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I have always been interested in the Power Rangers, but there were 2 things I've always wondered. For the Green Ranger, there was never a Thunderzord or a Ninjazord. If you remembered if you watched the show, during the second season of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Rita made a clone of Tommy. At the end, the clone decided to live in the past. Now what would have happened if even though he didn't use his power he still kept his power coin? I sure hope you enjoy this.

The Original Green Ranger
By Lamont Stewart

Part I: The Auction

Tommy was dying. He had lived in the 18th Century for a long while now, and the time had come for him to die. Tommy handed a locked box to a friend, and said, "Keep this safe, until the time comes." Then he passed away.


About two hundred years later, there was an auction in Angle Grove, in the year 1998. Everyone was excited about the new Voyager Zords that the Space Power Rangers had gotten. Then a box came up to sell.

I said, "$100."

Someone else said, "$999.99."

I said, "Man, you're not one for fun. $1,000."

"Sold!" The auctioneer said, "Who should I label this for?"

I said, "Label it for Lamont Stewart."

I took the box home to study it more. Little did I know, the contents of that box would change my life, at least for the time being.

(This is where the Power Rangers in Space theme song would come in.)

I got back to the place that I was staying, and decided to open up the box. I broke the lock, and flipped up the lid to see a coin.

"A coin," I said. "I spent $1,000 on a coin."

That is when I saw the symbol of the coin. I knew it looked familiar so I went and got my Power Ranger Journal that I kept for the past five year, starting from when the Rangers came into the picture to now. I even had some clippings back from 1988 when the Alien Rangers came on the scene.

I looked in my book until I saw it, the Dragonzord. The symbol on its legs matched the symbol on my coin. Still holding the coin in my hand I said, "Wow, the coin has the same symbol as the Dragonzord." That is when it happened.

A strange green light surrounded me, then a green like costume appeared on me. A shield appeared on my chest. I looked down. I was the Green Ranger.

"This is not happing," I said. "My name is Lamont Stewart, I live in Vandalia, Ohio. I'm visiting Angel Grove, and now I'm the Green Ranger. What is going on around here?"


Meanwhile, on the Astro Megaship, Ashley spotted energy serge. She said, "Geez, I just recorded an energy signature of major proportions."

Andros said, "Can you track it?"

T.J. said, "Yeah, it's coming from our good old home town, Angel Grove."

Carlos said sarcastically, "What else is new?"

Andros said, "Come on, lets teleport down there, and see what's up."

The Space Rangers started to walk off of the bridge.


Back on Earth, I was still coping with what had happened, when I saw what looked like a watch in the deep bottom of the box. I picked it up, and hit a few buttons, then I just disappeared.

I felt like my whole body was tingling.

The next thing I knew I was standing on some mountain, surrounded by a pile of burnt rubble which looked like it had been hit with an explosion.

I looked around and said, "Aw, man, what's going to be happing now?"


Part II: Return of the Dragonzord

I looked around and saw my surroundings. I was far awayfrom anything. Then I saw a flash of light, and it looked like six different colors were coming toward me. I looked and saw Red, Silver, Blue, Black, Pink, and Yellow. It was the Power Rangers.

The Red Ranger said, "Who are you?"

I said, "My name is Lamont. I found this coin, and this watch, and I ended up here."

The Blue Ranger said, "Well, as a fellow ranger, it is good to meet ya'. I'm T.J, this is Carlos, Zhane, Andros, Cassie, and Ashley," he pointed to each ranger as he said his or her name.

I then told them of what transpired, and they told me about what happened to them.


Meanwhile, on the Dark Fortress Astronema was looking at what was happening. She said, "No! Not another Ranger! Elgar, send down the Mystinizer."

Elgar said, "Do I have to?"

Astronema just looked at him.

Elgar said, "Right away!" He sent the monster to the Power Rangers.

Astronema said, "Very good, just for that, I'll let you play with Scudley."

Elgar said, "Oh, no. Not again," as he was being pulled off.

{This is where the Power Rangers in Space Theme Song would come in.)

The Rangers were getting to know one another, when the Mystinizer appeared.

Andros said, "This is where we take care of business. You want to join us? We could use all the help we can get."

We went to fight the Mystinizer; he had a mist spray, which started to eat through our costumes.

"Oh, great! My first battle as a Power Ranger, and I'm going to be killed," I said. "How did the last guy who had this costume do it? I watched all of the battles the Power Rangers have been in."

I thought about it for a while, and then I said, "I got it!"

I pulled a dagger like flute out of my side pocket, or whatever you call it. "I hope this works?" I played a few notes on the flute, and my shield started to glow, and then my costume was restored.

I said, "Man, I could grow to like this." Then, I took the dagger and aimed it at Mystinizer. A light shot out, hit the monster, which fell down.

Ashley said, "Awesome! But, I thought the original Green Ranger's powers were destroyed with the Rita's Green Candle, and Zedd's Green Crystal."

T.J. said, "Yeah, but from what Tommy told me before he left, when Rita recreated the Green Ranger, the Wizard restored his powers to full in the Morphin Grid. So since the powers were in the past, and not active when the Thunder Megazord blew up, the power is still here."

I looked at Mystinizer lying there, and said, "It's probably going to grow now, isn't it?"

Carlos said, "Yeah, it usually does."

Cassie said, "Here comes the laser now."

Mystinizer grew as big as your imagination can see it.

Zhane said, "Well Andros, should we do it?"

