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Timeline: Zeo, after Jason returns the Gold Power. Billy did not stay on Aquitar, after he was healed he came back to be with his friends.
Warning: Mild profanity.
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It Begins
By Randel

The only lights in the room were concentrated on small groups of figures placed equidistantly upon otherwise dark shelves. In some of these illuminating shafts there was but a single figure, in others there were as many as four. A presence in the shadows, focused first on the yellow crystal tower bearing the sign of the double bar. Iron strands sprang from nowhere wrapping around and binding it. The tower struggled against the constraints, but in vain. Next were the Blue Triceratops, Unicorn, and Wolf, the light shining upon them began to flicker erratically. Finally the eyes rested upon the largest group; the red crystal phoenix, the green dragon, the white falcon, and the white tiger. The phoenix was in front, however it appeared that the tiger was moving to stand next to it.

It was a small collection, especially considering that some were currently inactive. However for a planet that had had no warning, training or experience, just the fact that none had died was impressive. Eleven lights, eleven groups of figures… and more to come. The planet known as Earth had survived much, and it still had a difficult road ahead.

It was a late summer day, not a cloud in sight. A cool breeze blew in off the ocean disturbing the long brown hair of a young man walking along the beach, clad in a red tank top and loose white pants. Sighing he stopped, looked out over the constantly moving water, and sat down. His girlfriend had just dumped him. The two had agreed that their relationship was one of affection, more something felt for a sibling than a lover. Even so the young man felt a little down.

"Ah well," he muttered, "Things change." Sighing again he stood and continued down the beach when a feeling of unease assaulted him. As if on cue, a cog shaped portal winked open and a small troop of robotic figures appeared instantly closing in.

"Just like Mondo to send an attack to interrupt my thoughts," Tommy glanced around to make sure no one was near, and…


In a flash of crimson light Zeo Red began to defend himself with an impressive display of martial art technique. Though badly outnumbered he was able to hold his own, until four more flashes of color solidified into the other four Zeo Rangers.

Rushing to their leader's aid Blue Zeo called out, "Hey man, you want a hand?"

"If you wouldn't mind," came the glib reply. In short order the heroes had trashed the last robotic drone.

"Well," said Yellow Zeo "I'm sure glad we defended this quiet stretch of beach."

Green Zeo laughed softly. "Actually Tanya, I think they were targeting Tommy."

"Again?" said Blue Zeo, "Man Tommy, how come you're so popular?"

"Just lucky I guess," was the reply.

"Jason and Billy will be expecting us at the Youth Center in about five minutes. Everyone ready?" Asked Pink Zeo. The others nodded in agreement. In a flash of colors they demorphed, and headed toward the favorite teenage hang out.

When they arrived at the Juice Bar they spotted two familiar figures out on the practice mats, sparring. The one in the black shirt was obviously the better of the two, but the other in blue and gray had definitely improved since his first lesson. The five took a table near the mats and watched their friends. After a few rounds of strike, block, and counter strike the maneuvers became more complicated. Finally Billy was knocked to the mats by a flying kick. Jason reached down and helped him up to the scattered applause. Looking up they noticed their friends at the table and walked over while Ernie, the portly owner of the Juice Bar took their orders.

"I see you made it out of the attack unscathed," said Billy sitting down.

"Yes," said Katherine. "It's almost as though Mondo wasn't really trying. It's beginning to make me nervous."

"I know what you mean," said Jason. "Like he's testing our strength for something big." Jason still thought of the Rangers as 'us', including himself and Billy even though they no longer possessed powers.

"Well whatever it is we'll be ready for it, like always," added Kat.

A six-toned beep sounded from their communicators.

"I was kinda' hoping for more than a thirty minute break," muttered the Yellow Ranger. The seven left the Juice bar leaving some money on the table.

"We read you Zordon," replied Tommy as soon as they were out in the empty hallway.

"Rangers, Rita and Zedd have sent a monster to the park. Teleport there immediately. Billy, Jason, your assistance would be appreciated in the Power Chamber."

"We're on our way Zordon."

In a flash of color the seven disappeared. From behind the bar Ernie crossed his fingers and turned on the TV as the monster sirens began to blare their warning.

The Rangers arrived on the scene as a monster that looked like large upright bee fired a stinger at a group of fleeing citizens. Behind them the sun was creating a brilliant scene of red, gold and pink.

"Hey!" shouted Blue Zeo, "if you're looking for fight, look over here!"

"Happ-ily Ranger," buzzed the creature. The monster ran towards the group of heroes and executed a flying attack knocking rangers left and right. Green and Pink Zeo recovered first and jumped on the creature only to be thrown off. Blue leaped into the air kicking out and ended up flat on his back. Yellow raised herself into a kneeling position, drew her blaster and fired. The bee laughed and deflected the blaster fire back at Yellow Zeo who flew backward from the impact. Sneering, the monster walked toward the injured Ranger, but the others rushed to defend her.

