of "Power Rangers" is Haim Saban and not my own, but all other characters, weapons, and technology have been made up by me and therefore I own them. As for most locations and places within the story they are, in fact, real. These places are actually of Fountain Valley, CA which is where I currently reside so therefore I cannot claim any rights to locations other than Commander Greco's, Andromeda's, and Odinious's base of operations, this is of my own creation. Thanks if you took the time to read this disclaimer, I know how boring they can be so please forgive, but it is, as I'm sure you know, necessary. Now, let me begin my story….

In the beginning…
By Warlock

Millions of slaves of a million races were whipped and beaten as they worked. Some so severely punished they died on the spot. Many of these poor souls litter the ground with their dead bodies pushing the stench of death into the air. While the deceased were a sad sight it was the ones who still lived who held a worse existence. There was no mercy given to those who worked, even for those who worked hard. It was a constantly horrific site to all except to the dark figure that stood on a terrace high above the city, watching as his minions held a tight grip on the slaves.

The figure stood atop the highest tower in his world. Yes, it truly was his world. The one he had tamed. He was the one who had conquered over the empire that ruled this planet. He was the one who defeated their armies. He was the one who killed their emperor in cold blood. He was the one who took charge and after he had raised this planet to match his ideals, he was the one who wanted even more. His power had grown far and wide in the last few decades, surpassing even his own expectations. He believed himself more powerful than any god.

The sound of footsteps is what interrupted the proud thoughts of his conquest. He turned to find his highest-ranking commander, Greco, kneeling down to him. Greco was truly a loyal servant who was very intelligent when it came to global conquest and fighting a war, but when it came to maintaining any sort of control on a society he was clueless, that was the best part of his. Greco was so unsuited for leadership, but so immensely suited for war that he made the perfect right hand man for the dark figure.

"Master, you called for me?" Greco said, remaining on his knee with his head down.

"Yes Greco, I have finally decided who should lead the conquest of Earth," the shadowy figure told him.

"Who master?" Greco said raising his head slightly in anxiousness.

"You Commander Greco, you will be the one to lead the conquest of Earth," Greco's master told him.

"Master… I am honored," Greco said raising his head in joy, but quickly swinging it back down before his master saw.

"You are my most trustworthy commander Greco. That is why I'm going to trust you with this very delicate task."

"Master, I assure you I will…" Greco was interrupted.

"I know you will Greco, but remember I want fated ones to be taken out first. That is priority remember, there can be no conquest of Earth until those five… humans, are destroyed." Greco knew exactly what his master was speaking of. He had had his handmaiden, Andromeda, research this specific legend for him. It was well known that his master was a believer in legends and myths, but he had never before insisted on any like this before. This is why Greco had had it researched.

As legend goes, five young heroes with the power of the stars would destroy an evil darkness attempting to conquer the "Blue Planet," this is how Earth is referred to in ancient celestial text. Also, it is said that the five heroes would've been chosen centuries before by Calthropious a legendary, all powerful being who resides on the side of good and light. While the legend of Calthropious has never been proven, it has been rumored among the highest ranking staff that their master had met and spoken with him on a few occasions, but what they discussed is still unknown.

"Master, I will destroy these five fated humans. I am, even now, having my handmaiden, Andromida, creating a talisman that will be able to track these humans," Greco told his master as he finally turned around to face Greco.

"I knew I could trust you Greco, now you are dismissed," he told Greco and then turned back around to relish in his power.

"Yes master," Greco said getting up and walking out of the very dark room. He would first speak with Andromida to assure that all was ready for their departure and then to his Dark Knight, Odinious, to approve of the soldiers he had promised him. He would make his master proud and he knew it.


Tyler Bryant sat in Mr. Rolle's Chemistry class bored out of his mind. It wasn't that he disliked the class, or even Mr. Rolle. It was just that he could be so boring and go on forever about the previous night's homework. He glanced across the classroom to see his best friend Lori Vargas who had, he guessed, happen to glance at him at the same time. Tyler used his hand to pretend like he was putting a gun to his head and was about to blow his brains out from boredom. He watched has Lori giggled a little and then noticed as people began to pack up because the end of class was near, even though Mr. Rolle continued with his lecture. He began doing the same as the rest the class and as he finished getting ready the bell rang.

