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Disclaimer: As everyone should know already, I don't own the Power Rangers. They are owned by Saban. What I own is only the plot, and probably the creativity and imagination of this story. This is my second Power Ranger story I've written so far, and it covers a bit of Mortal Combat stuff. Sonya Blake is my creation and if anyone would like to use her, go straight ahead but please, notify me first. Now go and read the story! ^_^

Missing Purple
By PhoenixFlame

In the beginning of the original power ranger's team, there was a sixth power coin, not including the green dragon power coin, but the purple phoenix power coin. The purple ranger was also the youngest out of all the others. At that time, she was only 14 years old. Sonya Blake was her name and her best friends out of the whole group were Trini Kwan, the yellow ranger, and Zach Taylor, the black ranger. Sonya was never the 'girly' type of female; she was always very much into all sorts of sports and likes to dress in anything comfortable, preferably athletic, clothing. Her wavy brown shoulder length hair and sparkly merry brown eyes deceived her attitude as a boy though. A lot of people had told Sonya that resembles Kimberly, the pink ranger, because she was only a few inches taller than her and their appearances were very similar. The purple ranger always kept her cool even at the toughest times and was great company to be with. She got along with nearly everyone, with the exception of the two bullies at Angel Grove High, Bulk and Skull. Her disappearance, or death, was such a great tragic loss to her friends that it took weeks before they fully recovered. It all happened when Rita Repulsa sent down a monster capable of pulling others into a portal causing them to jump to other dimension. The portal monster was dangerously strong and had almost managed to kill all the rangers if Sonya had not jumped onto the monster with her last ounce of strength. It had just released a huge blast when Sonya grabbed the monster and shielded the rangers from the blast. She had also managed the make some of the blasts reflect back to the monster, destroying it in the process. Flames engulfed them both. Jason had wanted to run to her aid but was stopped by the others telling him that it was no use and that he would get injured if he tried to help. Even through the tall flames, her team mates could see her looking sadly at them, nodding her head as if saying to them goodbye. After a few moments, the flames died out and there was only a pile of filthy dust on the ground where the monster and their unselfishness friend had been. Back at the Command Center, it was as if a knife had cut through the air. The next couple of weeks, the remaining rangers grieved over their lost friend. Zordon had told them that Sonya was presumably dead and even if she had managed to survive the blast, she wouldn't have been able to live long without proper medical attention. They together decided to not reveal what had happened to anyone else because it brought back great pain. Months have passed and rangers have changed, and yet, the truth has not come out. Zordon, Alpha, and the first rangers stored Sonya's Power Strike Staff and her zord, PhoenixFlame Thunder Zord, in a hidden storage room where only the original rangers and their mentors know the password to have access to the room. Before Trini had left to attend to the Peace Conference, she told her parents to leave the room Sonya had previously been occupying undisturbed. Sonya had been an orphan, later being adopted by the Kwan family. That is why Trini took Sonya's death the hardest, because Sonya was her adopted little sister. Wherever Sonya is, she is, and will always be my sister, adopted or not! Trini thought to herself one day at the Peace Conference, I will never forget her, and neither will the others. She will be in our hearts forever and ever till the end.

And that was true; Sonya Blake has won a place in the rangers' heart, and will never be replaced.


"Where the hell am I?" a girl in a purple tank top and purple track pants with white stripes on the side asked, lying from a somewhat soft bed.

"You are in the Mortal Kombat realm. Who are you?" a black hooded figure told her standing next to her.

"I . . . I'm . . . I don't know who I am!" with that the girl dissolved into tears.

The figure shook its head and in a gentle comforting voice, "There, there, it'll come back to you all in good time. Now, let's see what we can do while you're here."

The girl sat straight up in the bed and said through all those tears, "Thanks for being so nice to me and for helping me. But, can I have your name please?"

The hooded figure seemed to be smile under the darkness of its hood. The mysterious figure slowly removed the hood, revealing a man in his late 30's with shoulder length white hair.

"I am Raiden, God of Thunder, Protector of the Earth Realm, Earth's guardian, and I guide warriors of Mortal Kombat in their fight against evil forces of the Outworld."

The girl in purple nodded her head, "So does that make you a very powerful god?"

Chuckling, he replied, "Even though I'm a god, I'm not the most powerful."

"Do you know how I got here?"

"Unfortunately, I am not certain. It seems like you come from another dimension, or another world."

"How you know that?"

"A portal had opened and you were thrown out of it. You were already unconscious so I brought you here to my lair."

"I'm forever in your debt," she softly spoke, bowing her head low in respect.

"For now on, I will train you both physically and mentally."


"You will need to be able to achieve in these two goals to be able to survive in this realm. There are many dangerous people here that you can not avoid."

"Sure, let the training begin."

