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Time Scale: This starts off shortly into the Turbo Series, just after the powers have been passed on to TJ, Cassie, Carlos and Ashley.

Call to Arms
By Matt

The Red Turbo Ranger swiped at the monster with his Turbo Lightning Sword, alone his most powerful attack. Alone – as he was right now. His fellow Turbo Rangers were having similar troubles against their own monsters. This had been a completely new strategy by Divatox, she sent Five different monsters, each with a platoon of Piranhatrons to different areas of Angel Grove.

TJ swiped at the monster again. Once again, it just stood there and took all the punishment TJ could dish out. Not that TJ could dish out much of anything, let alone to the monster, the Piranhatrons were keeping him busy.

TJ spoke into his wrist-mounted communicator, "Guys, how are you doing?" He ducks as a Piranhatron pinches vaguely in the area of his head. The fight had been going on so long, even the monsters were getting tired.

A voice comes back through the communicator, "TJ, this is Carlos. I'm not doing to well. Neither are the others, I think we need to… Aaaargh!"

Following the scream from his team-mate, all TJ could hear was static, even as he called the others, Justin, Cassie, Ashley, none of them had the time, or even the ability, to respond.

The Red Ranger back-flips away from a group of advancing Piranhatrons. He spoke into the communicator once again, in one final attempt for help before he finally admitted to himself that he truely was alone.

"Alpha, this is TJ. I'm in trouble and I'm sure the others are too. Anything you can do would really be appreciated!" he pleaded, trying to sound strong and confident, even at his weakest moment.

"I'll do everything I can, TJ!" the small mechanoid chirped back through the communicator.

He continued to fight bravely, knowing that unless Alpha could do anything, this could be the end. A quick round-house kick sent half a dozen of the mindless drones flying in all directions, but even that wasn't enough. The monster, a safe distance away from TJ and with a couple of dozen Piranhatrons between them, fired a few shots at TJ. He was too busy to even see them coming. One hit him in the back of his helmet, immediately turning him around, the next in his lower body and the third in the chest, knocking him to the ground, near-unconscious.

"We've got him!" the monster called out, pushing his way through to the front of the Piranhatrons who were swarming around the fallen Ranger. "Let's finish the job!"

All TJ saw was a vague outline of several figures standing over him, he heard the monsters words and prepared for the worst. Suddenly, they all disappeared. No visible energy discharge like ther would usually be seeing someone teleport away. One second they were there, a nano-second later, they were all gone.

TJ assumed it was Alpha's doing and tanked him silently to himself. He struggled to his feet and immediately thought of his fellow Rangers. He was about to contact the others when the communicator bleeped.

"TJ, this is Cassie. The monsters have all gone here, the others say they have too. How about yours?" Cassie asked via the communicator.

"They just vanished!" TJ replied. "Let's regroup at the Power Chamber." TJ attempted to disguise how scared he probably still sounded – but to no avail. After coming so close to being killed, he couldn't help but still be a little shaken up. He disappeared in a flash of Red as he teleported back to the Rangers' base of command.

TJ had taken so long to compose himself before teleporting that he was the last to arrive. The others were all gathered around Alpha Six at a console.

"Hey guys, what's going on?" TJ questioned the others, as the chances were they knew more than he did.

"We still don't know, really." Justin replied to him. "All of the monsters just disappeared at exactly the same moment."

"Why would Divatox just pull out like that? I don't know how you guys were doing, but they had me near enough beat." TJ asked, confused, hoping at least one of the others could answer.

"That's the strange thing, TJ, they didn't teleport away, well not by any method I know of." the Mechanoid told TJ.

"What do you mean?" Carlos asked, obviously as mixed-up and confused as the rest of them looked.

"When anything transports, no matter how discreetly done, it should leave a residual power signature. I've scanned on all frequencies and I can't detect any of Divatox's usual energy trails. Even if they were destroyed by something that could completely dissipate their molecular cohesion, there would be some personal energy signature remaining. I couldn't detect any of that." Alpha reeled off his detailed description to the Rangers.

