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Author Note: This happens in a completely different Universe to the Samurai Saga and the follow-ons from it. I know the whole idea of this story isn't too original, but the children in this story and the new Ninja Zords are all my creations.

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Time Scale: This takes place about a week after 'A New Generation'. Unless you've read that, this will make no sense at all. But then again, if you haveread it, it probably still doesn't make any sense!!!!

By Matt

The Ninja Rangers stood out in the desert, waiting. They had only been there ten minutes, but they were starting to get impatient.

"Dad, what's the hold up?" Julie Cranston, the sixteen year old daughter of Billy and Trini Cranston, asked via the communicator.

"Sorry, they're on their way now!" the veteran Ranger replied to his impatient daughter. Billy often wondered where she had got her impatience from. Neither he nor Trini had ever been the impatient type.

As the Rangers waited a little longer, they saw several things coming over the horizon. The watched carefully as they drew closer, getting larger and larger as they got nearer. It only took a few minutes for them to reach the Rangers and stop. The twelve teens stood looking up in awe of the massive devices standing before them.

"So, these are Zords then!" Paul Stewart-hart said casually. The easy going parts of his parents, Kimberly and Justin, showing through very clearly.

"Yeah, I guess so!" Michael replied. Anyone who had known Tommy when he was that age would have noticed the uncanny resemblance they bore. His appearance as well as his mannerisms were extremely similar to Tommy. His brother, Philip, bore more of a resemblance to his Mother. He had Kat's blonde hair and blue eyes, as well as her kind, gentle side.

"What are we waiting for? Let's get up there and try them out!" Julie said, eager to get into the colossal vehicles. Each one was in the shape of its Rangers' Animal Spirit.

They teleported into the cockpits of the Zords and examined their new 'toys'. They could hardly believe what they were seeing. The Zords were more remarkable than anything they had ever seen in their lives. Just to behold a Zord is a wonder, but to sit in the control deck, to see the controls, was simply mind-blowing. All the old Rangers had fond memories of their first Zords, all except Tommy. His first Zord was the DragonZord, and at the time, he was using it to destroy Angel Grove. But even something like that had never really ruined the thrill he got from piloting his Zords.

Now a new generation sat examining their newest weapons in their fight to protect the Earth. The twelve Zords certainly looked good, but could they fight! They all varied from each other as much as the Rangers' Animal Spirits did. There was a LionZord, a FoxZord, a JackalZord, a PenguinZord, a ScorpionZord, a GorillaZord, an EagleZord, a BearZord, a DragonZord, a PumaZord, a GazelleZord and a ButterflyZord. Each one, even the Butterfly and Penguin Zords, somehow managed to look quite mean.

"Let's take a test run!" Philip suggested through the on-board communicators.

As they all hit their controls, the army of Zords started moving. A little slow and shaky at first, but it was forgivable. Not many people who can't even drive yet could jump straight into a hundred foot high Zord and pilot it perfectly. The EagleZord and ButterflyZord took to the air and cautiously circled the rest of the group while most of the others started walking. The Gazelle seemed to bounce more than walk, springing into the air with its powerful mechanical legs. The PenguinZord waddled slightly, but managed to keep up with the others.

The Fox, Lion, Jackal and Puma Zords rushed on ahead, racing each other. The Puma seemed to be the fastest of the group and gradually got quite a large lead. It stopped and turned to face the three oncoming Zords. As they got nearer, Sarah made the Zord pounce onto them, making the whole group tumble to the ground. They all started jumping about, trying to knock all the others to the ground, but when it came to fighting, the LionZord was obviously the best. Soon it had the Puma, Jackal and Fox down on the ground, defeated, but unharmed.

Nina, in her ScorpionZord had decided to take on Neil in his BearZord. The two circled each other, but as the BearZord leant back and stood up on its back legs, Nina struck. The tail of the Scorpion flew out ahead of the Zord, knocking the Bear hard in the chest. The large brown Zord fell to the ground, but rolled over and got on all four feet, charging at the ScorpionZord.

