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Author's Note: I am in the process of writing this story as it comes. I have several pages of this story written out and will get it typed up and posted as soon as I can. I am currently working on several other fanfics and this particular story maybe delayed. I am sorry for leaving you hanging like this.

I would also ask you to email me if you would like to use any aspect of my story. The reason for this, especially with Zelda, is because the storyline is complex and has taken me since 1991 to create to where it is now. It is also under constant reconstruction so some items are subject to change. I will also have several standalones, which have nothing to do with the main sequence of events. I will tell you when that is so. I just want you to know that I am posting this against my better judgment because all my ideas are subject to change. I really wanted to wait and post it when the whole thing was typed, but I just want to get it out there and then post the final version on my site when complete. Any critique is welcome. I will also soon have out a guide to my characters. Thank you. I give to you now...

The Golden Mountains of Merinoi
By Zelda Martial

"Where did you say she was going?" Maya asked shocked at what she had just heard.

"She told me that the voices were telling her to go back to Merinoi. I don't know any specifics, but all I do know it that if we don't go after her, there could be trouble."

"Why would the voices be coming from Merinoi?" Kendrix asked to everyone but directed the question towards Maya. Maya had responded by shrugging her shoulders.

"All the more reason for us to go." Damon said, responding to Maya's shrug.


Elsewhere on board the Megaship, Alpha 6 was having a conversation with a secret stowaway.

"Any idea where she's headed Alpha?" The stowaway asked the little droid. Just before Zelda left Terra Venture, she had stopped at the Megaship to let Alpha know where she was going. Alpha relayed that information to the unknown person as he nodded in acknowledgement. He then left to go to the bridge of the Megaship with Alpha following close behind.

"If she says that she's gong back the Merinoi, then that would mean that the galactic rangers will be close behind. Since the planet Merinoi is located in a hidden galaxy, if we don't help them get there now, they will be spending a lot of time doing so themselves. By the time they figure out the combination, it will be too late. We must help them Alpha, at all costs."

"Right Trei." Alpha acknowledged. Soon afterwards, they reached the bridge control room and together, startled all who were present in the room before their arrival. Leo was the first to act.

"Who are you?" He demanded to know. Alpha tried to explain who was with him and why he was here.

"If that is who you claim to be, why do you need the Megaship?" Kai asked Trei.

"It is the only ship in this galaxy that can break the barriers between all the other galaxies- with the hyper rush drive." Trei then went on, after every one gave him a quizzical look. "In order for the Megaship to break the barriers between the galaxies, the hyper rush drive must reach a minimum velocity of seventeen." Damon was now beginning to understand what was being said.

"But the Astro Megaship only has up to hyper rush ten," Damon paused a moment. "But I do believe there is a way to increase the speed to a maximum of twenty."

"How long do you think it will take?" Asked Maya.

"I would say an hour give or take a few minutes. It would also depend if we come upon some problems also, but I don't predict any." Damon replied.

"Then let's get to work." Leo said.

As both Trei and Damon worked on the hyper rush drive, everyone else, including Alpha, finished other work that needed to be done on the Megaship before they left for Merinoi in a galaxy not to far away.

Meanwhile, several hours later, Zelda had arrived on Merinoi.

"Damn, where are those voices? I can't hear them anymore." Zelda the cursed under her breath. "I thought the voices were here." Exasperated, she sat on the ground and laved back in the soft emerald moss that layered much of the ground of Merinoi. Zelda then, without realizing it, fell asleep right there because her flight from Terra Venture used up most of her energy. When she was sound a sleep, a small sprite, only about a foot and half tall, came out to inspect the intruding new comer.

"A elcarim." The sprite spoke. (To find out what the sprites are saying, spell each word backwards. ^-^)

"Ehs sah devirra!" The sprite repeated this many times before her other sprite friends emerged from the shadows by the edge of the forest of Merinoi. "Kool, kool. S'ehs ereh, s'ehs ereh!"

"S'ti reh!" The sprites all began to murmuring to each other and excitedly began running back to there one, unified home in the mountains and of course they took Zelda with them.