"Huh?" TJ thought to himself, but before he could make himself look stupid by having to ask, Justin spoke.

"Basically guys, they've disappeared without a trace!" the young genius said, managing to shorten Alpha's description into a single sentence.

"Have you checked on Divatox herself, she may be up to something!" Cassie suggested.

"I'm scanning now," Alpha replied, tapping away at the buttons on the control panel before him. "Rangers… She's gone!"

Ashley was as shocked as the rest at this news, but she was the first to voice her confusion. "Whadda you mean she's gone?"

"Exactly what I said, she's gone!" Alpha replied. Had it been in his programming to be able to do so, he would mhave put a slightly cocky emphasis on his repeated words. "She's no longer on Earth."

"So where's she gone, and why?" TJ asked, voicing the concern of all the Rangers.

"I'm extending the search parameters to maximium range. Wherever she is in the Universe, we'll detect her." Alpha insisted, pushing some more buttons. Once he initiated the search, he did the same as they all had to do – wait!

The two minute wait for the search to finish seemed an eternity to the Rangers. Eventually the computer bleeped, indicating it had finished. The read out on the screen was plain enough to Alpha Six, a one hundred per cent accurate return – to the Rangers, the writing on the screen was just useless techno-babble.

"Rangers, the scan says…" Alpha said, starting to read it, "What? This isn't possible!"

The tension had built in the Rangers minds during the wait for the scan to complete. Alpha's delay wasn't helping at all, they all just wanted to know, where exactly was Divatox?

Carlos couldn't stand the wait, no matter how short, for Alpha to continue of his own accord. "What's impossible, Alpha. What is it?"

"She's… nowhere!" Alpha, despite the inability to show emotion, seemed to be a good job with shock!

"Alpha, you're not making any sense. She has to be somewhere!" Justin insisted, trying to bring his robotic friend back down to Earth.

"No, she isn't. The Power Chamber's scanning technology is some of the most advanced in the Galaxy, it can scan all of the known Universe and it's not detecting Divatox, or any of her forces anywhere! She has quite literally disappeared off the face of the Universe!" Alpha explained, hardly believing what he was saying, himself.

"So that's it? We've done it? We've won?" Cassie asked, hardly believing any of this.

"We should be happy about that," Carlos said, "So why have I got such a bad feeling about it?"

"Divatox doesn't have the technology, or the ability to do this, which means someone else has done it!" Alpha replied, indirectly agreeing with Carlos' suspicion.

"Dimitria, could this be someone else? Maybe there's someone else after the Earth and getting rid of Divatox was just part of their plan!" TJ suggested.

"Yeah. Before Tommy left, he was telling me about Rita and Zedd, the Rangers' first enemies. Before they left, they swore to come back and claim Earth as their own. Maybe it's them." Justin answered TJ.

"Alpha, could you not check what our previous enemies are up to?" Dimitria requested of her mechanical assistant.

"I'll scan for them all now. If any of them are up to anything, we'll soon know about it." Alpha assured his leader and his friends.

The computer bleeped and Alpha read the results. Again, he looked confused (as much as something with no actual face can look confused!)

"What is it Alpha? Who's doing this?" Justin asked.

"I don't know who's doing this, but I can tell you who isn't. Not only is Divatox gone, Rita, Zedd, the Machine Empire, Gasket, Archerina, Master VIle, they're all gone too!" Alpha explained.

"So either someone has just done the Universe a massive favour, or we're in big trouble!" Justin added.

"What do you mean? What trouble?" Ashley asked her youngest fellow ranger.

"Well think about it, they can't have just have just disappeared, they had to go somewhere!" Justin started to explain his concern.

"If they're not here, it doesn't really matter does it?" Ashley asked, thinked in a very small-minded way.

"Wherever they've gone, the chances are they've gone there together…" Justin started.

"And all of them together, could be big trouble!" Ashley finished, suddenly seeing the big picture.

"Exactly. If they've formed some sort of Alliance, even if it's not to attack us, it could end up being bad for everyone." Justin said.

