This is a profile of the characters and respective teams that will be in my story, with suitable alterations to incorporate my ideas. In my universe there were original six Rangers chosen by Zordon at the beginning. The five originals and my character, apart from alterations to include my character the story is as it was. The story is set at the end of Lightspeed and will cross two universes. The first is the Power Ranger Universe and the second is a universe where Power Rangers are just a television show. I've given Adam a middle name, which I will use when writing as my character is based on myself. The files remain the same although with the addition of some new faces to the team I have decided to update the files.

From the file of Zordon:

Morphin Team

Jason Lee Scott

Formerly the original Red Ranger, Jason along with Zack and Trini left the team to go to Geneva to the peace conference. He returned to the team to become the Gold Ranger when it was revealed that the Gold Ranger was from another planet and Billy was unable to take those powers. This lasted several months before the powers were returned to Trey. Shortly after that Jason along with Kimberly were caught up in the Rangers battle against Divatox, as the Zeo Rangers became the Turbo Rangers. He was missing and was presumed a prisoner, the new foe or dead. After being rescued by the remaining Morphin Rangers, Jason resumed his role as the Red Ranger. A few months ago his fiancée Emily has joined the fight as the Gold Morphin Ranger.

Trini Kwan

Like Jason, Trini was one of the original Rangers and she was the Yellow Ranger until such time as which she joined Jason and Zack in Geneva. Her whereabouts were unknown, but after also having been rescued Trini became the Yellow Ranger again. After having fought bravely in countless battles, she died in the final battle to free the Emperor's home world.

Zack Taylor

The fun loving first Black Ranger, he was the third Angel Grove resident accepted to go to the peace conference. Like Jason and Trini, he was missing. Zack became the Black Ranger again after being rescued.

Billy Cranston

The original Blue Ranger served with the team until the power coins were destroyed and he passed his powers onto Tanya. Billy served with the Zeo Rangers technical advisor for sometime before travelling to Aquitar to save his life. He chose to remain there, but as was revealed he was given another chance to become a Ranger after he was prevented from becoming the Gold Ranger. Zordon gave him the power ruby, allowing him to become the Phantom Ranger. For a time he aided the Turbo Rangers and later when they became the Astro Rangers. He has returned to Earth to aid his friends in their fight against evil. Whilst he continued to use his Phantom Ranger powers, he also possessed the Blue power coin until a suitable candidate was found. He found a suitable candidate to hold his Phantom Ranger powers and continues to serve as the Blue Ranger. Just before the big battle which cost Trini's life, he proposed to his girlfriend and Pink Astro Ranger Cassie and she accepted.

Kimberly Hart

The first person to wear the mantle of the Pink Ranger, Kimberly eventually passed on her powers to travel to Florida to train for the Pan-Global Games. She returned briefly during the crisis, which saw the Rangers become Turbo. She eventually returned to Angel Grove and was teaching gymnastics to local kids, when she was brought to the Power Chamber. Thanks to Ninjor and Zordon she again holds the power of the Pink Morphin Ranger. Also Kimberly has learned of the Purple Turbo Morpher and assists the new Turbo team from time to time. Her relationship with Blue Zeo Ranger Rocky has helped her often in difficult times. Kim has discovered that her cousin Wes was in reality the Red Time Force Ranger and she helped persuading the Time Force Rangers to join the fight. Kim also has taken the role of guardian for Dulcea and Dulcea lives now with Kim. Kim is starting to develop maternal feelings for Dulcea.

Tommy Oliver

Tommy's introduction to the team was as the Evil Green Ranger. After being freed from the spell he served on the team until Rita and then Lord Zedd destroyed his powers. Because of his courage Zordon chose him to be the White Ranger and he led the team as they continued their fight. Eventually his coin was destroyed and he became the Red Zeo Ranger and then Red Turbo, before eventually passing his powers on to TJ. Tommy left Angel Grove for a short while to continue a racing career, but has now returned with his fiancée Katherine to fight the good fight as the White Morphin Ranger and Red Zeo Ranger. It was recently discovered that prior to Tommy returning as a Ranger he was captured by the Emperor and implanted with a device that made him act normally, but also secretly pass information to the Emperor. He was freed from this device by the Night Rangers and he left the team feeling that he was not fit to be a Ranger. When the Psycho Rangers returned I asked him to retake his powers and serve as the team leader. Tommy reluctantly did so and has informed me that once the Psycho's are gone he will leave again. For now this plan seem to be stalled. Before the big battle he was planning his wedding with Katherine, but Trini's dead and Kat's injuries made them decide to hold the wedding of a little bit longer.