"Read pages one hundred forty one through one hundred fifty two and then answer the questions at the end of the chapter!" Mr. Rolle exclaimed as everyone began to leave.

"I swear Mr. Rolle couldn't be anymore absent minded," Lori said as she approached Tyler near the door as he was furiously writing the homework assignment down on his hand.

"You're probably right," Tyler agreed, "Did he say one hundred fifty two or three?"

"Fifty two, I think," Lori said, "Make sure that that doesn't get washed off or anything because I'm going to have to call you tonight to get that."

"Of course not," Tyler said with a smirk because he knew he would forget about completely until eight that night when the writing was so smeared it would've become a grouping of incomprehensible wavy lines.

"You better not!" Lori exclaimed as she pointed her finger at him as if it would do any good.

"Hey Tyler!" a someone passing by exclaimed.

"Hey Dean!" Tyler exclaimed back, "So anyway, what're you doing tonight?"

"You know the usual, getting drunk and sleeping with any guy who can make me smile," Lori said sarcastically. This was actually the exact opposite of what Lori was actually like. She was a very athletic girl who was very moral and strong willed. She was also very beautiful, thanks to her Latin heritage, but dressed in mostly t-shirts, pants, and wore very little make up, if any at all. She had a very distinct natural beauty, which attracted several guys, but she would usually turn them down. She was wearing a tight fitting, light yellow T-shirt with loose fitting navy blue cargo pants. She had light brown eyes that gave her a deep, soul full stare with her smile that most people couldn't help, but love.

"Yeah right, but seriously what're you doing?" Tyler asked again.

"After work I've got a water polo game, then after that I'll do my homework and go to bed. Why?" Lori asked.

"You're not going to church?! Man, now I'm going to have to find another ride," Tyler said disappointed.

"I'm sorry, if you're willing to wait maybe… a half an hour I'll be able to pick you up and take you home," Lori said as they approached her classroom.

"No it's all right, I'll find a ride. It would be too much of a hassle for you," Tyler said.

"No, it's okay I'll pick you up," Lori said becoming somewhat insistent.

"No, I'll be fine. Really it'll be okay now get to class," Tyler said as he pushed he into her English class.

"You sure?" Lori asked as he began to walk away.

"Yeah I'm sure," Tyler said with somewhat of a laugh, "Now bye."

"Bye," Lori said as she watched him walk away and when she couldn't see him through the crowds in the hall anymore she went to sit down. Lori thought to herself that it was just like Tyler to do that. Tyler was always a really nice guy; in fact if you had come to know him really well he might even be the nicest guy you'll ever meet. He was like most other guys when it was just guys, but when a pretty girl was around he did his best to be a perfect gentleman. He would go out of his way to make sure some girl, who he didn't even have to like, was feeling okay. If you asked his group of guy friends though they would tell he's a very good and loyal friend who always been there. Tyler is not especially athletic, he just has an average build, but his personality makes up for that when a girl meets him. He was currently wearing dark blue jeans with white shirt covered by a new, mostly red, plaid over shirt. He had light brown hair, spiked and black frame glasses. Some people called him Buddy Holly because his glasses looked just like Buddy Holly's. He had very light blue eyes, which his glasses intensified.


Tyler made his way to Algebra Two, taking note that there was a quiz awaiting him in class. As he walked through the door he turned to see if Mrs. Ziller was there. She was, but she was standing next to the most beautiful girl Tyler had ever laid eyes on. Tyler began walking towards his desk almost tripping over someone's backpack because of the girl. He sat down at his desk and remembered that there was an empty desk right next to him. While it wasn't the only empty desk there was the chance that Mrs. Ziller would sit her next to him.

He watched anxiously as Mrs. Ziller seemed to be checking her out an Algebra book. As he watched he noticed that the beauty looked over at him. Tyler could hardly contain himself, but was able to keep up his cool exterior. It seemed now Mrs. Ziller was telling her about something and then pointed over to the desk next to Tyler. Tyler was overwhelmed with joy, but was still capable of keeping cool. He watched, but made sure she didn't see him as she walked over to and sat in the desk next to him.