AJ had challenged the DragonZord, piloted by Marc. He approached the large wingless Dragon that stood up on its strong hind legs. It was very reminiscent of the original DragonZord, but these Rangers never noticed. They had never even seen a Zord before that day, let alone been able to identify one from another. The enormous Gorilla was much larger than the Dragon, but marc never backed down. He made his Zord swing round, bringing the tail flying round into AJ's Zord at a fantastic speed. The Gorilla, although large and bulky, was still quite agile. It jumped, avoiding the attack, then landed and punched the DragonZord to the ground.

Tyler saw his chance. The ScorpionZord was fighting the BearZord, the GorillaZord fighting the DragonZord, and the other four ground Zords were fighting a little further away, but all of them were in an almost perfect straight line. He made his PenguinZord take a run up, then activated his slide attack. It dove forward and landed on its front, still moving at high speed, and started to slide. It struck the first two Zords, knocking them away, then the next two, and finally the group of four. All eight Zords flew every which way and landed hard They all struggled back to their feet, while Michael, Angel and Chiara laughed at them all from the safety of their own Zords.

"Okay, enough of that, we've got something else to try!" Michael said. They all knew what he meant, and ever since they had been told about the Megazords, they had all been keen to experience it.

"Hold on a sec. Something more important first!" Chiara pointed out. "Look at the time."

They all checked the time on their Zords' chronometers and realized what she meant.

"We're gonna be late for school!" Julie said, distressed at the possibility of tarnishing her otherwise flawless attendance record.

"We've got plenty of time, we can teleport remember!" Marc commented.

"Let's go then!" Michael said, then he spoke into his communicator. "Dad, this is Mike. We're going off to school now. Will the Zords be okay?"

"Yeah!" an answer came back through the communicator console. "We'll teleport them back after you're gone. We'll see you all later."

The Rangers all powered down and teleported away. The Zords disappeared shortly afterwards, showing no sign they had ever been there.

Inside the Power Chamber, there was a commotion as all the parents also realized the time. They all had work to get to.

"If anything happens, Dulcea, let us know!" Billy said to the Master Warrior.

"Very well Billy, but do I really need to contact you?" Dulcea asked.

"Of course you do!" Billy commented. "Why wouldn't you?"

"Did Zordon contact your parents every time a new monster attacked?" Dulcea asked.

They all thought about it for a moment. "I suppose you're right. But if you need us, we're ready to help." Billy said.

"Immediately!" Dulcea agreed.

With that, eighteen flashes of white energy left the room, leaving Dulcea once again alone.

On the ship orbiting the Earth, Destiny, Bane and Kismet were gathered. Bane had called the other two into the control room.

"What is it?" Kismet asked.

"Come over here!" Bane said, beckoning his siblings over to the control panel. "What do you make of this?"

They both stared in awe at what they were seeing. "Unbelievable!" Destiny whispered.

"I thought... I was sure someone that powerful would have only been destroyed by Zordon's energy. These scans show it was the result of... the Rangers!" Kismet said in disbelief.

Just then, they all thought of something. Bane turned to the others, smiling. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" he asked.

They both smiled back cruelly. "Count on it!" Kismet smiled.

Marc DeSantos, Nina Stewart-Hart and her twin brother, Paul were all walking along the hallway in Angel grove high. In their parents' day, the halls were pretty desolate, so talking about Ranger business never had to be hushed. Now, things were different in a way. The halls were bustling with students. As the school had grown, so too had the population of it. Now though, they could still talk about whatever they wanted, as there was so much noise, nobody would be able to hear them anyway.

"Man, I can't believe all this." Marc said. "I mean we are the Power Rangers!"

"I know, it's incredible!" Paul agreed with him.

"No, what I can't believe is that our folks were Rangers, well except for AJ and Angel's Moms. I mean, how could they be Rangers? They're too old!" Nina exclaimed.

"You know they were actually young once!" Paul commented to his sister.

"Oh I know that, but think about it! Can you imagine them in spandex!" Nina joked.

"Ewwww!" they all said, before running off to their first class of the day.

Chiara, Michael and AJ sat together in Study hall. Just like the rest of their friends, they were also talking about the events of the previous week.

"You guys got it easy! You only had to fight a bunch of skeletons! We got the tough test!" AJ commented.

"Tough test? You didn't even have to fight anything. All you had to do was jump down a little hole!" Chiara exclaimed.

