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Blood and Chocolate
By Tara

Part One

Andros leaned down toward Ashley. His long, brown and blonde striped hair falling around his face. Their lips met. But suddenly the ship began shaking violently. Andros grabbed Ashley and protected her head from falling objects. Then it stopped. They were both breathing hard as they walked down the ship's corridors. They reached the bridge of the ship and right when the door opened, ten Quantrons came rushing a them. But before they could defend themselves, the Quantrons had Ashely and Andros. They struggled, but it was no use. Their faces paled as Ecliptor strode over to them. He reached out to Ashley and touched her face. Andros struggled but it was no use. Ecliptor turned and pulled out his sword. He pointed it at Andros, grinned, and plunged it into Andros's heart.

I woke with a start. My breathing was eratic and I had a terrible headache. I wiped the sleep from my eyes and slowly set my feet on the floor of the N.A.S.D.A. space ship. But before I got to my feet, I thought about the dream I had just had. Andros meant a lot to me but him kissing me? I never thought that was ever going to happen. Not that it was bad…just strange.

I got to my feet and walked to my bathroom in my quarters. After a hot shower I put on a yellow skirt, tight black t-shirt with a yellow Korean symbol on it, and black Doc Marten boots that went just below my knees.

My dream kept coming back to me as I walked down the well lit corridors, but I soon put it in the back of my mind. Today they all (except Andros) would have to go to school, unless of course Astronema threatend the Earth's safety. I came to the bridge door and walked in.

The only person in there was Carlos. His shoulder length black hair touched the green t-shirt he was wearing with stylish jeans.

"Hey, Ash," he said cheerfully while examining a control panel.

"Hi," I said tiredly putting a hand to my throbbing head.

He left the control panel and walked over to me. He looked concerned. "You okay?"

I gave a fake smile. "No."

He smiled a little and put his hand on my shoulder.

"The day will get better. Oh, yeah…There's no school today."

I perked up. "Really? Good…I need some extra time on my biology experiment."

He laughed, "Me too! Mine blew up in my face yesterday!"

"You mean your hair!" I laughed remembering Carlos's bright green hair and face. He smiled and walked to the door. "I'll be in my quarters if you need me."

I nodded and he left.

I made myself comfortable in a nearby chair and picked up a data panel. I pressed a few buttons and the screen immediately went to the book I've been reading for English class. I had only read a sentence when the woosh of the door opening startled me. I whirled around to see Andros walking my way. His handsome face sent a cute smile my way and I smiled back.

"Morning," he sat down in the chair next to me, "Sleep well?"

I shook my head and he immediately straightened and looked concerned.

I smiled, "I'll live…but I sure could use some more sleep. Maybe I'll take a nap or something."

He nodded. "Sounds like a good idea."

Then I noticed my head felt a little congested. "I think I might be getting sick." I said sadly.

Andros reached over and felt my forehead. "Your body temperature is over it's normal limit."

I gave a fake smile. "Yep….I'm sick."

"Don't worry…. I'll take care of you."

That made me feel a lot better.

After Andros had escorted me to my quarters and settled me in my bed, he brought me a an odd shaped tool. He reached over me, his face only inches from mine, and stuck the tool to my arm. There was a slight pinch but it was over in a second.

"What was that?" I asked.

"Medicine. It will help you sleep and fight your sickness."

I nodded. "Thanks. I'll need it."

"It will work fast, and stay in your bloodstream for a long time. You will not wake until it has run it's course," He paused and looked down at me, " So that means if Astromena, Ecliptor, or Darkonda attacks, you will stay asleep, no matter what," He finished slowly.

My eyes went a little wide. "But what if–"

He stopped me. "I will take care of you. I promise." He looked directly into my eyes. Suddenly I felt as if I was in my dream. He was looking at me the same way he was before he kissed me.

We just stared at each other. Then his face began to become blurry. My eyes began to droop and I fought to keep them up but it was no use. I saw him one last time before everything disappeared.

Andros walked down the corridor from Ashley's quarters. He was worried about her. His instincts told him to give her the medicine but his feelings said no. He shook his head as if to clear it, and continued down the corridor towards the bridge.

"Andros!" T.J. yelled.

Andros watched as T.J. ran towards him at full speed. He halted, eyes wide.

"Ecliptor! His fighters are right off our bow!" T.J. panted.

Andros immediately took off at a run to the bridge.

Cassie was at a control panel working fast. She looked up as Andros and T.J. rushed in.

"He says he'll kill everyone on the planet Rosia if we do not meet him there in one hour!" Cassie cried.

"Okay, okay…we have no choice. We must meet him." Andros replied.

The door opened, and in walked Carlos. Cassie briefed him on what was going on. Then he looked around the room.

"Where's Ashley?"

Andros took a deep breath. "Sleeping."

Carlos's eyebrows went down. "Huh?"

"She woke up sick, so I gave her a dose of Theofran to cure her," Andros explained.

"Theo what?" Carlos asked.

"It's one of the most advanced virus killing medicines around. But the only problem is that the host has to be sleeping while it kills the virus. And once administered…the host will not wake until the medicine has finished."

They all stared at him.

"Well, I guess with the ship's security she'll be okay. But I really wish Alpha 6 was still here." Carlos mumbled.

Andros nodded. But in his heart he had a feeling she wouldn't be okay. And that disturbed him greatly. But there are millions of lives on Rosia counting on the Power Rangers. He had to think of what's best.

"Okay. We must leave." He hesistated, thinking about Ashley. "It's morphin time!"