Aisha Campbell

The second person to wear the Yellow Ranger costume joined the team along with friend Rocky and Adam when Trini, Jason and Zack left for the peace conference. She retained those powers until they were turned into children. During her Zeo quest she met a young girl named Tanya whom she sent back with her Zeo crystal while she remained in Africa to attempt to cure a plague. Aisha was captured by our foe and imprisoned alongside her friend Adam Park after being freed by the Zeo Rangers she was asked by Zordon to become the new Green Morphin Ranger with fully restored powers.

Rachel Stevens

Adam's girlfriend and chosen successor to hold the Silver Ranger powers. Adam chose her after I requested he give up some of his power as he holds more than one set of powers. Although I do not really agree with Adam's reasons for choosing Rachel, Adam had the idea of revenge in his mind. Rachel had become involved with the Rangers when at the end of last year she was kidnapped and replaced by a monster that portrayed Rachel perfectly until we discovered the truth. Adam along with others traveled to another universe and returned successfully with Rachel, who had found out that she was telepathic. Adam then chose her to take his Silver Ranger powers and although slightly reluctant to be a Ranger she is developing into a fine addition to the Rangers. Rachel has become pregnant and this could not have come at a worse time as Adam was killed in battle before she could tell him. Through Billy enabled her to travel back in time to just before the battle to attempt to either stop Adam from dying or say goodbye. Since the future did not change and Adam is still dead I knew that she finally came to terms with his death and said goodbye. Rachel was the only one not wanting to sacrifice her life for Adam's return, but her motive was that she would also kill the unborn twins she carries. After the big battle she has given her Ranger Powers back for the time being as we don't know what he effect will be on her unborn children. Her telepathic powers seem unaffected from the loss of her powers.

Emily St John

Emily is the fiancée of Jason Scott, the Red Morphin Ranger. Shortly after Jason gave the Gold Ranger powers back to Trey he told Emily his secret and she has kept it faithfully since. Shortly after some of the Rangers returned from the past Emily was chosen to possess the power of the Gold Power Coin. Although she is still uncomfortable in her role, she is slowly growing accustomed to her new role in life.

Dawn Mitchell

Dawn is the fifteen year old daughter from Captain Mitchell. She has been on boarding school for a very long time. Recently she got expelled and when she traveled home, the train was attacked. The Time Force Rangers intervened and got her brother and sister. When the Green Ranger from the Emperors universe attacked, help was needed and Dawn offered to take up the mantle of the Yellow Morphin Ranger. Now the third young member of the team, she is learning all she can about the world of the Rangers. Her father enrolled her in Angel Grove High and she has become close to Dulcea.

Zeo Team

Rocky DeSantos

Rocky was originally from Stone Canyon and along with two friends discovered the identity of the Rangers. He agreed to keep their secret and was rewarded when he was asked to become the Red Ranger in place of Jason who was leaving the team. He agreed and served until the Rangers were turned into kids and the power coins were destroyed. Sent on a quest to find the pieces of the Zeo Crystal young Rocky retrieved the blue crystal and became the Blue Zeo Ranger. Shortly after the destruction of the Machine Empire by Rita and Zedd, Rocky was injured preparing for a tournament and he passed on his powers to 13 year old Justin Stewart. Staying on in Angel Grove Rocky was more than ready to leap once more into action as the Blue Zeo Ranger and has taken the leadership reins of the team. His relationship with Pink Morphin Ranger Kimberly has helped through many difficult times.

Adam Christopher Park

Adam, called Chris in daily life, served as the second Black Ranger taking over when Zack when to the peace conference. With the power coins destroyed Adam went on a quest to retrieve a Zeo crystal enabling him to become the Green Zeo Ranger and then Green Turbo. Like Tommy he stepped down and passed his powers on to Carlos. He returned briefly to help Black Astro Ranger Carlos by using his old Black Ranger morpher. The process though highly dangerous because of having no coin almost killed him and he vowed never to use it again. Adam was out of Angel Grove doing some filming when he disappeared and it was believed he was a prisoner of our new foe. Adam returned as the Green Zeo Ranger and has been rejoined with his fiancée Tanya.

