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The important bit goes first – Disclaimer – The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, Power Rangers Turbo and all related materials, characters, and trademarks are owned and © by Saban Entertainment. I am not receiving anything nor being paid for writing these fanfics. I am simply a fan who, in his spare time, writes stories about a television show that I love. All new and original characters and story contents copyright Peter Smith.

Welcome to the Saga
By Peter J. Smith

Dear Reader, thank you for clicking on this page. This is not a story, more of an introduction to my entire series of fanfics. It doesn't sound terrifically interesting, and it probably isn't. However, if you go to read any of my other fanfics without reading this one, you will be incredibly confused about the characters, setting, villains, and practically everything else. And so essentially, so I can explain a few things about my saga, this introduction has to be read.

First, there is the issue of time. My saga begins almost right at the very beginning. Forget Andros, Zhane, and Karone, forget Divatox and the whole Turbo series, forget the Zeo Saga and the Machine Empire, forget Master Vile and anything even remotely related to Ninja and Shogun, and I'd even like you to forget Lord Zedd and the Thunder Zords. All of these characters and events will have their time, and I will get to them eventually, but give me some time.

Anyway, my saga cuts into the official PR continuum right after Tommy had had his Green Ranger powers recharged by reaching into a force field in the 'Return of an Old Friend' two-parter. Immediately after those episodes was the episode with Billy facing off with the Grumble Bee, and then the one where Tommy and Jason took on the two-headed parrot. Forget everything after this point – this is where my series cuts in.

Secondly, there is the issue of the setting. Now, die-hard PR fans will kill me for this one, but the Power Rangers no longer live in Angel Grove. Angel Grove doesn't even exist in the series I've written. To write the series, I had to place the series somewhere where I could easily visualize it. So, I moved it to my hometown – Caloundra. Just imagine that, instead of Angel Grove, the Power Rangers are and always were based in a town called Caloundra.

None of you have probably ever heard of my town, so now, a brief lesson in geography – Caloundra is located 100 km (60 miles) north of Brisbane, the capital city of the state of Queensland, Australia. Caloundra is located on the east coast of Australia, same as Sydney (host of the 2000 Olympics). In fact, Caloundra is 1100 km (660 miles) north of Sydney. It is a coastal city, and it's the southern-most city in a section of the state called the 'Sunshine Coast'. Local geography will come up a lot during my series.

Caloundra is not Angel Grove, but it is darn close. There is a beach, a lot of parkland around the town (perfect for those putty battles), an empty expanse of mountains north-west of here (for those classic zord-battles) and, if you go far enough west, a big ol' desert, where the Command Centre will be. But Caloundra is smaller than Angel Grove, and there is no Youth Centre here. So, like any good author, I altered local commercial property and made one up.

Thirdly, a major change in my saga that people will notice – no comic relief provided by Bulk and Skull. I'm sorry, I understand that there are a lot of Bulk and Skull fans out there, but there are enough characters and plot-lines in my series, and quite frankly I just couldn't fit in any more characters than what I already have.

Finally, I am interested in what people who read my stuff have to say. If you have any questions ("Why aren't the Power Rangers mice?"), suggestions ("Why don't you make the Power Rangers into mice?") or comments ("Darn it, you don't like mice, do you?") then feel free to email me at the following address –
. Seriously, I am interested in reader feedback, so please, if you have anything to say or ask, I wouldn't mind in the slightest. Now, on to the saga!