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Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers even if I do wish so. They are own by Saban and I have no whatsoever relation with them. I only own the character Caroline Dew and its family, and that's about it. *pout* I wish I own more, wouldn't you?

Black Turbo Ranger
By PhoenixFlame

In the beginning of the creation of the Turbo powers, Zordon had secretly created a Black Turbo morpher as a backup assistance to the rangers if they were ever in need of help. When Zordon created the powers, he didn't intend it to be different. But, something must've gone wrong since Zordon soon found out that he had no power over it. The power itself chose its own destiny, as if it had a mind of its own. The car, or sometimes-called zord, was named Night Fall and it was the one who could choose its partner, not Zordon. Because of this, Zordon didn't even bother to tell the rest of the other rangers of the situation. He doubted that the Black Turbo Powers would ever receive an owner and so, he hid the powers and the car in an unknown cave near the ocean where no one can gain access to it except for him.


After a week or so, before it was time for the Turbo Rangers to pass on the torch, with the exception of Justin, Night Fall decided that it was time to choose someone to be its owner. It was getting tired of being left all alone in that dark, cold, damp cave. It used its sensors to scan over Angel Grove first, then the rest of California for a candidate.
Yes, I've finally found someone who is worthy of these powers!
Name: Caroline Dew
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Age: 13
Skills: Swimming, running, dancing, gymnastics


Meanwhile in San Francisco, where Caroline was living at, she had just woken up and was preparing to do her daily chores when she felt light-headed and tingly. In a flash of white, she vanished from her bedroom.

"Whoa, what is this place?" Caroline awed, looking around the unusually cozy and nicely decorated cave.

This place, my dear, is a cave. Night Fall smartly answered.

At the sound of another's voice, Caroline jumped.

Don't be frightened Caroline, you are in no danger. Trust me.

Surprisingly, Caroline felt herself relax.

"Who are you?" she questioned.

I am Night Fall.

A black weirdly designed car suddenly came into view.

"Can you please show yourself?" she politely asked.

I am, what you are looking at.

"You're the car?" eyebrows raised high.

Indeed I am. My name is once again Night Fall. I will cut straight to the point. You've been chosen to take on the Black Ranger powers.

The Black Ranger Turbo morpher appeared out of thin air and was floating in the air a few inches from where Caroline was standing.

"Wha…what? Why me?"

Because you are worthy of such great power and responsibility, and also because this is your destiny.

"Quit the destiny thing. I don't believe in destiny, and besides, you're asking the wrong person. When it comes to Martial Arts, I'll deflate faster than you can say fight."

You are chosen to become a Turbo Ranger and that is it. I am aware of your lack of Martial Arts skills. Therefore, I will train you till you are capable of defending yourself and others whom are in need.

"How are you going to train me if I don't even know where this place is? Or how to get here, as a matter of fact!"

I shall teleport you here when you are available and when in the absence of anyone else.

"Teleport? Like the way you made me appear here?"

That is correct.

"Um . . . could you possibly warn me before teleporting me? It's very startling to appear somewhere else unexpectedly," she pointed out.

As you have requested. Until next time we meet Caroline Dew.

The car's headlights flickered on and off.

With that, Night Fall teleported Caroline back to her room just as she was saying, "But…"

"I hate it when people don't let me finish!" she murmured, scowling a little, "but Night Fall wasn't a person or human."

Caroline began to lightly laugh, thinking to herself, I must be going nuts. First I see a talking car that asked me to become a ranger. After she calmed herself down, she went and did the things she had intended to do before being interrupted.


Together they trained for 4 months (the Turbo Rangers had already passed on their powers to a new group of teenagers: TJ, Ashley, Carlos, and Cassie) whenever possible. Day after day, the relationship between them had transformed into a beautiful friendship. What was so unique about these two close-packed friends was that they had mysteriously developed a telepathic bond over time. After 6 months since the first acquaintance of Night Fall and Caroline, Caroline's parents decides to move to a new environment. The reason of deciding of moving was because Caroline's father was just fired from his work and also partly because of Caroline's lack of participation in her social life. Ever since Caroline met Night Fall, day-by-day, she withdraws herself from her 'so-call friends'. She rarely speaks with them anymore, only when it is necessary. It wasn't a problem for her friends though because they've never really cared about her anyway. The new ranger's grades soon began to spiral downward. She use to be a top student, always on the honor roll, and probably that's the reason why her now ex-friends liked her for. Now, she still would frequently get A's, but not enough to please anyone but herself. When her parents ask for suggestion of where to move to, Night Fall telepathically sent to Caroline, Angel Grove. Caroline innocently asked her parents if they could consider a place called Angel Grove. Her parents, Gem Dew and Fred Dew, said yes after hesitating for a few moments before answering Caroline back. They were worried that their daughter's request of location could be a trick or some sort. Gem and Fred had seen a difference in their little girl recently, and it really worries them. Back then, she was always happy, bubbly; excited, energetic, cheerily, anything that describes a very happy and carefree person. But now, Caroline was withdrawn, reserved, and extremely quiet.


