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Author's note: I tried this crossover before, and that disaster will never be posted anywhere. It is now in fanfiction Hell. A serious re-write was in order, and that's what this is. Of course, the main wrestlers that appear are my favorites, but what did you expect? This is total standalone; you don't need to read my Shades of Green series to read this. Why is poor Joseph being left out? Because I would make him the Undertaker fan, and I don't like it when my original characters turn out like me. Rated PG-13, mostly from Undertaker's Satanism. One last thing; so I don't have to have needless dialog between characters explaining the whole thing about the winners in WWF matches being rigged yet most of the wrestlers really wrestling, blah blah blah, just assume that nothing (match wise) is rigged. Oh, and there's a bit of alternate timeline here: Ivan Ooze wasn't destroyed, and he's with Zedd and Rita on the moon, and they're friends.

Fair warning: This is FANTASY WWF. What does this mean? It means the Undertaker is the Undertaker, not Marc Callaway.

Special thanks: To Kaliana, Dana, Sparticus, and someone who called themselves "A very sick person" for their ideas on the main event. And as always, my muses CotN (for the first half) and Psyduck (for the second half) for their input.

Lord of Darkness
By Al Solomon

"C'mon guys! It's starting!" Billy yelled. Seconds later, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha piled into the room, each holding massive amounts of assorted munchies.

"Alright! Did you buy it already, Billy?" The Red Ranger asked, sitting on the floor closer to the TV.

"Yes." Billy replied. "I am curious as to whether my father knows that Wrestlemania costs ten dollars more than the other Pay-Per-Views."

"Tell me again how you guys talked me into this?" Aisha asked.

"Don't worry, Aisha." Adam piped up. "You'll love it. Most of the story lines are written ahead of time, but even those are pretty good."

"I wonder whose gonna' win the main event? Undertaker vs. Stone Cold for the title in Hell in a Cell?" Rocky stated, eager to hear anyone's thoughts.

"Despite Austin's better wrestling ability, Hell in a Cell is the Undertaker's ideal match. I'd say it's pretty even." Billy hypothesized.

"I thought you were an Undertaker fan, Billy." Adam asked.

"It doesn't mean I'm not willing to admit that he's not the best wrestler." Billy responded. Aisha chuckled.

"How did you get into this, anyway Billy? I never figured you for a wrestling fan!"

Billy shrugged, and Rocky jumped in. "If you think it's weird that he likes wrestling in general, Aisha, wait 'till you see the Undertaker!"

"Tommy and Kim are so lucky." Adam mentioned. "Free seats to Wrestlemania, in one of the best sections of the arena!"

"Isn't ring side the best?" Aisha asked, remembering that their tickets weren't in the seats that the WWF sets up on the arena floor and a few rows back from the front.

"Nah." Rocky explained. "You have to look up to see everything, and if something happens on the opposite side of the ring, you can't see it. Hey, they're finally done talking"

Across town, at the newly built Angel Grove arena named after the Power Rangers, Kimberly and Tommy found their seats.

"How did you talk me into this again?" Kimberly asked, mirroring Aisha's earlier question.

"The same way you got me watching 'Days of our Lives.' Don't knock it 'till you try it." Tommy replied, remembering Kimberly's statement. "Besides, this soap opera is even better. I think the first match is about to start."

Sure enough, the ring announcer came over the PA system, and the Acolytes entered the ring. X-Pac was soon degenerating his way to the ring in his usual manner.

"See," Tommy started. Kim, new to wrestling, had asked him before hand to tell her something about the wrestlers before the matches started so she wouldn't be lost. "Kain and X-Pac are total opposites, but they're friends outside the ring, so they were put together as a tag team, and it caught on."

"So Kain wears a suit and is a perfect gentleman?" Kimberly joked.

