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Grid Wars

A Public Dissertation

A discussion on the defining characteristics of a Power Ranger

The Grid War: Part 1

Plant the seeds of dissention

The Grid War: Part 2

Nurture the Growth of Intolerance

Thirteen Angels

Things are being built.

The Gathering


A Mistake…

It Begins

A Kieroo captured, a Tiger returned, a Power discovered

Cat Within a Cat

Loose Ends Tied, a Feline Uncovered, and Other Revelations

Fading Light

A Dream Walked, Two Roses Healed, A Light Revealed.

Mutual Malice

A Dual Attack, New Lights Promised, and A Quest Begun.

Time Stands not Still: Part 1

A Plot Remembered, Two Lights Strengthened, and a Dire Situation.

Time Stands not Still: Part 2

A Triumph, A Failure, and Continuing Complications

Time Stands not Still: Part 3

A Plan Revised, a Quest Completed, and Blades Awakened.


One new Team, Six evil Rangers, and Ten unlikely Heroes

One Hour

An Evil Released, The Ranks Swelled, A Truth Uncovered

The Ending

The Final Quest, A Setup, and A Judgment

Dark Rising


Stranded and powerless, it’s worse than they know


The Power helps those who help themselves.

Old Earth: Part 1

A dream shared to the bitter end.


Part 1 Carlos and the Count

The Death of a Ranger

Part 2 – World of Night

A Taste of Vampiric Politics

Across Borders

Part 1

In answer to a challenge set by Cynthia Harrell

Part 2</a> – Green with Evil

In answer to a challenge set by Cynthia Harrell



Call to arms.


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