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Disclaimer: MMPR and PR in Space do not belong to me, and the characters aren't mine either, except the Purple Ranger. The assassins aren't mine either. They belong to Cheryl Roberts, author of "Til Death". This story takes place during PR in Space, shortly after the business with Astronema being Andros' sister is done. Zhane, the Silver Ranger, is with the team. And basically, I'm ignoring the fact that Astronema is back and the Mega Winger hasn't shown up. So how does Zhane come back? Simple-he was finished with whatever he was doing (I think it was repopulating KO-35.) A bunch of old rangers will appear in this so please, don't be mad if this isn't good. I'm not getting paid for this at all either. I want to thank Cheryl for helping me iron out a few vague ideas and I dedicate this whole story to her and to my romantic sisters, Janine and Janette.

Chapter I: Running
By Malaur

{Silver...flashes of silver...must run...keep running...must get away...stop hunting me! Leave me alone!!! You shouldn't have gone forever...slashing, blood, pain...NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

The young woman woke with a start as a pair of gentle hands came to her shoulders. The young woman looked up and the creamy, smooth face of almond color complexion filled her vision. "Thanks."

"No problem," said the one that woke her up. "Are you okay?" she asked, tossing back her long, straight, jet-black hair.

"No...I'll never be okay," said the one with the nightmare. "What are we doing here? You should be back home with your family. I-I shouldn't never had come to you."

"Serena, no." The one with the jet-black hair sat on the bed next to her. "I'm glad you did. No one should be running alone. I just wish I had my morphin' powers."

"But your family-"

"I miss them alot. But I know more about the universe and the planets we went to then I'd even known if I had stayed on Earth. But you needed help. And you're not the only one that they're after."

"But Trini..." Serena then broke down and cried. Trini felt sorry for her and held the younger girl tightly.

"It's okay...I was one of Zordon's rangers, remember? I can handle this. We both can." But Trini wasn't too sure with her words. She had wondered countless times as to how she got caught into this. But, as she looked down at the girl who was crying softly, she realized that she wouldn't trade anything to leave Serena alone to fight...those things...

It all started shortly after going to Switzerland for the peace conference. Trini was enjoying herself with Zack and Jason, whom she had gotten closer to since she wasn't around Billy anymore. But after the first week, while shopping, Trini ran into Serena. She was running from some metal assassins. Serena looked pale and weak and was wearing a shimmering jumpsuit definitely not from Earth. Trini saved her from the assassins but was quickly entangled into the battle. Luckily, Trini and her managed some shopping and Serena got "Earther" clothes. But then, the assassins seemed bent on getting Trini as well. Serena had felt bad about Trini getting involved and after the assassins bombed the peace conference, she asked Trini to go with her so her family and friends wouldn't get caught up into the mess. Trini agreed and they both were roaming the galaxy in Serena's ship, Omega. It was 1/3 smaller than the Astro Megaship but it was very fast and the only time that the assassins attacked was when the ship was on a planet. They had never been attacked in space. Trini thought that odd but Serena had once said that they couldn't let the other Space Rangers know about their presence. So it was her and Serena, alone in the galaxy with no one but each other and Omega. They had resorted to trying to restore the lost Yellow Ranger power coin with some success with it. With Serena as the Purple Space Ranger, the two could be a real team if they could get her some powers as well.

"You really think so?" asked Serena, wiping away the tears.

"Yeah. As long as we stick together, we'll be fine." Trini helped Serena back into her bed and waited for the young girl to sleep before going to the bridge.

"Something troubles you Trini," said Omega, the ship's computer.

"Yeah." Trini sat in one of the chairs in front of the communications station. "How long can to two of us keep going like this? It's no secret that our lives are gone because of this. We use to be"

"I believe I know what you mean, Trini. At times, I feel sorry for you because you tried to help Serena. But I wish I could help with protecting her."

"Omega, you don't land unless we need supplies," Trini reasoned softly. "And you're trying to steer us away from inhabitant planets. You're doing your share, Omega."

"Thank you, Trini. But you are still lonely."

"At times like this, I wish Billy was here." Trini sighed at the thought.

"I believe I know where he is, Trini. Serena kept a close eye on all of Zordon's rangers. Billy went to Aquitar to help the Aquitian rangers."

"So there are other rangers in space."