"I've had it with you," snarled Tommy. "Zeo Saber!"

The bee laughed again and raised its arm. A warping of space produced the monster's own blade, and the two began to duel just as a group of Tengas appeared in a hail of purple feathers. Occupied with the squawking soldiers the Pink, Blue, Green and Yellow Rangers were unable to help their crimson clad leader.

The bee monster wasted no effort on blocking or parrying; Tommy's attacks didn't even phase it. Finally, ditching technique for strength Red Zeo slashed downward on the bee monster and in a flash of sparks it sank to the ground.

"You've not zeen the lazzt of me," rasped the monster, struggling to its knees. In a golden teleportation signature it and the Tengas were gone and the Rangers were alone in the park.

Well… almost alone… An annoyingly familiar voice came from behind them, April Conther, star reporter for the Angel Grove Channel 6 News. "Another monster attack folks, and another victory for the Power Rangers. Excuse me Rangers, any comment?"

The Rangers turned to see a group of news cameras and reporters. They all began asking questions so rapidly that the Rangers could barely understand anything that was said.

"Uh… we've no comment right now…" started Red Zeo.

"What about your broken sword?" asked one of the louder reporters.

"What?" Red Zeo looked around. Sure enough, there lying on the ground lay the Zeo Saber in two pieces. "Damn," he muttered under his breath. Quickly he gathered the pieces and nodded to the others. With a flash, the five teleported out in the fading light.

"Zordon what's going on?" asked Tanya as soon as the five had teleported in.

"Rangers, this new creation of Rita and Zedd has been endowed with a magical shield that protects from most attacks. Tommy poured enough energy into his last strike that he was able to break through for a short period of time. When the shield returned to full power, it broke Tommy's Zeo Saber."

"So how do we fight it?" Rocky sounded a bit unnerved.

"Alpha and I will be working on breaking through the shield, as well as repairing Tommy's sword. The seven of you should get some rest. That includes you Billy." Zordon looked down at the former Blue Ranger, who had begun to work on some of the consoles.

Billy shook his head. "I've got some things to work on Zordon. I'll rest later."

"That wasn't a request William Cranston. Go home and get some sleep."

"But Zordon-"

"Now, or I'll have Tommy and Jason force you into bed here in the sleeping quarters."

Billy looked shocked. Finally he nodded his head. "Whatever you say Zordon." In flashes of light the seven teleported out.

Zordon looked down at Alpha Five. "Alpha, monitor Billy and make sure he rests."

"Yes Zordon," replied the little droid.

Billy had teleported into his garage. He considered tampering with his projects, but decided that Zordon was probably monitoring him. Sometimes Zordon was as much a parent as his real father was. Sighing he went into the house and was headed upstairs when his father called from the living room.

"Billy, is that you? Come here for a minute."

"Yeah dad?" said Billy as he entered the room where his father was working on some papers. Hank Cranston looked up at his son.

"Jeeze Billy, you look horrible."


"Sorry, that's not what I meant. I was going to ask if you wanted to go out to eat tonight, but I think you ought to get into bed." Billy nodded sleepily. "That means into bed Billy, not working on one of your infamous projects."

Billy smiled faintly at the echo of Zordon's words. "You got it Dad." Hank smiled in return.

"Good night Billy."

"Good night Dad."

King Mondo of the Machine Empire looked down on the planet of Earth wonderingly from his otherwise empty throne room. It was illogical to think of it as so, but Earth was intriguing place. He had not been able to conquer it in the several months he had been trying. Rita and Zedd who were, though he hated to admit it, very powerful evil sorcerers had also not been able to take it. The only reason it had come under attack in the first place was that it was the first planet Rita had seen when she had emerged from her confinement. And it would have fallen under her control if not for one being, Zordon of Eltar. He and his human warriors had stopped every attempt at their planet.

Rita, Zedd, and himself had been losing to humans. Not even Triphorian or Aquation humans, Earth humans. It was almost depressing. Now he was relating to emotion, again illogical, an organic sensation not fit for the King of Machines.

His attempt at catching Red Zeo off guard today had been futile and he knew it. He was at a loss for what to do next.

"I suppose I'll just wait and see how Rita and Zedd's bee turns out." Returning his attention to Earth, something interesting caught his attention.

Yellow Zeo was walking along the darkening beach. On her wrist was… nothing, no communicator. He scanned her body further and found that the device was in the pocket of her jacket. The Yellow ranger sat down and took her jacket off, laying it down next to her.

