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A Power Beginning
By Crusader Vega

The engines roared as the shuttle descended upon the surface of the moon. The first shutle flight to the moon had been a success. Now it was time for the EVA. The walk on the moon was nothing new to mankind, but this time it would be the beginning of something four teens would never forget. The hatch of shuttle opened and two astronauts walked on the lunar surface. Taking a few scientific findings from the lunar surface, one of the astronauts spied something in the distance. It was a small brownish-looking canister that seemed to have crashed into the moon. From the look of it, it had been there quite a while. It had an unusual crystal-shaped on the lid of it. One of the astronauts turned and signaled the other astronaut of his finding. The other astronaut took a long look at the object and conluded, "It looks a trash can of some sort. Let's open it." He reached down and picked up the canister. Then he just touched the dark crystal on the lid. With just a touch, the crystal glowed a dark red and the lid went flying off. They looked inside, but found nothing. Then, a brilliant flash of light covered the area and danced around them, finally landing on the surface not far from where they were standing. When the light landed, four horrible monster-looking humanoid life forms were in clear view. One of them was a tall monkey clad in shiny gold armor. The same spoke with a voice that sent chills down the astronauts' spine,"It feels SOOOOOO good to be free of that dumpster!"

Then another voice was heard, but from inside the opened dumpster. "Stop standing around and GIVE ME A HAND HERE!" it said. The voice sounded like a woman's voice, but the horror. The gold monkey went to retrieve the source of the voice. From the dumpster arose a woman, a woman with a hideous countenance. Her hair was braided in two great 'horns' on her head. In her hands, she held a staff that curved and twisted until it ended in a circle with a red orb offset into it. Seeing this, the astronauts went scrambling back toward their space shuttle. Seeing the fleeing astronauts, the woman laughed with a horrible lilt,"Don't leave now, boys. You're just in time to see my grand finale. I'm going to take over and destroy the nearest planet!" Saying this, she looked up to planet Earth. Terrified, the astronauts made it back to their shuttle and took off.

It was a bright sunny day in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. The cool breeze of the Atlantic Ocean cooled the town. Several youths gathered at the Cape Hatteras Youth Center and Juice Bar. At the youth center, four friends always hanged out together. And this day was no different. The four friends were at their normal places by the arcade. Matthew was the first of the friends. He had an average complexion, and he was built for gymnastics. Matthew had been training as a gymanist for five years and it seemed that he was just about the best teen gymnist in North Carolina. Keith, the next, was no short of talented. He could do almost anything he could set his mind to. He also knew quite a bit about computers. He was average height for his age, green eyes, and a dark look on his face meant you leave him alone. Eugene was the brains of the outfit. He had black hair and wore glasses. He had almost found a way to convert matter into energy, but that was before he learned about Einstein's theorems. Jerry was definitely the strongest of the group. Having him as a friend meant being friends for life. He was the tallest of the group, followed by Keith, Matthew and Eugene being last. They were all close friends since before they could remember. As usual, they were hanging out, when Keith decided he wanted to play some of the new games the arcade had. Jerry commented,"Hey. Try out the new Off-Road adventure. I played it the other day and got my name in the high scores list!" Keith went over to the machine and slipped a quarter into the slot. A beam of red light hit the ground outside the youth center and sent the whole place rocking.

Keith, from his game, felt what was happening and said, "I didn't think I did that bad."

Somewhere out in the desert, in the secret Command Center, Zordon and Alpha were monitoring the disturbance. Alpha 5, the fully equipped automaton, screamed,"AI, YI, YI, YI, YI! Zordon, that disturbance came from the moon! Who could be up there playing with a solar-sonic laser?!" Zordon was a being caught in a time warp. He was trapped in a dimensional vortex fused into a power source called the morphing grid. All that is visible is a head trapped in a ionization chamber which he needs to keep alive.

He spoke calmly,"Calm yourself, Alpha 5. The disturbance is none other than a blast from Rita Repulsa's power staff. It seems that she has escaped the imprisonment which her Superior, Lord Zedd, has put on her."

"What are we going to do? If Rita's loose, she'll surely try to destroy this planet." Alpha panicked as he heard Zordon's last statement.

But Zordon had a solution. "Alpha, long have we been carriers of the power coins. I now know the purpose of the coins we found in the Sea of Sorrow. They were forged to be a source of power to those who find them. We must bestow them on people from this planet who will become the force to stop Rita and her army of monsters."

"Got it, Zordon. I'll teleport people from this planet. I'll do a random sweep of the country to find them." And Alpha punched a few buttons on the control bar and the call went out.

"Hold on, everyone. This is quite a tremor!" Keith exclaimed as he and the others grabbed onto the poles of the Juice Bar. Then, in a flash, he and the three were gone, each one of them in a different color of light. They seemed to be flying across the land. In a moment, it was over. The four landed in a place they had never seen before. And what a place it was! It was covered with controls, computer screens, ionization tubes, and last but not least, in the center of the room was a transparent globe set atop a pedestal. The controls formed a circular arch around the globe. Built into the north wall was a large tube that appeared to be holding something unique.

The four were helped up by a robotic hand. Upon inspection, Eugene remarked, "This is an automaton, guys. I've never seen a robot like this ever made! I don't think we're anywhere nere home."

"Welcome," the droid responded, but before they could say anything, the large tube activated and the being called Zordon was in view.