Tommy caught on. "Well… Kain is… Kain." He started. The lights when out. The screen above the stage scrolled an image of red clouds, and a loud organ played. Seconds later, red lights came on and pyrotechnics exploded on the stage, and when they were gone, a large man wearing a red & black costume and mask walked down the aisle. When he got into the ring, he raised his arms and suddenly shot them down. At this, fire exploded out of the ring posts. The lights returned to normal, and the match was on. Kain was soon pounding on Bradshaw, not even flinching from any of his opponent's blows. Farooq slid a chair in when the referee wasn't looking, and yelled at the official, distracting him. Bradshaw took the chair and blasted Kain on top of the head for all he was worth.

"That's gotta' hurt!" Kim exclaimed as Kain fell on his back. Yet not 2 seconds had passed, and the Big Red Machine sat up and renewed his assault on Bradshaw.

"I'd like to ask him how he shrugs it off like that." Tommy commented, mentally making a reference to Lord Zedd's monsters.

"Yes!" Rocky exclaimed as Kain choke slammed Farooq. X-Pac and Bradshaw were now the legal men, and Bradshaw soon found himself on the receiving end of X-Pac's Bronco Buster. X-Pac soon turned to Kain, and said something. Kain replied with a quick nod and stepped back into his corner. X-Pac tagged him and Kain re-entered the ring while X-Pac climbed a turnbuckle. Kain grabbed Bradshaw and flipped him over, holding him upside down by the waist. He turned to face the post where X-Pac was perched. X-Pac dived off the post, and as he pushed Bradshaw down, Kain dropped to his knees. The motion ended in a perfectly executed spike Tombstone Piledriver, and Kain held Bradshaw's shoulders down while the referee slapped the mat three times and signaled for the bell to ring, before telling the ring announcer what to say.


The arena cheered, and even Kim found herself getting into it.

"What's your hair brained scheme now Zeddy?"

"Sit down and watch, everyone" Lord Zedd replied to his wife. Rita sat down in his lap, while Rito, Squatt and Baboo sat on the steps. Goldar and Ivan Ooze opted to stand.

Zedd's staff was maintaining an image of a channel on TV down on Earth.

"What is this supposed to be?" Rita asked.

"It's called wrestling." Zedd responded.

"Ahh, yes. The human sport of kings." Ivan commented. "Are you thinking what I think you're thinking, Zedd?"

Soon, Wrestlemania was down to it's last hour.

"Last hour's always the best!" Rocky yelled.

"The only belt to change hands so far are the tag titles." Billy noted. "I wonder… what the…"

The wrestlers from the previous match had left, but now, a long, purple liquid was oozing down the ramp, bolts of energy flying off of it and turning off the arena lights.

"Oh no… not there!" Aisha futilely stated as Ivan Ooze formed in the ring, and Zedd, Rita, Rito, Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar appeared in the ring in a flash of light. Zedd looked around tentatively as the lights came back on.

The Rangers saw it coming this time; their communicators went off.

All six Rangers appeared in the Command Center at the same time. Tommy and Kim easily got away from the crowd, since everyone in Angel Grove was very familiar with Lord Zedd and did not want to make him mad.

"Rangers. I assume you all know of the problem at hand?" Zordon spoke.

"Do we ever!" Rocky exclaimed.

"I guess we should morph and try to get Zedd out of there." Adam suggested.

Billy turned to the Viewing Globe, where Alpha had started to monitor Zedd and the other villains. He was telling Jim Ross to come into the ring with his microphone.

"Hey, wait." Billy piped up. "Look."

Zedd took the microphone from Jim Ross, and spoke.

"Power Rangers! I know you're all wrestling fans, and I know you can hear me!" he said. "And I have a little proposition for you all. You see, you might say that all of us are freakish about this sport. Well, except Rita, but who cares about that…" Zedd went on, ignoring his wife's scowl. "If all of you come down here now and face us in a wrestling match, and you beat us, we'll leave the Earth alone forever. But if we win, you all give up your powers to me. And of course, you will accept, or I'll just hafta' burn my energy attacking one or two of the people here."

Rocky chuckled. "The best thing about wrestling is that you can pull the move off pretty easy if you watch them a few times. We can kick there butts all outta' here!"