"Yes and no. Please, turn in to sleep. You'll need it. Do you want me to go to Aquitar, Trini?"

The former Yellow Ranger thought long and hard about it. Being around Billy again would be so great, but the danger she was in was far too great. She didn't want Billy to die because of her. And Serena was having a hard enough time about her being around because she helped Serena. "No," said Trini, getting up. "Forget it." Trini left the bridge but a single heart-felt tear came down her eye.


Billy stood before the small space ship and glanced back at the Aqutian Rangers. He had helped them defeat all of their enemies and he was ready at long last to go home. "I-I really want to thank you guys for everything."

"It was our pleasure, Billy," said Delphine.

"Thank you for your assistance here," added Cestro.

"You better leave now before the window truly closes," said Tideus.

Billy smiled over at Cestria and the smile was almost gone. The two of them had tried to work it out but their physiology caused many problems...and a distant memory of a dear friend who taught him so much and was the reason he went into martial arts...The two decided to be just friends but for Billy...Cestria would hold a special place in his heart. He entered the space ship and stared at Cestria as the door closed.

Cestria saw Billy staring at her and gave him one last smile. She was going to miss him. But why was she so sad now?

Billy widened his smile at her as the door obscured his view and then, it was sealed shut.

Jason stood in front of the former Juice Bar, now called the Surf Spot. He was waiting for several of his friends to show up. He remembered an early morning phone call from Rocky, the ranger who replaced him some time ago.

{Hello?} he had said, still somewhat asleep.

{It's me...Rocky.}

{Rocky! Hey, man. What's up!}

{Did you get a letter?}

{Yeah. Why?}

{I got another this morning saying that I had to let everyone know to meet at the Surf Spot in two hours. What do you think it is?}

{Wish I could tell you, man. I'll call Tommy and the others. You try to get Aisha and Kat.}

{Gotcha! I just hope it isn't a trap.}

{You and me both, Rocky.}

So Jason was standing there, waiting for Rocky to show up. Or whoever got the letter. He saw a jeep pull up and he remembered that someone he knew had a black jeep like that and out came...

Rocky helped Aisha out of the jeep. "I can't believe that you were here the last five days!" he cried.

"Well, what can I say? I wanted to see you all but all I saw was Adam."

"And I wasn't busy." Adam leaped from the jeep. "Thanks for driving, Zack."

"No, prob!" replied Zack. "Lucky for you, I wasn't on tour with Tanya."

"When is she coming?" asked Aisha.

"Later today. She should be on a plane now." Zack looked over at the doorway and saw Jason standing there. "Yo, Jas!"

"Zack!" Jason rushed over and the two greeted each other like old friends. "How you've been, man?"

"Great! Man, I just had a nice talk with Adam and Rocky here..." Zack lowered his voice. "Why didn't you tell me days ago that you were the Gold Ranger for a while!? I wanted to hear that, you know!"

"Yeah, well...we'll talk later, okay?" Jason smiled when he saw Aisha. "Aisha. It's been a while." He gave her a gentle hug.

"Thanx for missin' me. Shall we get inside?" The guys followed Aisha inside.

Kimberly smiled as she stepped foot into Angel Grove Airport. She never thought that she would be in Angel Grove again. She was back because of a letter that was sent to her. She wanted to return to Angel Grove and stay with Tommy now that she had stayed with her mother and her stepfather. She did like France and all but she wasn't ever truly home-until now. She wanted to apologize for the letter she sent long ago. She didn't want to but she thought that he needed to date other people. She had tried but none matched Tommy at all.

She walked toward the seats, waiting for one of her friends to pick her up. She didn't know who it was going to be but she could tell right away who was picking her up. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Tommy glancing around nervously at the gate, looking for her. She couldn't help but notice what he was wearing.

Tommy kept fidgeting with his white button-down shirt and black dressy vest. He felt like every girl was drooling over him and he blushed at the thought. He didn't know if Kim's plane had arrived or not but he didn't feel like waiting all morning. He didn't know how he would react to her after so long.

Kim smiled as she slowly walked up to him from behind. She wanted to scare him. Kim knew that it would be mean but she just wanted to see his reaction. She reached around to his sides and poked him hard.

Tommy jumped and whirled around, ready to strike. He lowered his hand when he saw her. The one who broke his heart. "Kimberly," he said without feeling, although his thoughts were in turmoil.