"Big mistake Ranger," said Mondo. "Now you're mine little Kieroo." Mondo laughed an illogically human like laugh.

Tanya sighed as she sat down. She knew she was defying Zordon by not going to bed, but she wasn't tired. Ever since she had arrived from Kenya, and had taken Aisha's place…well she had certainly had a lot of adventure, kind of like her parents were still doing. Her parents…They had been found, and they had given her the Key to the tiki doll Auric. Now they were again off on some exploration. They kept in touch as much as they could, but it was difficult. Then her thoughts turned to Adam. "He's nice." She thought. "And reserved, and… I think I'm falling for him." She sighed again, lay back and looked up at the face of a Cog.

Yelping in surprise she jumped up and reached for her communicator. It wasn't there. Franticly she searched the ground for her jacket. She had taken off her communicator and put it in her pocket. Calming herself she got into a fighting stance. She looked at the robots surrounding her, noticing that one of them held her jacket.

"Great, now I'm in deep shit." She said to herself. Out loud she said "All right you bastards, you want me? Come and get me!"


With that she charged the nearest Cog and flung it into a group of three others. She began to wildly destroy the metallic soldiers left and right. Unfortunately she was out numbered, and it didn't take long before she had been captured. A few well placed blows later, her power gave out and she flashed into her human form. A Cog grabbed her Zeonizer and ripped it from her wrist. In a flash the Cogs and their prisoner left.

Tanya's jacket flapped on the moonlit beach.

Billy awoke to the familiar beep. Poking his head out of his room he looked around. "Dad?" he called. There wasn't any answer. Sighing with relief he closed the door to his room and pushed the button to teleport to the Power Chamber. He arrived and looked up towards Zordon.

"Rangers. Warsting, whom you fought yesterday, is attacking again. This time it is the business district in downtown Angel Grove."

"We're on it Zordon," said Rocky.

"It's morphin' time!"





Adam looked around. "What the…? Zordon where's Tanya?" He was trying to keep the concern in his voice to a minimum.

"Ai yi yi, Adam. Tanya is not in Angel Grove," Alpha responded for the worried mentor. "Wide spread scans show she is nowhere in the area."

"Rangers, you must report to the business district, Billy, Jason, Alpha and I will locate Tanya."

"Please hurry Zordon," said Adam, the despair now plain in his voice. Zordon nodded and the Rangers teleported out. The missing color of yellow was painfully evident.

"Hey you!" yelled Green Zeo. "Over here!"

"Ahh, good zee you Rangerzz."

"Cut the chat Warsting! What have you done with Tanya?" Not waiting for an answer, Green Zeo leaped at the monster, Zeo Hatchets drawn. In a shower of sparks to two met and Adam was thrown to the ground.

"Ha! You should know by now Rangerzz, that your weaponz do no good." Warsting flung his hand forward and a stinger flew out at Green Zeo, who dodged narrowly. In a flurry of attack and defend the Rangers and monster battled in the streets of Angel Grove, neither side gaining the upper hand. Suddenly in a fan of flames, a troop of Putties appeared.

"Tommy come in!" it was Billy on the communicators.

"I'm here Billy, what's up?"

"Teleport to the Power Chamber immediately."

"No way Billy, it's too intense down here!" Red Zeo punctuated this by kicking a Puttie in the chest, sending it flying into a street sign.

"Bro, we've found something," Jason sounded both excited and anxious.

"Alright, but let's hurry this up." To the others he said, "Guys I'll be right back, Zordon's called me to the Power Chamber."

"We can hold out for a while Tommy, but hurry up!" said Blue Zeo.

Red Zeo nodded, pressed a button on his communicator and was gone in a flash of crimson.

"Okay guys I'm here, do you know where Tanya is?"

Jason shook his head. "Billy's still working on that, however we now have a weapon that can break through Warsting's shield."

"Extend you hand Red Zeo Ranger, and take hold of your destiny," Zordon intoned with a slight smile. In a flash of white a saber appeared in Tommy's hand. It was silver and white, the pommel taking the form of the head of a tiger. Stunned Tommy turned the sword so that he was facing the tiger.

"Saba?" he asked quietly. At the sound of his name the tiger's eyes snapped open.

"Tommy? What's going on?" The saber seemed disoriented. "I thought you had Red Zeo power now."

"I do." Tommy shook himself. "I'm not certain how this is possible, however the important thing now is that there is a battle going on."

"Right, let's go. Oh and Tommy, it's good to see you again."

Tommy grinned. "You too Saba." In a flash of red and white light the two were gone.

"Ai yi yi, how sentimental," Alpha sighed.

"Zordon," said Billy suddenly, "I've found Tanya, she's being held captive in Mondo's fortress. His shields are up, that's why we couldn't locate her immediately"

"It is as we feared then," Sighed Zordon. "Begin to attempt to find a way to rescue her, it is all we can do for now."