"Who would have the ability to make all of them and their armise just disappear though?" Dimitria asked.

"None of them have that sort of technology. They haven't done this themselves, they've had help, and for once, I don't know who from!" Alpha explained, sounding extremely disappointed that he had failed his human friends.

'BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP!' The Power Chambers alarms suddenly burst into action. Alpha, before anyone even knew what was going on had turned back to the scanner controls and started to check what the problem was.

"Rangers, there's a disturbance forming." Alpha blurted out before anyone else even had time to ask what the problem was. It was actually quite an incredible sight to see how fast the Alpha series unit could move when needed.

"Where Alpha?" TJ asked.

Alpha turned to the Rangers once again, his non-existent expression of shock managing to manifest itself once again. "It's somewhere in the Power Chamber!"

"I'll try and pinpoint exactly where!" Alpha said, turning back to the controls.

While his team-mates crowded round Alpha, Justin looked round. As he looked a short distance behind where he was standing, his eyes widened. He saw something appearing. It looked just like the wormhole Zordon and Alpha Five had gone home through. He could still remember that day. He hadn't known Zordon, or Alpha Five particularly well, but he still felt sad to see them go. He often thought of them, wondered how they were doing, wondered if they ever missed Earth, missed the Rangers. 'Enough reminiscing' he thought to himself.

"Alpha, I think you can stop looking!" Justin called out.

"What are you talking ……" Carlos started. He turned round as he spoke and stopped when he saw the wormhole. "Erm, guys, you'd better see this!"

They all turned to look at the wormhole. "What is it?" Cassie asked.

Alpha started to scan it. "It looks like some kind of wormhole!" Justin said while Alpha continued his check.

"It's a spacial/temporal vortex." Alpha concluded.

"What's that?" TJ said. He had never really even understood even the most simnple scientific terms. This time he didn't care looking stupid by having to ask, he just wanted to know.

"It's a hole in space and time!" Justin informed his less enlightened colleague. "Alpha, can you tell where, or should I say when, it leads?"

"Sorry Justin, our scanners can't penetrate it." Alpha said.

Suddenly, a voice came from the wormhole. "Turbo Rangers, please come through the portal. Bring Alpha Six and Blue Senturion, we need your help. Step through the portal." the voice requested. One of them immediately recognised it. Alpha went to contact Blue Senturion.

"Alpha Five, is that you?" Justin called out, hoping whoever it was could actually hear him.

"Yes Justin, it's me. Please hurry through the portal. We need your help and the portal is draining a lot of our power!" Alpha Five replied. As he finished, a flash of blue light shot into the Power Chamber and the Blue Senturion appeared.

"Is my assistance required Rangers?" the inter-galactic officer of law asked of his human allies.

"Senturion, we just got a call for help from Alpha Five. We need you to come with us!" TJ explained.

"I am always at your service, especially for a friend in need!" Blue Senturion replied.

"Come on guys. Let's go!" TJ said, jumping through the portal. Without a single worry about their own safety, the other four rangers and the Blue Senturion followed him.

"We'll back as soon as we can!" Alpha said to his leader.

"Alpha Six, can I trust you to watch over our Rangers?" Dimitria asked.

"With two Alpha units to look out for them, Dimitria, you need not worry!" Alpha Six replied confidently before jumping through the vortex. It closed as soon as he was through.

Katherine Hillard was sitting in the Living room of her family home watching the TV with her mother.

"We interrupt this programme with an breaking news story. Across the state, mysterious disappearances have occured. Already Kimberly Hart, a world class Gymnast, Tommy Oliver, a rally driver from Angel Grove and Adam Park, a stunt man also from Angel Grove, have all disappeared. Several others have also gone but no other names have been confirmed. If you have any information regarding these people, please contact your local authorities. We now return to your regular programming."

"Kat, aren't they friends of yours?" Katherine's mother asked, her eyes still fixed on the TV.

When she got no answer, she looked round at her daughter, but she was gone. "Kat, Katherine, where are you?"

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