"Tommy," she said so simply, as if she had known him as a child. "So you came to get me."

"Yeah. Let's get your things." Tommy wanted to say it. He wanted to tell her how much he needed her. And still loved her-

"Tommy! Kim!" cried Tanya suddenly as she ran to them from across the hall. "I can't believe it! You got the letter too?"

"Yeah," they both said at the same time and then blushed.

"Well, I can't wait to see the others, especially Justin." Tanya then talked about her tour but she purposely left Zack out for a reason. She knew he was going to be there. So he would let him tell the others.

Kat stared at the letter she had. In her hotel room, she was sad for not going. She knew that she had a recital in five hours but that wasn't the problem. Kat knew that her and Tommy weren't working out and shortly after getting to Italy, she wrote to him that they should break up. And Tommy wrote back, saying that it was cool with him. She felt bad. She wanted to fight for Tommy and let him be hers only but she knew she was really nothing more than a buffer for his pain for Kimberly.

She stared up at the clock. "I better get going," she said, dispiritedly.

Somewhere in space, the Astro Megaship was on its way to Earth. Andros and Zhane were slightly suspicious, but Cassie, Ashley, Carlos, and T.J. were excited about the invites. Karone, a.k.a. Astronema, was still sleeping.

"Invites! Man, this is going to be some reunion!" T.J. commented, barely able to hold back his excitement.

"I know. Maybe we should show up in just plain clothes instead of what were wearing," added Ashley, hoping to show off a new short dress.

"I think so too," said Carlos, thinking about seeing Adam again.

Andros was off in his own world, thinking about the invites. He didn't like it...all the rangers in one place. It sounded like a trap to him. He then heard someone get up and saw that Zhane was leaving the bridge. "Zhane?"

"I need to be alone," he said, somewhat distant. The doors closed behind him.

"What's wrong with him?" asked Cassie.

"I don't know...wait!" Andros smacked himself on the head. "I'm so stupid!"

"What?" asked Ashley, truly clueless.

"Today's the day it happened," said Andros and that confused everyone.

"What happened today?" asked T.J.

"Today is the two and a half year anniversary of the death of the Princess of Eltar."

"What!?" exclaimed Carlos. "A princess ruled Eltar?"

"Not just any princess. A princess who equaled to Zhane in ranger powers."

"I'm lost," said Cassie.

"The Princess of Eltar was the mystical Purple Ranger, and she was the counterpart of the Silver Ranger. And once, long ago, Zhane and her had a relationship going. He blames himself for her death. He was suppose to save her and he didn't. Funny...a body was never found..."

"Did Zordon know her?" asked Ashley.

"Yeah, he did...she was his daughter."

Stunned silence filled the bridge.

Zhane sat at his desk in his room. He was sad. This day had always made him sad. He never had another girlfriend after her…He glanced up at a picture that was taken when he, Andros, Karone and his girlfriend were was taken before Karone was kidnapped. He missed her so much that his heart felt like it was ripping apart at that very moment. He did want to meet the other rangers but he wasn't really into it. "I wish you were here, Serena. I always loved you...even when I didn't say it." He then pulled out a purple ribbon that he kept of hers from a small box. It was the only thing he had of hers...beside memories. He tied it around his forefinger and touched the silk ribbon, remembering her favorite perfume that she had gotten from Earth. "Earth was her favorite place to be...she loved living on other planets..." A single tear came from his eyes.

But Zhane didn't notice that his space morpher was reacting to his love for Serena. For the faintest of moments, its aura went from silver to purple and back again.

Billy tried to think about some chemistry formulas that he was working on in his head but for some reason, he found himself drifting back to the early days of his ranger career...back when Trini, Zack, and Jason were in the group. He missed them a lot, especially Trini. She was always patient with him and was willing to stand up for him... {Those were the days,} he thought. {I wish I knew where Trini was...}

Serena smiled at the morpher before her. "Just one more power surge and I think I have a working power coin again!" She touched the nearly cracked morpher and felt the power surge through her. She held on to the morpher, wanting it to be safe for Trini when she used it. Serena didn't sleep too well so she decided to work on the power coin. Once the power surge past, Serena put the morpher down. "Oh, man! Today's Trini's birthday! But I have a long-waited wish for her." Grinning, Serena pulled out a small box and placed the morpher inside, along with a smaller box with her original present in it. "I hope she likes these!" Serena then tied the box with a purple ribbon and smiled as she went to start on the cake.

