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Power Rangers and all related characters are the property of Saban Entertainment. S Club 7 and all of their songs are the property of S Club Ltd and 19 Management. My character is my property and can be used without my permission, but if you could ask I'd be grateful. <br> This new story takes place after Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue but, before Time Force and is set in January 2001. <br> Editors note: This is just a bit of an explanation for my character and will be followed by a prequel.

<p align=center>History Lesson<br> By: Adam Pearlman

<P>It all began in 1993 with the release of a new television series called "'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' little did I realise that this fictional show would become real life. A week after the show was first shown I was pulled into parallel universe where the Rangers really existed. And along with five others who looked just like the actors who played them in the series. We became the "'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' and that started one hell of an adventure for them and me.

<P>The team was as it was in the show, with one notable change. Instead of five Rangers in the beginning there were six and I was the Silver Ranger. Over the next six years I would fight to protect an Earth that wasn't mine but looked like it all the same. Over the years the Rangers changed faces, but the mission stayed the same. In 1997 we had just gained the power of Turbo and it was decided that the senior Rangers who were graduating from High School should pass their powers on to new people and explore the world. Only I was asked to remain, with a new life at home and more freedom with being at University. Zordon and the Rangers new mentor Dimitria asked me to remain and guide the new team. I accepted and was there at what seemed like the darkest time for the Rangers as the Power Chamber fell and so did our powers. Then over the next year we continued our struggle against the evil forces and for a month I found myself a prisoner of our new foe Astronema. Eventually she was revealed to be the sister of the new Red Ranger Andros and she eventually became good, but not before massive destruction and Zordon was gone. Sacrificing himself to save the universe. After that I helped a new team face evil in space, I was joined by the Astro Rangers for a brief time and Karone joined the team to replace Kendrix as the Pink Ranger. It was during this time I almost died and I retired as an active Ranger.

<P>Even though I returned home and found myself busy with a music career and finishing university, I find myself returning to the other universe to see how things are. However, once more I find myself in need of being a Ranger and I am drawn back into the world of the Power Rangers once more.