There was nothing to talk about, of course. The Rangers morphed and teleported to the arena.

Zedd waited impatiently, but his waiting was soon over. Six streaks of colored light soon flew threw the arena and behind the curtain. Seconds later, the Rangers walked out from behind the curtain, much to the crowd's joy. White Ranger was holding a microphone.

"Of course we accept, Zedd!" he exclaimed as the Rangers neared the Ring. As they got to it, however, something else happened.

"Woah, woah, woah!" A voice exclaimed from the stage. The Rangers, Villains, and the entire crowd looked to see Commissioner Shawn Micheals with a microphone.

"Now," the Commissioner said, after getting everyone's attention. "Lord Zedd, Power Rangers, you wanna' wrestle the crap outta' each other, that's perfectly fine. BUT, if you wanna do it in the WWF, you do it my way. See, I still have an hour to fill on the year's biggest pay-per-view, so either you all calm down and listen, or I'll have the building evacuated and this will turn into the usual monster attack that happens in Angel Grove, which, Lord Zedd, you always lose. It won't do to have nothing left when the good guys win, because there won't be enough time for every important match."

The Rangers and Villains all reluctantly agreed.

"Good!" Micheals exclaimed. "Now, this is not the Royal Rumble. This massive all out fight? No, gotta' go. This is gonna be one on one with a tag match for some variety. The Yellow Ranger down there will wrestle first against that tubby little Squatt. Or maybe that should be "Squirt?"

Squatt, massively displeased about the prospect of facing a Ranger alone, almost fainted.

"Now." Shawn went on. "Next is Miss Madonna wanna-be, Rita Repulsa, against the Pink Ranger. After that, The Black and White Rangers will wrestle Goldar and Rito in the aforementioned tag match"

Goldar was displeased that he wouldn't get Tommy alone, but he said nothing.

"Next," the Commissioner continued. "Will be the Red Ranger against that bamboo stick thin Baboo. After that, it's the Blue Ranger against the boogie man, Ivan Ooze. Before I go on, all of these matches will feature normal rules, and that means no weapons or magic. And as for Zedd's condition's, the all together winner will be the side with the most wins after Lord Zedd's match."

"And I assure you that if any of your referees show favoritism, I'll slaughter this entire audience! What about me, anyway! There's no one else left!" Lord Zedd boomed.

"Ah!" Shawn perked up. "That's where you're wrong! I have a special surprise for you. After the other matches, you will face the one who introduces himself as I leave… in a Hell in the Cell match!" With that, Shawn left.

The Ranger's wondered between each other who Zedd's opponent would be, and the Villains did the same amongst themselves. Their thoughts were cut off as the lights went out, and a gong sounded.

"…nathrak… Accept the Lord of Darkness as your Savior." Came a voice-over recorded into the entrance music. A hazy purplish-blue fog came over the stage. Billy recognized the music immediately, and received a shock when he realized it. I don't believe it… the Blue Ranger thought to himself. The voice-over continued.

"…vienna… Allow the purity of Evil to guide you!"

The guitars of the entrance music sounded. On the stage walked a man nearly seven feet tall. He was dressed in a long, black robe with light blue on the edges of the lapels. His long hair, already wet down, rested on the robe at his chest. The end of his goatee was styled into two curved horns. The Undertaker had an evil smile on his face, as he laughed at Zedd.

"A human!?" Zedd exclaimed. "How dare I be insulted in this manner! To even suggest that a simple human could beat me…"

The Undertaker raised a microphone. "Lord Zedd… you call yourself the Lord of Evil? Let me tell you something, Boy. You don't know what Evil is. I will show you firsthand tonight, the true meaning of darkness. Darkness conquers evil every time, for in evil there is no light to drown it. And I AM the Lord of Darkness. When I'm done with you, you won't be able to raise your staff to create another monster. When I'm finished with you, you will…"

Every loyal Creature of the Night in the audience cupped their hands to their mouths, waiting to scream the words with the Phenom. Shortly after, even the non-'Taker fans did so.