"I'm back guys, and so is an old friend," said Red Zeo upon his return to the battlefield. The buildings around him weren't looking too good. Many windows were shattered and the outside walls were scared with gouges and burn marks.

"Hey Tommy, glad you could make it," said Blue Zeo in his usual bantering style.

"That sounds like Rocky, not Billy," Saba whispered to Tommy.

"It is," replied Tommy as he slashed the saber at a Puttie. "Some changes have been made, I'll explain later." In a flurry of attacks the Rangers defeated the remaining Putties, and turned to face Warsting.

"Well done Rangerzz. Now you will faccee mee, and your weaponss do no good againssst meee."

"Wrong again Warsting. I'd like you to meet a friend of mine," replied Red Zeo

"Saba?" Green Zeo's voice was surprised.

"Score a point for the Black Ranger in green armor," Saba quipped.

"Yup," said Blue Zeo, "That's Saba."

"Greetings Rocky, still master of the obvious I see. And you must be Katherine, good to meet you."

Kat smiled behind her helmet. "Nice to meet you too Saba."

"Uh I don't mean to interrupt guys, but we've got a six foot bee to take care of here." Tommy looked anxiously at the impatient Warsting.

"Well then Tommy I suppose that's your cue to utter something properly heroic and then I'll bail your butts out once again."

Tommy stuck his tongue out but wasn't nearly as effective being on the inside of his helmet. Glad the helmet hid his blush as well, he cleared his throat. "You're going down, you oversized bug!"

With that Saba flew into the air and fired lasers at the monster. Confident in his magical force shield, Warsting stood his ground. Needless to say he was surprised when the lasers connected and he was blasted to the ground.

"The shield is broken guys, you can take him now," Saba was sounding particularly smug. Before the Rangers could close in however, Warsting vanished in flames.

"Damn, got away again," muttered Kat.

"Guys, let's go back to the Power Chamber, hopefully they've found Tanya." Adam once again sounded anxious. The others nodded and they teleported in a flash of colors, the addition of a small bit of white puzzled the reporters who had been trying to get to the Rangers before they could take off.

"Rangers, I have some distressing news, Tanya has been taken captive by King Mondo. He has yet to state what he wants, and we currently do not have a safe means of entering his fortress."

"Damn!" Adam hit the counter. "Well then what the hell are we supposed to do?" The others were surprised at the violence in Adam's tone.

"Hey man calm down, you know we'll do whatever we can to free Tanya." Jason replied.

"Yeah I know." Adam sank to the floor.

Trying to change the subject for a while Tommy drew Saba. "Everyone, you know Saba. Saba, there's Jason and Billy, they are currently out of action, and you already identified the others."

Saba nodded. "This Tanya you all are worried about, she is the Yellow Zeo Ranger?"

"Sure is quick," said Rocky quietly.

"I heard that Blue boy. Where is Aisha?"

"She stayed in Africa, Tanya is her replacement," replied Billy.

"Come on, let's get started," interjected Katherine.

With that the Rangers began to work on the consoles searching for ways into Mondo's fortress.

It was about midnight. Billy lay on a couch in the library in the lower levels of the Power Chamber. There were other rooms down there, sleeping quarters, a kitchen, a lounge type room, and a many other unexplored rooms. Billy wasn't even sure how much of the lower part of the Power Chamber he had yet to explore.

In his hands was one of the few texts actually written in Earth English. This particular book contained interesting information on the different Ranger powers that had been discovered and engineered. It described Zeo, Lightstar, Turbo, Saurian, Thunder, Ninja and others. Some were native to only a certain planet, some quite common.

Billy was tired, he had come down to the library to relax. Adam had still been up in the main chamber working on a way past Mondo's shields. The others had all gone to sleep. Because he was tired he almost missed the importance of what he was reading.

'Once a Ranger always a Ranger.' This saying is often taken to mean in the honorary sense, however it is a little known fact that once a connection to the Morphing Grid is established it remains 'till death. It is possible for a currently 'unpowered' Ranger to morph. The resulting warrior contains an amalgam of previous powers held plus the 'memory derived' powers similar to the Ninjetti in that they are drawn from the user's memory. This amalgam power is fairly unstudied as of yet, and there is very little information on it.

Billy sat up, no longer tired and read on.

The few results of accidental morphing in this manner show that the warrior does not have the full Strength, speed, and agility upgrade of that of a full ranger. Any advantages to offset these disadvantages are as of yet unknown.

Billy sat staring at the lines, questions running through his head. "Why hadn't Zordon told them about this? Could he and Jason do it in order to help the others? Could he do it now and try and save Tanya?" At that thought Billy became determined. Zordon hadn't been lying when he said there wasn't any safe way to enter the Mondo's fortress, but there was a dangerous way.