Omega felt Serena enter the "kitchen" area, located near the bridge of the Omega Ship and said, "I hope you're not going to cook, Serena."

"Ha, ha. Very funny." Serena pressed a few buttons and a small, 6" cheesecake came out of the food dispenser. "No, I don't want her to die! And my cooking isn't that bad!" Serena smiled. It was an awkward one, since she hadn't smiled in such a long time. "Wow. I smiled. I actually smiled. I never thought-" Serena felt herself choke up for a moment and then wiped her eyes onto her gray jacket and walked out of the room.

"So you did, princess. So you did." Omega knew that if he had a mouth, he would smile as well.

Trini woke up. It wasn't a lazy waking up. It was sharp and clear, something she made herself do since being with Serena on the Omega Ship. She sat up fast, thinking for a split second that she wasn't on the ship that she had called home for over two years. She then knew that she was still on the ship. Despite Serena's safe security, Trini wasn't always feeling safe on Omega. She got out of the bed and saw that Serena wasn't in the other bed. She didn't think anything of it, because Serena was always waking up first. She pulled on a pair of yellow jeans and a yellow and black flannel wool shirt. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail and smiled slightly at the sight in the mirror. For a few moments, she felt like her old self again.

"Trini?" whispered Serena, coming into the room.

"Yeah?" Trini turned and saw the small cheesecake with eighteen candles on it.

"Happy birthday, Trini!" Serena grinned widely at her friend.

"Oh, Serena! You didn't have to!" Trini took the cheesecake and nearly drooled. "How did you know!?"

"My secret!" Serena watched as Trini took the fork from her and dug into it. "Maybe you should have breakfast first?"

"No way! Cheesecake works for me!" Trini loved Serena's cheesecake. She had a way with deserts...too bad she just burns everything else. "You know your cheesecakes make me fill like a putty!"

Serena nodded. She remembered when she fought them…they were so easy, unlike these assassins that were after them. But why were they after her in the first place? Was it Dark Spectre that sent them so Zordon wouldn't have any hope of her rescuing him? She cursed herself silently. She knew that she was Zordon's daughter, but she was always close to her mother, a governess of KO-35. {Momma...I miss you so much...} Her mother had died on KO-35 when Dark Spectre attacked the was long after she faked her death. She was so angry...she never had the chance to say bye to her. All she had left were pictures and memories...


Trini's voice startled her back into reality. "Sorry."

"You were so deep...You okay?" asked Trini.

Serena put on a brave smile, something she had to do for two and a half years. "Yeah! Here, open this!" Serena handed her the small box.

" shouldn't have..." Trini felt better about her birthday. She had nearly forgotten about it. She pulled the ribbon loose from the box and she pulled the lid off. Her eyes widened in surprise-she couldn't even think. In the box was the hope and dreams that she had since giving up her powers – getting them back.

And now, Serena had done that. It was more than a present – it was an offering of friendship...of being her partner in a fight. Trini pulled out the morpher. The cracks in it were gone – it shined as it did when she first got it. She believed that those early days were gone, and now she could get them back. "Serena…thank you!" She threw her arms around her, her best friend. She knew Serena pretty well. She learned about Serena and her life as a princess. But when she talked about Zordon, she sensed the longing in Serena's voice. "You don't know what this means to me!"

"I do. I felt the same way when I became the Purple Space Ranger. I felt like Zordon cared enough to give me such powers as important as them."

"I-I don't want to sound mean but what is Zordon to you? I mean, you told me about your mother but your father-"

"Is Zordon himself." Serena saw the shock-filled eyes of Trini and then explained. "My parents met before he was put into a time warp. She married him even though he had two sons – and one was his stepson. Long after the time warp thingy, she wanted a child of his. And like your technology on Earth, his sperm was frozen and then placed into my mom and eleven months later, I was born."

"Eleven months?" questioned Trini.

"For Eltarians, eleven months is how long women carry. The extra months are for any special powers."

"Do you have any?"

"Yeah. I'm empathic – mostly because on KO-35, where I was raised, everyone was telekinetic. I wasn't. Those powers became empathy. It was cool. Once I turned twelve, my telekinesis came about. I don't have much practice with it but..."

"And you restored my power coin. You do have some power."