As soon as he finished, The Undertaker shot his arms into the air. Two bolts of lightning, not the pyrotechnics set up by the WWF arena crew, but real bolts of lightning, shot from out of thin air and struck his hands. As the energy traveled down his body, he disappeared, and the lights returned to normal. Earl Hebner, the senior official, came down to referee all the matches himself. It was his job to make sure that the other referees didn't suffer serious injury during matches, and he was doing so by officiating the new card. Hebner ordered the Rangers and villains, except for Aisha and Squatt, into separate locker rooms that had been vacated for them, and finally, he signaled for the bell.

Aisha stared down at her opponent. "Well, this shouldn't be to hard."

"Hey! I resent that!" Squatt yelled, running at the Yellow Ranger. Before he got close, Aisha put her hand out and pushed him back, keeping him just outside of his arm length.

Let's see… what were some of those moves? Aisha tried to remember. Thinking of one, she grabbed Squatt's wrists, locked his head under his arm, and dropped to a crooked sitting position. Squatt was soon in la la land from the double-armed DDT.

The crowed cheered as the Yellow Ranger planted Squatt's head into the ground, stood him up, and did it again with a brain buster. Seconds later, the Yellow Ranger went for a pin. It was obvious that she wasn't a regular fan, as she only kneeled next to Squatt and pressed his shoulders down with her hands, but it was enough. Much to the crowd's joy, Hebner slapped the mat three times, signaled for the bell, and the ring announcer declared the Yellow Ranger the winner.

The next match was even more amusing. Kimberly dominated Rita throughout the whole thing. Rita's only offense was an 'accident' where she stabbed Kimberly with her top. The Pink Ranger finished off Rita by standing on a rope like it was balance beam, and jumping at the witch. She landed on top of her in position for a pin, and the crowd once again cheered at as the Pink Ranger was declared the winner.

Everyone knew, however, that the tag match was much more serious. It started off with Adam against Rito, while Tommy and Goldar waited in their respective corners. Rito started by charging at Adam before the bell (prompting it to be signaled for) but Adam leaned down and threw Rito over his back. The Black Ranger kept his offensive going with a side Russian leg sweep, keeping Rito on his back. Hoping Rito would be too dazed to realize it, Adam went for the pinfall with a lateral press, but Rito kicked out easily. In the process, Adam was sent flying back.

Rito quickly ran to his corner and tagged Goldar in. The golden monkey quickly mounted an attack on Adam, not allowing the Black Ranger to start an offensive. At one point, Goldar whipped him into a turnbuckle… the turnbuckle that Tommy was next to on the ring apron. The two Rangers tagged and switched positions.

Tommy and Goldar, needless to say, were immediately at each other's throats. Tommy slipped behind Goldar when the big monkey tried to bear hug him, and planted his knee in Goldar's spine with an atomic drop. The two of them threw punches at each other for a few seconds. Goldar lashed out and hit Tommy square in the stomach with a hard kick. As the White Ranger doubled over, Goldar shoved his head between his knees and lifted his waist. Before Tommy realized it, he had been planted helmet first into the canvas with a pile driver.

Goldar, upon landing, held Tommy's legs up. Hearing the referee slap the mat, Tommy realized Goldar had pinned him. The White Rangers jerked his legs back and rolled, just before the three count. As Goldar stood, Tommy, still wobbly from such a hard blow to his head, hobbled to his corner and tagged Adam in.

As Adam advanced on Goldar, Rito jumped in, prompting Tommy to do the same. Hebner yelled at the illegal men to stop, but they were too busy beating on each other to hear him. Adam was giving Goldar a good pounding, but as he went to bounce off the ropes, Goldar met him and clothslined over the top. Adam hit the mats with a thud, and Goldar jumped after him.

Before Adam could fully stand, Goldar grabbed his head and slammed him face first into the steel steps. Adam would have been bleeding from it had he not been wearing his helmet, but that did little to stop the onrush of pain from the blow. Goldar, noting the referee was distracted, rolled Adam into the ring and grabbed a steel folding chair before going back in himself.