It took two weeks till the Dew family was ready to move to their new house in Angel Grove. Fortunate for Caroline, she had just graduated from middle school back in her former home-city. Once they arrived at their new house, Fred Dew suggested that they explore the town, and to Caroline's great disappointment, together. She begged and pleads to her father to allow her to explore their new environment on her own. For the last 4 to 6 hours was torture for Caroline, having to listen to her parents rattle on and on about the sites in Angel Grove was surely no afternoon picnic. After they were finish exploring, much to her relief, they went home.

How was the tour? Night Fall's voice rang out in Caroline's head once she bid her parents' night and attended to her secure room.

"Definitely, boring." she sent back telepathically.

The young still in-training ranger did not wish to wake her parents by speaking out loud. Tomorrow will be your first day of high school. Are you prepared?

"Oh, Night Fall! You're beginning to sound much like my mother. I'm as ready as I'll ever be. Hmm . . . do you have anything planned out for us to do tomorrow after school?"

As a matter of fact, I do. After school tomorrow, we'll . . .

But before Night Fall could continue explaining what is to be done tomorrow, the sleepy girl yawned loudly.

"Sorry, I guess that tour wore me out more than I had expected."

Do not apologize my friend; you were taking the tour 4 to 6 hours. Go ahead and sleep. You've earned it. Tomorrow is a very big day for you. Good night.

"Night, Night Fall . . ." Caroline barely could answer back before she surrendered to the deep slumber that lies ahead of her.


Caroline, time to wake up! Night Fall gently spoke to her in her mind.

"Hmm . . . what is it Night Fall?" Caroline groggy voiced back.

If you don't get up in the next 5 minutes, you'll be late to school.

That sent Caroline straight out of bed and into the bathroom. She frantically did the necessaries.

"Honey, are you up?" her mother called.

"Yeah, mom! I'm up!" she breathlessly yelled while brushing her teeth.

She then quickly shoved all her breakfast down her throat and ran out the front door yelling good byes all the way. But, before she could get any further, her mother stopped her.

"Do you want me to pick you up dear?" she questioned

"No mom, I know how to get home. Besides, I already know this town at the back of my hand!" Ooh, I'm so good at lying. She mentally gave herself a pat on the back.

"But dear, we only got . . ." Caroline gave her mother a 'I can handle myself' look, "fine, your father and I will be home around 5. Remember . . ."

"Mom . . ." Caroline whined.

Gem only rolled her eyes.

Caroline peered at her watch and faked gasped, "Oh my god, I'm going to be late. Bye mom! Bye dad!"

With that, she flew out the door like a hurricane.

Was that truly necessary?

"Night Fall . . ." she whined some more.

Fine, fine, fine!

"Thank you!" the black ranger happily replied.


At a normal but nervous pace, Caroline entered the huge doors of Angel Grove High, the very same high school that the other rangers were attending.

"701, 701 . . . where the hell is locker 701!" she mentally screamed.

The school was extremely huge and the hallways were crowded. She was trying to locate her locker that she was assigned to but it was very difficult to find it when people where shoving her around.

To your left, Caroline.

She turned her head to the left and found herself staring at her locker.

"Thanks pal!"

While she was fiddling with her locker, the group of rangers walked past her. Jut then, Carlos accidentally shoved Justin and he fell onto Caroline, causing both of them crashing down the floor.

"What the . . ." she cried in the sudden impact.

"You okay Justin?" T.J. and Cassie asked.

"Yeah I'm fine," he replied.

Caroline mumbled curse words that she had learned back home and rubbed her sore back and bruised wrists.

"Are you okay?" someone asked from above. She looked up and saw Carlos smiling warmly at her. She smiled a little bit back and picked herself up from the floor. She then brushed her black sports jacket and black track pants to get rid of the dirt from the floor. Without saying a single word besides a quiet thank you, she walked away to her first class.

"She must be new here!" Ashley commented, "I've never seen her here before. How about you guys?" She was cut off by the shrill sound of the bell and the running noises of their fellow classmates.


Meanwhile, at the other side of the school, Night Fall was explaining to Caroline about what she had planned to do after school.

After school, you will wait for me at the main door of the school. I'll come and pick you up and we'll go look for a prefect spot for your training. Got it?

"Umm . . . Night Fall, not to sound rude or anything but how would other people react if they saw you?"

Simple, I had already constructed a hologram that I will activate once I am on my way to pick you up. The hologram will allow me to look like I'm just an everyday car and whenever an outsider look inside my windows, they'll just be able to see a lady in her late 30's.

"Got it Night Fall."

After Caroline felt that Night Fall was not reading her thoughts, she told herself mentally to not get close to anyone. She promised herself that she would isolate herself from others so that her 'so-called friends' will not once again backstab her. The last time she had friends, they had hurt her almost beyond repair. Things she didn't want to remember. Time flew so fast for Caroline that she couldn't even believe that she was actually enjoying the time she had spent at school. She found it quite easy to do her assignments that she was assigned to do. In fact, she finished all her work ahead of the class and even had a lot of spare time. Her teachers noticed this and decided to talk to the principle, Mr. Caplan. At lunchtime, they held a meeting concerning her excellent work and by the end of their lunch break, they've come to a very surprising decision. Before she knew it, it was the end of the first day at school. Her quickly dumped all her unnecessary items in her locker and rushed outside.

Night Fall, school is out. She sent out to her partner as well as best friend.

I'm on my way.