"Yeah – I know. I'm just too modest for my own good." She then remembered the second gift. "What about your other gift?"

"Oh yeah. I forgot." Trini placed the morpher into her jean pocket and she opened the smaller box. In it was a half-cut locket and when she looked to see if it was hollow or not, inside was an emerald crystal, cut in half like the locket. "It's from my private collection from KO-35. They have the power to send your thoughts anyway in the universe, no matter how weak your ability is."

Trini watched as Serena pulled out the other half of the locket from underneath her flannel. "You have the other half?"

"I broke the locket so my best friend will have a part of me."

"I'm – I'm your best friend?"

"Of course, Trini! Once apon a time, I had another but she's been gone for a long time...Anyway, I have one more present...Omega, set a course for Earth!"

"NO! Serena, we can't!"

"It's your birthday – you should at least see your family." Serena then walked out of the room, hiding her tears. "At least you can see yours," she added quietly.

Trini couldn't believe it – she was going home.

Meanwhile, streaking across space was Pyramidas. Inside the cockpit were the Gold and Phantom Rangers. Both had received invites to go to Earth and meet the other rangers – past and present. Both didn't want to travel alone and decided to go together.

"Thanks for the lift, Trey," said Phantom.

"It was my prince."

Phantom was startled. "You knew!?"

"Yes. That tragic day when Princess Serena fell, you held her as a love one would – and the Silver Ranger was her boyfriend so I assumed that you were related to her. And I was right – your half-brother Phadius died a year later and I knew which one you were. After all, there were only three children of Zordon."

" really DO know what's up more than you let anyone know." Phantom had done his best to hide his feelings about his only dead sister, Serena. He missed her so much. She reminded him of his step-mom (her mom) Rachilie. And Serena was given the most sacred power of all – the purple power. It was as strong as the silver power and they were given to a couple. He didn't know what to think of Zhane and Serena – they seemed far too innocent to realize that they didn't have much time together – hell, they only have a year before she died. And he wasn't there to save her, either. The only one who was there was Trey – and he was really badly injured and he couldn't save her. " sister..."


"Did she ask for anyone when she died in your arms?"

Trey swallowed. "Yes...she asked for you and Zhane. Her last wish was for you and him to be friends."

"Really? Do you think Zhane will be there?"

"Since I heard that he is among the walking then I believe so."

Both fell silent after that.

Billy stared out of the porthole in the space pod that he was in. In the distance, he saw Earth. He sighed. {I'm home. I'm finally home.} He couldn't wait to see his friends again. He wondered what they were doing...

The first rangers that arrived at the Surf Spot found the place empty. Everything was set up just like a real reception for people of politics.

"Man! I feel underdressed!" Rocky commented.

"I know the feeling," added Zack.

They heard voices and old instincts kicked in. They all went into defensive positions. Zack, Adam, Rocky, Aisha, and Jason were scared. They weren't morphed and their skills had been dulled somwhat.

Kimberly was the first to enter and was almost kicked by Jason. "HEY!"

"Kim! I – I'm sorry!" Jason flushed at the thought that he almost took Kimberly out. "I – we thought-"

"Great! Just put us in!" said Aisha sarcastically.

"Aisha!" cried Kim and soon the two best friends were hugging and crying.

Then Tommy came in with Tanya and Justin. Everyone was laughing as the intros were made.

"A kid – a power ranger?" Zack said doubtfully minutes later.

"Well...Rocky had no choice," Justin began and then he turned to Jason. "Jas, Tommy told me that you were the Gold Ranger for a while. Tell us about that!"

"Yeah, I was asking earlier too. Fess up, Jas!"

Jason laughed. "Okay. Where do I begin?"


"Begin...yes...those were the days..." A being with a gray cloak watched the scene unfold in his huge viewing globe. Once apon a time, it belonged to someone that the being respected. But now...that person was long gone. "And I can't wait to see what Demitria and that accursed Blue Senturian will tell them all-"


The being turned around and was face-to-face with the captain of the being's army. "Well?"

"We captured the former pink ranger," said the captain.

"Which one? There were a total of three former pink rangers." The being was hoping it was the one he wanted...

"Katherine." The captain smiled as his Master nodded.

"Bring her up here and leave. I can handle the weakest pink ranger ever." The being allowed the captain to leave and waited for the guards to bring Kat.