Sitting cross-legged on the couch, Billy relaxed his mind. He began to meditate on his previous powers, the Triceratops, the Unicorn, and especially the Wolf. He remembered previous battles, what it had felt like to be a Ranger, to have the power flowing through his body…

Suddenly he was on a vast barren plane. There was nothing but hard packed earth. Turning around he came face to face with the three blue figures that his powers had been based around.

"Cranston." A deep bass voice caught his attention. "Billy, I am the Triceratops, a figure representing caution and defense, charge and attack. I am the Triceratops, and I am you." The large horned creature disappeared from where it loomed behind the other two and flowed into Billy.

"William Cranston." This was a light musical voice. "I am the Unicorn, I represent goodness and health. I am the Unicorn and I am you." The figure of the Unicorn flowed into Billy the same as the Triceratops had.

"Billy, I am the Wolf, silent and sure, I represent passion and life. I am the Wolf…" The wolf's grave whisper died away as he flowed into Billy.

"… And I am you." Billy stood and looked down at himself. He wore armor similar to the kind he had worn when he first became a Ranger, except that the sleeves and boots resembled that of his Ninja uniform. Emblazoned upon his chest was a crest with the three figures of his powers. His helmet was simply blue with a black visor, and gray mouth plate.

As quietly as he could he ascended the stairs to the main room. He could have teleported up, but he didn't want to disturb anyone who might be up there. He didn't want anyone trying to stop him, or worse trying to come along. When he reached the main room he noticed Adam asleep against one of the consoles. Alpha 5 was nowhere to be seen, and Zordon was not visible in his time warp, a sign he was in a meditative state. As quietly as he could he pressed a couple of buttons preparing for teleportation when suddenly he heard a quiet voice from behind him.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Billy turned around to see that Green Zeo was awake and was pointing a blaster at him.

"It's me Adam." Replied Billy removing his helmet.

"Billy? What's going on? Where did you get that uniform?"

Billy sighed. "I'll explain later."

"Where were you going?" Adam wasn't letting up. "Don't try to lie to me here Billy, You know of a way into Mondo's fortress don't you?"

Billy sighed again. "Yes Adam, but it's dangerous. There is a great possibility that we will set off alarms and have millions of Cogs all over us."

"That's a chance I'm willing to take, and I'm sure the others will as well." Adam reached for his communicator.

"No!" said Billy, "If you call the others up here Zordon will come out of his meditative state and he'll never allow us to go this way."

Adam looked at his communicator and nodded. "Fine, then just the two of us will go."

"Umm Adam, you don't have-" Billy looked at Adam's face. His eyes were red and his hair was messed up. He looked awful, but he also looked determined. "Wow." Thought Billy, "When did Adam Park fall for Tanya Sloan?" Out loud he said. "Prepare for teleportation, I'm not sure what will happen when we land, but it's likely to be dangerous." Adam nodded and Billy pushed a few buttons, the two were gone in a flash of green and blue.

Alpha walked into the room just in time to see the two flashes of colors. "Ai yi yi, what was that?" Walking over to one of the control panels he pushed a few buttons, and Zordon appeared in his time warp.

"What is the matter Alpha?"

"I am tracking two teleportation beams, they are headed for Mondo's fortress. One of them is Adam the other is… Billy?" Alpha looked, shocked at the readings. "Is that possible Zordon?"

It seemed a morning for sighing. "Alpha contact the others at once." As soon as the other Rangers entered the main room the questions began flowing.

"Has Mondo said what he wants?"

"Did you find a way in?"

"Where's Billy?"

"… And Adam?"

"Rangers please be quiet." As the Rangers quieted down Zordon continued. "Adam and Billy have teleported to Mondo's fortress. They did so in such a fashion as to break through the shields, however this will also set off an alarm."

"So what do we do?" asked Jason.

"There is nothing we can do until Alpha finds a safer way to break through the shields."

"Why can't we go through the same way they did?" Tommy was practically bouncing on his toes.

"It would be too dangerous."

"But Zordon-" started Kat.

"Enough! I will not put the rest of you into this kind of danger unless absolutely necessary. I may have just lost two Rangers, I will not lose more!" Kat jumped back, and the others were all startled at the anger in Zordon's voice. Sighing he looked down at his warriors, his children in every way but name. "We will monitor the two, if they are in serious danger I'll will teleport the rest of you in."

Two beams of light coalesced in to two warriors, one in green, one in blue. "I don't see anything," said Green Zeo.

"Keep alert," replied Blue Warrior. "Which way do you think we ought to go?"

"Your guess is as good as mine, if we can find a computer room or something we can probably find out where Tanya is."