There she waited for a car to stop in front of her. While she was waiting for Night Fall to come into view, the rangers had yet again receive a message from Dimitria and Alpha 6 that Divatox had once again unleashed a monster on the loose, along with a bunch of Piranatrons. The rangers ran to an unoccupied hallway and took out their Turbo morphers.

"Shift into Turbo!" they began.

"Mountain Blaster Turbo Power!"

"Wind Chaser Turbo Power!"

"Dune Star Turbo Power!"

"Desert Thunder Turbo Power!"

"Red Lightening Turbo Power!"

The familiar light blinded the hallway and in place were the Turbo Power Rangers. They squeezed their teleportation button and in a flash, were teleported to where the monster was causing disaster.


The Power Rangers came faced to face with a monster that appeared to be a crossover of a refrigerator and a blow dryer. In the beginning, the rangers were in the command of the fight, but it soon got twisted around. Frizzler, the monster, used one of its many guns and fired at the rangers, shooting out icy blue lasers.

"Carlos!" Justin yelled in warning.

The rangers had dodged out of the way but Carlos had gotten hit on his left shoulder. He immediately got frozen and was trapped in a big block of solid cold ice. The rest of the rangers came to realization that whatever the laser touches, it would freeze and become a block of ice.

"Ashley! Watch out!" Cassie yelled the soon after.

Frizzler had once again first his gun and was aiming at Ashley. Before she could move out of the way, it struck her dead on. What happened to Carlos happened to Ashley. The odds were now against the rangers despite them outnumbering it.

A group of Piranatrons began to circle around the remaining rangers.

"We need help!" T.J cried to the others, punching and kicking his way through the Piranatrons.


Caroline was walking along side with Night Fall on an empty deserted road when Night Fall caught on her sensors that the rangers were in trouble.

It is time for the next step in becoming a ranger. Morph and join the others at the park. They are in need of your help. Let the power protect and guide you.

With that said, Caroline nervously, for the first time, took out her key and firmly but excitedly cried out, "Night Fall Turbo Power!" A pure black light surrounded her and when it disappeared, once where she was standing, a Black Turbo Ranger was in her place.

Incredible! She marveled at her attar. She had never felt such power flowing in her veins.

Remember your task and be careful! Night Fall's voice boomed from the inside of her helmet.

"Got it!" was Caroline's reply before she was teleported to the battle scene.


Back at the battlefield, Frizzler was gripping TJ's neck with one arm, choking him in mid-air, while the other arm gun was aimed at the remaining two standing rangers to prevent them from helping their friend.

"Your pathetic end has come. Soon, Queen Divatox will rule Earth and you puny rangers won't be able to do a thing to stop us. Ha, ha, ha!" snarled the monster, "What the . . .!"

Just as Frizzler was about to squeeze the final breath out of the Red Ranger, a black static light came out of nowhere and flashed inches away from the monster's face. The monster was so startled that it released TJ from its death grip and fell backwards with a big THUD! The sight of the mysterious light stunned even the three rangers. The black light hovered above the ground about 4 or 5 feet away from the fallen monster. It then vanished and in replace was a Black Turbo Ranger. TJ and the others were still dazed by her appearance and stayed rooted in their place. Caroline noticed that they didn't have any energy or power to finish the monster off so it looks like it was up to her to put an end to the monster.


Before the monster could get up or try to defend itself, Caroline took out her Turbo Strike Staff. Her staff looked very much like Trey of Triforia's, except it was solid black. She whirled and twirled it for a few moments like a pro and then pointed one end at the monster. A beam of black energy shot out straight at Frizzler. The burst of energy struck Frizzler on its steel chest. A flash of bright light caused everyone to turn their head away from the sight and when the flash was gone, in the place where the monster had fallen was a pile of dust, the remaining of the Frizzler. A gusty wind blew across the now peaceful area where the fight had been, sweeping away the dust of Frizzler. The moment the monster was destroyed, Carlos and Ashley, whom was frozen previously, unfroze and were shaking their head trying to clear their fuzzy mind. The rangers regrouped after the green and yellow ranger recovered and when they turned to thank their mysterious rescuer, she was nowhere to be found. They looked among each other searching for an answer to whom the Black Turbo ranger could be. But, they were only confronted with each other's confused and questioning looks.

"Rangers, teleport to the Power Chamber immediately." Alpha's voice called out from their communicators.

They only looked at each other's faces that were momentary covered with their respective helmets.

"Who was that?" they all asked Dimitria in unison.

"I have no idea," was her only reply.

The rangers pondered at the many questions concerning their new ally in their mind. For once, Dimitria had no answer or question or riddle for the rangers.


When Caroline arrived at school the next day, her math teacher told her to go to the principle's office. "You've shown great skill in your classes," the principle Mr. Caplan began, "Therefore, I'm moving you 1 whole grade level up. You'll be in the 10th grade, a sophomore. Here's your new schedule," handing Caroline a small piece of paper, "if you have any question, feel free to ask away."

With that said and done, Mr. Caplan went back to his work. The changes of grade level had no major affect on her apparently. The only thing she knew would change was that she'll probably get picked on more and harassed more because of her height and age. She briefly looked over her new schedule once more time and asked Mr. Caplan to give her a tardy pass. Rushing down the empty silent halls was not actually a great thrill for her though.