Tanya Sloan

Tanya joined the team at the end of the young Ranger quest for the Zeo Crystals when Aisha sent her back with the yellow crystal. Tanya only intended to give the crystal to Billy, but instead was given the powers of the Yellow Ranger when Billy decided to retire from active duty. She continued to serve as a Ranger even turning down a record contract and eventually like her fellow Turbo Rangers passed on her powers to a new Yellow Ranger. Tanya has returned to take up her responsibilities as Yellow Ranger and has found her missing fiancé Chris.

Katherine Hillard

Like Tommy, Katherine's introduction to the Rangers was one brought about by Rita. Using a spell Rita turned Katherine into her slave and caused her to spy on the Rangers. During her time as Rita's servant she stole Kimberly's power coin and the Falcon Zord allowing the capture of Ninjor. Eventually she broke the spell and retrieved the pink power coin. When Kimberly left the team she chose Kat to become the new Pink Ranger. It was shortly after this that an incident occurred which she has kept secret from all but one, this incident changed her life and during this time she and the Silver Ranger enjoyed a brief relationship. She became the Pink Zeo Ranger when the transition from Morphin to Zeo took place and again she became the Pink Turbo Ranger before passing her powers onto Cassie. She left Angel Grove to pursue a career in dancing in London, before returning the Angel Grove alongside her fiancé Tommy and once more becoming the Pink Zeo Ranger. Recently revealed to Adam before the universes where split that she had broken up with him because she was pregnant with his child. This revelation allowed much of the tension between Adam and her to dissolve. Also it was revealed the Emperor had managed to place her under his control and get her to work with Tommy against the Rangers. Before the big battle she was planning her wedding with Tommy, but Trini's dead and her own injuries made them decide to hold the wedding of a little bit longer.

Adam Pearlman

The Silver Power Ranger was chosen by complete accident when the teleportation beam that took the other five somehow crossed into another universe and brought Adam into theirs. Zordon immediately seized upon the opportunity and gave him the silver power coin. During his time as a Ranger Adam like Tommy was forced to fight for evil and it was during that dark time Adam almost gave up being a Ranger. Like Billy, Adam served as the Silver Ranger until Zedd and Rita destroyed the coins. However, Adam's coin was not destroyed and Adam was the only Ranger not to be turned into a child. Adam had been in his home universe at the time, but agreed to remain to help out the Alien Rangers and Billy when he was restored to his normal age. During this time Adam discovered a missing piece of the Zeo Crystal in his own universe which enabled him to become the White Zeo Ranger when the others took Zeo powers. Despite being from a different universe Adam managed to maintain a good friendship with the Rangers and at one point was romantically involved with Katherine Hillard the second Pink Ranger, until she realized her feelings for Tommy Oliver. Adam continued to serve with the Rangers becoming the White Turbo Ranger and when the other older Rangers passed their powers on to a new generation Adam was asked to stay on and act as a guide for this new team. He agreed reluctantly and was there as the Power Chamber was destroyed and the Turbo powers were destroyed. He went into space and became the White Astro Ranger and fought to save Zordon. During this period Adam was acclimatizing to life in his own universe at University, unfortunately Astronema decided to concentrate her attacks on him and shortly after the end of his first year at University he was captured and held prisoner onboard the Dark Fortress for a month. Like his fellow Rangers he revealed his identity, unlike them he had no fear of being harassed by the media. Eventually he went on to join the Lost Galaxy Rangers. It was shortly after Karone joined the team, Adam was injured and decided that the time had come for him to retire as a Ranger. From time to time he would return to see the Rangers and it was this that led him to the Lightspeed Rangers and a new adventure. Adam started with holding the Silver Power Coin, the restored powers of White Turbo, the White Astro, Zeo and Galaxy Powers. He currently serves as the White Zeo Ranger. Like Billy he was looking for a candidate to take some of his powers. He has given his Silver Power Coin to his fiancée Rachel and the White Astro Powers to his friend Bradley. He has also discovered he has a twin sister who is also a Ranger and they are written about in an ancient prophecy. Adam gave his life to stop the Emperor, his counterpart from another universe who turned evil, but was revived when all his friends were willing to sacrifice themselves for him. He got the Ultimate Powers when he came back to life for one hour, but uses this not because of the great power contained in these powers. After returning to life, he didn't only discover he was going to be father of twins, but he already had a daughter with Pink Zeo Ranger Katherine. This has caused many tensions, which are partly solved on the moment.


