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We Do What We Have To
By Luellon and Omi

Trini Kwan lifted her brown duffel bag off the sidewalk as the taxi cab pulled up to meet her. The driver got out of the car and smiled. "Let me take your bags, Miss."

"Oh, that bag's really heavy…." Trini began and saw that he picked up the bag with great ease, despite the heaviness of the scatchel.

This guy's weird. He must workout constantly, Trini thought as she entered the cab.

"Where are you going, Miss?"

"Oh, Angel Grove."

Immediately her thoughts drifted to Billy, the man who she secretly loved for so many years. She could still envision his inquisitive light blue eyes, always looking for answers and his wavey dark blond hair, disheveled after working on a scientific project.

She could remember them working together modifying the engines to the Rad Bug, a teleportation device in the form of a car. "So, how are you doing in Jason's Karate Class?"

"I don't think I'll ever be as good as Tommy or Jason. At least not without my Morphing into the Blue Ranger."

Trini saw the vunerable side of him that he rarely ever showed to anyone else. "Billy, everyone has their own abilities and limitations. But most limitations are based on fear. Don't prevent yourself from acheiving all that I'm sure you're capable of. You can do it, Billy. I have faith in you."

"Thanks, Trini. That means a lot."

Just then her daydream was interrupted by the screeching of tires against the pavement. She looked out the window and realized her surroundings were unfamiliar. Her head quickly turned to face the driver. "Where are we?"

The driver turns to look at her. His normally human face had transformed into something resembling a hideous Halloween mask.

Trini bolted out the door and ran into the forest. She was too terrified to stop. She kept running until she spotted streetlights in the distance which added to her momentum; soon she found herself in a cemetery. She heard her pursuer's rapid footsteps and knew he was close by.

Trini got into a defensive stance. Out of nowhere, she launched a monstrous sidekick at her nearest opponent, knocking him sideways into his accomplices. As they stood up, Trini jumped into a handstand. She parted her legs and twirled them like a propeller; her feet pounded their heads, leaving them sprawled across the cemetery ground.

A silent observer glanced up at the stars. "Three Slayers? Now you guys are getting wiggy on me," Buffy said. She slipped out of the shadows and took out her stake so that she could finish the job. As the her stake pierced their hearts their bodies dissintigrated into dust. "Sorry, you couldn't stay for the party," she said to the vampires.

She turned to Trini. "I liked your little helicopter, twirly thingy, but your sidekick was a little off."

"And you would be?"

"Oh, I'm Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But you problaby already know that."

"And why should I know this?"

"And you just kicked those vamps' butts because they broke your nail?"

Trini sends her a quizzical look. "Vamps meaning vampires? And what do you mean Vampire Slayer?"

"I can see this is going to take awhile," Buffy sighs, "Come on. Giles is much better at this type of thing."


Giles opens the door to his house. "Isn't it a bit late, Buffy?"

"Yea, see, we got attacked by Vamps and she fought them."

"Who are you?" Giles said.

"Trini Kwan. Who are you? And what exactly is a Vampire Slayer?"

Giles adjusted his glasses and shots Buffy a stern look. "Trini, please sit down."

They walk in and sit on the couch. Trini saw a brown book titled, The Demon World sitting on his lampstand. "I thought you only dealt with Vampires."

"A vampire is a corpse with a demon possessing it. Let me just start from the beginning…………Sunnydale is the Hellmouth. The entrance to Hell is below us. The mystical energy invites all evil creatures here."

"Makes for a fun Friday night," Buffy said.

"Buffy is the Chosen One, the one girl on this earth destined to kill vampires until the next Slayer is chosen. I am her Watcher, I'm her mentor and researcher."

"How is the next Slayer chosen?"

"The previous one…..passes away. A girl is chosen by the Fates."

"How are Faith, me and her all Slayers?!" Buffy said.

"How are there at least two Slayers when you said there could only be one?" Trini said.