"Well, here goes nothing," she sighed quietly.

Good luck.

She gathered up her courage and gently but strongly knocked on her new math class door. The teacher immediately answered and was soon told of what was going on. Luckily, the class was momentary doing their work of some sort. They had not yet noticed the new student walking into their classroom. Justin, who was also in the same math class Caroline was in, looked up from his work the moment she knocked on the class door.

Justin looked over at her and thought to himself, "Isn't she the girl that I fell onto yesterday? Hey, she looks around my age. Maybe she skipped grades just like me."

Then he felt pity for her. He knew how it was like to be the new student, and worse yet, being the far youngest than the other students in the classes was. Justin silently hoped her the best.

"Umm . . . class, we're having this new student, Caroline Dew joining us in our quest of discovering the wonders of mathematics," the teacher said while gesturing toward Caroline who was standing next to her embarrassed. While Mrs. Wosmith announced this news, many of the older students rolled their eyes in annoyance. Many of them also thought of ways of torturing her and making her do their work for them. Caroline got her books from the teacher and was told to sit at an empty desk next to the left of Justin.

"This is going to be hell incarnated!" She thought sitting down.


During the lunch period, Caroline went to the bathroom to wash her hands.

"Hey! Lookie here! Well if it isn't Caroline Dew, miss smarty pants."

There was a whole group of ditzy girls consisting of snobs and popular putting on heavy thick make up.

Ignore them.

Caroline bit back her rude response. She quietly made her way to one of the sink.

"Hey Caroline, do our homework for us why don't you little twit," a girl who barely had anything on remarked slimy. The others agreed.

"Do your own work if you think you're so great. I won't do your dirty work. Go find someone else. I'm out of here."

Unknown to either group of girls, Ashley was inside on the stalls, and was listening in to the girls. She noticed how Caroline stood up for herself where others might've caved in. Exiting from the stall, she was welcomed with only the sight of the now red-faced group of snobs. Ashley quickly washed her hands and rushed out the door in search of the voice. Fortunate for her, Caroline was only walking briskly down the hallways.

"Excuse me! Can you please slow down! I need to talk to you!" the Yellow Ranger called out. Apparently Caroline had heard her cry because she was in fact slowing down her walking pace.

"Hi, you're Caroline Dew right? My name's Ashley Hammond."

"Call me Cor. I hate being called Caroline. What you want to talk about?"

"I heard the fight you had with those girls and I just wanted to say that you have spunk. I like that."

Caroline blushed at the compliment.

"It's nothing. I just don't like being bossed around."

"You want to sit with my friends and I?"

"Umm . . ." Caroline considered the offer, "sorry but I can't. Ask me tomorrow."

"Sure, see you later."

They parted, heading to their own paths.


"What took you so long?" Cassie asked Ashley when she sat down at their usual lunch table.

Ashley then proceeds to explain what had happened and her acquaintance with Caroline. She told them how sad her eyes were and that she seemed to be a loner.

"So, are you going to ask her tomorrow?" asked Justin.

"Of course, you'll be crazy if you think I'll leave that poor girl all alone by her self," she exclaimed protectively.

They laughed at her facial expression.


The next day at lunchtime, Ashley went up to Caroline as said and asked her if she wanted to sit with her and the gang.

"You sure they won't mind?" she asked worried.

"Nope!" was Ashley's immediate answer.

She had already asked them the day before. Ashley led Caroline to where the rangers were sitting.

"Guys, this is Caroline, Cor for short." Ashley introduced.

A chorus of HI's could be heard.

"I'm TJ," a boy in red said.

"Carlos here," another male in green waved.

"My name's Cassie," a female in pink smiled warmly.

"I'm Justin, nice to meet you," a boy in blue who looked like her age softly stated.

Caroline smiled at all of them in return.

They made room for her and began to start a friendly conversation. Soon, it was as if they knew each other for ages. It turns out that they had a lot in common, more ways than one.


"Hey Caroline, want to go to the park with us?" Carlos asked.

Caroline was at her locker when the rangers visited her there.

Should I go Night Fall?

You should definitely go. It's about time you get a friend or two.

"You okay Caroline?" Cassie asked worried.

Caroline had spaced out when she was 'talking' to Night Fall. Cassie's voice snapped Caroline back to reality.

"No, I'm fine. Just thinking," Caroline smiled to prove this, "sure, I'll go. Let me put my stuff away first."

She quickly deposited her unneeded books.

At the park, TJ and Carlos were playing a game of Frisbee, Cassie and Ashley was talking about the latest gossips, and the two young geniuses were busily doing their work in complete utter silence. Divatox saw this situation as a perfect time to attack knowing that the rangers wouldn't dare to morph in the presence of their newfound friend.

"Piranatrons, attack!" Divatox bellowed.

The Piranatrons appeared at the park and instantly began to attack the rangers and Caroline. As Divatox had predicted, the rangers didn't bother to morph since Caroline was there. Caroline wanted desperately to help them fight off the Pirantrons.

Don't morph. You can't let them know that you're the Black Ranger just yet. Night Fall instructed.

Justin, seeing that Caroline couldn't fight, protected her from the many Pirantrons.

"How sweet . . ." Caroline commented to herself.