"Yeah right! That chasm was hundreds of meters deep! I'd like to see you jump down it." AJ said back.

"Come on guys. This isn't a competition, you know! We're meant to be a team." Michael said.

"Hey, lighten up, Mike. We're only kidding about." AJ said to the new White Ranger.

"Sorry, I guess I'm just taking things a bit too seriously!" Michael replied.

"Okay, we'll forget about that. We should be studying anyway." AJ commented.

"Yeah, okay." Michael said.

"But we still had the harder test!" Chiara insisted, starting the argument all over again.

None of the Rangers particularly liked Fridays, it seemed to be out there to deliberately annoy. It was so close to the weekend, but as far from it as any other day. It also seemed to drag on forever, constantly keeping the freedom of the weekend just out of their reach. So when the final bell rang, they were out of there pretty fast. They had gone down to Angel Grove Park to muck about for a while as they did every day. However, today was slightly different. Today they had something watching over them, something dark and sinister.

As the three Dark beings watched the Rangers from their orbiting ship, they couldn't help laughing inwardly at what was heading their way. Since the three of them had made a discovery that morning, they had been hard at work preparing for their first real attack.

"This couldn't be any better. Why wear ourselves down fighting the Rangers when we can get other people to do it for us!" Kismet smiled.

"Yes, but is he ready yet?" Destiny asked.

"No!" Bane replied.

"What?" Kismet exclaimed. "You told us he would be!"

"Calm down, brother." Bane said calmly. "He isn't ready yet, because they are ready instead!" Bane could see his siblings looking at him confused. "Follow me."

They followed bane through to the Science Lab. They all looked on as they saw what he meant. "But how?" Kismet asked.

"He was a powerful being. In fact, he had more power than he was physically able to utilize. So I have created the new to use this Power, and improved the old to make him stronger." Bane explained.

The others sometimes forgot that. Although Bane sometimes seemed a little too battle-keen, he was actually quite a genius. He was always the one who created anything they needed, or thought their way around a technological difficulty. Once again, he had outdone himself, but the real test was soon to come.

"Only one way to test them out." Kismet said.

"Right. I'll send number 1 to test the Rangers before I send the others in!" Bane said. * **Chiara DeSantos, Michael Oliver and Neil Campbell were all stood together, practicing a few new moves. Tyler Park, Sarah Chan and Julie Cranston were sitting under a large tree working together on one of their homework assignments. AJ was trying to teach Angel something his father had explained to him. Just like her father, Angel was a natural dancer, and ever since Jason had told his TJ that Zack had adapted it into a fighting technique, he had been determined to get Angel to do the same. So AJ and Angel were in the middle of developing a new form of hip-hop-kido. The rest of them were playing basketball on the nearby court.

"Nice shot!" Philip called out to his teammate, Marc. "That puts us ahead by eight!"

"Why d'you let him through?" Nina screeched at her brother and teammate, Paul.

"Hey, I'm not the only one on this team!" he called back. "You could try doing something once in a while."

"I was doing something. Who do you think was stopping Phil from helping Marc?" Nina shouted back as the two walked together.

"Yeah, that's great, but he wasn't the one with the ball!" Paul snapped.

"Come on guys, it's just a game!" Marc smiled at the warring siblings.

"Oh it's easy for you to say that! You're winning!" Nina commented.

"Okay, I say we finish it here." Philip said starting to head back to the others under the tree.

"You're just scared we're gonna beat you!" Nina said to him as they all walked away.

"Actually, I'm scared you two are gonna kill each other if we score again!" Philip joked as they sat down beside the others who were still working on their assignments.

"How's it going?" Marc asked.

"Okay, we're almost done." Tyler commented.

"Hey, you guys wanna go see a movie tonite or something?" Sarah asked.

They all agreed happily. They liked to make the most of the days they got when they could all be together. It didn't actually happen very often, but today was one of them.

Suddenly, they heard a loud explosion in the distance. "Did you hear that?" Michael asked, ceasing his practicing.

"It was a bit hard to miss!" Paul said sarcastically.

"Maybe next week!" Sarah muttered under her breath.

"I guess that'll be our cue!" Philip said, looking at his communicator. Less than a second later it beeped. "What's up, Dulcea?" he asked.

