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Zeo Reborn
By Dark Warrior Ranger

"Alpha, open a temperal channel," Dark Warrior commanded.

"What frequency would you like me to set it to?" Alpha asked.

"Home it in on the rangers' biorythms," Dark Warrior said. "I just hope each of them have gotten at least half way on their quests."

"Frequency set," D.E.C.A. reported.

"This is the Dark Warrior calling out to the Power Rangers. Can any of you here me?"

"Dark Warrior?" Zhane responded. "Is that you?"

"It's me. Where are you, Zhane?"

"Well, it looks like I'm on Earth. Not too far in the past maybe about four years. But something's weird."

"What's that?"

"I'm morphed."

"That's not weird. Your quest requires that you use your powers, but I'm afraid it's all a scam set up by the Psycho Rangers."

"Are you serious?"

"Very. I'm teleporting you back now."

"Transtemperal teleportation beam locked on his coordinates," Alpha replied. "Teleporting now."

In about a minute, Zhane was on board the Astro Megaship in his Silver Ranger suit. "Quick," Dark Warrior said. "Put this on." He handed Zhane a little device.

"What does this do?" Zhane asked.

"It's a chronobonder. It will scan your blood type and bond with your body. Don't, worry it won't hurt."

"Say what?"

"It'll allow you to keep your powers permanently."


"Now, I'm going to need your help."

"Sure. What do I have to do?"

"I need your help looking for the others. You were easy because you weren't so far away."

A few minutes later, Zhane had locked on to another ranger. "Who is this?" he asked.

"It's T.J."

"Teleportation engaged," D.E.C.A. said. Then T.J. appeared on the bridge as well.

"I've got the others!" Dark Warrior yelled. "They're almost near the end."

"That's good," T.J. said.

"Wrong, man," Zhane said. "If they reach the end, they'll be destroyed."

"I can't let that happen to Cassie." Dark Warrior said in a murmuring voice, but Zhane and T.J. heard him.

"There is a problem," Alpha said.

"What?" Dark Warrior asked.

"We can only teleport them one at a time," Alpha replied. "We'll need additional power to get them all in one shot."

"You want more power, you got it," Dark Warrior said. "How close are they to the endpoint?"

"Only about 10 or 15 meters," Zhane said.

"Then we have to act quickly," Dark Warrior said. "T.J., monitor their positions. Zhane, open up the main control panel."

They both did as they were told. "What are you thinking of doing?" Zhane asked.

"Routing my computer with D.E.C.A.," Dark Warrior replied.

"You guys done yet?" T.J. asked. "They're only five meters away."

"Almost got it," Dark Warrior said.

"Four meters," T.J. said.

"Just connect this wire…" Dark Warrior said.

"Three." T.J. said.

"Downloading information."


"Teleportation sequencing."


"ALL CLEAR!" Dark Warrior yelled.

"Teleportation engaged," D.E.C.A. reported.

"Well, why are you wasting time? Teleport!" Dark Warrior yelled again.

The four of them appeared on the bridge. "Okay what's going on?" Carlos asked.

"Teckor S'tel was all a trick set up by the Psycho Rangers," Dark Warrior explained.

"If we didn't teleport you when we did, you would have been destroyed," Zhane said.

"So we're alive, but still without powers," Ashley said.

"Not quite," Dark Warrior said. "I've been running a scan of Earth searching for high levels of power."

"And?" Andros asked.

"And I've found it," Dark Warrior replied.

"Where?" Cassie said.

"You're not going to believe it." The six of them looked at the Dark Warrior.

"You can't be serious," Alpha said worriedly. "You mean to tell me that they survived?"

"What survived?" Ashley asked.

"The Zeo Crystal," Dark Warrior replied.

"So where is this power?" Carlos asked.

"The wreckage of the Power Chamber."


Part I: A Change in Luck

"The Zeo Crystal?" T.J. said. "The thing I don't understand is why Dimitria never told us. We could have used it sooner."

"Adam told me about it," Carlos said.

"What about it did he tell you?" Ashley asked.

"He said that when he and the other rangers first picked it up, the ground began to shake and the Command Center was rebuilt," Carlos said.

"Do you think it'll work again?" T.J. asked looking at Dark Warrior.

"Most likely it will," Dark Warrior replied. "But it's buried under all that soot. If we want to get it, we'll have to act now before Astronema attacks again."

"Astronema will waste no time," Zhane said. "The moment she sees us teleport, she'll send Quantrons and the Psychos after us. The Masked Rider, you, and me aren't going to be enough to stop them."

"You have a point," Dark Warrior said. "Unless…"

"What?" Andros asked.

"Unless we can somehow disable the Dark Fortress's systems for a while. So no one can teleport in or out."

"Are you suggesting a laser web?" Cassie asked.

"Exactly," Dark Warrior said.


Ten minutes later, the web was set up around the Dark Fortress. Inside…

"Ecliptor what's going on?" Astronema said furiously.

"There is a force field around the ship," Ecliptor replied. "No one can teleport in or out."