Whenever Justin or the others were not facing or looking at her, she took out some of the Piranatrons herself. Just cause she can't reveal her identity doesn't mean that she can't have some fun. One of the Piranatrons threw a sharp spear at Caroline unnoticeably.

"Look out!" the young boy shouted at Caroline.

Instantly, like a ghost, the Phantom Ranger appeared and pushed Caroline out of harms way. The Phantom Ranger had been secretly watching the attack for a while and had found something familiar about Caroline.

"It's probably one of those everyday faces," Phantom told himself.

He banished that thought to one of the furthest pockets of his thoughts and began to help the rangers in defeating the Piranatrons.

"His fighting skills look so familiar! Do I know him from somewhere?" she questioned Night Fall.

"You okay Caroline?" the rangers breathlessly and tiredly asked.

Divatox had seen that the Phantom Ranger had come and for once was smart enough to retreat.


"Caroline . . ." Phantom Ranger trailed off, while disappearing from sight, and was soon consumed with his memories that he had thought would never want to remember.

He flashes to when he was only 15 years old. It turns out that he at that time had a little sister who was 8 years old. They were closest as brothers and sisters could be. Shortly after he turned 16, Zordon of Eltar had chosen him to be the Phantom Ranger, defender of the universe. Because it was a great amount of responsibility and would keep him somewhere else for all times, he decided to run away. Another good excuse for running away was because his parents now paid very little attention to him and his sister so it turns out that most of his life, he had taken care of his baby sister. Before he had ran away, he had told his sister that he was going somewhere beautiful and that he would soon be back for her. Zordon had said that he could bring his little sister with him when he gets older and when he wouldn't be in much danger. But, as faith might have it, that time has never come. To not forget each other, they exchanged their silver necklaces with their name engraved on it that was given to them when they were born, causing the big brother to have his little sister's necklace, and his little sister having her big brother's necklace. His flashes ended there. That little sister was Caroline Dew.


When Phantom Ranger left, Cassie had a dreamy expression on her face.

"Everyone okay?" Carlos asked everyone.

Everyone nodded and TJ helped Caroline off the ground.

"Since our 'pleasure' time is over, why don't we go home?" Ashley sourly and bitterly remarked.

"Want me to walk you home?" Justin asked her.

Caroline weakly nodded her head. On their way home, the Phantom Ranger was watching her nearby.

"See you tomorrow Cor."

They were at her front porch, when the door suddenly was flung opened.

"Where were you? Why are you so late?" her parents yelled.

Phantom Ranger winced slightly, knowing how it felt like to be yelled at by their parents. Caroline gave Justin a look that easily told him to get out of there as fast as possible. He got the message and gave her a quick short wave and raced away from her house. They had just heard about the frequent monster attacks, and in response, her parents invented strict rules for her.


It was the weekend, and Caroline was stuck bored at home.

Why don't we go cruise around the park?

"Sure . . . why not. Beam me up Scotty!" she humored.

Caroline felt the now familiar tingly feeling and knew that she was being teleported away. Hours later, Caroline was walking near Angel Grove park alone.

"Hey Cor!"

Her head searched for the owners of the voice. It was the rangers. She smiled and casually waved at them.

"Want to come join us? We need an extra player anyway," TJ commented.

They were playing their usual game of basketball and of course the teams were uneven.

"No thanks, I need to head home anyway."

"You spooked about yesterdays attack? Don't worry, we'll protect you!" Carlos said, puffing out his chest, imitating superman.

"Nah, who me, afraid of them? Yeah right!" Caroline briefly giggled, "If I'm late for this appointment, my parent's going to have my neck. See you guys later!"

Caroline slowly jogged out of sight. Just as she was gone from within eye ranger, Piranatrons came and did what they were ordered to do.

"Maybe it's a good thing Cor left," Cassie managed to say before being swarmed by Pirantrons.

Another monster came along and added to the rangers' joy.

"Shift in Turbo!" T.J began.

"Mountain Blaster Turbo Power!"

"Wind Chaser Turbo Power!"

"Dune Star Turbo Power!"

"Desert Thunder Turbo Power!"

"Red Lightening Turbo Power!" T.J ended.

"Rangers, Divatox have sent more Piranatrons to attack the citizens. You must hurry!" Alpha told the rangers.

"We read you Alpha!" T.J replied back.

"Justin, you, Ashley, and Carlos go after those Piranatrons. Me and Cassie will take care of this side-show reject!" their leader ordered.

"We can't! There's some sort of force field around us!" the Blue Ranger reported.

"Alpha, we need back up!" Carlos yelled into his communicator.


Meanwhile, Caroline was only a few yards from where the rangers were being held.

Cor, piranatrons are attacking citizens at random.

"Where are the Power Rangers?"

Divatox has created a force field around them.

"Got it! I'm on my way! Night Fall Turbo Power!"

She raced toward the sound of screaming.

"Get to shelter!" she told many of the running people.

"Turbo Strike Staff!" she summoned.

"Ah . . . that'll teach you numbskulls to never mess with them!"

The last of the remaining Piranatrons turned into water and evaporated.

"Time to help the others."

Divatox had kept continuously sending down groups of Pirantrons over and over again.