Trianna of Triforia, the sister of Trey, came to Earth to aid the Rangers when Trey could no longer and as the Silver Zeo Ranger has proven just as dedicated as her brother. From observing Trianna over the past few months I have discovered that she is an exceptional warrior. However, her inter-personal skills leave something to be desired. She is aloof to most people and when she does speak with them she is often rude and opinionated a trait that has caused much friction between her and the others. However, I believe this is all an act to prevent people getting close to her as I learned from Trey when he returned to Earth after Adam's death. Recently Mike seems to get a little trough her shell. A few day's later Dulcea found out the why. She lost her little sister in the time that Trey was on Earth. She had just become the Silver Ranger and when terrorists kidnapped her sister Trianna went to save her. But her sister didn't survive. She feels very guilty about this.

Farcus Bulkmeier

Also known as Bulk, over the years Bulk has, been many things a bully, Junior Police Officer, Detective and many more assorted things. Despite his attitude it was he who rallied the citizens of Angel Grove to fight alongside the Astro Rangers in the final battle against Astronema's forces. After this Bulk left to go on Terra Venture. However he returned to Earth and was chosen by Trey to take his place as the Gold Ranger. I have no doubt he will be a fine Ranger.

Eugene Skullovich

More commonly known as Skull. Like his best friend Bulk he has had many roles over the years and he was chosen to be the Black Zeo Ranger. I also have no doubt he will be a fine Ranger.


Formerly known as Astronema, Karone has tried to redeem herself by doing good deeds. One of those deeds was to retrieve the Pink Quasar Sabre after it had fallen into evil hands, little did she realize that she would be chosen to take the mantle of the Pink Ranger from the fallen Pink Ranger Kendrix. She returned the Sabre to the stone and settled into a new life on the planet Miranoi. She has returned to Earth with the other Rangers to aid them in any way she can. After temporarily taking Chris Zeo powers Karone became the Purple Zeo Ranger and has finally found a niche for herself.

Turbo Team

Hannah Spearitt

Like Rachel, Hannah is a friend and work colleague of Adam's from his own universe. When the discovery that Rachel was missing Adam revealed his secret to Hannah and his other friends. Journeying to this universe I revealed the whole truth to them and asked them to fight alongside us. Hannah although reluctant accepted and became the Pink Turbo Ranger. Although inexperienced, she has a spirit that seems to be inherent in all Pink Rangers. She has begun a relationship with the Titanium Ranger Ryan. This relationship has aided her in dealing with Adam's death, but I am sensing to start some strain. Recently it seemed to get a little bit better.

Joanne O'Meara

Again from Adam's universe she agreed to become a Ranger and has accepted the powers of the Yellow Ranger. She has been one of the stronger Rangers in the past few weeks and has helped the others through Adam's death. Jo is one of the stronger Rangers, but she has her weaknesses as well. In her childhood she was bullied a lot, till the point she decided to kill herself. All these memories were brought back with the arrival of Harper, Kincaids archenemy. She seems to be dealing with this now.

Justin Stewart

Justin Stewart was thirteen years old when he first met Rocky DeSantos and his friends and little did he realise how it would change his life. Justin was living in a shelter and was attending a day out when an incident occurred that would change his life forever. Rocky injured his back and was rushed to hospital where Justin having sneaked into his room overheard a conversation between the Rangers and Zordon. Rocky discovering Justin decided that he would make an excellent replacement for him and passed on the legacy to Justin. Although the Rangers found it slightly difficult to accept a thirteen year old Ranger he soon became part of the team. When Tommy, Kat, Tanya and Christopher passed on their powers to the new team he stayed on as the Blue Ranger. His powers were destroyed along with the other Turbo powers when the Power Chamber was destroyed and he remained at home when the other Ranger when into space to save Zordon. Justin was reunited with his friends some time later. When Mountain Blaster a sentient car went looking for him and presented him with a gift. A new Blue Turbo Morpher with it Justin was able to help save his friends from one of Astronema's monsters. Now he is among the missing, however his morpher has mysteriously appeared in the Power Chamber, so it is believed he maybe alive and well and ready for action if necessary. Justin was rescued from captivity by the Lightspeed team and has resumed his role as the Blue Turbo Ranger. Justin now finds himself in the position of being the most experienced Ranger on the team despite being the youngest member and is even called upon to lead when Adam is off with another team. Justin has had a tough time of late as he feels responsible for Adam's death. Justin went to aid Adam in his fight and the result led to Adam dying. Though grief stricken and feeling guilty he has continued to fight as Ranger feeling that he must make up for his actions.

Paul Cattermole

Another friend of Adam's from his own world. Paul became the Green Turbo Ranger. Recently an incident on his own world almost resulted in me stripping the powers from him and two others. Paul was arrested for smoking cannabis and only Adam's words allowed him to continue on as a Ranger.

