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<h3><center> Power Rangers Railroad: Villains<BR> By Lamont Stewart </center></h3>

<P>The villain list will get bigger as time goes on.<P> <B>Count Daniel Funela:</B> A Count from the Dark Ages who tried to take over the nearest kingdom, but was trapped on another planet in exile until he was freed in 1994.<P> <B>Steven Manna/Merger Day:</B> Danny's Teacher. He is the one who gave Astronema the Merger Staff.<P> <B>Tony Muncher:</B> Steven's teacher.<P> <B>Sam Nako/Chaos:</B> Was a guard for some people in Dayton, but now is a hideous creature.<P> <B>Charlie Nako/The Baron:</B> The person in charge of the Vandalia operation of the organization.<P> <B>Khan:</B> A leader in the 31st century, who got trapped in the past. His only way back is to kill the L-team.<P> <B>Steel Hawk:</B> A creation of Khan to kill the L-team.<P> <p>