"We can't take anymore of this!" Ashley cried out, "where's the Black Ranger when you need her?"

At that exact moment, the Black Ranger whacked her staff at the force field powerfully, causing it to burst. With another powerful whack, the monster was easily defeated, as was the Piranatrons.

"Not again!" Divatox whined back at her subcraft, taking her anger out at the Pirantrons.

"Thank you Black . . ." before Carlos could finish his sentence; he was lost to the unconsciousness around him.

After the rangers had all lost consciousness, they demorphed in the process, revealing to her the identities of them.

Teleport them to the Power Chamber.

"Where and what is the Power Chamber?"

I'll take you there just this once.

Before she could say or do anything, she was teleported away, with the 5 almost lifeless rangers. Caroline didn't have time to be astonished at the sight of her destination. She saw 5 cots in the corner and gently one by one, laid the rangers down. Alpha and Dimitria was present but did nothing but stand by and watch Caroline help the rangers.

"Caroline Dew, welcome to the Power Chamber," Dimitria finally chose to speak.

Caroline quickly turned around to face the tube that she was in. Her eyes widened at the sight of Alpha and Dimitria.

"Umm . . . hello! How did you know my name?" she was still in her ranger suit, therefore it was usually impossible for others to determine who she was.

"Night Fall has informed me of the situation. And this," gesturing toward the small sentinel robot, "is Alpha 6."

"Nice to meet you Alpha 6," Caroline said, shaking one of Alpha's little metal hands. "Just call me Alpha."

Alpha went to the sides of the cots and ran a medical scanner on the rangers.

"They should fully recover in 2 days less," he told the two others.

"In those times, could you possibly please do us a favor?" Dimitria asked Caroline.

"Sure, what is it?"

"Because the rangers will be recouping here, could you tell the parents of the rangers that you are having some kind of activity that involves the rangers to stay at your house for the next two days? And also, could you please get the homework and assignments for the rangers. I fear that they will lack behind in class because of their 'rangering.'"

"Will do Dimitria,"

"Here are the schedules of the rangers," Alpha handed Caroline the 5 small printed cards.

"Thanks, well, it's time for me to go. Tell me when the others wake up could you?" Caroline asked.

Dimitria nodded her head. Before she left the Power Chamber, she went up to the cot Justin was laying on and light as a feather, kissed him on his forehead. After she left, Justin's eyes opened a little but were quickly closed again.


When the rangers finally woke up for their 'little nap,' they were shocked that they were asleep for 2 whole days.

"What we our parents think?" T.J asked Dimirtia worried.

"Do not worry rangers," she answered back in her smoothing tone of voice, "it is all taken cared of."

"We had a little 'friend' helping us out while you were resting," Alpha said.

"The Phantom Ranger?" Cassie asked hopefully, eyes shining like two pair of twinkle stars. Alpha shook his head no. Cassie's face fell.

The ranger's unknown 'friend,' was Caroline. She had called all the rangers parents and told them that they were having a get-to-know each other sleepover at her house. She had also gone around school telling all their teachers that they were sick from an infectious flu, and had gathered the assignments.

"What's Caroline going to think about me being gone?" he asked himself.

The other rangers burst into a heap of laughter at the expression on the youngest member of the teams face.

"What?" Justin asked bewildered, "what did I say?"

When they arrived at school tomorrow, the first rumor they heard was that during the past 2 days, the Black Turbo Ranger had defeated all the monsters by herself.

"Do you think the rumor's true?" Cassie asked the others.

They shrugged their shoulders.

"Why don't we ask Caroline?" Carlos said.

They nodded their heads in agreement.

At lunchtime, the rangers found Caroline sitting alone at one of the tables reading a novel. Apparently she was very into the book because Justin had to call her name three times before she finally came to the acknowledgement that the others were present and sitting besides her.

"Is the rumors true?" they asked.

"What rumor?"

"The one about the Black Ranger of course."

"Yeah, it's true," she answered, her voice slightly hinted with pride, "she sure did!"

In her mind, she could feel that Night Fall was proud of her.


After school, they all went to the Youth Center. They were all discussing their school events when the rangers' communicators sounded suddenly.

"Umm . . . sorry Caroline, but we forgot to do something. We got to go. See you tomorrow!" Justin stammered, thinking hard for an excuse.

As they were exiting the Youth Center, Caroline pulled Justin aside and said quickly and quietly, "Be careful Justin. Remember what happened last time? I don't want to have to save your butts again."

Before Justin could get it all registered into his brain, she gave a light peck on his cheek and ran out the door, blushing a very light shade or red. The rest of the rangers were waiting for him outside the Youth Center in one of the vacant alleys. When Justin finally reappeared blushing and with a dreamy expression on his face, they determined what had happened and snickered at him. Fortunate for Justin, he was on Cloud Nine so he couldn't hear what they were saying, or snickering at him in this case.

"Shift into Turbo!"

"Mountain Blaster Turbo Power!"

"Wind Chaser Turbo Power!"

"Dune Star Turbo Power!"

"Desert Thunder Turbo Power!"

"Red Lightening Turbo Power!"

They teleported away in rainbow colors. At the fight, the rangers were once again in need of assistance since they had just recovered from their last almost fatal fight.

The rangers need your help.