After she had sat down for a second Tyler turned to introduce himself, but Mrs. Ziller dropped the quiz down in front of him. His hopes were shattered, but only for the moment he reminded himself. Tyler got a pencil and began furiously working through his quiz.


The hooded figure sat crossed legged, hovering in the air, and holding a crystal orb in his hands. The being was enclosed inside a small, pocket dimension surrounded by a substance that seemed to be light, but in a liquid form. Suddenly there was a small flash from within the figure's orb.

"UH!" it said in shock. It opened its eyes and starred intensely into the orb.

"It begins. The time has come for the prophecy to be full filled," it said as the orb vanished in a flash of light. The figure removed the hood from its head to reveal a head that was neither male nor female. In fact, it wasn't human at all. It was a being that seemed to be constructed of water, but its body was as hard as diamond. The white robe it wore was the only clothes it wore at all.

The being uncrossed its legs and stood hovering in the air. It lifted its hand with such amazing grace and skill it was almost perfect. As the being seemed to be pointing at something in front of itself there was a surge of energy through its fingertips and an opening out of the pocket dimension ripped open in the air.

"Now I must go forth and hand those who are fated their destines," the being said and then floated through the portal and it closed behind it.


As Tyler finished up his quiz, which seemed to have taken an eternity, he put his pencil down and turned it in. When he got back to his desk he took out a piece of paper and began writing. After he finished writing he folded the paper and placed it on the new girl's desk. The girl picked up the piece of paper and began reading.

"Hi, welcome to hell on Earth, a.k.a. Mrs. Ziller's Algebra two class. I'm just kidding; it's really not that bad of a class. My name is Tyler, what's yours? I guess I'm going to be your neighbor for the time being. So what school did you come from? What year are you? There is a million other questions I'd like to ask you, but I think this will do for now. -Tyler"

When she finished reading the girl got a pen from her purse and began writing a reply down on the paper. Tyler was excited that she was replying, but of course he didn't show it. He glanced over at the girl again and he was, again, shocked at her beauty. She was a blonde with a few dark streaks in her hair. She had big brown eyes and a sweet smile. She was wearing a pink, spaghetti-strap top with a long, khaki skirt that went down to her feet. She finished writing and placed the paper back on Tyler's desk. She looked at him, but glanced quickly down at the paper hoping that he didn't notice that she had been looking at him. Tyler took the paper in hand and unfolded it and began reading the girl's response.

"Hi there to you too. I'm Venessa. It's nice to meet you while I haven't actually met you, just yet. I just moved down here from Sacramento, I went to Jefferson High up there. I really doubt you've heard of it. I'm a sophomore, I got lucky with this math class. What year are you? Also, what exactly happens at lunch? I know a few people, but I don't have anyone to hang out with just yet and I'd like to know what happens to avoid any possible embarrassment. -Venessa"

Tyler couldn't help but smile a little. He quickly replied to her message and they kept going back and forth until the class was over. Tyler had told Venessa that it would be his pleasure to walk her around and show her the school. He also told her that at lunch everyone just pretty much does there own thing and hangs out on campus where ever they wanted. As the two were walking from Venessa's locker to Tyler's they noticed a rather bad scene that was taking place in the hall.

"What the heck punk! Did you just look at my girlfriend?" said a large guy who was wearing one of the school's, football jersey. This meant that he was on the football team, this also meant that you didn't want to mess with him.

"No… no… I wouldn't…. wouldn't ever," said the young, half-Korean, half-Irish man who was being pressed against the lockers buy his fellow classmate.

"Yeah, that's right! Maybe I should teach you a lesson and make sure that nothing like this little… misunderstanding never happens again!"

"DAVID!" Tyler yelled from the end of the hall. The football player looked up from his prey to see Tyler walking down the hall towards him.

"What Tyler?" asked David with an angry tone.

"Leave him alone man. You said yourself it was a misunderstanding," Tyler said pulling David's arm from its pre-punching position.

"He looked at my girlfriend man!"

"I doubt that, but even if he had it's just because she's hot!" Tyler said with a smile, "I admit it man. You've got good taste in women, you could have anyone and you choose Patricia Williams! Damn man! You are good!"

