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The Sun Goes Down

Questing wolf

Billy meets a young artist with strange powers of the mind.

Wolf in Darkness

When stress of being Powerless finally becomes too much for Billy, having a friend with psychic abilities could be dangerous for them both, or prove their only hope.

Spirit Warrior

Billy finally gets what he has been waiting for–but will it be in time to help the others?

Spirit Threads One: Severed Threads

The return of an old friend to Angel Grove brings the current team to the brink of destruction.

Spirit Threads Two: The Law of Wonder

With the Great Power anything is indeed possible, but is the price for a miracle going to be too high?

Twilight: Lengthening Shadows

A strange warning spells great change for the all the Rangers.

Twilight: Sunstars and Shadows

Billy and the others discover that even in the depths of space they cannot leave Earth totally behind.

Down to a Sunless Sea

Aquitar should have been the Ninjetti’s easiest mission, but in some ways it may prove the hardest.

Lessons in Harmony

Will the Questing Ninjetti be torn apart before they can complete their latest mission?

What A Miracle

On a strange planet, Billy and Trini are finally made to face the truth.

Nights' Swift Dragons

The first hints of the coming Darkness spells disaster for all the Rangers.

Spirit's Knife

Disaster strikes and revelations follow as the ninjetti run out of time.

Beyond the Dark Edge of Night

The Ninjetti make final desparate preparations getting their first glimpse of the Darkness Visible…


Peregrine Index
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