Caroline rolled her eyes and said to herself, "Not again!" with a sigh.

"Night Fall Turbo Power!"

"Need help?" she questioned the rangers.

She surveyed the fight scene and the Blue Ranger was thrown at her feet. Caroline helped him up and said, "I'll take that as a yes."

She then launched herself into the fight. Within seconds, the Piranatrons retreated.

"I told you to be careful Blue Ranger, you just never listen," was the last thing the rangers heard before she teleported away shaking her head in disappointment.

Justin looks very bewildered and said to himself, "Could our new ally be Caroline?"

He pondered the suggestion for the whole night. Finally, he decided to wait till the Black Ranger chooses to show her true identity.

Justin then thinks back to the kiss on the cheek Caroline gave him, "Does she likes me?"

In the cave where Night Fall was hiding in, the car sent a phone call to all the Turbo Rangers disguising her voice as a teenager.

"Hello, my name is Sarah Kipman and I'm a very good friend of Nikki's. Her birthday is 2 days after tomorrow, which would be November 25, and I was wondering if you would like to participate in a surprise party I'm arranging for her?" Night Fall said to each one of the rangers. The rangers agreed without furthering convincing and Night Fall (Sarah Kipman) explained to them the details of her plan.

Caroline's going to love this. Night Fall thought to herself.


At the day of Caroline's birthday, she was feeling sad. Her parents wished her a happy birthday but the message didn't reach her heart. She and her friends used to go celebrate there birthdays together, back when they were still considered as friends. At the thought of her old friends, she saddened more. After school, she found a note tucked in her locker.

It read:

Dear Caroline,

We're working on the finishing touches of our group project.
Meet us at the Angel Grove Park where we usual meet after school.
There, you'll find a surprise waiting for you.

Your friends,
T.J, Carlos, Cassie, Ashley, and Justin

Caroline slammed shut her locker and rushed to the park.

"I wonder what's the surprise? They were acting strangely odd today."

Indeed they were. The rangers were completely avoiding any kind of eye contact with Caroline. Caroline had felt betrayed but Night Fall had comforted her. She banished the thought from her mind and headed straight to the park. Arriving at the park, she saw a picnic table filled with food, drinks, tons of presents, and a big birthday cake. Her friends ran up to her and started giving her birthday pinches and punches.

"Happy Birthday!" they cried with happiness.

Caroline, for the first time since she had set foot on Angel Grove, felt true happiness. As usual, Divatox had to just ruin the event. The rangers were unprepared for the attack therefore; the monster captured both Justin and Caroline. He threw them into two separate cells and took Justin's morpher and communicator away.

"You okay Caroline?" Justin yelled in his dirty cell.

"I'm fine," she yelled back.

"Be quiet Blue Ranger!" the monster called out from outside of Justin's cell.

Only Justin's cell was guarded because they had doubted that Caroline would try to escape since she was just human, not a ranger.

Justin groaned, "What a big mouth! Now Caroline knows!"

Meanwhile, Caroline had quietly discussed the situation with Night Fall.

"Night Fall Turbo Power!" she softly said, to be sure no one had heard her, "Turbo Strike Staff!"

Her loyal staff appeared in her hand and she summoned all her strength and fired a bright ball of energy at the bars of her cell. The Piranatrons and that monster that was guarding Justin's cell had heard the blast. They curiously wandered into Caroline's cell and were soon attacked by Caroline. She knocked them out with a few thumps of her staff.

"I wonder what's going on there?" Justin asked himself worriedly.

Just that instant, his cell door exploded, causing Justin to kneel down on his knees. When the smoke disappeared, the Black Turbo Ranger was standing in front of him. She ran toward Justin and quickly teleported both of them to the Power Chamber before the alarms were sounded.


Backed at Power Chamber, everything was a total chaos. T.J and Ashley were frantically searching for their lost friends. Before they could track them down, Alpha reported that two people is teleporting in. It was the Black Ranger and Justin. After they explained what had happened, and the Black Ranger told the others that she had already rescued Caroline and she was now at home resting. With that all said and done, Caroline teleported away. At the next day at school, the ranger had tried very hard to speak to Caroline alone about the attack yesterday but was unfortunate to find that they had no time to do so. After school, they found her walking alone in the park by herself.

"What happened yesterday?" Justin asked her.

"Oh, the Black Ranger rescued me, she was so incredibly awesome!" she lied.

Piranatrons appeared again.

"Ah man, not again!" they all whined at the same time.

Just like the last time, because Caroline was present, they didn't morph. Sensing their distress, the Phantom Ranger appeared out of thin air and assisted them. During the past days, the Phantom Ranger had been keeping a very close eye on Caroline, fearing that she might be the next target of Divatox's. Though he was watching her always, the issue of Caroline being the Black Turbo Ranger was not present in his memories.

"Run Cor!" Ashley screamed.

There were too many piranatrons and even with the aid of the Phantom Ranger, they were losing big time. Caroline obeyed and tried to find a way to escape.

"There's a force field here!" the Phantom shouted.

Seeing that they were losing to the smelly fish-heads, Caroline had no choice but to help and fight back. The rangers were very shocked that Caroline had known how to fight and was very good at it in fact, almost as good as they were.

"Just morph!" she shouted at the rangers, "I know you guys are the Power Rangers!"