"Well, you know. You don't have to really tell me that. I all ready knew," David said now looking flattered and letting go of his would be victim.

"I know, but you seemed to have forgotten it for a second," Tyler said getting between the two young men, "Now why don't you a Patricia go have lunch. Heck! Have it on me!" Tyler pulled out his wallet and handed David a twenty-dollar bill.

"Thanks Tyler," David said going back over to his girl friend, Patricia, "Hey, I'll see you in Spanish tomorrow all right man?"

"Yeah I'll see you David. Late," Tyler said waving goodbye to David and Patricia as they walked out of the hall.

"Late!" David hollered back.

"Damn it Andrew!" Tyler said turning to face the cause of David's anger, "What were you thinking! That was David Collins for crying out loud!" It was Andrew Chang who had been the one pinned against the lockers by David. Tyler and Andrew had been best friends since elementary school, but since Tyler moved across town the two haven't been talking much. They didn't have any classes together because Andrew was in high level classes and they didn't have P. E. together because Tyler had been in junior varsity baseball his first two years of high school. Andrew was the quiet, held back type of person. He didn't talk much, but had an amazingly focused mind. It wasn't that Andrew was a nerd it was just that his family didn't have much money so he knew he had to work hard in high school in the hopes of possibly getting a scholarship. There was very little keeping Andrew from achieving his goals. Andrew was a very defensive person because he wanted to believe he could do everything on his own. Therefore he could come off as somewhat of a jerk, but he was actually very sensitive. Andrew is part Korean and part Irish which, for some reason, showed up more. Some people were surprised to find he was Asian at all, is they didn't know his last name. Today, Andrew had black, spiked hair and dark green eyes. He was wearing khaki pants with a dark green sweater.

"Hey! I didn't look at Patricia all right!" Andrew said, "We have Pre-Calculus together. She wanted to know if she could borrow my notes so I gave them to her and as I was waving bye David comes by and presses me up against the lockers."

"Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to sound angry or anything, just don't get hurt man," Tyler said being sincere, "Oh by the way this is Venessa. She's new and I was going to bring her to hang out with my group today."

"Hi Venessa," Andrew said shaking her hand, "I'd stay, but I plan to go to McDonald's for lunch and I'm all ready late for obvious reasons."

"It's okay," Venessa said, "it was nice to meet you Andrew."

"Ditto," Andrew said, "bye."

"Hey Andrew, you going to be at church tonight?" Tyler asked while Andrew was walking out of the hall.

"Yeah, I'll be there, bye again," Andrew said without even looking back.

"Bye," Venessa said and turned to find Tyler opening his locker.

"I just got to get a couple books and I'll take you to the hill, it's where we hang out," Tyler said just as Lori came around the corner, "Hey Lor! Venessa this is Lori Vargas, she's one of my best friends and she hangs out on the hill too."

"Hello Lori," Venessa said putting her out to shake Lori's hand.

"Hi," Lori said shaking Venessa's hand in response.

"Lori this is Venessa Pritchett. She's new," Tyler said zipping up his backpack, "I was going to bring her on to the hill today and have her meet everyone."

"Cool. Oh hey, I just wanted to tell you that I'm not staying for lunch today and I was wondering if you wanted me to get you anything?" Lori asked her friend as he shut his locker.

"No, I'll be fine. I just spent my last cash on settling a dispute and I don't want you spending any of your money on me," Tyler said.

"Suit yourself," Lori said and then turned around and walked away.

"Bye," Venessa said without getting a response, "Ready?"

"You bet," Tyler said, "Huh? That's kind of odd, I think there's something wrong with Lori. She usually doesn't act like that, you know, so rude."

"Oh really?" Venessa asked, "Do you think she doesn't like me?" The two walked out of the hall and into the massive crowd of their fellow students.

"Why wouldn't she?" Tyler asked, "She doesn't even know you. Lori, if there's one thing I know about her it's that she does not judge a book by its cover."

"Oh, okay," Venessa said as the two walked through the crowds of students towards a grassy hill that was raised up from the ground, just outside the bowl, "Is that the hill?"

