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Chapter II: Home Again
By Malaur

Serena leaped to the side as another blast nipped her shoulder. She was growing tired and weak from the bleeding injuries that she had gotten. She saw that one had a blaster aimed for her head. "Prepare to be terminated."

Serena shut her eyes, waiting for death to come.

"KI-YAAAA!" cried Trini as she kicked the blaster away from the one that was about to kill Serena. She landed on her feet and saw that Serena was injured. "I don't know why you're after us but I'm not letter you near her!" She pulled out her morpher.

"Interferer identified as Trini Kwan, former yellow ranger. Age Nineteen. Must be terminated along with Princess Serena of Eltar and KO-35, the legendary Purple Ranger."

"I'll so you former!" cried Trini. She held out the morpher. "SABER-TOOTHED TIGER!" and a familiar power ran through her as she once again became the yellow ranger.

"Impossible! Probability of first yellow ranger costume to appear-" The assassin was then kicked in the head and when it fell against the wall, it exploded.

"It's not impossible! I have the best ranger of all helping me!" cried Trini. She glanced back and saw that Serena was back on her feet. "You okay?"

"Just shaky, Trini. Time for you tin cans to meet the purple ranger. Let's rock it!" She punched in the following numbers: 6-6-2-4-3 and the word Omega was spelled into the small screen. Serena then morphed into the purple space Ranger. "Cosmic Crossbow!" she called and in her hands was a silver and lilac crossbow.

"Power Daggers!" called Trini and her twin yellow and silver daggers appeared in her hands as well.

The two girls then made short work of the metal assassins. Using daggers and well placed magic arrows, the girls took out the metal assassins by hitting the heads. After the final explosion, the girls de-morphed and sighed, relieved.

"You okay?" asked Trini as Serena held her side.

"It's nothing. A lucky shot, that's all." But the way Serena was grimacing told Trini a different story.

Trini held Serena close. "Let's get you to the infirmary." Trini helped Serena out of the cargo bay.

Trey and Phantom 'ported into the Surf Spot and in the process, scared the other rangers there.

"Sorry rangers," Trey said politely, taking off his helmet.

"Trey! Nice to see you!" said Tommy as he grasped the young lord's hand. "I want you to meet a few of the old rangers. "You remember Adam, Rocky, Jason and Tanya?"

"Glad you came!" Tanya replied cheerfully.

Trey nodded as he took Tanya's hand and kissed it. She blushed.

"This is Zack, Aisha and Kimberly." Trey nodded and smiled.

"And this is Justin, the youngest ranger ever," finished Tommy.

"Actually," began Phantom, "that's not really true. Maybe for your planet he is but the youngest ranger ever isn't him."

"He's twelve," said Adam.

"The youngest was ten," challenged Phantom.

"So where is he?" asked Kimberly. "And who the hell are you?"

"Dead," came the painful reply. He then said, " and I'm the Phantom Ranger. The newest rangers, besides Justin, know that I helped him out a lot."

"True, true," came T.J. 's response and then all the intros began again.

Zhane sat in the stiff chair in his room, holding onto a smaller picture of him and Serena, which was taken months after the two were going out. He remembered that it was taken after she wanted to show off a new short lilac colored dress to him. He stared at the ribbon as tears flooded his vision. "Serena..." he almost sobbed.

"Zhane?" Karone was in the doorway to his room. "Can I come in?"

"Go away," he said in a low voice.

"I won't. My brother's best friend is in pain and I'm not leaving until I find out why."

"Haven't you guessed?" he said, a notch higher than before. "She was your best friend!"

"I don't really remember her. Most of my memories are vague. But I do remember her. This isn't the way to remember her."

"Just leave me with my pain. You wouldn't understand."

"I do." Karone kneeled in front of him. "I miss her a lot. I wish she were here to brighten your soul. But she's not! You can't go on thinking you could've saved her when the best couldn't."

"I AM the best!" Zhane cried and his tears spilled over. He cried. He anguish that he held in before he was placed in the hydro tube and his feeling after came out. He couldn't stop them even if he wanted to.

Karone stood up and wrapped her arms around him as he cried his heart out.

"I loved you, Serena," he got out. Then the emotions took over.

Karone just held him, stunned.

Trini threw a thermo blanket onto Serena's body. The little princess was sound asleep. She did have minor injuries but her ribs were almost broken this time. Next time, it could be a reality. "I'll protect you, Serena." She smiled when Serena shifted slightly and Trini left the infirmary.

Once in the hall, Trini decided that she needed to know something. "Omega...are we still going to Earth?"