"Rangers, please come back to the Power Chamber, this is most dire situation." Dulcea said, alarmed.

"Man, she sounds even more serious than usual!" Marc commented.

They quickly looked round to check there was nobody else in sight, then hit their teleporters. In a massive flash of color, they were gone.

The Power Chamber suddenly got crowded as twelve Rangers and eighteen parents arrived. "Okay, what's going on?" about five of them asked at once.

"Everyone, please watch the View screen." Dulcea said. After a few moments of pushing and shoving, and a couple of complaints from people who couldn't see, they were ready.

Dulcea touched some controls and an image appeared on the view screen.

"It can't be!" Kimberly called out, open-mouthed.

"It is, it's..." Adam said.

"Ivan Ooze!" Aisha commented.

"But he was blown to pieces by Ryan's Comet!" Tommy commented.

"That which can be destroyed, can also be recreated!" Dulcea explained. "You should know by now that all things are possible."

"Okay, so the three stooges recreated the Ooze man! Big deal! Six weaker Rangers managed to defeat him before, I should think twelve fully powered Rangers will have no problem!" Michael said confidently.

"I am not so sure. Some of the readings we are getting are very...... peculiar!" Dulcea said cautiously.

"Don't worry, we'll be fine!" Michael said. "Come on guys, POWER MORPH!"

"Red Ranger Power!"

"Pink Ranger Power!"

"Blue Ranger Power!"

"Black Ranger Power!"

"Yellow Ranger Power!"

"Gold Ranger Power!"

"White Ranger Power!"

"Brown Ranger Power!"

"Green Ranger Power!"

"Purple Ranger Power!"

"Orange Ranger Power!"

"Silver Ranger Power!"

"We're outta here!" Philip said as they all teleported away, back to Angel Grove.

Twelve flashes of energy swept down from the sky and materialized into the new Ninja Rangers. They looked round and saw they were at the same site where Ivan Ooze had originally been freed from, only now, the buildings were complete. Fortunately they were all office buildings or multi-story car parks so they were near enough empty considering the time.

"Okay, so we're here. Let's find him!" Angel commented.

"Right, let's split up. Phil, Julie, Paul, Tyler and Nina, you're with me. We're going this way, you go that way!" Michael ordered.

They all followed his order and split into separate groups. Michael's group started to look around for Ivan while the others went off in another direction. "So, what exactly do we do when we find him? Remember, he's had centuries of experience with his Power, we've had one battle!" Tyler commented.

"We may be inexperienced, but we're more powerful than him and we outnumber him twelve to one!" Michael said confidently.

"I hope you're right. I've got a bad feeling!" Julie said as they walked along past one of the buildings.

"What are you worrying about? We've got a perfect record. 100% victory rate!" Paul said.

"Yeah, but when you've had one battle, that's not exactly difficult." Nina said back.

"I wonder how the others are doing." Michael said.

"I don't know, maybe we should check." Phil said.

"No, if they've found anything they'll report in." Julie said. "I say we just keep looking for this creep."

"Creep? Little old me?" a voice called out from behind a building.

"Ivan Ooze I presume!" Michael said as he walked out from where he was hiding.

"You should know, you destroyed me, or at least tried to!" Ivan said back to them.

Michael looked around, confused, then he realized something. Gathered there were the Red, White, Blue, Pink, Yellow and Black Rangers. The same colored Rangers as their parents had been when they fought him.

"No, I think you're confusing us with someone else. We're the new Power Rangers and we're gonna take you down!" Philip called out.

"I can't believe that even after his miserable group of children failed to destroy me last time that Zordon would do the same thing again!" Ivan sneered.

"Actually, Zordon didn't send us." Julie said.

"Zordon died over twenty years ago. He gave his life to rid this Universe of scum like you!" Michael said confidently.

"Zordon, dead! And I missed it." Ivan said, sounding almost upset.

"Yeah, well life's full of disappointments. Prepare to get another one!" Philip called out to the morphological being.

"I think not." He shouted back.

"Power Weapons!" Michael gave the command.

"Power Axe!" Tyler commanded.

"Power Bow!" Julie shouted.

"Power Daggers!" Nina called out.

"Power Lance!" Paul called next.

"Power Sword!" Philip said

"Power Saber!" Michael said finally.