Day after day, they trained. Sometimes at night, the girl would have strange dreams. Dreams about 6 superheroes dressed in color spandex. One night, she woke up with a start. Sweating, she thought back to her dream. In her dream, she was sitting at a table surrounded by 5 other people. A muscular boy in red, an intelligent boy in blue, a extremely bubbly girl in pink, an Asian girl in yellow, and a boy goofing around in black. She felt a large amount of feelings toward the girl in yellow and boy in black. They were talking but no sounds were coming out of their mouths. The only time she heard someone actually saying something was when the female in yellow addressed her with her name. The girl in purple heard her say Blake and assumed that Blake was her name and that the others were her very good friends.

"Raiden, Raiden!" she called out.

An immediate flash of white light lit the room where she was staying.

"What is it?" Raiden asked worried.

During the last past days, she had been like a daughter to the God of Thunder.

"I know my name! I know my name!" she cried happily.

His eyes lit up like a fire, "Really! What is it?"

"Well, I only remember part of it," she said quietly, "Promise you won't laugh?"

"I promise," he vowed.

"I had a dream and this girl dressed in yellow said my name. It's Blake. My name is Blake," she exclaimed.

"Well then, hello Blake. It's a pleasure to finally meet you Blake," the God bowed.

Blade giggled and said, "Stop acting so silly!"

"Who me!" he mocked innocently.

"Yes you!" she resumed laughing.

Raiden cracked a smile at the sight of her laughing.

She is truly a magnificent creature.

After a few weeks of intense training, Raiden decided that it was time for her to meet a very special person.

"Blake, it's time for you to meet a good friend of mine," he announced to her.

"Really," her eyes sparkled with excitement, "who is it?"

"You shall know soon enough."

He made a gesture with his left hand and they disappeared. They appeared again in a room. The room was grandly decorated and was fit for a person of royalty. A girl who appeared to be not much older than Blake was walked into the room shutting the tall solid door behind her. She had long black, shiny hair that was momentary pulled into a high ponytail.

"It is nice to see you again, Lord Raiden," she politely addressed.

"And it is to you, Princess Kitana," he answered back.

"Who is your friend?" she raised her eyebrows in question.

"Oh yes, I almost forgot. Princess Kitana, this is Blake. She comes from another dimension and remembers nothing of her past. A cast of amnesia I'm afraid," he introduced, "Blake, this is Princess Kitana, Princess of Outworld, true daughter of Sindel and Jerrod, and her home world is Edenia."

"It's a pleasure to meet you," they said to each other in unison, exactly matched voices.

They looked briefly at each other and peeled away in laughter.

Weeks later, Raiden had some disturbing news to report to Blade.

"Blake, the time has come for you to move on," he told her sadly.

"The time for me to move on?" a bewildered look crossed onto her face.

"Yes, the time for you to move on. I am to send you to Phaedos where you will trained by Dulcea, Guardian of the Ninjetti Temple and Master Warrior of the planet Phaedos," by the time Raiden finished speaking, tears were in his eyes.

"Oh Raiden, I don't want to go!" she cried, tears steaming down her face.

"But you must, Duclea will be able to help you," he reasoned.

"Will I see you and Princess Kitana again?"

"Of course you will, you can't dump us so easily," he joked.

Blake smiled a little and asked, "When do I leave?"

"As soon as possible. Tonight is the best."

Her smile faded.

"Does Princess Kitana know I'm leaving?"

He nodded.

"Can you take me to see her one last time?"

Another nod was the response.

"Blake!" Princess Kitana cried at the suddenly appearance of her and Lord Raiden.

She rushed forward and embraced Blake into a tight hug. Blake hugged back.

"When you're ready to leave call for me," Raiden told Blake, who was still hugging Princess Kitana, and disappeared in a flash of thunder.

"Oh, Blake, I'm going to miss you!" Princess Kitana said, releasing her from the hug they were in.

"Me too," Blake sadly replied.

"Promise you will always remember me?"

"I promise." Blake vowed with sincerity.

That night, after bidding a finally farewell to her friends, Blade was teleported to the planet Phaedos. There, a woman with a long mane of blondish brown hair wearing a green bikini with a staff in her hand was waiting for her.

"Welcome, Blake," she greeted.

"Hello, Dulcea I presume," Blake said in return.

"Yes, follow me," Dulcea told her, walking in a slow but steady pace.

When they finally stopped at their destination, they were greeted by a cave, which was nicely settled.

"You will wake up early in the morning and do the stretches and exercises Raiden had taught you. I will then teach you what you shall need to know," Duclea instructed.