Adam staggered to his feet, deciding he would much rather have been on the business end of Goldar's sword. His suit dulled that out at least. Adam looked up, only to see gray as Goldar swung the chair. The Black Ranger staggered back, and Goldar shifted his position. The golden monkey swung the chair again, hitting Adam hard in the back. The Black Ranger went down, and Goldar threw the chair out of the ring.

Just outside the ring, Tommy knocked Rito to the canvas and finally listened to the referee telling him to take his corner. The White Ranger did so, allowing Hebner to turn to the match. As he did, he was shocked to see Goldar drop down and hold the Black Ranger's far arm to the mat with one hand and hook his leg with the other. Well aware of Zedd's earlier threat, he had no choice but to give the tree-count and award Goldar and Rito the pinfall. The contest was now tied: two Villains beaten and two Rangers beaten.

Next up was Rocky against Baboo. Baboo generally ran around the ring away from the Red Ranger, occasionally attacking and being attacked. At one point, Baboo stopped dead, and Rocky charged. Baboo moved to the side at the last second, and the Red Ranger hit the turnbuckle face first. As he staggered back, Rocky was suddenly caught off guard as Baboo clotheslined him. Surprised by the frail looking creature's strength, Rocky went down. Baboo pinned him, but Rocky kicked out hard at the one count, sending Baboo flying. The Red Ranger stood up and caught Baboo by the neck as he ran for him. Executing the move perfectly, Rocky delivered a chokeslam that would have impressed Kain. The Red Ranger grabbed Baboo's legs and twisted them around his own. He sat down hard, and Baboo screeched as Rocky completed the motion for the figure four. The blue ball of fur tapped out in a matter of seconds, and Rocky was awarded the win via submission.

Billy made his way to the ring after Ivan Ooze. The Blue Ranger didn't much like the idea of facing Ooze alone, but he would make do.

As the bell rang, Ivan immediately rushed his opponent. Billy moved to the side, wrapped his arm around the back of Ivan's neck, and DDTed him hard. Ivan soon rose to his feet and lifted Billy over his head, delivering a vertical suplex. Ivan stood again and went to leg drop the Blue Ranger. Billy saw it coming, and sat up a la Undertaker as Ivan's leg came down. He swore he could hear the commentators hypothesizing that he must be a 'Taker fan.

Billy sprang off the ropes and moonsaulted Ivan, flattening the boogieman. Keeping his momentum, the Blue Ranger climbed the turnbuckle. As Ivan stood, he leapt off and brought Ivan down again with a flying clothesline. Ivan, however, was prepared. He grabbed Billy and rolled over as he fell, pinning the Blue Ranger in an inside cradle. Billy was to stunned from the sudden motion to kick out in time, and Ivan received the pinfall.

"It's tied…" Billy grimly spoke as he met the other Rangers just inside the curtain.

"That was stupid…" Tommy commented about his earlier match. "I should've just listened to the referee so he would've seen Goldar and DQ him."

"Can't help it now…" Kimberly commented.

"And for better or for worse…" Adam began. "Our coins are in the hands of Undertaker."

"If you're that worried…" a calm, deep voice spoke from behind them, prompting the Rangers to spin around. "Perhaps you could help with a little psyche out technique."

On the screen was an image of Undertaker's locker room he had just left, leaving Paul Bearer. In a flash, Rito Revolto was in the room.

"Hmm… black clothes, pale skin. You must be the guy Ed wants me to beat up before you can wrestle him!"

Rito gave Paul a good pounding and left.

Lord Zedd stood in the ring and sighed at Rito's stupidity as the Cell completely lowered. He thought of getting a microphone and telling the crowd that The Undertaker chickened out. He knew the human hadn't, but it wouldn't matter. He would rip him apart for everyone to see. As the lights went out, Zedd wondered what the Rangers were thinking now that their powers depended on an ordinary human. They were probably panicked.