Tina Barrett

Tina is also a friend of Adam's and something of a history maker as the first woman to be the Red Ranger. Despite jokes about her bossiness she has proven very capable as the leader.

Jon Lee

Jon is one of the youngest members of the group and was honored to be chosen for the responsibility of become the Phantom Ranger. As with Paul I almost stripped those powers from him, for being arrested for smoking cannabis but chose not to at the request of Adam. He has recently discovered abilities using the power ruby that allow him to disappear when not morphed. He seems to have developed a crush for Dulcea.

Astro Team

Cassie Chan

Cassie's involvement with the Rangers began when she helped rescue Kat from a group of Piranhatrons. As a result of this Kat realized that she had found a worthy successor to take her place as the Pink Turbo Ranger. During her time as a Turbo Ranger Cassie along with the others met the Phantom Ranger. Cassie fell in love with this mysterious stranger and it almost led to his death. After the Rangers went into space they were reunited briefly during the search for Zordon where the Phantom asked Cassie not forget him. After the Countdown Cassie and Phantom were reunited where he revealed his identity as that of Billy, the first Blue Ranger. The Astro Rangers were called into action once more to battle their Psycho Ranger counterparts on Terra Venture alongside a new team of Rangers. During this fight the Pink Galaxy Ranger Kendrix sacrificed her life to save Cassie. Cassie was relieved to learn that Kendrix had returned and now Cassie continues to use her powers alongside her fellow Astro Rangers. In the start of the battle she faced one of her toughest trials when she was raped by the monsters of the Emperor. Just before the big battle Billy proposed and Cassie accepted. Momentarily she helps Jen, the Pink Time Force Ranger, dealing with her abuse in the hands of the monsters of the Emperor.

Ashley Hammond

Ashley was Tanya's chosen successor for the Yellow Ranger powers and she continued on that tradition as the Yellow Space Ranger. It was when they received their Astro powers that Ashley fell in love with their new friend Andros and a relationship developed slowly over the time they fought to save Zordon. She has married Andros and they continue to fight for good against evil. In the start of the battle she faced one of her toughest trials when she was raped by the monsters of the Emperor. When they met the Night Rangers from another universe, she learned that her double had a twin sister whom she had believed dead, but was in reality alive. This raised Ashley suspicions and she found out that her dead twin sister was really alive. They found her and Alison became the Purple Space Ranger. Momentarily she helps Jen, the Pink Time Force Ranger, dealing with her abuse in the hands of the monsters of the Emperor.

Carlos Valertes

Carlos was chosen by his friend Adam to replace him as the Green Ranger when Adam retired from active duty. Along with the other Turbo Rangers he became an Astro Ranger. As the Black Ranger he served well, until Cassie was injured during a fight which led him to almost quit if it hadn't been for the former Black Ranger Adam who helped him overcome his fear. Carlos disappeared after the Countdown preferring privacy than the attention of the media. He returned to active duty alongside the other Astro Rangers in time to beat Psycho Rangers on Terra Venture. He is now back fighting at the request of Zordon. TJ Carter TJ became a Ranger after he helped save Tommy from one of Divatox' traps. He continued to serve well and went on to become the Blue Astro Ranger when the Turbo Rangers went into space. He along with the others revealed his identity to the world and now enjoys a limited amount of celebrity status among the Angel Grove population. Once more he is back in active duty as this new threat approaches Earth.


Andros met the former Turbo Rangers when their space shuttle was brought aboard the Astro Megaship by the ship computer DECA. After some persuasion he agreed to let the former Rangers join him in his quest to save Zordon. He gave the five the Astro Morphers and they started to search for Zordon. During this period he learnt that Astronema the foe they had been fighting was in fact his long-lost sister Karone. He was also reunited with a friend who had been injured two years earlier and the Silver Ranger joined the fight to save Zordon. He also began a relationship with Ashley that has continued and seen the two marry. During the countdown Andros travelled to the Dark Fortress to try and save his sister and it was during this that a tragic accident happened and his sister was killed. It was by his hand that my energy tube was shattered freeing my energies to purge the galaxy of all the evil I knew. Andros was reunited with his sister Karone who was restored by the energies I expended. Andros went on to remain on Earth with Ashley and the others and eventually once more became the Red Astro Ranger to beat the returned Psycho Rangers.