Blake nodded her head and asked, "Do I have to train in these?" gesturing to her clothes which consists of what she had been wearing since the first arrival at the realm of Mortal Kombat. Duclea pointed at her with her right hand index finger and suddenly, green sparks flew out of her extended finger and warped itself around Blake, including her head. When the mysterious sparks disappeared, Blake was dressed in the same outfit as Duclea was in, only with the color purple, and a few accessories. On her head, a purple headband was visible and on each side of the bang, a long silver chain was connected. The silver chain had some decoration surprisingly also. It had tiny bells and silvery leaves attached to the long thin chain.

Wicked. Blake thought, fingering and studying her new outfit.


Weeks after weeks, her sills began to rise a level more higher each day thanks to the Master Warrior of Phaedos. Blake had no idea why she was training so hard. She had asked Duclea many times what was the purpose of the workout. Everytime the answer was the same. Duclea would say, "Your destiny shall reveal itself in due time."

Once in awhile, Princess Kitana would visit the pupil on Phaedos, preventing Blake from breaking out in insanity. Blake could vividly remember their first reunion after the departure.


"Wow Blake! Girl, look at you! Boys will be swooping at your feet in no time," Kitana complimented.

Blake blushed and quickly asked worried, "I haven't changed that much, did I?"

"Not that much, you've gotten taller and more stronger for one thing," the princess said, noticing the distress look on her long time friend's face.

Blake gave a nervous laugh. Then, they drifted off into a warm friendly conversation.


The young girl in training woke up extremely early one morning and rushed to find Duclea.

"Duclea! Duclea! There's something wrong!" she cried, running toward the more advance warrior.

"What's wrong my student?" concern filled the teacher's voice.

"There's someone here! Someone on Phaedos!"

The guardian of the Ninjetti Temple's eyes narrowed, "Another seeker of the Great Power," she spat out, almost hissingly.

Blake quickly ran off and came back holding a faded black hooded cape. Her master grabbed the robe and rested it onto her tan broad shoulders.

"Stay here till I return. You may go roam around the gate only if you be careful," Duclea told her.

The gate was what they called the ruined ancient Ninjetti Temple of where others worthy enough unearth their animal spirit buried deep inside of them.

Blake nodded her head mutely and sadly watched Duclea run off in search of the Great Power seekers.

By nightfall, Blake had begun to worry, "Oh, where can she be? She's never been this gone for so long! I know," she cried out to herself, "I'll go to the gate!"

Without thinking twice, she ran off to the gate, taking a shortcut along the way. Unknown to her, the Power Rangers, with the guide of Duclea, were heading toward the gate also.

"Hey! She isn't here!" Blake thought, disappointed. A second later, she heard foot step noises. "What's that!" she asked herself scared.

She peered over at the other side of the gate and saw Duclea and 6 other companies arrive. Surprised, Blake ducked behind some of the rocks and peeked out once and a while.

"We will call on the sacred Ninjetti animals for help," Duclea advised the 6 standing strangers, taking a pouch from her belt and poured its contents onto her hand.

What she's doing? Blake thought to herself.

"Deep within each of us is an animal spirit just waiting to be released. Close your eyes, and look deep within yourselves," she continued.

The rangers obeyed without question. Duclea blew the dust into the fire, which was held in the fire pit, and magical lights began to swirl and sparkle above the flames. The lights swirl around the rangers and transformed their clothes to ninja outfits, with a medallion in the center bearing their individual animal spirit. When Blake peeked at them again, to her amazement, there stood 6 multicolor ninjas, white, yellow, red, blue, pink, and black. The guardian of the Great Power walked toward them and smiled warmly at each one of them.

"Aisha," she began, "you are the Bear, fierce and unstoppable."

Duclea turned to another, "Billy, you are the Wolf, cunning and swift. Rocky; powerful, smart, you are the mighty Ape. Adam -" she paused, "Adam, what's wrong?"

The boy in black looked up disappointed and bewildered.

"I'm a Frog," he said confusedly.

Duclea laughed momentary, "Yes a Frog! Like the one you kiss," she then kissed Adam on the forehead, "to get a handsome prince."

He blushed and looked around shyly.

"Agile Kimberly," she continued, "light as a feather, you are the graceful Crane. And Tommy, you are the Falcon, Winged Lord of the Skies."

"Now, all of you must learn to use your powers wisely. You must now seek out the Great Power. It lies there, in the Monolith, beyond the Neola Jungle. But, I am afraid that you must do this on your own."

"You're not coming with us Duclea?" the girl in yellow stepped forward and asked.

"I only wish I could," she replied sadly, "but one step beyond this plateau and I would begin to age as rapidly as Zordon is now. The power is within you. Trust it. Your sacred animals will guide you. And now, go. Zordon and the world need you. The Power of the Ninjetti will protect you. With Ninjetti, nothing's impossible."

Before their very own eyes, Duclea turned into a snowy white owl and flew away. Blake took that opportunity to think back.

Billy? Kimberly? Zordon? Those names sounds oddly familiar.