Blue Warrior nodded. "However they already know were here, we should move quickly." They ran of down the hall looking for either a prison or a computer. "Hey, I think we've hit the jackpot!" exclaimed Billy looking at a computer panel set into a small alcove in the wall.

"Well we've also been found." Green Zeo looked down the hallway to see a platoon of Cogs headed their way. "You find Tanya, I'll hold these guys off." At Billy's nod Green Zeo pulled his laser pistol and fired at the now charging Cogs. A loud alarm began to sound.

Tanya stirred at a sudden sound. She opened her eyes and wished she hadn't. Her vision swam and she was unsteady. Blinking to clear her vision she stood on the cell floor, and took stock of herself. Her clothes were in tatters. Her entire body ached and she had a number of bad bruises, luckily however she didn't seem to have any broken bones.

When she'd been brought to the fortress, she had been taken to the detention center. There the evil Machine King had taunted, and threatened, and beat her up. Then she had been thrown into this cell. She couldn't remember much of what had happened after that. Leaning against the wall, the roaring in Tanya's ears became a sound more recognizable.

"A siren…no, an alarm… a warning. They're coming to rescue me." Tanya could barely get the words out, but the idea that the others were coming for her gave her strength. "The other Rangers are coming for me."

Slowly, but with growing strength Tanya walked over to the cell bars, and peered out into the dimly lit hallway. There were Cogs standing guard at her cell. A little further away was a small metal table. Sitting in the center of the table was the Yellow Zeonizer. Mondo had put it there to taunt her further.

"You can see the power, but you can not reach it. So close, yet so powerless. You're mine now little Kieroo." At Tanya's frightened expression he had laughed. "Don't worry Yellow Ranger, I'm not going to kill you. No you are to powerful for that, all the Rangers are really, but now you're mine and you'll do my bidding."

"I'll never fight for you Mondo," Tanya snarled as the words grated out.

"Not willingly of course. Do you really believe I am that much of an idiot?"

Tanya smiled. "Do you really want me to answer that?" Mondo had just laughed and walked away while Tanya stared after him. That was when the Cogs had started to attack her, when she was nearly unconscious she had been thrown in the cell.

"You'll regret taunting me with my own powers Mondo," Tanya whispered. The alarm sounded through out the fortress. Tanya stood staring at the motionless Cogs guarding her. She waited and hoped.

"She's in detention center 5, low security." Blue Warrior stepped away from the computer and joined in the fight.

"Great," said Green Zeo hacking at Cogs left and right with his hatchets. "How do we get there?"

"Follow me." Replied Blue Warrior just as the last Cog went down. Turning he ran the opposite direction down the corridor with Green Zeo close behind him. They ran up metal grate stairs and down metal-floored hallways for about ten minutes.

"You know," said Green Zeo, "we haven't run into a Cog since we started running. This could be a trap."

"Yeah," Replied Blue Warrior, "We always seem to be walking into someone's traps. But we haven't any choice."

"However since we suspect that it is a trap, we can be prepared for it."

The Blue Warrior nodded and slowed as they neared a door. "This is the door to the detention center."

Green Zeo reached out to the panel that opened the door and pushed it. With a whisper of machinery the door slid upward and the two warriors entered the room carefully. There was a main room and about seven Cogs were working on various consoles.

Immediately the two Rangers drew their laser blasters and opened fire on the unwarned Cogs. Looking up Green Zeo blasted a few surveillance cameras. As soon as the Cogs were down, Adam rushed into the hall opposite the entrance, where the cells were.

Blue Warrior was about to follow when he heard a voice coming from one of the control panels. "What's goin' on down the'? Someone repurt." It was Klank, Mondo's Scottish accented footman.

"Everything's fine we're okay, how are you?" Blue Warrior winced, "that's not how a Cog would have responded."

"We've had repurt of a disturbance, whut's going on? Have the intruders arrived?"

"No, no… we've uh… had a slight weapons malfunction."

"I'm sending a troop of Cogs," Klank informed him.

"No! There's a reactor leak, very dangerous, give us some time to lock it down."

"Who are ya'?" Klank was beginning to grow suspicious. "What's your serial number?"

"Eh…" Unable to come up with a satisfactory answer Blue Warrior drew his blaster and fired at the communications panel. "Boring conversation anyway. Adam! We're gonna' have company!" Turning Blue Warrior followed Green Zeo down the cell hall.

At the end of the hall Green Zeo was finishing up two Cogs who had been guarding a cell. Billy looked around, there was a small metal table, and sitting on it was a small black device highlighted with yellow. "Tanya's Zeonizer? How could Mondo be so stupid as to leave it here?"

There was a crash and Billy looked up to see that Adam had smashed open the lock to the cell with his Hatchets.