The Silver Astro Ranger was severely injured during a battle on his home planet KO-35 and was placed in a stasis tube for almost two years before being freed to join his friend Andros and the new team of Rangers in their fight against Dark Spectre and Astronema. Zhane left the team to help KO-35 rebels fight against Dark Spectre, but he returned to aid the Rangers from time to time and was there when the Rangers revealed their identities to the world and won a final victory. After deciding to return to Earth with the other Rangers Zhane began a relationship with Karone whom he had become attracted to when she was Astronema and they developed a strong relationship. Zhane was also among the missing Rangers, although it was believed he just had gone off on some new adventure. Zhane rejoined the Rangers in their battle against evil.

Bradley McIntosch

Another friend of Adam's he originally took possession of Adam's Zeo powers only for the crystal to reject him. Adam then gave Bradley his Astro powers. Bradley was the final member of the trio whom I almost stripped of their powers for being arrested smoking cannabis but refrained from doing so at Adam's request.

Alison Hammond

Alison Hammond, the Yellow Astro Rangers twin sister was believed dead for almost two decades until an encounter with the Night Rangers led to the revelation that Alison could still be alive. The two sisters were reunited and now she has being given the opportunity to fight alongside her sister as the Purple Astro Ranger. Although I gave her the powers I feel that perhaps I did so too quickly and she was not ready for the responsibility. I will monitor the situation carefully. We have discovered that Alison has a link with Ashley and that they are sometimes able to sense each others emotions.

Galaxy Team

Kendrix Morgan

This shy, intelligent girl pulled one of the six Quasar Sabres from the stone to become the Pink Galaxy Ranger. She served well and helped the Rangers discover the lost galactabeasts. During the incident with the Psycho Rangers, Kendrix sacrificed her life to save the Pink Astro Rangers life. Although she was believed dead, she returned to pass on her powers to Karone. When the Rangers quest was over and the sabres returned to the stone Kendrix was reunited with her friends. She has returned to Earth alongside the other Galaxy Rangers to aid us in our fight. She has a steady relationship with Leo. A strain was put on her when first Mike died and then Adam. Teammates had trouble with the fact that she had been dead, but that she had been able to return to normal live.


The inhabitant of Miranoi literally dropped into the lives of the future Rangers when she fell through a portal and landed at the feet of Mike and Leo Corbett. Returning to her world she along with five others pulled the Quasar Sabres free and she became the Yellow Ranger. She returned her Sabre to the stone to help restore her planet to normal after it had been turned to stone. She has travelled to Earth to aid the Earth Rangers.

Damon Henderson

The Mechanic aboard the decommissioned Astro Megaship, Damon was brought into the fight by Kai who borrowed the Megaship to rescue the others who had travelled through a portal. Reluctant at first Damon was quick to come the others aid and he became the Green Ranger. Like the others he returned his sabre to the stone and has now travelled to Earth to help the Rangers.

Kai Chen

Kai pulled the Blue Quasar Sabre and became the Blue Ranger. He returned to Earth briefly some months earlier with the other Galaxy Rangers to aid the Lightspeed Rangers against Trakeena and he has now returned to aid them once more.

Leo Corbett

Leo could have had an entirely different destiny if not for fate and his own impetuousness. Leo stowed away to go on Terra Venture and as a result ended up travelling to Miranoi alongside Kendrix, Maya and his brother Mike. It was Mike who pulled the Red sabre from the stone and entrusted it to Leo after Mike fell down a chasm. Leo became the Red Ranger and was reunited with his brother who became the Magna Defender. During the return of the Psycho Rangers Leo was delighted to find himself fighting with Andros the Red Ranger. Eventually Leo returned the Sabre to the stone and returned to a normal life. Events meant he once more became the Red Galaxy Ranger and he travelled to Earth to enlist their help in stopping Trakeena's plot for revenge. When he returned to Earth to help the Rangers and locate his brother who had gone missing, his brother died when they tried to save him. This put a strain on his relationship with Kendrix because she had been able to return from dead, but this has been solved.

Mike Corbett

Mike originally pulled the Red Quasar Sabre from the stone on Miranoi and then gave it to his brother Leo, as he appeared to perish. Mike returned possessed by the spirit of an ancient warrior known as the Magna Defender. The original Magna Defender sacrificed his life and Mike was returned to the others. He eventually took up the powers of the Magna Defender himself and fought alongside the Rangers against Trakeena. He sacrificed his powers to help Terra Venture escape the Lost Galaxy. Mike was captured and imprisoned by our foe and during a rescue attempt he sacrificed his life to allow the others to escape. After Adam died and was revived, also Mike was revived by the promise of evil Carters promise to free his universe. Mike has dealt with the consequences of being alive again with the help of Dulcea. She took him to Phaodos where he faced a number of tests. This made him reach an inner balance, which was what he sought.