In the young girl's head, she heard laughter. She saw in her mind a group of friends that she had seen in her visions many times before, including herself, smiling happily, like there was no danger. Blake also saw the Korea girl again and saw her, an African-American boy, and herself give each other some kind of necklace. The vision ended there.

I wonder who those people were? She wondered. The necklace! She cried out in her mind and grasped the jewelry that hung from her neck. It was the same one in her vision. A long thin silvery chain with 6 small tiny, but noticeable, stones in the center. Each stone was a different color, yellow, blue, pink, purple, red, and finally, black. What Blake didn't know about the necklace was that each color represented the ranger's color. Uh, oh! Duclea's going to be mad if I don't go back to the cave now. She speeds back to the cave, halting her thoughts at that moment. As she rushed back to the cave, Billy turned around and looked at the rocks where she was hiding a second ago.

"Guys, did you hear something?" Billy asked the others.

He was answered by negative nods of the head.

"Oh well, must be my imaginations," the Wolf prince told himself.


"Blake, where have you been?" Duclea demanded.

"Um, well," it was no use lying, "I've been at the gate," she answered softly; afraid of what would be Duclea's reaction.

"The gate?" Blake nodded, "then you saw what happened right?" another nod and Duclea sighed, "I guess it's time."

"Time for what?"

"It's time for you to finish your third stage of training. Your first stage was with Raiden, the second one was with me," Duclea explained, "the third and finally one lies on Earth."

"Earth . . ." she trailed off in remembrance.

An image flashed in her mind again, it was a blue planet with green spots on it.

"What do I have to do on Earth?"

"You will find out in time."

Always in time. Blake thought frustrated. She always says that.

"Follow me."

Duclea led Blake back to the gate.

"What are we doing her?"

"Blake, it is time for your animal spirit to rise. Close your eyes and look within."

Blake wanted to say something but decided against it and concentrated. Duclea blew the dust into the fire once again, and when Blake looked down at her outfit, hers was also a ninja suit, only purple. She awed at her new set of clothes.

"Blake, you are the Phoenix, faithful to those you care for and love, and have great inner strength. Go to the Monolith and gain the Great Power. I have faith in you. Go now. Afterwards, come back to the cave. I'll be waiting."

Just like before, Duclea transformed into a snowy white owl and flew away.

s time . . .

Blake had succeeded in defeating the rock monsters and gained access to the Great Power. A tiny magically Phoenix plunged into Blake's Phoenix medallion. Another necklace around her neck with some sort of coin that hung from the chain began to glow a brilliant light of purple. The cracks and missing pieces on the coin slowly repaired itself. In a matter of seconds and minutes, the coin was whole again and was shining brightly in the color purple. My clothes! Her ninja gig had disappeared and now she was wearing a pair of purple spandex including a helmet. She had never in her entire life felt such great power. I got to get back to Duclea! Blake almost forgot in all her excitement of receiving such great power and honor.

"Duclea, I'm back!" Blake called out.

"So you are, look at you! I'm so proud of you!" Duclea's eyes shone with pride at her pupil.

"Power Down," Blake ordered.

In a flash of purple, Blake was dressed back into her originally clothing, purple bikini and all.

"Tomorrow, I shall teleport you to Earth. There, you shall meet the Power Rangers of Earth and Zordon. Zordon will tell you what you must do later on. Understand?" Duclea firmly told Blake.

"I will not let you down, Master!" Blake vowed.


The next morning, Blake was very excited, nervous, and scared at the same time.

"Calm down child," Dulcea's smoothing voice advised.

To calm herself down, she began to do her normal daily exercises and stretches. After she finished it all, she felt better nonetheless.

"Goodbye Blake. It was truly an honor to have you here," Duclea said, with tears glistering in her eyes.

"Ditto for me too," tears trailed down her cheeks once again as she hugged Duclea one last time.

"Goodbye Duclea, I'll miss you."

"I too will miss you, my dear."

"You are like the mother I had never had," Blake told the woman standing in front of her.

"And you are like the daughter I never had too."

"Goodbye Master Warrior of Phadeos," Blake said, being teleported away.

"Goodbye Phoenix princess, Purple Ranger, holder of the Ninjetti power," Duclea whispered, slowly walking back to her home.


"You are no match for me! Hahaha!" the latest monster sent by Lord Zedd and Rita boosted.

"We'll just have to see about that now shall we!" Tommy, the White Ranger retorted.

The rangers were yet in another battle. Watching nearby was Blake in her cloak. Duclea had teleported to the Angel Grove Park where the fight was being held.

So these are the Power Rangers Duclea had told me about. Blake silently commented to herself. Why do they look so familiar to me? She questioned herself. Hmm . . . there isn't supposed to be a White Ranger. The girl was mildly shocked at that though. How would she know if there were supposed to be a White Ranger or not? Suddenly, tons of Tengas appeared out of thin air and surrounded the rangers. They were widely outnumbered and seemed to be in need of help. Besides from the Tengas, the monster was causing havoc around the whole area of the park.