Then they came, holding a weakened Kat tightly, even though her hands and ankles were chained real good. The being smiled under the hood of the cloak. "Leave her."

The guards threw Kat to the floor and left the area, closing the only door in there behind them. The being then went to her and lifted her chin up roughly.

"Let me go!" she cried, putting on her bravest face.

"Really, former pink ranger. I believe not." The being then slapped Kat across the face and Kat fell to the floor. She glared hatefully at the being. This person had been after all the rangers ever since it was known that Trey of Triforia was killed. And all the other evil beings in the universe had been killed by this person. This person killed Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Tanya, Kimberly, Tommy, Carlos, T.J., Cassie and recently, Zack. The powers of space had to be redistributed. Andros and Zhane were still the Red and Silver Space Rangers. Serena was the Purple Space Ranger. Trini and her were the Yellow and Pink Space Rangers. Billy was the Blue Space Ranger and Justin had taken Carlos' place as the Black Space Ranger. Ashley was the only one on stand-by in case another ranger went down.

{And I think she'll be taking my place.} Kat felt strong hands clamp down on her throat and she struggled to get the hands off of her. She felt the air slowly being denied to her lungs. Kat clawed at the hands and was grateful for the long nails.

"You brat!" The being threw her into a wall and Kat's neck was snapped and the light in her eyes was gone.

"One less ranger now," said the being, grinning. The person then notices the marks on the hands. "Lousy ranger!" The being went over to get the space morpher but it vanished when the person got there. "Damn you, Serena! But I shouldn't worry – you'll be dead soon enough."

In the shadows of the area, four sliver metal assassins waited for their programming.

"Attack Serena in the past on the Omega ship. You four are the only ones, so don't return unless she's dead!"

"Affirmative," said the leader of the assassins with a hard coldness. The four then vanished.


Serena smiled as she started her survey in the cargo hold. It was the only one that could possibly hold all of their supplies and a certain large Thunderzord. Serena knew that while Trini was looking up her family, she was going to the mountains and get the Saber-Toothed Tiger for her. It was a day for an on-going shower of presents.

But she didn't notice that something had been 'ported into the cargo bay. And she seemed oblivious to the fact that this 'something' was ready to take her down. Serena finished with one stack of boxes and was working on the next set.

She saw a flash and the fear creep within her fast. "No..." she whispered. "Not them..." She then leaped to the side as one well-placed blast made a burned hole into the floor where she was seconds ago. She got up and jumped again as another blast nearly took her out.

Serena got up and saw that four of the metal assassins that had been chasing her and Trini for two and a half years were on her ship. "OMEGA! I NEED HELP!" she screamed to the computer before she attacked them on her own.

"Termination sequence initiated," said one of the metal assassins. The same assassin then ducked from Serena's well placed punch. The assassin then punched her in the stomach.

Serena felt all the air rush from her lungs and she fell back into some cargo boxed, which broke under the force of the hit. Pain exploded in her back and her weak ribs rattled. {Not again!} she thought as she pulled herself to her knees.

"Surrender and your death will be painless."

Serena glared hatefully at the metal assassins.

Trini's eyes widened. She glanced all around her and saw nothing. She placed the half locket on her and stepped out into the hall.

"Security alert!" blared Omega. "Intruders in Cargo Bay Two!"

"Omega, where's Serena!?" Her face was then bathed in red and gray lighting as the normal illumination was replaced.

"She's fighting them–"

Trini didn't listen to the rest as she ran to help her.

The Astro Megaship took orbit into the Earth's atmosphere and the Space Rangers were ready to leave their ship.

"Alpha, monitor every little movement while we're gone. I just have this feeling-"

"Don't worry, Andros. I will," replied Alpha.

"Isn't Zhane coming?" asked Ashley.

"He might. He just needs some time alone," answered Andros.

"Maybe I should talk to him," said Karone and before anyone could object, she was gone.

Andros smiled and the rangers used the chutes to get to Earth.

Almost two minutes later, Pyramidas landed, cloaked on Earth. Inside, its occupants teleported to the Surf Spot.

Billy felt the spacecraft he was in descend into the Earth's atmosphere. "I can't believe that I'm really here. Man, I wonder what the Rangers have been doing while I was gone." He smiled to himself. "And I can't wait to see if Kat and Tommy have hit it!"