"What is this…" Zedd quietly spoke to himself as the music came on. It wasn't the Undertaker's entrance music, though. It was an old Earth opera that was usually used for dramatic purposes. Before Undertaker came out for his first match with Kain, this music played and Druids carrying torches lined both sides of the ramp. Zedd thought he was going to laugh at the pathetic humans paid to wear robes and carry torches.

But he didn't. No druids walked out as the curtain raised briefly. Zedd thought his jaw had hit the floor despite the fact it couldn't move.

Tommy and Kimberly, each holding a torch and walking on separate sides of the ramp, walked out. A few feet behind were Rocky and Adam, torches in hand. Finally, Billy and Aisha came out. As the music ended, the Rangers stopped and turned in toward the ramp. They held the torches high in one hand, so they were almost touching above the center of the ramp. Zedd couldn't believe it; his enemies were supporting Undertaker. The Rangers stayed as Undertaker's voice came over and his entrance music started.

The Phenom appeared on the stage. His robe was gone in favor of his wrestling gear, over which was a coat of leather vampire-ish armor, complete with metal shoulder guards and a black cloak. Half of his long hair was tied in a short knot at the top of his head, which came down into a small ponytail.

Undertaker walked through the cell door, which was quickly locked behind him. The Reaper stood on the apron for a second, before rolling his eyes into his head and raising his arms. As he did so, the lights dimmed on and the flames on the Rangers' torches went out.

"Ha! What a cheap trick!" Zedd laughed. "Tell me how you think a mere human can beat me! Maybe I'll kill you quickly!"

Undertaker simply chuckled. "I'm no mere anything, Zedd. I can never… never rest in peace." He stated as he unbuckled his armor and slid it off. The Phenom stepped into the ring and stood what would be nose to nose with Zedd, had Zedd actully had a nose. Lord Zedd beat out Undertaker in height by an inch or two, but they weighed the same. Zedd had the advantage of his metal armor.

After a few seconds of staring each other down, Undertaker made the first move. He swung a quick punch, often called a Haymaker, at an unarmored spot just below Zedd's shoulder, prompting the bell to ring. Zedd reeled as much as anyone would, shocking the Lord of Evil that a human was hitting him hard enough to make him stagger back.

Undertaker swung again, and again. Zedd was getting close to the corner when he realized he was going to have to mount an offensive. The Lord of Evil grabbed the Lord of Darkness by his neck and swung him around, throwing him into the turnbuckle. He swung his armored fist at Undertaker's head, but the Phenom moved to the side and Zedd's fist sailed harmlessly into the turnbuckle. Zedd turned around to get the Undertaker's foot in his stomach, and the Undertaker punched him once again. The Phenom grabbed Zedd's wrist and spun around, hurling him into the opposite turnbuckle. Zedd went down upon hitting it, but he quickly rose to his feet. The Lord of Evil was beginning to realize he had underestimated his opponent and once again tried to attack. This time, Zedd bounced off the ropes and charged Undertaker, but he ran headfirst into 'Taker's boot as the Phenom raised his leg. Undertaker positioned himself and leapt straight up, crashing down on Zedd with a legdrop. He stood and climbed up on a turnbuckle, and watched as Zedd fully stood.

Zedd soon realized something was wrong when his opponent wasn't in view, and he spun around. As he did so, 'Taker leapt off the turnbuckle and brought Zedd down again with a flying clothesline. Before Zedd had a chance to stand on his own, Undertaker grabbed his wrist and pulled him to his feet before dragging him to a turnbuckle. 'Taker stepped up the ropes backward, still holding Zedd in a firm wristlock to the side. When he reached the top rope, he walked across it like a tightrope walker until he was right in front of Zedd. Raising his other hand in a fist, he leapt off.