Well, I guess its showtime! Blake jumped out of the large tree she was hiding in and landed on softly on her own two feet. The rangers were quite shock to see a cloaked figure helping them, fighting side by side.

"Rangers, go after the monster. The Tangas will be handled by me," Blake said.

Where have I heard that voice before? Billy and Kimberly thought as they chased after the monster. Without the Tengas interference, the Rangers defeated the monster easily. When they return to where Blake was fighting the Tengas, they saw a quite familiar scene. Blake had broken her staff that she was carrying apart into two separate sticks and began to twirl them around, making whinny noises similar to those of nails scratching on a chalkboard. The Tengas could bear the noise no further and flew away like a bunch of chickens with their tails behind their legs.

"Duclea?" Kimberly questioned.

That voice! I've heard it before. Blake thought to herself, trying to recall where she had heard the voice before.

"It's not Duclea, Kim. Duclea's much more taller," Billy, the Blue Ranger reported.

Before Kimberly could ask him how would he know that, their communicators rang the usual sound.

"Yes, Zordon?" Rocky, the Red Ranger spoke into his communicator.

"Come back to the Command Center and bring your friend along," their mentor boomed out. The Rangers cast a weary look at their 'friend'. Blake came up behind the Yellow Ranger, Aisha, and placed a hand on her shoulder before teleporting.

Here we go again! Was the thought in the 'friends' mind while being teleported away.


When they reached the Command Center, Blake separated herself from the group of rangers, standing at one corner observing them.

"Aye yi yi yi yi!" Alpha cried, walking up to Blake.

She looked afraid for a moment but then felt a calming sensation afterwards for some unknown reason. The Rangers were still in their gear and watched their ally for any signs of evilness or an attack. Blake looked really hard at the Yellow and Black Ranger. She walked up to them and studied them. After a few minutes, she backed away with a somber expression on her face, which was hidden from view of the rangers.

"You're not them," she finally said.

"Reveal yourself," Zordon said.

Blake looked up at the blue tube and nodded her head. That must be Zordon. Only he would be a huge floating head in a tube. She slowly raised her hands toward her hood and pulled in back, revealing her face as she stepped forward into the shining bright lights of the Command Center.

"Sonya?" Billy and Kimberly gasped. The other rangers looked at their two teammates in surprise.

"Do you know her?" Aishe asked them.

"She's Sonya," the Pink Ranger said.

"My name's Blake, not Sonya," Blade said stubbornly.

It was no use telling her that she was someone else.

"Rangers, this is Blake. She was sent here by Duclea to complete her training," Zordon said,

"These are the Power Rangers of Earth if you haven't already know."

"Power Down," the rangers commanded.

"I'm Tommy, the White Ranger," the guy in white with a long ponytail said.

"Hi, my name's Kimberly and I'm the Pink Ranger!" a girl in pink happy greeted.

"I'm Adam," the Asian boy shyly told her, "the Black Ranger," he added at the end.

"And I am the handsome Rocky," another boy in red said in sheer humor, "and also the strongest of them all, the Red Ranger," striking a funny pose.

They all laughed at his attempt to impress the new girl.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Blake. I am Billy the Blue Ranger," the young genius presented himself.

"Welcome to the Command Center, I'm Aisha, the Yellow Ranger," an African-American girl smiled warmly at her.

"Where she's going to live?" Rocky asked, looking up at Zordon.

"How about my place?" Kimberly exclaimed.

"Blake, you'll be staying at Kimberly's," Zordon told her.

She only nodded in reply instead of verbally answer back.

"Come on, let's go," Kimberly said, grabbing her arm and teleporting out of the headquarters of the Rangers.


"And this will be your room," the Pink Ranger ended the tour, "My room is across the hall. Just call out if you need anything," she told Blake, leaving her to settle in, in the new environment. Blake wandered absently into the living room and found herself staring at a picture of a group of 6 young friends smiling happily at her.

"Those are the first original group of rangers," Kimberly told her.

She was staring at the picture so intently that she had not heard the girl in pink come up behind her.

"Really, that's nice," she murmured.

"That's Jason, the Red Ranger," Kim said pointing to a very muscular boy in red, "that's Zach, the Black Ranger. He's always dancing to the music only he can hear," smiling in remembrance, "and that's Trini, the Yellow Ranger as well as one of my best friends."

"Who's that?" Blake asked pointing at a girl in purple.

"Oh, her," her voice shook a little, "her name was Sonya, the original Purple Ranger."

"Was? What happened to her?" Blake curiously asked her.

Kimberly couldn't hide the secret anymore and told her the whole thing.