"Yes we are, Trini. Why do you ask?"

"Can you land near Angel Grove. Serena's never been on a shopping spree, has she? She's never stayed on Earth for more than a day."

"No. Actually, ever since she began running. But the princess wanted to let this be your day, Trini."

"She has. Now I'm going to pay her back. Is there anyway, to get a Swiss account and maybe a few credit cards..."

"Say no more. I can do it from here right now. What kind of credit cards do you want?"

"Let's see...Discovery...Visa Gold and...surprise me with the last one."

"A department store one?" asked Omega.

"Oh yes! Your pick."

"What is your favorite store in Angel Grove?"

"Licros! In Southern Randes Mall!"

"You got it!" Omega went to work immediately on the project.

In the Infirmary, Serena moved her head to one side and a tear came own her eyes as a familiar voice rang through her head. It was a voice that she hadn't heard in so long...

"I love you too, Zhane," she whispered. Her space morpher glowed brightly for a minute, altering between purple and silver until the minute was up.

Billy exited the space ship, his legs a bit weak and confused after the long flight. He turned around and pressed several buttons, the ship was cloaked. He picked up his backpack and headed to the one place he knew where to find the rangers: The Juice Bar.


"NO!" The cloaked figure slammed a hand down on a table, breaking it in half. "They failed! And those lousy rangers have a replacement for the Pink Space Ranger." The figure smiled widely. "But there's no one left to replace the fallen Rangers. I shall destroy Serena and Trini in the past and let my warriors take on the Space Rangers here. And you thought you were safe on your precious ship, princess. I will erase all memory of Zordon-even in the grandchild you are holding. can I get rid of that?"


Everyone found chairs to sit in as they waited for their hosts to show up.

"I wonder who it is," Justin thought out loud.

"Your guess is as good as mine," answered Cassie.

"I can believe that you guys are in space!" said Zack. "Tell me what it's like!"

"Different," said Carlos.

"Very different, just like Earth is to me and Andros." Everyone turned their heads to see Zhane standing there in white jeans and a gray oxford shirt. Karone was there as well in a short yellow pleated skirt and a silk white shirt. "Sorry we're late. I needed to have some sense knocked into me. I'm Zhane, the Silver Ranger."

"And I'm Karone, Andros' sister."

"Cool!" said Justin. He liked Karone.

But before intros could be done again, a voice rang out. "Rangers...I am glad you came."

Everyone was tense and Zhane was ready to morph. Andros was instantly next to him.

"Do not morph, Silver Ranger. I am not here to hurt any of you."

"Who are you!?" asked Aisha.

"I was once helping Zordon maintain the rangers for a short time. Now, I have returned with dire and important news."

"Like what?" asked Karone.

"I know that there is one space power unaccounted for."

"Which one?" asked Andros. "I had them all!"

"Not the Purple Space Morpher."

"Now wait a minute!" cried Trey. "Phantom and I allowed it to be buried with the ranger who used them! I will not desecrate a tomb for new powers!"

"Ah but did you really bury the real bearer of those powers?"

"We buried her ourselves!" cried Phantom. "She was my own sister! I would've known if it wasn't her!"

Zhane and Andros stared at Phantom, stunned.

"She...was...your sister!?" asked Andros.

"Yes." Phantom was angry. "Show yourself so I can send you to the end of the galaxy! How dare you bring up her powers! They were only for her! They can't be used on someone else!"

"That is true. But are you sure that you buried her?"

Trey was really losing his patients. "If this is some sick joke, I'm going to rip you apart with my hands!"

"There is no need for that," the voice continued. "I know for sure that the Purple Space Ranger lives."

"You're lying!" cried Zhane. "If she was alive, she would've been with me! I wouldn't have fallen on KO-35!"

"Then perhaps you need a explanation, Silver Ranger." The owner of the voice then materialized.

Tommy, Adam, Rocky, Tanya, T.J. , Carlos, Cassie, Ashley and Justin gasped.

It was Dimitira.

Billy gave the building he was in front of a look-over. It was just as Billy remembered-the white creamy marble-looking walls that was the Juice Bar. He noticed that the outdoor café was gone but he believed that Ernie wasn't going to open it until later.

As the first blue ranger went to the front, he almost dropped his bag. The sign on the front wall said, 'Surf Spot'. "No...Ernie's not here anymore?" Billy felt sad. He missed so much while he was gone. He shook his head-maybe the other rangers... Pulling himself out of his slump, Billy walked inside.

"Dimtria!" cried Justin. "What are you doing here!?"