"Not stupid, arrogant," Adam said as he helped Tanya to her feet.

Billy snatched up the Zeonizer and tossed it to Tanya. "Well, now to get out of here."

Tanya caught the small device. "Billy?"

Blue Warrior smiled behind his helmet. "Yep. I'll explain later. Right now we've got to leave."

"I don't think so Grid Warrior." The three whirled to face King Mondo and a large force of Cogs.

"Trap," muttered Green Zeo.

"Well Billy Cranston, you've finally unlocked the 'Grid Warrior' Power. I knew it would be one of the Earth Rangers, Congratulations."

Billy didn't respond. "Prepare to teleport guys…" The three pressed buttons on their communicators, there was a flash of colors, and then the three stood as they had before.

"Shit," Tanya muttered under her breath.

The Rangers looked at each other. "Tanya, are you feeling up to a fight?" The question came from Adam.

Tanya nodded. "No problem Green Zeo," she said with a smirk.


"All right Mondo, If you want us, here we are, come and get us."

Mondo laughed, I've already got what I want Ranger. Capturing you will just be a bonus. Cogs… attack!"

Blue, Yellow and Green lasers began smashing into robotic soldiers. As the Cogs began to close in Adam holstered his blaster. "Zeo Hatchets!"

Tanya did likewise. "Zeo Nunchuku!" As the two Zeo Rangers began to melee with the Cogs, Billy holstered his blaster and concentrated inwards.

"Power Lance!" the familiar weapon back in hand, Blue Warrior flew into the battle.

The three heroes battled hard, but there was an innumerable amount of the enemy. Finally they regrouped back to the cell where Tanya had been imprisoned.

"Zordon…" Tommy's voice had an edge of panic to it. "Shouldn't we…?" He stared at the viewing globe. His friends were in serious trouble.

Zordon sighed. "Rangers, once inside of Mondo's fortress you will be unable to teleport out on your own. You will have to hold on until Alpha can lock you down."

"Right. It's morphing time!"




"Be careful Rangers, and may the Power protect you."

Jason sighed as the other Rangers teleported into battle.

"I know how you feel Jason."

Jason looked up at his mentor and friend. "Zordon, is it possible for me to do what Billy did?"

Zordon frowned. "I would not advise it Jason. It is dangerous and untested."

Jason sighed again and turned to the viewing globe.

Three Rangers materialized in front of their tired partners.

"Nice to see the rest of the Rangers here," drawled Mondo.

"Cut the chat. If you back off now, I won't have to hurt you," Red Zeo glared through his helmet.

"Big words Tommy. Let's see if you can back them up. Attack!"

"Zeo Blades!" called Blue Zeo. Two arm mounted blades shimmered into his possesion.

"Zeo Shield!" The Pink Zeo Ranger received her small disc like buckler.

"Saba!" The sentient sword appeared in Red Zeo's hands with a small flash of white.

"Well Tommy, what kind of mess have you gotten me into this time?" asked Saba.

Rolling his eyes Red Zeo looked at the Metallic Horde that had stopped its charge, somewhat leery of attacking a team of fully armed Rangers. "This is your last chance Mondo. Back off."

Mondo laughed. "You are out numbered. Who do you think you are to deliver threats in my fortress?"

"What an old windbag," Saba sneered at King Mondo.

"Is that sword talking?" Tanya whispered to Adam.

"Yeah, Saba was Tommy's partner when he was the White Thunder Ranger."

Saba turned his head towards Tanya. "So you are the Yellow Zeo. Greetings Tanya Sloan, it is a pleasure to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too Saba," replied Tanya.

"And is that Billy in the Blue armor over there?"

Billy nodded. "How's it going Saba?"

Saba laughed, "Well aside from the fact that we're about to engage in a major battle, pretty good."

"Speaking of which, let's go." Blue Zeo lead the charge into the midst of the still wary Cog horde. It was a spectacular fight. In flashes of color and showers of sparks the Heroes of Earth fought with the robotic drones on the machines' ground. Blue Zeo slashed at a Cog and was kicked to the ground from behind. Before the Cog could deliver another blow Pink Zeo flung her shield at it, destroying the villain.

Although they fought well, even Power Rangers are human, and humans get tired. The Rangers regrouped, surrounded by Cogs. Mondo addressed the Rangers. "It was entertaining, but I've got an unprotected planet to conquer."

"Not so fast Mondo," Tommy raised Saba into the air and lasers shot out of his eyes striking the Monarch in the chest. Mondo growled and stood up preparing to return fire when in columns of light the Rangers were gone.