"Sonya was an orphan. No one knows what happened to her parents expect probably for Trini and Zach. Those three are the closest best friends I have every seen," tears appeared in the teller's eyes, "She lived with Trini and sometimes sleepover at my place. When Rita was released from the Dumpster and Zordon chose us to be the Power Rangers, Sonya was the one who made us believe what Zordon had told us. She was the heart and soul of the team. Then, she just had to sacrifice herself," bitterness was in her voice and tears were falling down her face, "she just had to block the blast that was meant for us!"

Her dam broke and Kimberly sunk to the ground weeping at the tragic memories from the past.

"Oh, dear, dear! Don't cry! You did what you could. You can't help what had happened. It's in the past and will remain in the past. She wouldn't want you to cry now will she?" Blake comforted her.

Why does this Sonya person seem so familiar to me?

Kimberly smiled weakly and wiped her tears away, "I'm sorry. You know, you sound and look so much like Sonya. She would always tell us to look on the bright side of things. You remind me of so much of her."

Blake helped her up from the ground and followed her out of the house and into the streets to be sure that she wouldn't try anything drastic.

"Where you going?"

"You'll see."

They came up to a pale yellow house.

This house looks so familiar. Where have I seen it before?

Kimberly rang the bell and a woman in her late 40's opened the door, "Kimberly!" she exclaimed in delight, "I haven't seen you around much. How are you child?"

"I'm fine Mrs. Kwan," she replied, "this is Blake."

"It's very nice to meet you Mrs. Kwan," Blake politely greeted.

"Oh my!" gasped Mrs. Kwan, paling.

"Are you okay Mrs. Kwan?" they asked in concern.

"I'm okay dear, it's just that you," pointing to Blake, "look so much like Sonya."

So I've been told. Blake thought dryly.

"Can I look around?" Kimberly asked.

"Go ahead," Mrs. Kwan said shakily, opening the door wider for the two girls to enter.

They headed straight to a closed door at a hallway. Kimberly gripped the doorknob tightly before turning it.

"You okay Kim?" Blake asked concern.

"Yeah, I will be."

She opened the door and their vision was filled with a pale purple room decorated nicely.

"Sonya's room?"

"Yes, this is Sonya's room. When Trini left for the Peace Conference with Jason and Zach, she told her parents to leave Sonya's room the same as before. To not disturb it, believing that one day, Sonya would return."

"What did Trini tell her parents about Sonya's disappearance?"

Kim laughed, "She told them that she ran away."

"You miss her?"

"Who wouldn't? Everybody took a liking to her. That's why a lot of people were devastated by her disappearance. Especially the team . . ." she trailed off, lost in the memories of the past.

"I think it's time to go now," the somber girl dressed in pink finally spoke out of moments of silence.


Back at the Command Center . . .

"Zordon, who's this Sonya girl?" Rocky asked out of curiosity.

"It is not my place to tell."

Aisha saw Billy trying to slip further away from the confused group of rangers in the corner of her eye.

"Oh no you don't," Aisha said, grabbing one of Billy's arms and dragging him back to the others, "you're not getting away that easily!"

Billy looked a little flush and tried to hide it, "I'm not getting away with anything, Aisha.

"Who's this Sonya person?" Adam asked.

"I don't know what you're talking about?" Billy lied.

Adam looked at him straight in the eye as if saying, 'I don't believe you'.

"That's a bunch of bullshit!" Tommy exploded, "You know what we're talking about! Now tell me the whole truth and nothing but the truth or I'll swear you won't come out of here alive!"

"He sounds just like those jury when given a testimony," Rocky whispered to Adam and Aisha behind Tommy.

They laughed quietly, not wanting the attention Tommy was giving the Blue Ranger. Billy gulped nervously.

Help! He told himself, fearing what the White Ranger would do next. He recognized that tone of voice before. When Tommy uses that voice, it meant business. Either someone's going to get hurt or he will get the answers quickly or face the consequences of facing the wrath of Tommy Oliver, the White Ranger, and once the Green Evil Ranger. A beam of pink teleportation light interrupted their ongoing conversation.

"Hey guys! What you doing?" came the cheerful voice of Kimberly's.

Before anyone could answer her question, she concluded the event before her arrival by looking at the rangers' expressions.

"Okay now! Tommy, step away from Billy! Rocky, Adam, and Aisha, you guys come over here and tell me what happened!" the petite girl ordered.

The rangers where shocked at her command but soon obeyed from seeing the seriousness in her two brown eyes. Adam proceeds in telling her what had happened while Tommy was glaring at Billy from across the Command Center. When everyone had finished his or her orders, Kimberly walked up to Billy and whispered into his ear, "I told Blake about Sonya. I think it's time for the rest of them to know the truth."

