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<P> <CENTER>&nbsp;</CENTER> <P><B>Disclaimer:</B> <I>I originally wrote these stories in 1995.</I></P>

<P><B>Note from Authors:</B> <I>This is the beginning of a whole new adventure. Our heroes are now in the 10th grade, and are going to face something much worse then their last enemy; death.</I></P>

<CENTER><h5><center> Episode II: Who Dun It<BR> Written By Lamont Stewart </center></h5></CENTER>

<P>Liz Gordon, the ex-Demoter of the L-team, was dead, and everybody wanted to know who was responsible.</P> <P>Lamont said, "Oh great, just when we thought all was great, the murders start."</P>

<P>David said, "But who is behind this?"</P>

<P>Brad said, "I'm not sure."</P>

<P>Lamont said, "But you can be sure that he's not done with us yet."</P>

<p><center>~*~</center></p> <P>Meanwhile, at the police station, the police were investigating the murder.</P>

<P>An officer said, "Who do you think did it?"</P>

<P>The chief said, "The main subjects would have to be at the school, of enemies of the family. Because they're two scenarios here, One, someone is trying to kill the family, or someone is trying to kill the students."</P>

<P>The officer said, "We will ask around the school tomorrow."</P>


<P>Meanwhile, the person to pick up Liz Gordon's body, was the new owner of the morgue, Joseph Smoeing.</P>


<P>The next day at school, the police were questioning the students.</P>

<P>An officer said, "So what was your relationship with Liz?"</P>

<P>Lamont said, "We were really good friends for about two years."</P>

<P>Another one asked, "Did you hate Liz about anything."</P>

<P>Chris said, "No, well except that she made my girlfriend break up with me."</P>

<P>"Any problems with you?"</P>

<P>Amanda Goings said, "No."</P>

<P>Nathan Cleaver said, "No."</P>

<P>Brad said, "I wanted to go out with her."</P>

<P>After a few hours of questionings the police left. One of the said, "So do you think one of them did it?"</P>

<P>Another one said, "No, but if not, they still should be arrested for being annoying."</P>

<P>"Yeah," the other one agreed.</P>

<P>Back at the school, Lamont was meeting with some of the ex-L-team members. "We have to find out who did this."</P>

<P>Chris said, "But who do we suspect?"</P>

<P>Brad said, "It could be anybody."</P>

<P>Lamont said, "Alright keep your eyes open and be careful." Then they all went their separate ways.</P>

<P>Meanwhile somewhere in the school, someone was messing with a bottle of sprite. He opened it up, and mixed some poison in it. Then he recarbonized it and revacumed sealed it.</P>

<P>Next he taped a picture fragment to the bottom of the bottle. Then he wrapped it up, and labeled it for Chris Leis.</P>


<P><I>Next time, as the gang tries to find out what happened to Liz, another one of their friends might be next in,

Spiderina Strikes Again.</I></P><p>&