Notes: A quick prologue. Saban owns Power Rangers. I own my ideas. Enough said.

By Randel

A Mistake…

There is a common theory throughout the universe about multiple dimensions, or perhaps the existence of a multi-verse as opposed to a universe. One of the more comprehensive dissertations is that of Master Borin of Eltare. His general idea is that there are multiple versions of any one existence to the point of possible infinity. These multiple versions are created through the prominent choices of those with enough power to do something about it.

On a different, but related topic, there is, as most know, an underlying force in the universe that flows through all living and non-living things. Some are more attuned to it than others and this force is called The Power. The Power is everywhere in all possibilities, and a common usage of the Power is through the Morphin Grid that powers the incredible faceless warriors known as Power Rangers. Power Rangers are another constant throughout the possibilities, even if, in some cases, their presence is relegated to that of fiction.

In one particular universe, my universe, there was a mistake. There is no such thing as a predetermined path, but there are more and less likely paths. This mistake, though not the conscious choice of the person who made it, has thrown off the 'flow' if you will, of these possibilities. It has effected that which has already happened, and will affect that which is to come. I no longer know which possibilities are most likely to occur. However, this much I do know; much of the Power of the Morphin Grid will be gathering in one place. Too much power, way too quickly. Great Wars will have been, and will be fought.

In the 12th Galaxy, also known as the Milky Way, in the Sol system, on the formerly insignificant and both magically and technologically inferior blue green orb called, 'Earth', this mistake is about to take place. Earth plays a major role in most possibilities, but there was a mistake…

This is not the way it was supposed to happen.