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Now in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers era.

Previously on the Power Rangers: Lamont was thrown back in time about three years to the time of the Thunder Megazord. Now that Lamont helped the Lightstar Rangers defeat Astronema, he now has to help the Original Rangers against Zedd and Rita.

Tommy's New Zord
By Lamont Christopher Doyle Stewart

Angel Grove Juice Bar

The Rangers are sitting at one of the tables, talking about recent developments.

Aisha Campbell: Man, I can't believe we're still in High School, and you're older than all of us, too.

Lamont Stewart: Well, you guys are 17-year-old juniors, right? Well, I'm an 18-year-old college freshman. However, I'm from the future, and right now in my hometown, I'm a 15 year old high school freshman.

Billy: The scanning device is still determining if there are any side effects from your trip.

Rocky: Gee, Billy, you sure suck the fun out of stuff.

Adam: Well, it's great to have you, anyway.

Tommy Oliver: We have a lot to show you about this time.

Billy: Yeah, things can change, even in three years.

Lamont Stewart: (Silently) Yeah, don't I know it.

Kimberly Hart: The first thing we are going to do is take you to the new mall.

Aisha Campbell: Yeah, that's a good idea.

Rocky: Oh boy, we're in trouble now.

Just then, Bulk and Skull walked in.

Skull: Our latest plan can't fail.

Bulk: Now that the Green Ranger is back, we have to come up with a better plan.

Lamont Stewart: What are they up to?

Adam: They're trying to find out who we are.

Lamont Stewart: In my time, they have calmed down, and are responsible.

Kimberly Hart: Wow.


The Moon Palace

Rita Repulsa: Now that the Green Ranger is back, we have more to do to win.

Lord Zedd: You decided to bring back the Green Ranger, not me.

Goldar: Let me defeat them.

Scorpina: Yeah, me too.

Lord Zedd: Excellent, but it will be you two plus a new monster. Finster, create the most terrifying beast you can, then bring it to me.


Angel Grove Park

Tommy Oliver: Wow, that was exciting.

Aisha Campbell: Mall shopping always is.

Just then, some of Zedd's Putties attacked them. However, they fought them off fearlessly.

All of a sudden, Goldar appeared out of nowhere.

Goldar: You seven are about to meet your doom. Green Ranger, this is your welcome party.

Tommy Oliver: It's Morphin Time!

The Rangers pulled out their Morphers, and held them in front of them.

Tommy Oliver: Tigerzord!

Lamont Stewart: Dragonzord!

Adam: Mastodon!

Kimberly Hart: Pterodactyl!

Billy: Triceratops!

Aisha Campbell: Sabertoothed Tiger!

Rocky: Tyrannosaurus!

The Rangers transformed into their costumes.

Aisha Campbell/Yellow Ranger: You won't defeat us.

Just then, Scorpina appeared.

Scorpina: That's what you Rangers think.

Lamont Stewart/Green Ranger: No matter where you go, the monsters are all the same.


The Moon Palace

Finster: It is finished, meet Mousey.

Lord Zedd: Well, it's not your most creative name, but no worry now. Go down and kill those Power Rangers.


Astro-Megaship > 1998

The Rangers started their farewell to Lamont.

Andros: We will now begin.

T.J.: We only knew him for a short time, but he became a close friend.

Karone: He was the best Ranger I knew, very tough to defeat.

The Rangers all look at her.

Karone: What?

Zhane: You were always one to say the truth.


Angel Grove Park > 1995

The Rangers are still battling Goldar and Scorpina when Mousey came on the scene.

Lamont Stewart/Green Ranger: A new creature, huh? Well, you are still gonna lose.

Just then Zedd made the monsters grow.

The Rangers: We need Thunderzord power, now!

Adam/Black Ranger: Mastodon-Lion Thunderzord power!

The Mastodon Dinozord rose from the ice, and transformed into the Lion Thunderzord.

Kimberly Hart/Pink Ranger: Pterodactyl-Fire Bird Thunderzord power!

The Pterodactyl Dinozord flew out of the volcano and transformed into the Firebird Thunderzord.

Billy/Blue Ranger: Triceratops-Unicorn Thunderzord power!

The Triceratops Dinozord arose from the desert and transformed into the Unicorn Thunderzord.

Aisha Campbell/Yellow Ranger: Sabertoothed Tiger-Griffin Thunderzord power!

The Sabertoothed Tiger Dinozord ran out of the Jungle and transformed into the Griffin Thunderzord.

Rocky/Red Ranger: Tyrannosaurus-Red Dragon Thunderzord power!

The Tyrannosaurus Dinozord arose from a crack in the earth, and transformed into the Red Dragon Thunderzord.

The Rangers jumped into their zords, and came together to create the Thunder Megazord.

Lamont Stewart/Green Ranger: Dragonzord-Knight Thunderzord Power!

The Dragonzord arose from the bay, and transformed into the Knight Thunderzord.

Tommy Oliver/White Ranger: Tigerzord Power!

The Tigerzord ran on to the scene.

Tommy jumped into the zord.

Tommy Oliver/White Ranger: Tigerzord, convert to Warrior Mode.

The Tigerzord converted to Warrior Mode, and battled the three monsters.

Goldar: You Rangers have finally met your match.

Scorpina and Goldar put their weapons, and fired at the Tigerzord.

The Tigerzord was blown back, and almost damaged.

Sabba: We must convert the zord back to Tigermode.

The zord converted back.

Lamont jumped out of his zord.

The Rangers continued to battle the three monsters.

Lamont Stewart/Green Ranger: Tommy, I got to tell you something about your zord. (He whispers something to Tommy, and Tommy smiles.)

Lamont returns to his zord.

Lamont Stewart/Green Ranger: Now you all are finished.

Mousey: What?

Kimberly Hart/Pink Ranger: Watch and learn.

Tommy Oliver/White Ranger: Tigerzord-Horse Thunderzord Power!

The Tigerzord transformed to the Horse Thunderzord.

The Knight connected to the Horse, and galloped to Mousey.

The Knight pulled out the sword on the side of the Tigerzord, and sliced Mousey in half.


Goldar and Scorpina disappeared.

Aisha Campbell/Yellow Ranger: You know when trouble comes, the strongest of the warriors run away.

The Rangers demorph, and go to the park to play.


Astro-Megaship > 1998

Ashley Hammond: Wow, this is interesting.

Karone: What are you reading?

Ashley Hammond: I was reading about what Lamont does.

Karone: Anything interesting.

Ashley Hammond: You better believe it. Look at this.

They both read the file.


Next time, Rito takes control of the White Shogunzord. The Rangers must reform the Pink Shogunzord to try to stop Rito and get the zord back.

In The Changing of the Colors of a Shogunzord.

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