"Greetings. I am called Zordon. This is my comrade, Alpha 5. We run this place, which is called the Command Center, for the protection of planet Earth from evil forces. As we speak, an evil has descended upon your planet. You have been called here to rid the world of this evil," it said.

Jerry was the first of the group to speak up. "What are you suggesting we do? We're just a bunch of normal teenagers."

"Right now you are normal teens, but I have summoned you for a purpose. You will morph into a formidable fighting force known to one and all as the Power Rangers. You will use these power morphers." When Zordon said this, the morphers appeared on the four teens belt buckles, one for each of them. Zordon continued, "When you need to use your ranger powers, hold your morphers to the sky and call the name of your dinosaur." Then, turning to each one of them, he said, "Matthew, you are quick and true. You will posses the powers of the Iguanadon. Keith, you are bold and fearless. You will posses the powers of the Brachiosaurus. Eugene, you are intelligent and inventive. The powers of the Styracosaurus are yours. Jerry, you are powerful and wise. You will possess the Allosaurus' powers. Jerry, you will lead this group of Rangers to defeat these evil forces."

Jerry inquired, "Just out of curiosity, who or what are these evil forces?"

"Observe the viewing globe," Zordon said, and the globe in the center of the room energized and pictures flashed up when Zordon continued. "This is Rita Repulsa. She and her evil forces have travelled across the galaxy looking for planets to conquer and destroy. Her henchman and putty patrol come to her aid. It appears she is free from the confinement which she has been in for the last 3,000 years. She is bent on conquering this planet of Earth and ultimately destroying it. She owns a magic wand of evil power that enables her monsters to grow when she throws it down to Earth, in which case you will call upon a force of super-vehicles called zords. Each of you will pilot one of these mechanical beasts. They will correspond with your dinosaur powers. Use these gifts wisely for the times come too soon when you will need to use them."

Having heard this, Matthew spoke,"This is too unbelieveable. Let's get out of here."

Jerry stayed back, as if thinking of what he was really doing, but then followed the others outside to the desert landscape. Not long after they were in the open air, they were attacked by putties, which were described earlier in the Command Center. These strange creatures were too strong for the four and they were driven back to the entrance of the Command Center. Then Jerry grabbed his power morpher, "Hey, Zordon said these would give us power when we need it. Let's do it!" And the others grabbed their morphers and called on their powers.





And instantly, the team was transformed into four fighters of justice, clad in costumes of different colors with diamonds across the front about three inches below the neck and small diamonds at the neck like collar buttons. Matthew was dressed in a suit of Sky Blue. Keith was dressed in a Brown suit. Eugene was in a suit of Aquamarine. Jerry, the leader, was clad in an Orange suit. The four felt power surging through their bodies as they fought the putties as the newfound Power Rangers. It was now no trouble defeating the putty patrol. But then, a golden monkey was seen on the battlefield. He laughed,"You maybe able to defeat the putties, but you'll never stop me. Whoever you are, you can't stop Rita Repulsa." An object fell from the sky and hit not far from where the monster was standing and it opened a crack in the ground. Great gusts of wind arose from the pit and the monster inhaled it, growing to enomorous size.

Jerry saw what was happening and remembered what was said in the Command Center,"Not so fast. We need Dinozord power. NOW!" In a moment, four huge dinosaur vehicles were seen around the desert.

Keith said, "Okay, guys. Let's board 'em." Then he and the others jumped and landed in the cockpit of their zords. Then they called off the roll.

"Matthew here. Iguanadon's ready to roll."

"This is Keith. Brachiosaur's up."

"Eugene here. Styracosaurus armed and dangerous."

"This is Jerry. Allosaur's looking hungry."

"All right team, let's bring 'em together," Jerry commanded. The dinozords' shapes began to change, some folding out, some folding in. Finally, they all came together and formed the mighty Megazord. Then they all exclaimed, "Megazord on-line!" The gold monkey, who's name was Goldar, met them with a sword at hand. The two battled out for what seemed like a century.

Goldar blurted out,"Your weapons are no match."

Jerry cried, "Maybe not. We need the Power Dagger!" The Megazord was joined by a curving blade. The Megazord grabbed the dagger and wielded it in the face of its attacker.

Goldar screamed in terror, "What's this? I don't have time to play games with you and your dagger. I'm out of here." And with that, he vanished, leaving the Megazord standing tall and victorous, dagger in hand.

The Command Center was a place of returning from the great battle. Zordon greeted the rangers with a few announcements, "Congratulations, rangers. You have now proven yourselves worthy to possess the powers which the coins have given you. Learn your new talents well. In order to keep the protection of the power, you must follow three basic guidlines: First, never reveal your identies. No one may know you are the Power Rangers. Second, never escalate a battle unless Rita forces you. And lastly, stay true the power. Keep a close eye on each other, as they will you. That way, if you or another ranger is in need of assistance, all you have to do is call, and the others will come."

"Well, the costumes were really cool, but the zords could definitely use a newer version of Internet Explorer!" Keith said sarcastically. "Just kidding. I'm in!"

"Count on me," Jerry responded.

"Absolutely!" Matthew added.

"I can handle it." Eugene threw in.

"Zordon, look's like you got a team!" Jerry said.

"Good. You are no longer needed. You may now return to your homes." Zordon sent them away in the same teleporting process that they came in by. The four now knew that their lives would never be the same.