Andros said, "Why not? We need Astro Megazord power now!"

Before my eyes, the Astro Megazord was formed. "Wow!" I said.

The Astro Megazord fought valiantly, unfortunately it was losing.

Andros said, "Battlizer, online! Delta Megazord power, now!"

The Delta Megazord appeared, and blasted the Mystinizer to the Bay Area. Then, it fought it, but still got it's butt kicked.

The Rangers then said, "Astro-Delta Megazord power, now!"

The two Megazords combined together to form the Astro-Delta Megazord. It fired its fists, but still it wasn't good enough. Finally Andros said, "Enough is enough, Mega Voyager, on line." The Voyagerzords appeared, came together, and formed the Mega Voyager. Andros said, "Mega V3 missile, online."

The missile fired, hit Mystinizer, who fell down, but got right back up again.

T.J. said, "Okay, nothing we do even puts a dent in this guy."

All of a sudden, Alpha came over the speakers and said, "Rangers, Mystinizer's weak spot is the little hole where the mist comes out at."

All of a sudden I said, "I know what I can do."

I pulled out the dagger, and played a few notes. A few seconds later, the Dragonzord came up from the water. It activated his tail, which drilled right into Mystinizer's weak spot, who then fell down.


The Rangers jumped out of their zords to congratulate me on a job well done.


Meanwhile, on the Dark Fortress, Elgar said, "Oh, well, back to the drawing board."

Astronema said, "I don't give up that easily."

Elgar said, "My old boss only sent one monster at a time, and she defeated the Power Rangers."

Astronema said, "Well, let's see, she got rid of four Rangers, but they just transferred their powers to someone else. Then, when Divatox blew up the Power Chamber, those four just got more powerful, powers. Oh, yeah. She really defeated the Power Rangers."

Then, she turned to Ecliptor, and said, "Is the Reverseanator weapon, ready yet?"

Ecliptor said, "Ready, my Princess."

Astronema said, "Fire!"


We were still celebrating when we heard a KA-BOOM! We turned around to see Mystinizer again. The weapon that Ecliptor had fired at it reversed its destruction.

Ashley said, "What are we going to do now?"

I said, "Well, there is something. I hope this works. We need Thunderzord power, now!"


Part III: Thunder Power

"Dragonzord-Knight Thunderzord Power!"

The Dragonzord turned into a robot Knight, which had a lance for a weapon.

Mystinizer said, "That's impossible."

I said, "You haven't seen anything yet."

The Knight flung its lance, and blew up Mystinizer.


Then Astronema just reversed it again.

Andros said, "Man, Astronema isn't giving up this time."

"That new weapon is going to cause us some grieve in the future. I just know it," Ashley said.

Zhane said, "Alpha said that D.E.C.A. overheard what they were talking about. She said they called it the Reverseanator."

I said, "I saw a diagram in the Thunderzord, I have an idea on how to finally beat Mystinizer. Andros, take this dagger and control the Knight. I just hope the two Megazords, and the Knight can hold Mystinizer until I get back."

{Power Rangers in Space Theme song here.)

Running back to the Power Chamber, I said, "I hope what I need is still there."

I franticly searched for the item I needed.

Meanwhile, the Knight, the Astro-Delta Megazord, and the Mega Voyager were trying to still defeat Mystinizer.

Digging through the rubble, I found what I needed, the Saba Saber.

I said, "It is only an empty shell."

I sighed, "I hope this works."

"Saba Power, now!" I said.

Saba returned to the saber.

Saba said, "Wow, what happened?"

I said, "I don't have much time to talk, can you still power the Tigerzord?"

Sabba said, "It was destroyed, but if I have enough power, I can restore it. Unfortunately, the Dino-Power Coins were overloaded, and destroyed."

"Not all of them," I said.

I concentrated, and Sabba started to glow.

I said, "As usual, I hope this works, Tigerzord power!"

Out of no where the Tigerzord appeared, and took down Mystinizer.

Andros said, "Alright, Lamont!"

"Good going," T.J. said.

I said, "Tigerzord-Horse Thunderzord Power."

The Tigerzord transformed into a Horse.

Ashley said, "Simply awesome."

The Knight took its position on the Horse, and charged.

Mystinizer said, "You fools, just try again."

The Knight pulled out a sword on the side of the Horse, and sliced Mystinizer as it galloped past.

Mystinizer held it's wound while staring at the Power Rangers.

Andros said, "Astro-Delta Megazord flying fists, now!"

Zhane said, "Mega V3 Missile on line."

They both hit Mystinizer at the same time, and he hit the ground.



Back on the Dark Fortress Elgar said, "Should we do it again?"

Astronema said, "No. I'm tired of that monster, besides we still have the Reverseanator, and Ecliptor is working on my new flying Quantrons. The Rangers are going down, all seven of them."


On the Bridge of the Megaship, the Rangers were throwing a party for me to welcome me to the team.

Alpha helped me find the keyhole in the middle of D.E.C.A.'s main computer consol. I put Saba in, and twisted him, and locked it into position.

D.E.C.A. said, "I now can control the Tigerzord."

Alpha said, "We can help you in the future."

Then Alpha looked over at a screen searching the history of the Power Rangers.

I went into a corner and said to my self, 'Wow I'm a Power Ranger now. I would never of believed it in a million years. According to Andros, of Human Rangers from 1993, I'm number 19. I hope I hold up as well as they did.'

I walked back as the Power Rangers continued the party to welcome me to the team.