"Yep. That's her all right," Tyler said as the two looked at the large groups of people standing on the hill talking and eating their lunches. Tyler hopped up onto the hill and then offered his hand out to help Venessa up who kindly excepted his offer. Tyler walked over to the single tree on the hill and dropped his backpack down into a bundle of other backpacks, binders, and purses. Tyler took Venessa's things and put them neatly on his backpack so they wouldn't get dirty and began taking Venessa around and introducing her, more like showing off what he found, to everyone. Then he finally came to his own group of friends that consisted of ten guys and two girls.

"What's up Tyler?" the African-American in the football jersey asked.

"Not much Brandon," Tyler said, "How are things on your end?"

"Good, we're ready for the game tonight against Huntington," Brandon said referring to the varsity football game between Huntington Beach High School and Fountain Valley High School. Brandon was the star receiver for the school's football team. He was the fastest player they had had in years. It was very important to Brandon to keep in shape. He believed that with a healthy body you could live a healthy and more enjoyable life. Varsity football was a big part of Brandon's life, but it wasn't all that important to him. He actually considered his friends and family the biggest part of his life. If there was a problem in his family or with his friends he would ditch football practice any day of the week. This has actually happened a few times and if it weren't for the fact that Brandon was the fastest thing on two feet he would have been cut from the team months ago. Brandon was wearing his football jersey with the sleeves rolled up over his shoulders revealing his massive biceps. He had dark blue baggy jeans with sport shoes. He had very light green eyes that were contrast with his dark skin that gave him an amazingly caring look. He had black hair that was cut, almost, down to nothing.

"Great!" Tyler said. Brandon glanced over at Venessa and said, "Who is this? May I ask?"

"This is Venessa. She's new. I have her in my math class," Tyler said.

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you Venessa," Brandon said shaking her hand.

"You too," Venessa said with a smile.

"Now how about we introduce you to the rest of the group," Tyler said as the three moved into the circle of friends. Tyler began introducing Venessa to the rest of the group. Brandon and he could tell that she was going to fit in with no problem.


Odinious walked down the dark corridor keeping his hand on the over sized sword within its sheathe that hung at his side. As Odinious walked the silver and blue armor that covered his body slightly clinked with every movement. Odinious was a large creature; he was of humanoid stature, but was much, much larger than any other human in height and in build. Although he was a massive figure he was very fast for his size, faster than he would have you believe. Other things that differentiated him from humans other than his size are his greenish, yellowish skin and glowing red eyes.

At the end of the corridor Greco was standing in the middle of a room watching an image of the Earth created by the magic power of Andromeda. Andromeda's eyes were a creamy white as she held both her hands out on either side of the image of the Earth. She concentrated on keeping the image there, which didn't take all the much concentration on Andromeda's part, but she did as she was told and this was the only task that was being asked of her at this moment. Andromeda wore very little in terms of clothing; a practically see through short skirt that hid almost nothing and a belt of gold that kept it in place, a small top that consisted of gold and more of the same see through material that made up her skirt. She also wore high heals made of gold and even a small headband atop her head was also made of gold.

Greco stood watching the image of the Earth through his reptilian eyes. In fact much about Greco was reptilian, his skin is a good example. It was green, moist and covered in scales, but only his hands and head were showing to give any evidence of his obvious reptilian decent. His body was mostly covered in his outfit of gold armor, which made up his gloves, boots, belt and large shoulder pads, the rest of his suit was a blue silk tunic. As Greco stood starring at the planet that he knew would soon become his master's he noticed as his Dark Knight, Odinious entered the main room of their new base.

"Ah, Odinious! I hope you have faired well in the search for our army," Greco said as he turned and began walking towards Odinious.

"Yes sire," Odinious said kneeling before him.

"You may stand Odinious. Remember this is a time of war," Greco said, "There is no need for pleasantries."

"As you command," Odinious said getting up, "I have found the perfect army. You say these humans lack a world leadership therefore putting them in a state of great chaos. I contemplated this fact and I soon discovered the best solider for the task." Odinious's eyes flashed slightly and a gray creature with bat-like wings came flying into the room. It flew above the three's heads for a moment, but then landed next to Greco and Odinious. The creature would have stood at almost five and a half feet, but it was hunched over. It had large, claw-like, hands and feet, a thin body with bone-like features, wings that were currently folded behind its back, and a face like a demon. It had large, pitch black eyes and a wide mouth full of razor sharp teeth.