Lightspeed Team

Carter Grayson

The leader of this team of Rangers was approached by Dana Mitchell to be the Red Lightspeed Ranger when demons were released from their prison and threatened Mariner Bay. He thought well and was instrumental in stopping Queen Bansheera and her forces. He continued to hold the powers of the Red Lightspeed Ranger and has plucked up the courage to ask fellow Ranger Dana out.

Chad Lee

The Blue Lightspeed Ranger, in many ways he reminds me of several former Rangers in his discipline and skill. Chad served the Rangers well and when the crisis was over was prepared to return to his normal life, but like Carter chose to remain a Ranger and continued to serve as the Blue Lightspeed Ranger.

Joel Rawlings

In many ways Joel reminds me of another of my chosen Rangers, his attitude hides a caring heart and a willingness to help without hesitation. He served as the Green Lightspeed Ranger and like the others continued on even though the threat had been defeated.

Kelsey Winslow

Kelsey is well suited to be a Yellow Ranger and has served well carrying that colour. She continues to serve as the Yellow Lightspeed Ranger with her friends in this new struggle against evil.

Dana Mitchell

When Dana became a Ranger, little did she realize she was not the first in her family to do so or that her past was true. Events have revealed the truth that she is not the daughter of Captain William Mitchell or sister of Ryan Mitchell, but that she is the brother of Adam Pearlman. She likes her new-found brother and has dealt with this situation like true Rangers. Dana became the Pink Ranger when her Father revealed he radon several missions and according to the others proven herself very valuable. Dana is training to be a Doctor, but has set that aside to join her fellow Rangers in the fight against evil. In the start of the battle she faced one of her toughest trials when she was raped by the monsters of the Emperor. Because of her age reversal she like many of the others was affected by Adam's death. Before her age reversal she would have mourned the loss of a fellow warrior of good, but now she is discovering the complex emotions that teenagers go through and is finding it difficult. She has a little sister, Dawn, who on boarding school till recently. Momentarily she helps Jen, the Pink Time Force Ranger, dealing with her abuse in the hands of the monsters of the Emperor.

Ryan Mitchell

Ryan like Tommy and Katherine was introduced to the Rangers by evil. He sneaked into the Aquabase and stole the Titanium Morpher and became the Titanium Ranger. It was revealed that he was the son of Captain Mitchell and he had been taken and raised by Diabolico. Eventually Ryan realised that he had been manipulated and he joined the Rangers in their fight. Because of his treachery Diabolico attempted to destroy Ryan with a cobra tattoo that would eventually kill him if he morphed several times. The cobra was destroyed and Ryan continued to aid the Rangers before heading off to look for a way to defeat the demons. He returned to fight alongside the Rangers in their final battle. He continues to fight with the Rangers in their new struggle. He started dating Pink Turbo Ranger Hannah, but after the big battle they seem to have some problems. He has a little sister, Dawn, who was on boarding school till recently. Recently it seemed to get a little bit better between Ryan and Hannah.


Time Force Team

Wes Collins

The encounter with Time Force changed his life. Soon after arriving in 2001, the Time Force team got into a fight, and Jen was in trouble. Thanks to Wes was Jen able to make it out alive. To unlock their Chrono Morphers, the Time Force agents needed the Red Morpher activated, but this could only be done by someone with a genetic resemblence to Alex. Wes is an ancestor of Alex, but he didn't want to help when Jen first asked him, not believing any of it. The group went after Ransik without any powers and when they were losing, Wes appeared and decided to help them out after all. He morphed into the Red Ranger. After some problems wih Jen he joined the team permanently. Wes moved the team into an old clock tower owned by his father. He then moved out himself, splitting with his father on bad terms. A little while later they were approached by Kimberly Hart, his cousin, and Adam Pearlman and they were asked to join the fight against the Emperor.

Lucas Kendall

After Jen's fiancé Alex captured Ransik and when Ransik was convicted, Lucas was one of the four Time Force agents who were chosen to escort Ransik to the cryo prison. When Nadira freed her father Alex interfered and was seriously injured. Lucas and his friends were fired, but when Ransik fled to the year 2001 they stole the Time Force morphers and followed Ransik. When they wanted to morph, this wasn't possible, until they found Wes, Alex' ancestor. Then Lucas was able to morph in the Blue Ranger and fight Ransik. A little while later they were approached by Kimberly Hart, Wes cousin, and Adam Pearlman and they were asked to join the fight against the Emperor.