They tramped through the woods of Eden for many hours. Several of the sprites were carrying on their shoulders, which were only a foot above the ground of pillow soft emerald moss, Zelda. It went on like this for a few more miles before the sprites reached their destination; the golden mountain range know to the sprites as "Sniatnuom fo eht Rotaerc" or "Mountain's of the Creator". These were extremely sacred lands to the gold sprites that lived here because these were the mountains that created the universe. Atop the highest mountain peak was what was known as, "Eht erbas fo lla ohw evil," to the sprites, and to everyone else, they were known as "The golden galactic quasar saber of life".


Zelda slept for many more hours before she finally woke up to her unfamiliar surroundings.

After she woke up, she sat in an upright position, hugging her knees to chin.

"Ekawa! Ehs si ereh. S'ehs ekawa retsam redeal fo rewolf sgniht taht worg."

Emerging from the edge of the mountain he came. A known wander of the mountains, the sprites looked up to him, to show them that there was still a future for their war torn planet of peace.

Zelda stood up to get a better look at her surroundings, and as she stretched her legs, the sprites scattered back into the forest. The one who had emerged from the base of the forest only moments prior, didn't even twitch a solitary muscle

"You have excited the golden sprites." Zelda whirled quickly around to see who was talking to her. "I haven't seen them this excited since they found their savior."

"Who are you?" Zelda asked the century's old man. "How did I get… here?" She became slack jawed as she realized that she was standing at the foot of a mountain whose jagged peaks are four times that of Mount Everest and again four times more lovely to behold.

"But they can't be real."

"And why not?" The old man asked.

"These mountains were something that my father used to tell me about when I was just a child. How one day I would be able to climb them and obtain one of the greatest powers in the universe."

"What power would that be?"

"I don't know. By the time he was going to tell me, he died in a freak drive by shooting on his way home from work when I was seventeen. The Police never did find the killer. My father told my mother what it was about the day after I was born. After my father's accident, she was going to tell me about it, but then she got a call to come back to work and I haven't seen her since. That was when I joined GSA." Zelda paused because she was choking back tears that had began to form in the corner of her eyes. "Anyway, I came here because I was hearing voices. The one I heard most frequently and over all the others was one of my mentor, Zordon. But he's been dead for several years now."

"Has he?" The man asked. Zelda ignored the question as she spoke again.

"But I am still no closer to the voices as I was the day before."

"I wouldn't say that." Zelda cringed as the voices came back, but at half the intensity they had before. Then the sprites came back out of the woods, once more chattering, as they came up to her. At first it seemed that they were speaking gibberish, but as she listened closer, the gibberish began to make sense.

"Ew deen ruoy pleh. Retfa uoy bmilc ot eht pot fo eht niatnuom, uoy tsum niag eht srewop fo eht rasauq erbas." the sprite leader jibbered.

"So you're the voices I have been hearing." Zelda looked down at the sprites, who nodded in acknowledgment and totally forgetting what she had said.

"Then if that's the case, why send for me?" Twelve of the young sprites began tugging her towards the base of the golden mountains. She followed them and the old man to a room that was secluded in the far corner of a lavish cave. To look at the wonders the golden cave had to hold took Zelda's breath away. But what really caught her attention were the lavish portraits that lined every wall of the cave. Then she spotted one she thought she recognized, but the sprites kept pulling her towards their destination. As a result, she never got to see what it was. Finally, they reached their destination. Zelda about fainted when they showed her a picture of Saturn. The picture of the several-ringed planet was exactly like the one her father created for her several years ago back on Earth.

"Th. that picture," Zelda gulped for more air before she continued. "It's exactly the same one my father gave me when I was only six hours old. But that was twenty years ago." The sprites, by this time, had let go of her uniform pants and aloud her to walk up to the painting. Zelda ran her right hand over the textured oil painting. "Same oils that my father used," she then went over to examine the far left hand side of the massive silk canvas.

"To my dearest daughter; May the powers in this picture give way and carve your future. May your days be filled with the power of the Saturnian goddess." She paused.

"Exactly what he wrote on the exact same canvas. Exact same side and did so with the exact same felt pen." She then sat on the ground and the sprites crowded around her quietly.

"I suppose you have the necklace too." Zelda sighed as she realized that once again she was correct. Out of the blue Zelda asked, "In all this fuss, I never thought to ask you your name." She directed the question towards the old man. His response was delayed.