Zedd, seeing Undertaker come down, sprung his first successful offensive. 'Taker had intended for his fist to land on Zedd's exposed brain, a slight variation of how he normally hit's his opponent's shoulder. Zedd, however, twisted to the side and used Undertaker's momentum to send the Phenom crashing to the mat. Zedd quickly climbed the turnbuckle and performed the same flying clothesline that 'Taker had done to him as soon as the Lord of Darkness stood. Before Undertaker could defend himself, Zedd picked him up and planted his head in the mat with a DDT.

Keeping his momentum, Zedd stood the Phenom up again and lifted him up, ending the motion in a vertical suplex. Zedd picked up his opponent once more and tossed him into the ropes, planning a back body drop. The Lord of Evil leaned over and flung Undertaker over his back, but was unprepared as an arm shot around his neck and brought him down in an inverted DDT. Zedd realized all to late that Undertaker had landed on his feet.

Undertaker picked Zedd up and through him out of the ring. The Phenom bounced off the ropes on the opposite side, and literally flew at Zedd from the ring. The Lord of Evil dived to the floor at the last second, and Undertaker smashed against the cage, ripping the door open and cracking his forehead open. 'Taker stood back up, wiping the onrush of blood way with his forearm, and went back for Zedd. Zedd charged into him and kept running, going out the door and slamming Undertaker into the guardrail. Before his opponent could stand, Zedd grabbed on to the cage and climbed up.

Undertaker stood and looked around for a second before spotting Zedd on the ceiling of the cell, staff in hand.

"Burn, human!" Zedd cackled. "BURN!"

With that, Zedd pointed his staff, and light blue energy flew out of the Z. Undertaker, not really registering Zedd's staff at first, was hit dead on. The Phenom stumbled back as the energy hit him and danced over his body, falling to one knee and panting just as Zedd let up. The Lord of Evil stared in shock as Undertaker stood; the only visible evidence of Zedd's attack being the light smoke rising from his black clothes. Zedd fired again, but this time, Undertaker rolled to the side. As he stood, a huge metal scythe formed in the Phenom's hands in a small flash of purple.

"They don't call me the Reaper for nothing!" Undertaker gleefully laughed as he spun on his heals, hurling the scythe at Zedd. The weapon caught Zedd's staff and knocked it to the ground with itself, right in front of the Rangers' feet from where they stood outside of the cell. Zedd watched in horror as his staff fell from the roof, and turned around to see Undertaker pulling himself on top of the cell. Infuriated, Zedd charged, but was rewarded with the Undertaker's hands around his neck.

The Lord of Darkness spun around, still holding Zedd in the air by his neck.

"You're problem here Zedd…" Undertaker commented as if he was giving Zedd advice. "Is that when Darkness falls, it only means no light. But when Evil falls…" before finishing, he hurled Zedd off of the Cell and watched as he crashed into the commentators' table. "…It hurts."

Zedd slowly staggered to his feet, and Undertaker got an idea. He would have to time it right. He couldn't risk Zedd seeing him coming and moving out of the way. He watched, and Zedd soon turned his back as he slowly stood. At this, Undertaker, who had retreated to the middle of the Cell's roof, broke into a run and took a flying leap off the edge similar to when he flew at Zedd from the ring. His jump added four more feet of altitude to the Cell's 16 as he adjusted his weight to go more down than forward.

The Lord of Evil turned just in time to see Undertaker hurl into him from the Phenom's 20-foot leap. Zedd was sent headfirst into the guardrail, and the Undertaker stood up, having received only bruises and the laceration on his forehead throughout the entire match. The Phenom pulled Zedd to his feet and dragged him into the Cell, which was promptly sealed with a new lock.

Undertaker tossed Zedd into the ring and followed. When he stood his opponent up, Zedd punched out of desperation. His armored knuckles slammed into Undertaker's forehead, sending blood everywhere from his wound and the Phenom to his back. Zedd chuckled, figuring he had knocked his opponent out cold. He was cut off when a maniacal laughter sounded. Looking down, he saw it was Undertaker laughing. Eyes rolled into his head, the Phenom laughed his ass off and sat up. His laughter suddenly stopped and his eyes rolled back forward. Undertaker spoke one word before standing: "Pathetic."