"Buffy died fighting the Master, but was revived with CPR. But in that short period of time, that she was deceaced, another Slayer was chosen. Her name was Kendra. She was killed by a vampire and our other slayer, Faith was chosen……..How can you fight vampires?" Giles said.

"I'm a master in three forms of martial arts."

"Impressive. We could talk about this more tomorrow," Giles said.


"Neat library, Mr. Giles."

"Thank you, Trini and it's just Giles."

Giles picked up the book from the box, a new shipment from the Watcher's Council. "The writing of this book is unfamiliar to me. It looks like an Eastern language."

"Let me see," Trini looks over his shoulder. "That's Chinese. I can translate that for you."

Giles took out two more books.

"That's Swiss and Arabic. I can help you with those, too."

"Well…..your aptitude for languages is remarkable."

"Thanks, but first I have to make a few phone calls. Then I'd better get to work."

Billy Cranston picked up the phone. "Hello, Cranston Residence. This is Billy. How may I help you?"

"Billy!!!!!! You can help me by picking me up from Sunnydale."

"Trini, what are you doing in Sunnydale?"

"It's a long story. Just get here. I'm at the Sunnydale High School Library." She gave him directions Giles had instructed.

"I'll come as soon as I can, but I have to construct a Molecular Disfiguration Device. And use it against our latest foe."

"Good luck, Billy."

"Thanks, Trini. Farewell."

Trini hung up and called her Mom.


"Sorry, it took me so long," Trini handed Giles two of her translations,"some of the print was slightly faded."

Giles silently looked at the stack of paper, trying to hide his amazement. "Well…..uhh…..fine. Thank you."

"I'll take the last one to Angel Grove with me and send it back to you."

"You're leaving so soon?" Giles said.

"I have to visit my parents and friends. I was in Switzerland attending the Teen Peace Summit."

"I…..I…..only wish Buffy had that much focus."


Billy drove his father's green Acura to pick up Trini, meanwhile wondering why Trini needed transportation. He glanced to his right and saw a taxi cab at the side of the road. Billy began to worry, Had Trini been in the taxi? He drove for another twenty minutes before he reached the town.

Just inside the city limits, he heard a thumping sound and stopped the car. He got out of the car and saw an arrow piercing his tire. Billy tensed as someone grabbed him from behind.


Trini was in the middle of practicing Kung Fu, when she heard the door swing.

Three teenagers walked into the library. "I'm Willow." a girl with intensely red hair said.

"Hey, there little lady. I'm Xander." a dark haired boy with a goofy grin.

"I'm Oz. Like the Wizard of Oz, but without the wizard."

"We saw you practicing something as we walked in. Are you a dancer…….or something?" Willow said.

"Um….No, it was Kung Fu," Trini said.

"Oh, Sunnydale's first female Jackie Chan," Xander said.

"Hi, guys," said Buffy.

"Hey, let's all go to the Bronze," Xander said.

"What's the Bronze?" Trini asked.

"The only place us teens can get downright rowdy. Yeeeehaw!" Xander said imitating a cowboy.

"Oz plays in the band," Willow said, squeezing her boyfriend's hand.

"Guitar," Oz said.

"Oz, the man of so many words," Xander said.

"I could tell," Trini said.

Buffy said, "Sorry, guys, but there are so many vamps out there just waiting to give a girl a good time."

Willow, Xander, and Oz left for the Bronze.

"Can I come with you, Buffy?" Trini asked," I don't have anything to do here and I can't sit around worrying about my ride."



"How's it like where're you're from?" Buffy said.

"I guess I'm like you. I feel I have to protect everyone. Or I used to, before I went to the Peace Conference. I don't know how things will be when I get back."

"I guess we all do what we have to. Only sometimes I wish I didn't have to."

Off in the distance, they saw a car under a streetlight. "There's an arrow in the tire," Trini said.

The two go to investigate. Trini saw the blue shirt and prayed. She turned the body over and saw Billy. Her heart stopped and everything around her seemed to stop with it. "Billy!!!!!"

"I assume you know this guy," Buffy said.

"I asked him to come here to pick me up."