"Luckily, the Psycho Rangers are down there," Astronema said. "Tell them to find the Dark Warrior and finish him off."


Meanwhile on Earth…

"This will take us forever," T.J. said.

"No, forever is how long you'll be spending in eternity," an evil voice said.

The seven of them spun around to see the Psycho Rangers standing there.

"Get to safety," Dark Warrior advised Andros, Cassie, T.J., Carlos, and Ashley.

"Dex, do you read?" Dark Warrior said.

"Loud and clear," Masked Rider answered.

"Alpha, teleport Dex to my signal….now." In an instant, Dex was there. "We'll have to hold them off as long as we can," Zhane said.

The battle raged for a while, but the Psycho Rangers were winning.

"Give up," Pscycho Red said. "You know that you can't defeat us. Only a miracle can save you now."

Then all of a sudden a voice from out of nowhere screamed, "It's time for a gold rush!!"

"What the…." Psycho Blue said.

"Reinforcements," Gold Ranger said.

"Just what we need," Dark Warrior replied.

Three balls of light fired from the Golden Power Staff and hit the Psycho Rangers. "You're gonna pay for that," Psycho Black said.

"You know what to do," Dark Warrior said. "Solar Staff!"

"Golden Power Staff!" Gold Ranger said.

"Super Silverizer Laser Mode!" Zhane called.

"Masked Rider Super Gold," Masked Rider called. "Ecto Blaster now!"

"On my mark," Dark Warrior said. "FIRE!" The four weapons fired at full power. There was a big explosion.

"No way," Zhane said. The Psycho Rangers were on the ground, they were alive though.

"We'll be back," Psycho Pink said. Then as they were about to teleport…

"Psychos, stay down until we can break the barrier," Ecliptor said on the com-link.

"Agreed," Psycho Red said. Ten seconds later, the Psychos had teleported.

The four of them turned back to meet the others. The Dark Warrior introduced them all to the Gold Ranger. "So, why are you here?" Dark Warrior asked.

"I have some information that you may want to hear," Trey said.

"What is it?" Dark Warrior asked.

"Dark Specter is holding Zordon on Triforia," Trey replied. "In fact his whole base of operations lies around the Power Square."


Part III: Lost and Found

"What's the Power Square?" Cassie asked.

"I can answer that," Andros said. They all looked at him. "The Power Square is four planets. These four planets are where the origin of the Power Rangers comes from. The four planets are KO-35, Triforia, Aquitar, and Earth."

"So, Dark Specter has four main bases," Carlos said. "One on each planet."

"Exactly," Andros said.

"Rita and Zedd control the base on Triforia," Trey said. "I don't know about the other three."

"Astronema controls the base here," Andros said.

"Which means that Divatox controls Aquitar and Mondo controls KO-35," Dark Warrior concluded.

"How do you figure that?" T.J. asked.

"It's simple," Dark Warrior replied. "Mondo is a machine and machines can't stand water, so it's obvious he won't try and control Aquitar, and he knows Zedd and Rita have Triforia and Astronema has Earth. Do you see what I'm getting at?"

They all nodded yes.

"We have to find the Zeo Crystal now," Ashley said.

"I know how," Trey said. Then he raised his Golden Power Staff to the sky and said, "Zeo Crystal! Come to me!" A red beam came out of the staff and shone on a certain spot at the wreckage. Then the crystal came out and levitated into the air.

"Should I do the ceremony?" Trey asked.

"Yes," Dark Warrior replied.

"Okay. Here we go," Trey said. "Cassie, you are now Zeo Ranger 1-Pink. Ashley, you are now Zeo Ranger 2-Yellow. T.J. from now on you are Zeo Ranger 3-Blue. Carlos you have the power of Zeo Ranger 4-Green. And finally Andros, you will be known as Zeo Ranger 5-Red. The power of the Zeo Crystal in now within you. Use it wisely."

"Good job, man," Zhane said.

"Yes, we're back," T.J. said looking at his new uniform.

"Yeah, but we've got work to do," Andros said. "Alpha, nine to teleport."


Back on the Megaship…

"Alpha, we know where they're holding Zordon," Carlos said. "D.E.C.A., set a course for Triforia. Maximum hyperrush."

"D.E.C.A. delay that order for two minutes," Dark Warrior interrupted.

"What are you doing?" Cassie asked.

"I'm sending a link to all three ships. It'll keep us in contact no matter how far we're separated," Dark Warrior replied. "There. It's done. Now we're going to split up into three teams. Trey, Ashley, and Carlos will be on one team and you will go in Trey's ship, Pyramidas. Cassie, Dex, and myself will be on another team and we'll go in my ship. Andros, T.J., and Zhane will be the other team and will stay on the Megaship."

"Agreed," they all said.

"D.E.C.A., disengage Warrior Megaship as soon as they board," T.J. ordered.

"Use the link every sector," Andros said.

"Understood," Dark Warrior said. "I'll be the first to leave to clear things. Then, you follow, Trey. Andros, you'll be the last, because I need you to make sure things are okay on Earth."