"What is this magnificent creature Odinious?" Greco asked, obviously pleased at Odinious's choice of solider.

"I call it a 'Carrion.' I found thousands of these creatures on the nearby planet known as Mars. They lived underground and will feed on anything. In fact they have such an intense hunger that it makes them easy to control assuming you have food. Which we seem to have enough of," Odinious said motioning toward the picture of Earth that Andromeda was still projecting.

"Your cleverness never ceases to amaze me Odinious," Greco said with a smile, "Now it's only a matter of locating the five fated ones." Greco pulled from within his tunic a small, round, black stone that he gripped in his hand. He closed his eyes and began to concentrate deeply. Hundreds of images went through his head until finally there was the image of a young man walking.

"Odinious," Greco said as he opened his eyes.

"Yes my lord?"

"Take this talisman and go to the surface," Greco said, "It will lead you, it will glow brighter and brighter as you approach the first chosen one."


Tyler was walking home with his hands in his pockets. He had just left the school and was walking across the back, open fields of the school. He looked around and didn't see anyone. Not really a surprise to him, it was only fifth period and most people should still be in class. Except for those few that had decided to get up earlier for a zero period like him. As he approached the baseball field Tyler felt a sudden breeze and noticed that the sun was had been blocked out. He looked up into the sky to find the in was being covered by the only cloud in the sky.

"Man, that's kind of eerie." Tyler knew better than to ignore his instincts, they had gotten him out of several bad situations through out his life and this was one of those times when his instincts kicked in. Tyler looked over his shoulder to find nobody there. As he turned his head back around someone grabbed him by his neck and lifted him up into the air.

"WHAT THE?" Tyler exclaimed as he found himself looking directly into the red, radiating eyes of Odinious.

"You! You will not keep my master from conquering your world!" Odinious proclaimed.

"Who, who, who are you," Tyler said struggling for air.

"You will not live long enough for that to matter!" Odinious exclaimed as he began to tighten his grip around Tyler's neck. Tyler couldn't really absorb just what was happening to him. The only thing he knew was that everything was beginning to get fuzzy. As Odinious tightened his grip further Tyler felt himself begin to black out. Suddenly there was a flash of bright light that seemed to, not only, loosen Odinious's grip on Tyler's neck, but also breath life back into Tyler's body.

As the light cleared Tyler found himself looking, once again, into those red glowing eyes, but now there was something different. It seemed like the light being released from Odinious's eyes was frozen in air and the same held true for Odinious's expression. Tyler didn't know why this creature seemed to be frozen, but he wasn't going to wait around to find out. He used both of his hands to pry apart the fingers of the brute's massive hand. Nothing seemed to happen at first, but soon he felt the fingers begin to slightly move. After a few more seconds the fingers grew further and further apart until, suddenly, Tyler dropped back to the ground, just barely being able to land on his feet. Tyler looked back up at the massive figure to find it unmoving and in the same position it had been in while it tried to choke the life out of him. As Tyler looked at the brute he wondered just what the heck was happening.

"What is going on?" Tyler said rubbing his neck.

"Fate," a voice said from behind Tyler. Tyler spun around to find the cloaked figure comprised of crystal standing behind him. The crystal figure stood, slightly hovering above the ground with its hands behind its back. As it looked at Tyler its translucent face seemed to smile at him.

"Who are you?" Tyler asked in the hopes that this creature wouldn't respond the same way as the other.

"I am Calthropious. It is my duty to ensure that the prophecy of the fated ones is full filled," said the being as it began to float towards Tyler and then stopped a few feet from him.

"Huh? What… I have no idea what you're talking about," Tyler said putting his hands out in front of him as if to say 'slow down.'

"Of course you wouldn't, but I'm sure you do know that," Calthropious paused and looked up toward Odinious, "that thing is after you."

"Well, yeah… I guess," Tyler said looking back at the frozen brute, "HEY! Are you the one who froze him?"

"Yes and all the rest of time," Calthropious said, "You and I are the only two beings in all of existence who are currently outside of time."

"WHOA! Serious?" Tyler said in utter amazement as he attempted to contemplate this new turn of events.