"I'm completely lost. Who are you!?" asked Kimberly.

"I am Dimitria of Inquirus. I am an old friend of Zordon's. When he was freed from his imprisonment, he asked me to take his place while he went home to his planet, Eltar."

"Okay...then where's Zordon?" asked Jason.

"He was captured by Dark Spectre," answered Carlos.

"Uh,uh! Tell us the whole story," said Zack.

"Very well," began Dimitria.

"Wait! I want to hear this too!" said Billy, smiling widely as he spotted all of his friends and he knew that it was no coincidence that all the past and present rangers were there.

"BILLY!" cried Kimberly as she threw her arms around him.

"You're back!" commented Adam. " was Aquitar?"

"What!?" asked Jason.

"I shall explain," said Dimitria. "And welcome back to Earth, former blue ranger. Zordon chose five teens-Jason, Zack, Trini, Kimberly and Billy to be power rangers to fight Rita. Then, Tommy came along as Rita's green ranger and once the spell was broken, he joined the other rangers. But she found-"

"Get on with it!" said Andros, a bit impatient.

"Very well. Those six were the original rangers. After a peace conference chose Zack, Jason and Trini, Rocky, Adam and Aisha were chosen to replace them. Then Kat came along and eventually replaced Kimberly when she left for Florida. Master Vile then reversed time and the Aquitan Rangers came to help. The world became normal after retrieving the Zeo Crystal and Billy step down as Aisha traded places with Tanya. Then Trey of Triforia came to help then but was losing his powers and after one failed attempt with Billy, Tommy got Jason and he became the Gold Ranger. It only lasted a short while and those powers were returned to Trey. Then, Divatox came around, going after Lerigot, an ancient wizard. Rocky had hurt himself and Justin found out about him being a ranger and took his place. Then Adam, Tanya, Rocky, Kat and Tommy graduated and needed to be replaced. That's when Cassie, Carlos, Ashley and T.J. came in."

"And we can go from there," said T.J. "Well, Divatox managed to destroy the Power Chamber and then we heard about Zordon being captured and we went to Nasada to get a ship and go after him. Justin stayed behind to be with his dad. Then we met Andros, got new powers and zords and that's it, I guess."

"Not quite. We found Zhane and Karone and that's it-for now," added Cassie.

"And I helped out mostly during the Turbo Time of the Rangers," said Phantom.

"And Cassie's got it bad for him!" added Ashley, laughing.

Cassie blushed as the others laughed.

"Hey, don't feel bad. Kim did that with Tommy!" Jason said between laughs.

Kim and Tommy just glared at each other.

"Now, rangers. We must get back at the business at hand."

"She's gone. I-I had to get over it," said Zhane.

"You haven't. Deep down inside, you still love her. First girlfriends are hard to forget." Dimitria watched as Zhane's face flushed.

"You didn't!" Phantom cried.

"NO! We thought about it but Zordon would've killed us and taken back our power. And all she wanted to do was prove that she could be a ranger." Zhane stared at Phantom. {Why did he think that I actually did it? I'm not that crazy?}

"Wait. What's all this talk about Zordon killing you and her?" asked Cassie.

"Well...he never told any of you?" asked Andros.

"Nope!" came the replies of all the former rangers.

"Zordon had a daughter-the purple ranger," replied Andros.

Gasps came from those rangers.

"No way!" said Tanya. "Zordon had a kid!?"

"Not just one..."said Phantom. He put his hands his helmet.

Cassie's eyes grew wide. "You're-you're his kid too?"

"From his first marriage, yeah. The purple ranger was from his second." Phantom the heard a click from his helmet and set out to remove it. He always wanted to see Cassie's face with his own eyes and not behind some helmet.

Trini smiled at the viewing screen as Earth came into view. She stood carefully, testing her legs. They went numb after sitting in the soft chair for five hours. "Home..."

"Yes, Trini. I believe that you are truly home," replied Omega. "I finished what you asked earlier. Consider it a birthday present for you."

"Thanks. Now only if Serena's strong enough-"

"Of course I am! Just a bit cold!" Serena was standing in the doorway of the bridge, the blanket wrapped around her body.

"Good! Now I have a surprise for you. Go and change into something more tomboyish."

Skeptical, Serena left to change.

"And meet me back here!" Trini then sat at the pilot seat. "Omega-talk me into landing?"

"Of course."

Phantom felt Cassie move closer to him. He didn't mind that one bit. He removed the black helmet from his head. His ocean-green eyes gleamed over Cassie's carmel brown eyes as his pale-blue hair spilled around his ears.