Trini ripped off her jacket and bandaged his wounds.

"It looks like he struggled," Buffy said.

"We have to call an ambulance," Trini said. Please don't die, Billy. I can't stand to loose you.


"Slow down, I don't think starting a fire would be a good idea, right now," Buffy told Trini. Trini stopped pacing for an instant and glared at Buffy. She resumed pacing. "Is this guy you're boyfriend?"


"Do you wish he was?"

Trini stopped and turned. "We're good friends."

"Oh, so he's your imaginary boyfriend."

This time Trini chose not to respond.

Dr. Daniels walked up to them,"We don't know what his chances are right now. He's lost alot of blood. We'll update you later. All you can do now is go home."

Trini grabbed the stake from Buffy's hands. "Let's go."

Buffy shrugged and followed her.


Trini and Buffy turn a corner in an alleyway to see a girl with dark, wavey hair coming toward them. "Hi," Buffy said. "You've certainly been scarce lately."

"Well becoming a creature of the night, kinda cuts down on your social life," Faith said and opened her mouth to show her fangs. "But I did meet a cute guy in a green Acura."

Blinded by rage, Trini leapt and kicked Faith. "You hurt Billy."

Buffy's eyes fell upon Angel, the only vampire with a soul. Angel ran toward the battle. Buffy grabbed his arm and he looked at her quizzically. "Faith. Vamp. Trini. Slayer."

Angel stopped and watched as Trini turned the ex-slayer into a dust pile. "Hi," he said.


Angel had his fangs out from the addrenaline rush of trying to stop the fight. Trini still enraged moved to attack Angel. With amazing reflexes, Angel moved aside and Trini fell to the floor. Immediately, Buffy restrained Trini's arms. "In the future, try not to kill any of my exes."

"Your what?"

"The guy behind you would be Angel. But don't worry, he's a good vampire," Buffy said patting him on the head," Aren't you, Angel?"

Angel shot her a mock glaring look. "Don't worry, I don't bite, anymore."

Buffy let Trini go. "You're a Vampire Slayer, Trini. Faith died and you were summoned. So you kinda got a lifetime gig here."

"The pile of dust on the floor was, Faith, your predecessor," Angel said. "People who become vampires loose their souls. Mine was given back to me."

"So what does that make you?" Trini asked Angel.

"One very unhappy vampire," Angel said.


The next morning, Trini went to the hospital. She walked into the room; she had never seen him so pale. "Billy, I'm so sorry. Are you okay?"

"Hi, Trini. I'll be okay. When can we leave here?"

Trini glanced at the floor. "I don't think I can go back."

"Why not?"

"I'm needed here. I don't have a place in Angel Grove, anymore."

But you have a place with me. "You have a place with all of us, your friends."

"But Sunnydale is seven hours away from Angel Grove. We can see each other on weekends."

"It wouldn't be the same," Billy said.


"It hasn't been the same since you left…….I……..I…..miss you."

Trini bent down and gave him a hug. "I missed you too."

"Then let me stay here with you," Billy whispered.

"After what happened last night, I don't think you should stay here. Besides they need you back home."

"I'll find them a new Blue Ranger."

Oh my gosh, I never realized I meant so much to him. But I can't risk him getting hurt again. "I couldn't live with myself, Billy, if you got yourself hurt again. Please go back to Angel Grove." The pain expressed on his face, slashed through her heart, but she left without showing any emotion.


After many tears, Billy's departure day arrived. Trini pushed him in his wheelchair to his car. He got in and threw the keys out of the car. "I'm not leaving."

"Billy, you're not normally so irrational."

"I don't want to be rational, Trini. I just want to be with you."

"Billy………I care about you so much, but I can't go back there. My future lies somewhere else."

"Trini…..please……I love you."

Trini stepped back, shook off balance by his words. "How much are you willing to risk?"

"Everything," he said without a second's hesitation. Billy stepped out of the car and put his arms around her. "Don't ask me to leave my heart here."

"Billy, if you're going to stay with me, there's something you need to know."