Zedd tried to punch him again, but as he did, Undertaker ducked to the side and Zedd's arm went over his shoulder. Standing up, Undertaker's right hand clasped around Zedd's neck, while his left hand didn't move. Undertaker lifted, pulling Zedd up and slamming him down hard in a one-armed chokeslam.

Rolling his eyes again, Undertaker raised his chin and slid his thumb over his neck. The crowd, knowing full well what it meant, broke their stunned silence and cheered. Four of the Rangers did the same, leaving Kimberly and Aisha to guess as to what the big deal was about.

Undertaker pulled Zedd up once again. Flipping him over, he held his arms around Zedd's waist as the Lord of Evil hung helplessly upside-down. Undertaker dropped to his knees. The Z on Zedd's headgear snapped off, and his exposed brain went straight down into the mat. The Phenom stayed on his knees as Zedd totally fell from the Tombstone Piledriver.

Undertaker grabbed Zedd's wrists, and crossed his arms over his chest. Whipping the hair and blood back out of his face, Undertaker rolled his eyes once again as Hebner slapped the mat three times and called for the bell. The Ring Announcer gladly declared the results.

"There is your winner, The… UNDERTAKER!"

But Undertaker wasn't finished just yet. He looked up the ramp and motioned with his arm for someone to approach him. The Rangers looked in confusion as Degeneration X, along with Kain, walked on to the stage. Road Dogg and X-Pac were wheeling a casket down the ramp, while Kain was carrying two cases of gasoline and a spray can. Undertaker dragged the semi-conscious Zedd out of the cell as soon as it was unlocked.

"What… are you doing?" Tommy asked in confusion.

"You'll see." Undertaker answered with an evil smile on his bloody face. "This won't kill him. I much prefer humiliating him." He went on as he threw Zedd into the casket. Before closing it, he took the spray can and painted a design on Zedd with the clear liquid.

"It colors with heat." He explained as the casket was wheeled to the stage. At the halfway mark, Goldar and Rito appeared in a flash of light. Squatt and Baboo had opted to go back to the palace with Ivan Ooze, who had grown board.

"Wait!" Undertaker yelled as Tommy went to go after Goldar. "Take a rest."

As if on cue, the Ministry of Darkness came up from the crowd and jumped the villains from behind, sending them retreating.

"Does anyone think Zedd is actully going to keep his word?" Rocky asked everyone in general.

"Doubt it." Tommy replied as Undertaker closed the casket. He and Kain poured the gas over the casket, and the Phenom threw a lit match on it, sending the casket ablaze. After a few seconds, Undertaker raised his arms and shot them down. A bolt of lightning crashed into the casket, tearing it apart and putting out most of the flame. Zedd lay unconscious in the rubble with a purple Undertaker Cross painted on his burnt chest.

The Rangers looked around. Undertaker and the Ministry had vanished, and they teleported out.

At the Command Center, a conversation was taking place as the Rangers went to Billy's house.

"Still choosing children, eh Zordon?"

"You know I only choose the worthy, Undertaker." Zordon retorted . "And they ARE worthy."

"I'm being sarcastic, Z." The Phenom replied. "But it was good to talk to you again, all the same."

"The feeling is mutual. But I have a favor to ask of you."

"A favor?" Undertaker chuckled" What is it?"

The Rangers sat in Billy's living room, discussing the highlights of the main event, when a noise came from Billy's lab. The Blue Ranger excused himself to go check it out.

Turning on the lights, Billy noticed a small wisp of smoke coming from his desk. He looked and found something he would never have imagined. A small metal Undertaker Cross with a steel painted picture of the Phenom nailed to it. Billy looked at the words etched in the bottom:




Okay, that was blatant Undertaker plug and I know it, but I'm a Creature of the Night, so I really couldn't do anything about it. Hope you enjoyed that one. The idea to have the Rangers actully wrestle the villains came from Ken Chrysler's Rasslin' Rangers and the idea is used with permission.

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