Billy's eyes widen a fraction but nodded in agreement. Kimberly, with the help of Billy, told the rangers about Sonya. Every little detail. At the end, their faces were splashed with sadness. Even though they had never met Sonya, they were sad to have one of their fellow rangers' die. Kimberly broke down for the second time that day and Tommy rushed to her side. He whispered comforting words into her ear to calm her down.

"I miss her Billy!" she sobbed uncontrollably.

"Me too. Me too," he replied, trying his best to not allow his tears to fall.


One week had pasted and Lord Zedd and Rita now found Blake as a threat. In every battle against the rangers and the monsters, Blake would always find a way to include herself in. Billy noticed after a few fights that Blake's techniques and skills in fighting are weirdly enough, about 50% similar to the one's of Sonya's. He discussed this with Kimberly.

"So, do you think that it's possibly that Blake is Sonya?" Kimberly asked after hearing all the so call evidence.

"It's a possibility," the gentle scientist told her.

"Guys, meet us at the Command Center. I'm calling a meeting," Billy told the other rangers through their communicators.

"Read you Billy," they responded.

Flashes of multicolor teleportation lights filled the Command Center immediately.

"What's this about?" Tommy asked, stepping forward.

Billy and Kimberly looked at each other and sighed.

"Guys, we have reason to believe that Blake is actually Sonya," they said in unison.

"What?" shock looks was pasted onto the teammate faces.

Together they told the others of what they believe. In the end, they were all convinced that Blade was indeed Sonya in reality. Before they could do anything about it though, the sirens surrounding the Command Centers rang with an almost unbearable noise.

"Look at the viewing globe," Zordon's face appeared at the tube.

"What is that?" Rocky asked, looking disgusted at the appearance of the monster.

The monster was a crossover of a squid and a horse.

"That is the latest creation of Lord Zedd's. It is called SquaMare. Watch out for its hooves and stingers, they're very deadly and poisonous," Zordon provided the information for them. Blade was already at the battlefield fighting off the Tengas from the civilians.

"Ninjetti!" Tommy stated firmly.

"The Falcon!"

"The Crane!"

"The Frog!"

"The Ape!"

"The Wolf!"

"The Bear!"

Geared in their Ninja garments, they were ready for action.

"Okay guys, let's go help Blake," Tommy remarked.

"Glad you guys can make it!" Blake called to them as they lend a helping hand.

After defeating the Tengas, they first handed found out that SquaMare was much more stronger than it appears to be. Forgive me Dulcea. There's no other alternative. They'll find out sooner or later. Blake was forced to do what was necessary.

"Ninjetti!" she shouted, shocking the already morphed rangers.

"The Phoenix!"

In a flare of purple, Blake was ready for the monster.

"You think that one more puny human can defeat me! Hahaha! Dream on!" the monster retorted.

The rangers had no time to put all the pieces together and went headfirst into the battle. They did not see one of SquaMare's deadly stingers preparing to strike at them at any given moment. "Watch out!" the Purple Ninja Ranger yelled, blocking the shot that was meant for them. She staggered and fell down a heap onto the ground.

"No!" Adam shouted in fury.

He roundhouse kicked the monster in the head, causing it to fall to the ground.

Adam rushed to Blake's unconscious body and said to the others, "I'm taking her back to the Command Center."

Without waiting for a reply, he teleported away in a flash or black and purple.

Even though it was a tough fight with 2 people missing, they managed to finally kill the monster, adding to Rita's famous headaches.


"How is she?" they asked as soon as they entered the Command Center tucking their helmets under their arms.

Alpha turned around to face the rangers, "Now very good. It turns out the stung had a rare poison on it. There's no cure."

Zordon cutting in, "She's in a coma right now and we have more grave news. According to our scanners, she has at least 20 minutes to live."

Helmets clattered onto the ground. They rushed to the medical bay to see her. They were only greeted by Adam's tear streaked dirty face. As soon as Aisha saw the state he was in, she ran up to him and hugged him.

"You okay buddy?" Rocky asked, concern for his friend.

"I'm fine, but she's not," he bitterly stated.

Billy walked up to one of the consoles and started pressing the buttons.

"Guys, she is Sonya. I've matched up their DNA structures and they perfectly match," Billy told them.

"Not again!" Kimberly cried, burying her face into Tommy's shirt.

3 flashes of white light shone into the headquarters of the Power Rangers grabbed their attention. When they were gone, in place were Jason, Trini, and Zach. The 3 of them had clueless looks on their faces. Billy quickly filled them in about what was happening.

"You need to identify if Blake is Sonya," he told them.

The 3 of them nodded, still in shock of what the Blue Ranger had told them. Rocky led them to the cot where Blake was occupying. Trini and Zach gasped.

"Sonya!" they cried, unbelieving at who it was.

Even though Blake, now identified as Sonya, the lost Purple Ranger, had changed a lot over one entire whole year, that didn't keep two of her best friends from recognizing her. The former yellow and black ranger slowly walked up to her and held her hand.