Cassie was in awe as she took in Phantom's looks. His skin seemed so pale, nearly like the color of sand. She moved her hand up, as if she wanted to touch him. She stopped half way.

Phantom smiled and took her hand, kissing it gently. "Cassie," he said, his voice betraying the regal tone he had.

Cassie blushed madly. "You sound so...noble."

"That's because...I'll tell you later." He turned to Dimitria's image. "And I really want to know why you say that my sister is alive. Serena died trying to protect her world-our world!"

"And I know who you feel, my prince. But ask yourself one question."

"Just one?" echoed Rocky and Adam slammed his elbow into Rocky.

"How can the Silver Ranger keep his powers if the Purple Ranger is gone forever?"

Dead silence.

"I was losing my powers," began Zhane. "But I was able to restore them with a lightning bolt."

"What was the reason for the lost of power?"

"I was in a hyper sleep for two years. That was too long."

"Ah, think harder, Zhane."

" was Serena!?"


"Hold it! The why are we all here!?" asked Tanya. "This sounds more like a space ranger problem than a ranger problem in general."

"It is because we need every ranger to morph and look for her. I know she wouldn't fake her death unless she was in mortal danger."

"Sorry, Dimitria. We got our own lives. She'll just have to get help elsewhere," said Tommy, acting much colder to get under Kim's nerves.

It worked. "WHAT!?" cried Kim. "Dimitria, if you have any powers for me, then I'll help. Zordon wouldn't want us to turn our backs on his family."

"I agree," said Aisha, stepping forward. "Dimitria, you have another ranger!"

"Make that three!" said Zack, stepping forward as well.

"The Turbo and Zeo powers still exist," said Dimitria. "I had assumed that the Zeo Crystal was gone but they are linked to the Turbo powers. I have separated them and now there are ten powers to be taken up."

"Can't we call up our Ninja powers?" asked Rocky.

"I'm afraid not unless you know how to revive power coins," answered Dimitria.

"I'm in and I'm still the Blue Turbo Ranger!" cried Justin.

"Then I'll take the Blue Zeo power," said Billy. "I miss being a ranger."

"I'm in!" said Adam. "If you don't mind, I think I'll stick with my old Green Turbo Powers!"

Jason then smiled. "Okay, if Zack's in, then so am I! I'll be the Red Ranger!"

"Very well. Zack, I know that you were the black ranger and I have created a black turbo power in case you wanted to be a ranger again."

"I'll take it!" he accepted.

Trini smiled when Serena returned to the bridge just as Omega was breaking through the atmosphere of the Earth. "Nice," said Trini, smiling.

Serena was wearing a black tennis-style skirt that was short. On her legs were thigh-high deep purple stockings. She wore a matching satin long-sleeved shirt and on her feet were black "stompers" shoes, which made her two inches taller. "Thanx." Serena felt her hair, which she placed into a high braided bun with strips of her hair falling from the top of it. "So why do I feel silly?"

"Because we need a girl's day out and we're going to shop in Angel Grove!" Trini was hoping to catch a few glances of her friends. She knew that much had happened, if Serena's files were any indication. Then she remembered what she asked Serena to do. "Is that tomboyish?"

"I-I didn't feel like it," she mumbled.

Trini smiled even wider. According to Omega, Serena use to love dressing up and this was a sign that the care-free princess was still under the hardened girl. "Okay. I'm going to change and we'll land."

"I'll do it! Just let me see what you want to wear and then I'll change you!"

Trini raised an eyebrow to her but nodded. Trini then thought about her outfit-a yellow-cropped tee with white leggings and yellow-clear sandals. And her hair would be in a half-french roll-

"You can stop now. I think I got it," said Serena.

Trini looked down and found that Serena had done it! Her new outfit was perfect in every detail. "Serena, please teach me that!"

"I will."

"Girls-we're on Earth. Where do I land?" asked Omega.

"Near the old command center. You need to pick up a few things," Serena said.

"Very well. And then?"

"Then teleport us to Southern Randes Mall," replied Trini.


***Hi, ev'ryone! This is the end of a long ch. 2! Is it bad or what? Which rangers would you love to have back? And I'm sorry but to all Tommy fans- he's not going to be a ranger again. I'm trying to get all the normally missed rangers back into the fold. And to all Kat fans-I'm not bringing her in except when she thinks about the rangers. And feel free to get mad about me killing her in the future. Sorry. That person's out the get all the rangers! But stay tuned to chapter 3, coming in....oh, maybe in a month? ***