In the Power Chamber Zordon watched as six flashes of light became six Rangers. "Rangers, I'm glad you're safe. Tanya, are feeling okay?" Tanya nodded slowly before toppling over as Adam caught her. "Adam, you and the others teleport with Tanya down the Medical Center. Billy, Jason, please remain for a few minuets, I wish to speak with you."

As soon as the others were gone Zordon looked down at the two. "Billy, do you have any idea of what you have done?"

Billy looked a bit startled. "You mean the power?" Zordon nodded. "The text said it was possible to morph without a talisman, if one already had a connection to the grid. I tried it and…" Billy gestured toward his armor. "After that I thought that if I could get into the fortress and out with Tanya… well…" Zordon stared silently at Billy. "Zordon, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have put myself or the other Rangers in that situation. I just figured that I was expendable, I didn't intend to take Adam along, but…" he trailed off.

"Man, you are not expendable. We need you here. If anyone is expendable, I am." Billy looked at Jason in shock.

"You? Expendable?"

"Neither of you is expendable, none of the Rangers are. Billy, you took a risk, this time it paid off. Sometimes you have to take a risk, but remember that risks have consequences. Now about the Power… Billy you have tapped into the Grid Warrior Power. There is little known about this power, you must be careful in using it." Zordon stopped he seemed somewhat hesitant. "Jason I have a request."

"Anything Zordon."

"You may attempt to acquire the Grid Warrior power as Billy has. This is dangerous… you may not survive-" Zordon was about to say more but Jason cut him off.

"Zordon, If I can have powers again, I can help the Rangers again. I want to do it."

Zordon nodded. "I must tell you that I'm not granting this solely to benefit the Rangers… This is something of an experiment. To see how the Grid Warrior Powers work." Zordon looked a bit ashamed. "Knowing this, will you still attempt the power?"

Jason gave a small chuckle. "Of course Zordon, what do I have to do?"

"Sit down Jason, relax. Focus inward, to your power, to yourself…"

Jason found himself on a vast grassy plane. Above him was a blue sky with some white puffy clouds in the distance.

"Jason Lee Scott…" Jason turned to stare at large red reptilian beast. "I am the Tyrannosaurus. I am power unrelenting, and I am you." The red figure dissipated and flowed into Jason.

"Jason." The somewhat sibilant voice came form a red dragon that flowed through the air. "Jason, I am the Red Dragon, the Heat and the Heart, I am you." The red energy of the Dragon flowed into Jason.

"Jason Scott." Jason turned around to face a large Golden pyramid, lightning flashed above it and along its surface. "You, you are not a customary representative of me." Jason looked up at the figure puzzled. A deep bass chuckle reverberated through the featureless sea of grass. "However you are strong and steady, you are me, and I…" again the laugh. "I am the Pyramidas and I am you." Slowly the Golden pyramid began to flow into Jason as the others had.

Jason's eyes snapped open. He was sitting in the Power Chamber facing Zordon. "How long was I out?"

"Twenty-eight minuets," replied Alpha.

"Where are the others?"

"They are at the Youth Center. Tanya has made a full recovery due the accelerated healing process… are you okay Jason?"

"Yeah I'm fine." Jason looked down at himself. He was wearing red armor with golden highlights. The sigil upon his chest was that of two giant lizards and in the background a pyramid, lightning flashing from its peak.

"Well done Grid Warrior."

"So it worked… wow."

Zordon smiled. "Yes Jason, It worked. I suggest that you go now and see your friends, they are worried about you." Jason nodded and teleported out in a flash of Red highlighted with gold.

Tanya watched as Rocky and Adam sparred. She was sitting at a table with Katherine Hillard, Tommy Oliver and Billy Cranston. Ah Adam… He had come to save her.

"Hey guys." The voice startled Tanya out of her thoughts.

"Jason!" Kat looked at him a bit worriedly "Did it… work out?"

Jason grinned back. "Of course, you are looking at the newest addition to the team."

"Addition?" Tommy barked a laugh, "Jason you've always been a part of the team."

"Thanks Tommy, that means a lot."

"You too Billy," said Rocky as he and Adam sat down, still breathing hard. Billy just smiled.

"Hey guys, this one is on the house." Ernie called out as he carried over seven large drinks. "You guys ran out the other day with out drinking what you paid for."

"Sorry Ernie we ah…"

"I know guys."

"You do?!" Tanya exclaimed. The rangers all stared at Ernie with shock.

"Of course, you teenagers have busy lives." Ernie chuckled faintly at the look of relief in the teen's eyes. As he walked back to the counter he added softly "… And the Power Ranger's lives are busier than most."

"You know guys, Warsting is still out there." Said Adam sipping on his drink.

"But there are seven of us now. We're ready for anything." Replied Tanya. Adam smiled at her, and she smiled back.

"You're right Tanya, we're ready for anything."

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