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The Beginning
By Shaun M

Robert hiked up the slope to the ruins he'd spotted from the plane when he'd flown into Angel Grove…


{Man this has got to be one of the worst airlines in the world I mean Where are the little peanuts?} Rob thought to himself. Then he noticed some smoking debry with something shining in it.

"Hey, What's that?" Rob asked the Flight attendent as she walked by.

" Oh, that's just… Well I don't know." She said with a puzzled look on her face.

"Hmmm… Where are we right now?" Rob asked.

" Well we're about half a mile out side of Angel Grove right now. We'll be landing in about ten minutes." the flight attendant replied. After landing Robert headed into the airport "Where's the baggage claim?" He asked an airport employee she pointed him in the right direction.

Rob noticed some teens standing by the baggage claim. " Excuse me but could you help me I'm kinda new in town and was wondering where the nearest hotel was." "Oh, umm.. I'm not really sure." The girl standing nearest to him said. " We're kind of new here to… but We're meeting my cousin Ashley at the Surf Spot in a little while, would you like to join us?" She smiled as she said this and that made Roberts heart skip a beat this girl was amazing.

"Yea I'd really like that it'd give me a chance to learn the layout of this town." he said.



" man how much farther is this "AWSOME" place you saw from the plane" Darius whined. " Sorry Darius but I didn't bother to ask the friendly empty seat next to me on the plane." Rob replied " Okay no need to get snippy with me, Remember I'm Brittish I don't like this kind of stuff." Darius shot back.


"ASHLEY!!!!… Oh I missed you so much" Sammantha exclaimed " Hey take it easy with me remember I'm not the famous Martial arts master Ashley replied jokingly as sammantha gave her a very un-lady like Bear hug. "Ashley you know I didn't win the finals. Oh!, this is Darius, Brittany, Mike, and Peter" as ahe introduced everyone Robert was staying to the back taking everything in "Oh!, I almost forgot This is Robert. We met him at the Airport." The green clad teen was about to to walk forward with dignity and grace he'd been taught on his journeys and would have said hello if he hadn't fallen right on his face.

The entire room boomed with laughter but Eugene Skullovich's and Farcus Bulkmyere's laughter was louder than the rest "heh that was a good one Bulky" Skull said. " yea I know" was Bulks reply " Oh gosh are you alright Rob…" Sammantha and Ashley rushed over with Darius and the others Robert sat up with a small trickle of blood coming from the corner of his mouth "I think I chipped a tooth and probaby loosened another" Robert said "Here you go chap" Darius said as he handed Robert the handkercheif from his pocket

"Yea I'm fine but something tells me those two are going to be really sorry in the next ten minutes." With that Robert got up walked over to The woman behind the counter and handed her a one hundred dollar bill and said simply "This is to turn around for five minutes." He then proceeded to where Bulk and Skull sat and did something no one had ever seen before, he spun and kicked his foot out directly at Bulks face and stopped quarter of an inch from the large boy's nose and said without moving an Iota "Are we sorry?" and with that Bulk blacked out and fell on the table Which under the sudden increase of weight broke. " Owww my foot Skull screamed and jumped up from his seat gripping his injured foot dancing around and tripped over Bulk who was still Lying in the wreakage of the table Unconscious. Skull landed in Bulks lap and whimpered Everyone in the Surf Spot broke out in laughter Except Robert just grunted and walked out, Sammantha and the others followed him.



"Well here's a clearing let's take a break." Mike suggested. "yea let's rest" Brittany agreed. "I concur" Darius said. "Okay everybody let's take a fifteen minute break if we want to make it there by sundown that's all we can afford" Robert said as he sat down his back perfectly straight. "Man how did you stop so close to Bulks' nose?, that's got to be at really hard to do." Brittany asked. " It's something I learned while I was traveling the closest translation is [Direct will] if you'd like I'll try to teach you sometime." Robert replied "What do you mean "try to teach me" is it that difficult to learn?" Brittany inquired. " well it took me three years to learn the basics of it." Robert stated. "Oh, well may I ask you another question then?" Brittany asked. "Sure if you want to fire away."