"Are you quite finished?" Ivan asked, unimpressed.

"No, but you are!" Philip snapped back. They rushed to surround him, but he disappeared before they could attack. They all turned to see him appear a short distance away.

"Too scared to face us?" Tyler asked.

"Oh yes, six kids in spandex is enough to scare anyone!" Ivan replied. "But I'm more of an idea man! And how's this for an idea?" He held his hands out to his sides and purple lightning shot from his fingers. It struck the ground and several blobs of ooze appeared. They began growing until they were human sized, then formed into the ooze warriors they had been told about in their parents' story. Seconds later, Ivan disappeared. It seemed just a bit too familiar.

"Guys, this is Michael, I want you six to get back to the Power Chamber. Ivan's disappeared, he might be going after our base again!" White Ranger ordered.

"Okay, we're on it!" AJ said back. There was a crackle of teleporter energy and the communication channel cut off.

"Now let's take these guys!" Red Ranger ordered.

The two groups of warriors ran toward each other, the Rangers holding their weapons ready. The Rangers were outnumbered about three to one - Ivan's warriors didn't stand a chance! Nina somersaulted into the middle of a group of four. A punch to the chest knocked the one in front of her down, then a jumping double side kick knocked the ones to either side to the ground. Finally she backflipped so that her feet hooked round the neck of the warrior behind her. Pulling forward hard, she slammed the warrior's head into the ground, landing herself back perfectly on her feet.

"Eww!" she said as she looked down. The head had smashed into pieces. All that remained now was a body and a puddle of ooze.

"Hyah!" Michael called out as he jumped through the air. He thrust the Power Saber forward and it sliced into the stomach of one of the warriors as he jumped. Both landed on the ground together. White Ranger pulled the Saber from the ooze warrior's stomach and examined it. It was coated in purple ooze. As he looked at it, he raised it to eye level and the warrior saw it too. Suddenly realizing what had happened, he looked down at his stomach, looked back at the Ranger, and collapsed to the ground.

Paul and Julie were working together, and their strategy was disposing of warrior after warrior. Paul jumped in with his Power lance and thrust it into the stomach of one of them, then lifted them into the air with it. Holding them there, Julie finished them with her Power Bow. The arrows shot through them and a shower of ooze rained down form their injuries.

Philip was having a great time. The sword had always been his favorite weapon, but the Power sword was amazing. Charging through a group of ooze warriors, he just swiped the sword at each one and it cut through them with ease.

"This thing is great!" Philip grinned inside his helmet. Suddenly, half an ooze warrior landed beside him, closely followed by the Black Ranger.

"This thing's not bad either!" Tyler said as held up the Power Axe.

The remaining warriors were regrouping. The Rangers took the chance to do the same thing. They looked round at each other, then over at the warriors. "Power Blaster." Michael suggested.

The others didn't hesitate. They wanted to try everything. Tyler converted the Power Axe into Cosmic Cannon mode and threw it into the air. Next, Julie added her Power bow. It joined onto the Axe near the barrel, attaching itself perpendicular to the other weapon. Nina's Power Daggers were added next, joining onto the bow, closely followed by the Power Lance which was split in two. Finally, Philip added the Power sword to the top of the weapon and it was complete.

"POWER BLASTER!" they called out. "FIRE!" Streams of multi-colored energy shot from the five barrels and struck the group of warriors. Those at the front of the group were completely obliterated, the rest of them just reduced to steaming puddles of ooze.

"Yes!" Paul called out.

"Let's get back to the Power Chamber!" Philip said. Standing together, they touched the buckles on their belts and teleported away.

The other six Rangers stood waiting in the Power Chamber, expecting something to happen, but hoping it wouldn't. They watched their six colleagues easily dispose of Ivan's warriors on the View screen. They saw them teleport and waited for them to arrive back in the Power Chamber.

Flashes of White, Black, Blue, pink, Yellow and Red materialized into the Rangers who immediately ran over to the main area of the chamber.

"No sign of Ivan. It's all been quiet here!" Neil reported.

"Dad, any sign of him on the scanners?" Julie asked her Dad who was standing near the scan control console.

"No, sorry. We can't trace him. But that's good in a way. It means he's not on Earth, so we should be safe for now!" Billy replied.