They looked more shock but when they saw a brief nod from TJ, they took out their morphers and morphed. Unfortunately, even with the extra strength and enhanced speed by the ranger powers, they were still greatly outnumbered. One the Piranatrons shot an unnoticed arrow aiming straight at Caroline. The Phantom saw it coming and had no time to shout a warning so he did the only thing he could. He grabbed her and threw her out of the way before falling to his knees in pain.

"No!" she screamed.

The arrow meant for her was now sticking out of the Phantom's armor, in his upper left shoulder. She hauled the Phantom Ranger to a nearby tree and covered his upper body with her black sports jacket. Then it suddenly clicked all together; she finally knew where she had seen the Phantom Ranger before.

"You're mine!" she challenged the monster.

They fought for a few moments, both equally skilled. It was until the same Piranatron that had shot the arrow at the Phantom that was meant for her tried the same thing again. She was just blocking one of the monster's punches when she felt a sharp pain in her upper left shoulder. She looked down and saw an arrow sticking out of her shoulder. The monster used that moment to kick her a few feet away. It also seems that there were a bit of poison at the tip of the arrow and luckily for Caroline, her ranger healing process immediately kicked in and slowed down the poison for causing her much damage. She bit her bottom lip and painfully but forcefully pulled the arrow out. The monster had seen her sailing through the air a couple of feet before landing on the rough ground and had thought that he had finished her off. He had his sword above Ashley's head, who was being held down by at least 4 slimy Pirantrons. Ashley saw the monster prepare to swing the sword down at her head and closed her eyes, waiting for the final blow. Laughing evilly, the monster swung down the sword but was suddenly stopped when an arm grasped his arm tightly, halting the deathblow. Ashley opened her eyes when the blow did not come as expected and saw Caroline with a smirk on her face holding the beast's arm that griped the sword. She punched it in the face.

"That's for my brother!"

Kicked it in the in between legs.

"That's for hurting my friends!"

She kicked it in the chest causing it to fly some feet away.

"And that's for serving that queen of yours who can't even do a single thing right!"

Caroline backed up and flipped to a safer distance before pulling out her morpher.

"Night Fall Turbo Power!" she cried, with a tiny satisfied smile on her face.

Instantly, in a flash of black, she became the Black Turbo Ranger.

"Turbo Strike Staff!"

Caroline blasted the monster a few more times 'til it dies. The poison then began to work, causing her to get a little woozy. She then began to slowly walk back to the tree where the Phantom Ranger was leaning on. Suddenly, she felt very weak and her vision became blurry. The rangers noticed her staggering toward the Phantom and rushed to help her. With the last ounce of strength left, she kneeled, or partly falls, next to Phantom and whispered, "Jon-Jon," before passing out.

"Teleport both of them to the Power Chamber immediately," Dimitria said.

The rushed the both unconscious rangers to the Medical Bay where Alpha then proceed into helping them.


The next day, the Phantom Ranger was found sitting in a chair next to Caroline. He had already awakened and was fully recovered due to his ruby.

Alpha, Dimitria, I'm teleporting in. Tell the rangers to give me some space.

Dimitria told the rangers to stay at one side of the room while Night Fall was teleporting in.

Ah . . . my poor baby! This should help.

She then shone a ray of light over Caroline's unconscious body and within a few minutes, the Black Ranger awakened as if nothing had happened.

"Cor!" the Phantom Ranger cried as he saw her sit up on her cot.

"Jon-Jon! Is it really you?"

In response, he unclasped his helmet for the first time. He ignored the gasps around him as he shook his hair freely. His brown hair was cut short up to his ears and it splits in the middle and his sparkly brown eyes were filled with tears of joy. The two siblings hugged and only when TJ finally spoke up, they parted.

"Is anyone else as confused as I am?" TJ looked around the Power Chamber.

He was greeted with the nodding heads of the silent rangers.

"Let me explain," The Phantom Ranger began, "my name is Jonathan, Jonathan Dew, and I'm Caroline's big brother. I ran away from home when I was 16 because I had to go fight battles outside in space. I promised little Cor here," ruffling the young girl's hair, "to return for her."

"But you never did return did you," Caroline interrupted.

"The battles were always in the way and I never did have the time to find out where you have left to. I've only found out that my little Caroline had grown up and is now living in Angel Grove a few days ago."

Caroline stuck her tongue out at him for calling her little, causing the Power Chamber to explode in giggles and laughers.


Jonathan now lives with Caroline and his parents. He had gone home with her and apologized to their parents for running away 5 years ago. Of course at that time, Gem and Fred Dew had forgotten about the incident and were only very happy to have their son back home with them. Weeks after the rangers discovered the identities of their allies, the Spring Dance was happening. Justin asked Caroline to go to the dance and she agreed happily, after receiving a small kiss that is. Jonathan asked a very delighted Cassie to the dance and did the same method that Justin used. At the dance, while they were slow dancing, Justin gave Caroline their very first kiss.

"Umm . . . Cassie, can I ask you a question?" Jonathan nervously questioned.

"Sure, shoot!"

"Will you go out with me?"

Cassie answered him by giving him a very passionate kiss.

"Whoa, I'll take that as a yes," he said dazed.

Cassie swats at his arm blushing.