Robert answered "Why did you storm out of the Surf Spot like that?" Brittany said. "Because when I get like that I preffer not to be around people, I don't like showing my anger." Robert said sounding a million miles away."Time to go." Robert said standing up. "alright let's go." Peter said


(Else where)

"You Must Concentrate if you are to get this right." Jarak said sternley

"Destroying a beings will takes more finess than destroying those pathetic robots." Jarak said. "You're right father, but it's not my fault the Barox are so cheaply made." Jaraks daughter K'ellai said trying to get some sympathy from her father. "That's no excuse if you're to help me destroy the Earth then you'll need to focus these powers." Jarak said sternly" now try again and this time picture his mind as a vulnerable computer system that someone has left open." he instucted "Ohh, very well Father." K'ellai said and began concentrating. Their captive a prince from the former Ject homeworld began to writh in agony and then died as the thick blue fluid that made up his blood began to dribble from his mouth and run onto what remained of his cloak.

" oh dear not another one, now we're down to only two of the royal family left to acquire the information from" Jarak said with a smirk on his face and a menacing glow in his blood red Eyes as the remaining members of the royal family trembled in undisguised fear.



"Rob look!" Sammantha Yelled as Robert looked up he saw what she had pointed out, The smoking ruins that he'd seen from the plane.


"Rob, what's wrong?" Brittany asked as she placed a hand on his shoulder

"I don't like people to see me when I get angry." was all he'd say the others came out a few seconds after Rob had cooled and relaxed a little bit.

"Hey guys do you like to hike?" Rob asked "Yea!" They all chimmed in Darius sounding a little less enthusiastic than the others "well there's this really cool place I saw from the plane and i'd like to hike up there and it'd be more fun with some friends." Rob said "So are you asking us to go with you?" Sammantha Asked "Yea, I guess I am." Rob replied.


"Let's hurry, I need another rest" Darius said and ran up to the wreakage.

"Yea let's go" Brittany said robert walked up to the wreakage with caution and began looking for the shinning object he'd seen from the plane. At that moment twelve black and grey robotic looking monkeys appeared out of thin air and started to rush at the six teens"What are these things?" Peter said as a monkey-thing swung at him and Peter connected a painful looking jab to the creatures stomach which caused the monster to double over in agony.

Peter then brought his right foot down on the creatures back forcing it to the ground where it lay for several second before it vanished and another monster was after peter. Robert was having a little fun with his monster learning its moves and teasing it before delivering a blow that literally shattered the monsters arm which the monster gripped snarled and vanished

"This is kinda fun."Rob said to himself as he brought his heel back to connect with the second monster which went sprawling through the air and vanished as it landed.

Sammantha had already finished with her monsters and was moving to help finish the last of Brittany's when one of the creatures said "Omechs Fall back." and vanished with the rest of his beastly batalion which had two more than it should've "Man, what was that all about?" Mike asked holding his arm which Rob could tell was going to have one nasty bruise on it.

"I don't know. But did any one see what they were doing just before they charged us?" Robert asked "It looked to me like they just zapped in and zapped out again" Darius commented " No they were messing around over here." Sammantha said as she knelt down to see what the monsters had been looking for. At that very instance Robert saw something flash in his eye like it had when he was on the plane.


"What do you mean they hurt you, you're the stongest fighting force in the universe cities have bowed down to a mear ten Omechs and you get scared off by six pathetic earth teens!!" Emporer Jarak was so angry with the Omech captain that his eyes began to throw off jolts off evil energy the same energy that had Catapulted the Ject omega-computer S.I.C.S.01 into space. "Well they were very skilled in the Earth fighting skills, never have I seen such a monopoly of fighting styles." The Omech Captain said as he cowered at Jaraks throne steps. "Yes and it's the last you'll ever see of them." Jarak said coldly before lifting his index finger and dispatching the former Captain of his Omech army once and for all.



" This is what those double uglies were looking for, a beaten old box?" Peter said. " I don't think so. They were probably looking for these"and as he said that Robert opened the box and inside were six gold coins each one shining a different color. Robert was already reaching for the coin that was shining green when Sammantha stopped him "Don't you think we should just put them back and leave?" "No I think we should each take one coin and keep it with us at all times so those 'Omechs' don't get their monkey paws on them. I mean they're obviously bad so why should we let them get what they want we've already proven we can beat them." Robert said sternly

"You're right" Peter said. "Yea" Brittany chimmed. "I guess" Mike said

"Well alright" Sammantha said. "Right" Darius added and they each took a coin and placed it in their pocket.



I must redirect my trajectory towards Earth to warn them of Jarak before it's to late" S.I.C.S.01 computed the corect trajectory and fired the thrusters that Jaraks forces had some how over looked and headed towards Earth….

To Be Continued in Rangers Reborn Part 2…