Trip is an alien from the planet Xybria. As a Xybrian, he has a gem on his forehead, which gives him psychic powers, such as telepathy, empathy, precognition, and superhuman insight. He doesn't have full control of these abilities, as he is not always able to summon them when necessary. They come to him at random, yet opportune, moments. After Jen's fiancé Alex captured Ransik and when Ransik was convicted, Trip was one of the four Time Force agents who were chosen to escort Ransik to the cryo prison. When Nadira freed her father Alex interfered and was seriously injured. Trip and his friends were fired, but when Ransik fled to the year 2001 they stole the Time Force morphers and followed Ransik. When they wanted to morph, this wasn't possible, until they found Wes, Alex' ancestor. Then Trip was able to morph in the Green Ranger and fight Ransik. A little while later they were approached by Kimberly Hart, Wes cousin, and Adam Pearlman and they were asked to join the fight against the Emperor.


Katie possesses super strength, possibly obtained by futuristic genetic engineering After Jen's fiancé Alex captured Ransik and when Ransik was convicted, Katie was one of the four Time Force agents who were chosen to escort Ransik to the cryo prison. When Nadira freed her father Alex interfered and was seriously injured. Katie and her friends were fired, but when Ransik fled to the year 2001 they stole the Time Force morphers and followed Ransik. When they wanted to morph, this wasn't possible, until they found Wes, Alex' ancestor. Then Katie was able to morph in the Yellow Ranger and fight Ransik. A little while later they were approached by Kimberly Hart, Wes cousin, and Adam Pearlman and they were asked to join the fight against the Emperor.


When Alex captured Ransik, he asked Jen to marry him. After Ransik was convicted, Jen was one of the four Time Force agents who were chosen to escort Ransik to the cryo prison. When Nadira freed her father Alex interfered and was seriously injured. Jen and her friends were fired, but when Ransik fled to the year 2001 they stole the Time Force morphers and followed Ransik. When they wanted to morph, this wasn't possible, until they found Wes, Alex' ancestor. Then Jen was able to morph in the Pink Ranger and fight Ransik. A little while later they were approached by Kimberly Hart, Wes cousin, and Adam Pearlman and they were asked to join the fight against the Emperor. Jen must deal now with being away from her fiancé and an attraction to Wes. When Jen was captured by the Emperor, she was raped by several monsters in front of her teammates. Cassie, Ashley, Dana and Blue Night Ranger Jessica are trying to help to deal with them.

Eric Meyers

Eric is a part of Mr. Collins' elite defense unit, the Silver Guardians, and has had run-ins with the Rangers on several occasions, once discovering Wes' identity as the Red Ranger. He obtained the Quantum morpher and helps the Rangers from time to time. He is very cold and distant to the other Rangers.




Dulcea the Master Warrior of Phaedos aided the Rangers when they went in search of the Great Power. She left Phaedos to aid three of the Morphin Rangers when they set out to rescue some of their friends. During the battle she was hit by a chronal energy weapon that transformed her into a fifteen year old girl, both physical and mentally. Though this has caused some problems she has continued to aid the Rangers and is adapting to life on Earth well. Kim has taken her under her wing and acts as a guardian. Dulcea has started to feel some changes in her powers. She has been given the responsibility of guarding the Orbs of Earth.


Veronica is the Astronema of the Emperor's dimension. After helping Karone to escape and with her Karones rescuers, she came with them. Zordon concluded that she was really good and she took the name Veronica to not to be confused with the other Karone. She has intimate knowledge about the Emperors stations, which is very useful in several missions. She lost her magic powers, but she has started work on other skills, like computer skills. She now remains in Adams home dimension.

Night Rangers

The Night Rangers come from another universe. The Night Powers work in darkness, face the worst evils, without any fame. Their powers drain from the night. The group has ten Rangers. They are led by Red Ranger Jeffery Kincaid. Among other members are Yellow Ranger Alison Hammond, Pink Ranger Kathy Hart, Purple Ranger Karone, Blue Ranger Jessica Stewart, Silver Ranger David and the Gold Ranger his twin sister.

Those are the chosen Rangers, along with myself, Alpha 5 & 6, Dimitria, our former enemies Zedd, Rita, Goldar, Rito and Divatox we aid the Rangers in their fight. I pray they are strong enough.