"I am always serious, but that is not what I came here to tell you and I am in a hurry," Calthropious told him, "I came to inform you of your fate."

"What kind of fate?" Tyler asked.

"Your world will come under attack by sinister forces. I am here to see that the five fated ones are capable of full filling an ancient prophecy. This prophecy states that the fated ones, with the powers of the stars, will defeat all evil that threatens the planet," Calthropious told Tyler, "You and four others are destined to become the defenders of the Blue Planet."

"What does… Wait! Are you saying I'm a 'fated one'," Tyler asked somewhat in shock.

"Yes Tyler Bryant, but not only that. You are also destined to leed the fated ones against all evil," Calthropious said.

"LEED! I'm supposed to leed the defense of the entire planet!" Tyler exclaimed in utter amazement.

"Yes," Calthropious, not undoing its crystalline smile, "You may doubt your leadership abilities now, but it is your destiny to become the greatest leader the universe has ever known." Tyler nearly fell over from utter shock. Suddenly, there were so many questions that sprung into his head. Hundreds of questions just nagging to be answered, but for some unknown reason he only asked, "How are we supposed to stop armies?"

"For now there are no armies, or at least none according to the human idea of an army. Currently an evil being from beyond this galaxy has sent three of his minions to Earth in order to conquer it. His minions are Greco, his 'right hand man' and a master in the art of war. Andromida is Greco's handmaiden and personal sorceress. Finally Odinious," Calthropious made a slight hand motion towards the massive brute, "he may not be incredibly intelligent, but he has very keen senses for battle and is widely known as one of the greatest warriors in existence. The three's sinister emperor knows of the prophecy and believes that the only way to conquer this planet is to destroy the five fated ones before they are informed of their destinies, this does not involve armies."

"But now I know what will happen," Tyler stated.

"That is irrelevant. His minions will still attempt to destroy the five of you. For the time being they will attempt to stall you from discovering the other four fated ones and kill them before they discover their destinies."

"What do you mean they will attempt to stall me? Why would they stall me? Aren't you going to be the one who tracks down the other four fated ones?" Tyler asked puzzled once again.

"I cannot. It is out of my power to tell the other four, "Calthropious said.

"Why?" Tyler asked.

"I am only able to tell you because they interfered with destiny by sending Odinious," Calthropious said motioning towards the brute once again, "You must be the one to force the Power Break on the other four fated ones."

"So you're saying that because this evil interfered with destiny then that gives you the ability to call upon me to full fill this prophecy? Also, what's a 'Power Break'?" Tyler asked beginning to except what was happening to him with nearly blind faith.

"You are correct. The laws of the universe strictly prohibit higher beings, such as myself, to interfere with the course of destiny unless an outside force has acted against it. This is what has happened here," Calthropious said motioning around him, "As for the Power Break, it is when one of the fated one's power is awakened from within their soul. You fated ones have been blessed by the stars and have been given immense power; it simply has been lying dormant within you since your birth. Your power can only be activated when you come with in physical contact with someone, with the intention of forcing you Power Break, who is of equal or greater power. This is the primary cause for my inferring here, to force your Power Break," Calthropious told Tyler.

"You mean… I'm going to have powers?"

"Not just powers, but The Power. Your power comes from the most powerful source in all of existence, the stars themselves!" Calthropious said, "You will wield a power so great no evil force will be able to stop you, but do not think that you will instantly become all powerful. For the time being your powers will be small. With time they will grow. Slowly at first, but faster with time. I have told you all I am allowed to now, if you would allow me."

"I… I…" Tyler said in doubt. He didn't know what to do; this had to been the strangest thing that could have possibly happened to him today. How could he all of the sudden be expected to become the defender of the planet and also be responsible for finding the four other fated ones that share his destiny. Then it hit him, it was fated! It was his destiny to come to the planet's aid, it had been fated before his lifetime to do this, even possibly before life itself even began to form on this planet. He had a responsibility to full fill his destiny and protect the Earth.

"I'll do it!" Tyler said standing there awaiting his destiny.

"Very well," Calthropious said and then took its hand and gently placed it palm on Tyler's forehead.


To be continued in "A Scarlet Warrior"