They teleported to Rosia. The land was dry and deserted. Not a soul was near.

"This is the right planet, right?" T.J. asked.

Cassie nodded. "This is what he said."

"Stay alert," Andros cautioned, and they began walking to what looked like an oasis.

Then all of a sudden, they were shot at from behind. Lasers erupted from all around them. Then it stopped.

"What the–?!?" Carlos cried as Ecliptor and about a thousand Quantrons appeared from all directions.

They were surrounded.

"You fools," Ecliptor laughed. "Leaving Ashley all alone on your pitiful space ship! She will be mine and you will be no more!" He raised his sword above his head and shouted, "Get them!"

The Quantrons came from everywhere. They began fighting. But there were thousands of them! They would be fighting them off for hours! How were they ever going to help Ashley?

My eyes opened slowly. They were met by eerie blackness. I slowly raised myself from my bed and felt my forehead. It was normal and I did indeed feel much better.

I was suddenly really hungry. Instead of getting all nice, and all that time consuming stuff, I just walked out of my quarters in my bathrobe. I headed toward the kitchen room on the ship. I was almost to the door when I felt a tremor through my body. I froze but then trotted to the nearest window.

Outside the billions of stars floated majestically. But there was a disturbance. A large ship was coming fast. She immediately began running to the bridge. She was almost to the door when a pair of Quantrons materialized in front of me. The first made a grab at me but I dodged it and kick him in the chest. My leg flashed out and tripped the other and I jumped over them and in the door to the bridge.

I reached the small storage area where I have kept extra blasters before and pulled one out. The Quantrons came through the door and I shot the first one. But right before I was about to blast the second, my blaster was torn from my hands.

I whirled around to see Ecliptor standing over me. I lifted my leg to kick but he grabbed it and threw me on the floor. I jumped to my feet and tried to execute a flying kick to his head, but he was fast. He again grabbed my leg and knocked me to the floor.

"Your friends were foolish to leave you here alone," he said, standing over me.

"My friends can kick your ass anyday!" I shouted back.

He shook with rage.

"I'll teach you some respect, Ashley!"

He raised his sword as if to stab me, but quickly put it down.

"Your lucky that my brother wants you so badly. Or I would kill you here!"

I was about to shout a few more cuss words back when about ten Quantrons materialized around me.

I jumped to my feet but it was too late. They surrounded me and held me down, tying my hands and feet.

I struggled ferociously, but it was no use. They all froze and we began to materialize. When we became whole again, we were on Eclitpor's ship.

"Say good bye to your pitiful friends. Your never going to see them again."

Everything went black.


Part Two

"Tommy? What…how…why…what's going on?!" I asked, my voice trembling a bit.

I remember the first time we were introduced. I had been blown away by his good looks and awesome personality. The long, brown hair, flashy green eyes, and gorgeous smile had sucked me right in. We had gotten along perfectly. He had tought me a few new things about martial arts, and I taught him a few. And he has seemed to have been intrigued by my looks, also. He had flirted with me nonstop until it had been time for him to leave.

"Ashley…I can explain…," he started.

I just stared at him and crossed my arms.

"I'm waiting," I said coldly.

He took a deep breath and plunged in. "When I first saw you…it was amazing! I felt a sudden rush…like we should always be together!"

"But what does kidnapping me have to do with anything?!"

"I knew I couldn't live a normal life….that's why I joined a star league from a far away planet. I'm here to study and make sure that no planet in our solar system becomes hostile…I'm here to keep the peace. But…," he looked at me with his green eyes, "I knew I couldn't live without you."

I shook my head.

"That doesn't answer my question…why didn't you just come and talk to me?"

"I knew you would never say 'yes'. Andros wouldn't let you go, either."

He clenched his fists at the word 'Andros'.

"How do you know? Anyways, he can't decide my future. And neither can you!"

"But somehow I knew you wouldn't. So I was wandering through the space between Mars and Earth…and I met Ecliptor. Somehow, I knew him and he knew me. We figured out that we are brothers…well, half brothers. It"'s a long story."

I shook my head again.

"Ecliptor as your brother….now I know I would have said 'no'."

"The only way that Ecliptor and myself could reach our goals was to help each other. He gets you for me…I get the Power Rangers for him."

"How could you just betray the rangers?! After all that you have been through with them, and they with you!"

"For you…anything. I couldn't sleep at night, couldn't think right, couldn't do anything without thoughts of you!"

"I still can't believe it…," I trailed off. I could feel the tears forming, but I fought them back.

He stood and began walking towards me. My head snapped up. "Stay away from me!" I shouted, backing up.

But he kept coming. He used to look so nice and cute. But now, he looked like one of Darkonda's monsters.

He reached out for me, but I kicked his hand away. "Come on, Ash! You felt something when we met! I know you did!" he pleaded.

I shook my head violently.

"Maybe…but kidnapping me makes you enemy number 1!" I shouted, then turned and ran.

Out the door, I pounded down the hall I had came from. Tommy was right on my heels. I jumped over the remnants of the door I had kicked in and hoped that might slow Tommy a bit. It didn't.

"Ashley! Come on! You know there's no way off this ship!"

I broke down. He was right. Without knowing how I was transported to the ship, and without my morpher…I was trapped. But at least I might be able to lose him and hope the other rangers will find me soon.

Then I came to a junction. I hesitated…bad move. Tommy lept and grabbed my foot, dragging me to the ground. He crawled on top of me, but I lodged my foot between us and kicked up. He flew off me and hit a neighboring wall. I struggled to my feet and started again. But I was too slow.