"Do not be so sure of that, Rangers." Dulcea commented. "I know Ivan Ooze well. I also know Bane, Destiny and Kismet. They will attack again soon."

Dulcea almost smiled as the alarms went off.

"Man, how does she do that?" Paul asked.

"What's the situation, Billy?" Tommy asked.

"Ooze is back. He's attacking the business district of Angel Grove... and he's BIG!" Billy told them all.

"Looks like we get to try out the Zords again!" Marc said excitedly.

"Okay, back to action!" Michael called out, and all twelve Rangers teleported away.

Jason and Tommy looked at each other and laughed. They hadn't even told the Rangers they used that command. Jason remembered the first time he had said it, it had just been to get the others' attention, but then it had stuck, and eventually, when Tommy took over as leader, he started using it. Now their children used it too. They all wondered how much of their behavior as Rangers was determined by the Power, and how many of the similarities between them and the new Rangers were just coincidental. Either way it just seemed so strange to hear their own children give the command.

Ivan was quite happily wandering between buildings, knocking the occasional one down. His Zord-sized form was different to his normal one. His purple robes were replaced by purple plate-armor and large helmet covered the top of his head. In one hand was a long sword, the other one was free.

"Take one more step and we destroy you!" AJ threatened from the GorillaZord.

Ivan turned to see a small group of Zords gathered before him – the GorillaZord, ButterflyZord, GazelleZord and PumaZord. "How nice of you. You brought me some toys to play with. Knocking over buildings is fun, but after a dozen or so it just gets so boring!" Ivan grinned cruelly.

"Well it was our pleasure, but watch out, because these toys play back!" AJ called back.

GazelleZord was the first to attack. It ran at an incredible speed towards the morphological being and reared up on its back legs, using its front ones to batter the large monster. Despite the hits being strong, they couldn't penetrate his armor. Ivan backhanded the Zord with his free hand and it crashed down to the ground.

Before he could continue the attack, the PumaZord had ran along and jumped toward him and the Butterfly had flown overhead. The PumaZord jumped past him and sliced at his armor with its claws. The Butterfly continued the attack by blasting a bolt of lightning at him from its antennae. The electric shock blasted him off of his feet.

That gave AJ the chance he needed. He piloted his Zord towards Ivan. It bounded along with its two heavy fists acting as legs more than arms. When it got close enough, it jumped and caught hold of Ivan round the neck as he stood up. Holding on tight, the GorillaZord bit at Ivan's shoulder, the strong teeth in the Gorilla's mouth piercing through the armor. Letting go of his neck, the GorillaZord pushed hard with its feet. Ivan was once again pushed backwards as the GorillaZord backflipped off of him and landed on its feet.

With a loud shout, Ivan got back to his feet and blasted a bolt of energy from his hand. It struck all four Zords, causing a reasonable amount of damage. The PenguinZord rushed up behind him unnoticed. "Everyone out of the way!" Tyler ordered.

The four damaged Zords moved to the side of the wide street just in time. The PenguinZord initiated its slide attack. Taking a long run-up, it jumped down onto its stomach and slid along the ground. It struck Ivan in the back of the legs and once again he fell to the ground.

"Now you've got me really angry!" Ivan snapped as he clambered back to a standing position. He charged up the Sword and swiped it out ahead of him. A wave of energy sped along the street and hit the already damaged Zords.

"Guys, get in here now!" AJ called through the communicator.

Only seconds later, the other seven Zords rushed in. The Fox, Jackal and Lion Zords rushed in first, the Dragon, Scorpion and Bear Zords followed just behind them, and in the air was the magnificent White EagleZord. They briefly attacked Ivan on the way past, then stood together with the others.

"Guys, initiate Megazord sequences!" Michael ordered. Activating the link-up module in their Zords, most of the might machines began joining together. For now, the ButterflyZord and GorillaZord kept Ivan busy while the Megazords were constructed.

The FoxZord's legs folded into its body, then the whole thing folded upward to form a leg, the Fox's head forming the foot. The same thing happened next to it in the JackalZord. The PenguinZord transformed and joined onto the top of the two legs. Next, the LionZord joined on, forming the chest of the Megazord. A humanoid head folded out as the Lion's head folded inside its body. ScorpionZord was the last to join on. It split in two and changed to form two arms.

