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Legal Disclaimer: The Power Rangers don't belong to me, they belong to Saban and whoever else created them. However, the new characters belong to me and if you would like to use them or co-write with me please contact me at Thanx! Now on to the story.

Helping Tiara
By : Lanie Tayler Galupe

Chapter One : Helping Tiara

It has been three months since the Astro Rangers had beaten Dark Specter and found Andros' sister Karone. Karone and Zhane have been maintaining a healthy relationship with each other, so did Andros and Ashley. The three Kerovans had been enrolled in Angel Grove High so they could be with the other Astro Rangers. All was quiet in Angel Grove, California. .. . until now that is.

"Veikeros," from the shadows a tiny girl whispered.

"Yes, your majesty?" bowed the heavily armored warrior.

"I want you to go to earth and find out about these 'power rangers' uncle Specter used to tell me about," she commanded as she gripped her little stuffed alien.

"And remember to disguise yourself. I don't want anyone to know we're here. . . yet."

"At once you're majesty," replied Veikeros as he left the throneroom and headed toward earth.

"Oh and Veikeros," the little girl hollered, "if you find the rangers report to me immediately."

"Your wish is my command princess."


"Andros! Ashley! Over here!" yelled Cassie from a booth in the newYouth Center.

"Hey guys," replied Ashley holding onto Andros' arm.

"This place is great, I was wondering when they were going to open this place up. What's this?" she picked up a piece of paper from the table. It was an ad for a martial arts contest, to celebrate the grand opening of the youth center, next week.

"You going to join Andros? Me and T.J. have already signed up for it."

I don't know, maybe," he replied as he sat down in the booth next to his girlfriend. "It does sound interesting though."

"Hey you guys, who's that?" asked Cassie looking at a guy that had just walked into the Youth Center. He was fairly tall with dark, spiked brown hair, and silverish blue eyes. Her eyes followed him as he looked around the facility, and as he sat down at a table across from them. As he looked around the youth center, he caught Cassie's eye and smiled politely.

"Hey Cass, why don't you go talk to him?" teased Ashley smiling back at the stranger. "I think he likes you."

"You think so?" she asked shyly. "What if he already has a girl friend?"

"Who cares? Just go talk to him!" exclaimed Ashley.

"Ok then, wish me luck," she whispered as she stood up from the table and started for the stranger's table.

"Is this seat taken?"

"Not unless you don't want it," he smiled as if to say 'go right ahead'.

"I haven't seen you in Angel Grove before. Did you just move here?"she asked sitting down across from him.

"Yeah actually, I moved here two weeks ago. My name's Brendan," he told her, taking her right hand and giving it a light kiss.

"My name's Cassie," she blushed. "So where did you come from?"

"I was born in France, but lived most of my life in Canada," he explained.

"It must be a real. . . ." continued Cassie, but only to be interrupted by her communicator.

"Oh no, this can't be happening now!" she thought to herself.

"Are you ok?" asked Brendan.

"I'm sorry, but I have to go," she said.

"Maybe we could continue this conversation later, maybe?"

"Sure," he agreed. "But I might not be here later, I gotta pick up my little sister from daycare at four."

"Oh, ok. I'll see you later then maybe. Bye," Brendan watched asshe quickly ran off. He also noticed that the four other people she was with had also left at the same time. He looked around and went in the other direction. As soon as the he was alone he took out a communicator from his back pocket.

"Your majesty, I think I've found the rangers."

"Well done Veikeros," congratulated the child.

"I have already sent Gyarados to deal with them. Make sure he knows what he's doing," she commanded.

"Yes your majesty," he followed disappearing into a black mist.


"Let's Rocket!" cried Andros preparing to transform.

"Hmm? Very impressive rangers, but you stupid powers will do you no good. The power I have received will destroy you!" Gyarados laughed evilly.

"We'll see about that, go Trekeras! Destroy them!" he commanded them.

"Gyarados! Stop, you know what your orders were," exclaimed Veikeros. "Either follow them or face your master!"

"Can't I have any fun?" he pouted.

"No, call back the Trekera, or else!" he warned as he raised hissword to Gyarados' neck.

"Alright, fine! Trekeras return!" he yelled.

"Do you give up already?" laughed T.J.

"You think you have beat me, eh rangers? Well take a look at this!" as he slowed down from spinning he revealed a bright blue haired girl. No older than three years old and holding a weird stuffed animal.

"You wouldn't dare hurt an innocent child!" yelled the Yellow AstroRanger aiming her Star Slinger at the monster.

"You think I wouldn't," joked the monster. "You're right, I probably won't."

"But I will," continued Veikeros bringing his pure silver sword to the neck of the whimpering toddler.

"Surrender your powers, or the girl dies."

"Never!" cried Carlos attacking Veikeros from behind with his Lunar Lance. Sparks flew as his lance scraped the silver armor which covered the warrior. Ashley aimed and shot her Star Slinger at Gyarados' head. The creature cried out in agony as the blast shot through his forehead.

"You'll pay for that!" he screamed. Gyarados released the child and fell to the ground, and disappeared into a burst of flames.Veikeros watched as the blue haired toddler ran towards the pink Astro ranger in tears. With an evil laugh he replied, "You haven't seen the last of me." and disappeared into a black mist.

Cassie and the others turned to the little girl who was still in shock of what just happened.

"Are you okay little girl?" asked the Pink AstroRanger.The child nodded, and faded off to sleep in the rangers arms."We better bring her to the Astro Ship before . . . whoever he was decides to come after her again," suggested T.J. "Good idea, let's go."


Next Chapter : Three Wishes