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Disclaimer: I do not own PRiS or anything on any PR incarnation. This is my first PRiS fic. I've only seen four episodes, but I know about Korone. Please email comments!


By Luellon

In some ways she felt safe there, sitting on the cold floor behind a forcefield, even if the circumstances were bad. She was glad to get away from her parents' urgings for her to forget about her dead Kalashe. I'll never stop looking for him. I'll either find him, alive and well or his corpse, but I'll find him. She looked around at the gray walls of her barren cell.

I'm in space. Shayla had always loved space. Then an idea popped into her mind. If I can escape then I can steal a ship and go to KO-35! Then I can start looking for Andros!

She looked at the controls on the wall next to the forcefeild. Maybe if I can remember how to use this technology….. Before she could finish her thought, the door slid open and a tall woman with curly purple hair wearing a black and silver clad uniform entered.

"You, girl, are going to be my hostage. The Rangers will surrender to me for your life."

"Who are you?"

"I am Astronema, the Princess of Evil ."

"Astronema, we are approaching KO-35."

She turned to the black and green warrior standing in the doorway. "Good. Land in the desert, near Kal Mountain."

"Yes, Astronema."

"Hey, hey, hey!" an alien with gray skin and an elongated mouth cried as he ran into the room,"the Rangers tailing us!"

"Land the Dark Fortress. We'll fight them on the surface."
Silver and white suited footsoilders rushed onto the barren planet. Two of the Quantrons were holding Shayla's arms forcing her to follow Astronema. Near by, Pirahnatrons were guarding a large, wide tube. "What are you doing here, Astronema? This is my show, sister!"

"The Power Rangers are coming."

"Oh, good idea. Lead the Rangers straight to Zordon, why don't you?" Astronema just glared at Divatox.

This Zordon person must be really important, if they want to keep him from the Power Rangers, Shayla thought, We're on KO-35. The energy from the Mists of Fate should rejuvenate my control over telekinectic energy. Shayla quickly glanced at the mountains behind her. She could see the mist coming out of the sand. The Mists of Fate bring you your Kalashe, but it also is the center of energy. I have to make the connection. Shayla closed her eyes and tried to think of only the mist. Then she felt a tingling sensation in her mind.

"Get them!" Astronema ordered as the Power Rangers landed in front of them. Astronema grabbed Shayla which took the hostage out of her trance. She put the spear head part of her staff to Shayla's throat.

"Let her go, Astronema! You're after us not her!" Cassie yelled as she punched a Quantron. The Red Ranger leapt and kicked the Quantron nearest the Princess of Evil. She pushed Shayla into two footsoilders behind her and shot purple energy at Andros. The Red Ranger cried out in pain and fell a few feet away. The other Rangers helped him up, but they were surrounded. They stood in a circle protecting themselves from their enemies.

Shayla looked around for a way to help them. She saw Elgar carelessly drop a weapon near her feet. "KO Gems are useless! They can't power up anything!"

KO Gems! They amplify my power, but no one would know that unless they had lived here! Shayla reached with her foot for the weapon. She leaned against the Quantrons' arms and lifted her feet; she got the weapon's trigger to face her and tossed it up to her hand.

"Ha ha ha! What do you think you're going to do? That weapon we've had for months and it's useless!"

"Not unless you know how to use it." Then she felt the energy rush and shot an opening in the large tube. Energy lashed out from her body and the footsoilders beside her fell.

"You're going to pay for that little miss Energizer!" Divatox yelled.

*Send Zordon upward with your energy.*


*Yes, Shayla.*

Shayla lashed out her energy to enfold Zordon and blasted the ball upward to a white light. Then she fell to the dirt, exhausted. Unknown to her, the Red Ranger caught her before her head could hit the ground. The Rangers teleported away leaving the villianesses to bicker between themselves.

Andros, unmorphed, carried Shayla to the medical unit as the other Rangers went to the brigde to moniter the Dark Fortress for any sudden attacks.

Her large hair clasp bumped against the edge of the table as Andros was placing her on it. Her long white blond hair fell to the table. Andros stared at her two purple barrets of a winding design native to KO-35. He gasped and put her gently on the table.

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