"Ninja Megazord I complete!" Philip, Tyler, Julie, Nina and Paul all called out together.

Whilst that was going on, the other five Zords started to join up. Ninja Megazord II was much like Megazord I in structure. The Puma and Gazelle Zords formed the legs, the BearZord making the midsection, DragonZord making the chest and head, and the EagleZord making the arms.

"Ninja Megazord II complete!" Michael, Neil, Marc, Chiara and Sarah said.

The two humanoid robots walked forward to take over from AJ and Angel in keeping Ivan busy. "Our turn!" AJ said through the communicator to Angel.

The GorillaZord straightened up, standing on just its back legs. The legs stretched and straightened into a more human position while the arms moved back slightly. It was now a completely humanoid shape with a Gorilla's head. A section opened up on the back of its head and a new face plate and helmet emerged, covering the old head completely.

"GorillaZord Warrior Mode complete!" AJ called out. He watched as the ButterflyZord began changing too. It floated in front of him, its body vertical. Its bottom two sets of legs folded down, joining together to form legs, the top set folded upwards and expanded to make arms, hands emerging from the ends. Finally, its antennae detached from its head and went into its hands, forming a pair of large daggers.

"ButterflyZord Warrior Mode complete!" Angel called out.

Following that communication, the two Megazords moved away from Ivan and joined the two Warrior robots. "Let's finish this guy!" Neil said.

"Whadda you say, go for the classic finish?" Philip asked.

"Sure, why not! Power swords, engage!" Michael replied to his brother.

A large Power Sword appeared in the hand each of the Megazords and one in the hand of the GorillaZord. The two Megazords crossed their swords. AJ's Zord stood in the middle and added its own sword to the cross. All three began to glow and energy shot from them into the two daggers the Butterfly held out to its sides. Once the energy feed was complete, Angel made her Zord jump forward, slicing first the left dagger, then the right one across Ivan's chest.

He let out a scream as ButterflyZord walked back to the others. The morphological being collapsed to the ground and exploded. The Rangers celebrated, thinking it was over. Then they saw Ivan Ooze standing back down on the ground at his original size. They teleported down and surrounded him.

"Good fight Rangers, but you haven't won yet. There's always tomorrow!" Ivan screamed out before vanishing in a flash of purple.

"Damn, he got away!" AJ cursed.

"Hey, never mind, we won this time." Michael said light-heartedly.

"Now let's go. We can still catch that movie if we hurry!" Sarah insisted.

"Why hurry when we can teleport? It's the only way to travel!" Marc grinned.

They all laughed and teleported back to the Power Chamber to make sure there was nothing else they were needed for.

Bane, Destiny and Kismet were stood around Ivan Ooze. They looked at him with contempt. This mighty being, supposedly one of the strongest in the galaxy, especially with the improvements made by Bane when he was resurrected, had failed.

"You couldn't defeat them... again!" Destiny sneered.

"No my dear. That is very observant of you!" Ivan said back. "I had no intention of defeating them!"

"What, you were planning to make friends with them were you?" Kismet said sarcastically.

"Don't try and get smart with me!" Ivan snapped back at him. "You may have the Power to destroy me, in fact, you may have enough Power to destroy anything, but it's me that has the brains here! You need me, so I make the plans, okay!"

Kismet glared at him, not liking being spoken to like that, although he knew what he was like. Ivan was indeed a mighty warrior, but his greatest asset was in his skills as a tactician. Bane was extremely intelligent when it came to genetic and technological matters, but that was as far as his intellect went. Kismet and Destiny were mainly just warriors, although when they worked together, they were capable of some intriguing ideas. Ivan was indeed needed to make that team work.

"Very well, we do things your way... for now!" Destiny replied to him.

Ivan flashed a cruel smile at them all and left the room. The other three just went back to observing the Rangers. They may not have been the master tacticians that Ivan was, but they knew one thing, knowledge was Power, and to defeat your enemy, you must first know them. The view screen showed the twelve Rangers gathered in a darkened room watching moving images projected onto a large screen.

"Enjoy yourselves Rangers, for you days are now numbered!" Bane growled.