"I can't believe it! It's her!" Zach stammered.

"I can! I knew she would be back! But not in this state!" Trini said, crying.

Another beam of teleportation and clap of thunder drew their attention like before.

"Rangers, this is Raiden, God of Thunder," Zordon told them as the old man bowed, "and this is Princess Kitana of Outworld," the girl with long black hair bowed.

"Zordon, Duclea told us what had happened to Blade. Can we see her?" Raiden asked.

"Yes you can, but I fear that she's not going to stay with us much longer."

"Oh, Blake!" came the muffled cry of Kitana's.

She hugged Sonya's limp body sobbing uncontrollably.

"How can this be? How can this be?"


The 20 minutes were almost up. Death's grasp on Sonya had not loosened but tightened more. Trini and Zach was by her side talking to her, telling her about the good times that they had spent together, hoping that she would wake up soon. Suddenly and unexpectedly, the monitor that was monitoring Sonya's heart and life was making noises.

"Billy! What's wrong with her?" Tommy asked.

The boy in blue looked at the monitor and saw the line that represented her heart and life go flat.

"She's dead," he said, finally unable to hide his flooding tears.

Adam walked over to her and gently kissed her now cold lips. The Command Center became deadly silent with only the sound of weeping.

"Remember when Zordon died?" Remember what Duclea told us?" Tommy began to recite, "To those who are Ninjetti, anything's possible."

The former rangers didn't understand what he was talking about but they stepped back away from the cot so the rangers could do whatever they were going to do. They surrounded Sonya in a circle, standing next to each other with their arms raised. They closed their eyes in concentrated and their medallions began to glow. The animals engraved on the medallion jumped out in the ranger's own respective color and beamed into Sonya's heart.

"It worked!" Trini cried happily.

Like a miracle, the monitor began beeping again, indicating that she was still alive. Her eyes fluttered open.

"Oh . . . I feel like I just got run over by a herd of zords!" she groaned.

Adam run to her and kissed her passionately. She looked surprise for a moment but soon returned the kiss as much passion as he had.

"Adam? Blake? What are you two doing?" Rocky asked.

The black and purple ranger parted red-faced. Like a flash, both former and present rangers were by her side.

"You okay?" Jason stepped up and asked Sonya.

"I'm fine. And guess what, I remember!"

"What you mean Blake?" Tommy asked pretend to be confused.

"My name's not Blake. It's Sonya Blake," she softly replied.

They smiled and Trini and Zach gave Sonya a huge bear hug. The other rangers soon followed suit.

"I've missed you so much J-J, Zachey, Rini, Will, Kim!" Sonya said when they released her from their tight group hug.

Jason laughed at the confused looks on the other ranger's face.

"Sonya has a nickname for everyone," he explained, "I'm J-J, Zach's Zachey, Trini's Rini, Billy's Will, short for his full name, and Kimberly's Kim for short."

"Oh!" they murmured in understanding.

"You're just lucky that she haven't given you guys a nickname yet. She has bad taste in picking names," Zach jokingly told them.

Sonya gave Zach the evil eye and punched him playfully in the shoulder.

"Whatever do you mean? Zachey Wacky?"

Zach gave the others a look crying for help. They had to clamp their hands over their mouths for laughing. Those two were just hilarious. Adam looked a little bit green with jealousy. Sonya saw this and quickly gave him a peck on the cheek. His face turned a very amusing shade of pink and red.

"Oh, our little Adam is all grown up," Aisha gushed teasing.

His face turned redder.

"Kit! Raiden!" Sonya's cry was soon drowned by her two friends' hugs.

"Don't ever do that to us ever again! You hear me young lady?" Raiden and Kitana scowled.

Tears swelled up in her eyes from seeing such care and love from them.

"I will," she whispered.

"Come on girl! Let's go shopping! I bet you haven't been to a mall in a long time" Kimberly and Aisha exclaimed at the same time.

Sonya rolled her eyes as the all the males groaned.

She was about to protest when Trini cut her off, "Let's all go out. It's about time we get a decent free time. All this is starting to get to me!" she said.

They laughed at how she had said it. Trini only rolled her eyes and grabbed all their hands, which was hard to do since there were 12 people in the cramped Command Center.

"Alpha, please teleport us all to the park," Billy requested, helping Trini. She smiled warmly at him in return.

"Thanks Billy," she softly said.

"No problem Trini."

"Come on!" they were bought back to reality by Kimberly's excited voice.

They sneaked a look at each other and smiled shyly.

Adam and Sonya shared a sizzling kiss that brought whistles and cheers from the others.

"What?" they asked trying to be innocent with great failure.

They all shared a laugh and were sent to the park. Since they're old friend had returned, everything might just return to normal, and they might also have a better chance at destroying Lord Zedd and Rita.