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Note from Authors: I got my friend to help me write this. It is the biggest battle up to date, that they will face, and probity the longest.

The Motion Picture
By Lamont Stewart & Christopher D. Leis

Last time, Lamont and Aren brought back the two birds. However it was too late, because Khan self-destructed the ship.


Above the Earth

The aliens got on their life raft ship with the birds, and got of there at light speed.

Meanwhile, the L-team powered down, and raced to their ship Frosting One.

Aren said, "Do you think we'll make it?"

Lamont said, "I don't want to know what will happen if we don't."




They got on the ship and started the engines, and headed back to Earth.











They started to get in the atmosphere, and were almost home free.









The ship exploded, and the wave headed for the L-team's ship.

Chris said, "I don't think we're going to make it."

The energy wave was getting closer and closer. The aliens had escaped from the wave's reach. However, Khan was not so lucky, as the wave overcame him.

The L-team was also over taken by the energy wave. It passed through the ship, and through each person, knocking them unconscious. After it had passed through the ship, the wave died down.

After the wave cleared, the L-team awoke to look around. They were still alive.

Brad said, "Why aren't we dead?"

Andy said, "The aliens made the rings, so maybe they absorbed the power wave that just passed through."

Lamont said, "Well, I say we find out. It's L-team time!"

However, nothing happened, and the rings looked burnt out. Chris said, "Oh great, we lost our powers." The rest of the team looked worried as they landed in their secret hideout next to the Railroader's hideout.


Leader of the Mob's Headquarters – Dayton

The leader said, "The time has come. We must destroy the Railroaders and L-team before they completely ruin our plans. Bring everything we have got against them. Now is the time for Charlie to redeem himself."


Back at the Railroader's hideout, Joe and Danny were welcoming the team back. Joe said, "I'm glad to see that you're all safe, and that Andy is back alive."

Andy said, "Yeah, it's great, isn't it?" However, he had a strange look in his eyes. "I'm glad to be back here."

Aren said, to Lamont, "I don't trust him, he seems different."

Lamont said, "I think your right."


Meanwhile, in Angel Grove, the Green Ranger had recently joined the ranks of the Power Rangers. Tommy said, "It's cool fighting on the side of good."

Jason said, "It's cool to have you on the team."


A few hundred miles away, in the CBS studios, they were tapping another episode of this new series called Boy Meets World. No one thought the series would last, though.


Back in Dayton, Ohio, the Mob's leader said, "Alright, to stop the Railroaders we need to eliminate the L-team first. And to do that, we need to get rid of the leader. Now, I know how to do that, because I know how he got his powers. Because I got this letter telling me how. We must do two things to eliminate him. He went to California to see Boy Meets World, and while he was there, he bought the box. The second thing is he was the Green Ranger. Now, the original Green Ranger has just appeared in Angel Grove. If we kill him, and destroy the powers, Lamont won't find them.

A lackey said, "Leave it all to me, boss."

The leader said, "Don't fail."


If that wasn't bad enough, another criminal was giving another group of heroes a hard time, too.

In Tokyo, Japan a criminal by the name of Todd Bull was running away from five girls in short skirts, and a formal guy wearing a mask. They were with two talking cats.

Sailor Moon said, "Stop right there."

Todd just ran to the airport and got on a plane. It took off, and the Sailor Scouts could just watch. After it was clear, they powered down to their normal look.

Serena said, "Now what are we going to do?"

Amy said, "Why don't we look to see where he's going."

They check the plane's destination and it said, "Los Angels, California."

Darien said, "I'll buy the tickets."


Back in Vandalia, Lamont got an important message from his friends from the future on the Megaship. Karone said, "Lamont, something is happening here. Someone is messing with the Power Rangers in the past. We detected that it's coming from your time period. Please help them."

Lamont said, "You can count on us." He closed the link and said, "Come on, all of you. We are going to California."


The six people from Tokyo landed in L.A. with two pets. They walked the streets of Hollywood trying to find Todd. Meanwhile, on the other side of the street, three cast members of the TV show Boy Meets World were coming out of a store. Their names were Ben Savage, Rider Strong, and Danielle Fishel. Just then, the Mob lackey came up behind them, and put a gun to them. He said, "Follow me to that building over there." They walked to a nearby building.

Darien saw what went down, and told the scouts to follow him. The lackey opened up the door, and the three hostages saw six high school kids. He said, "Get in there." He pushed them in and then left. One of them said, "Hi, my name is Tommy, and these are my friends."

They all said hi to each other and Jason said, "How are we going to get out of this?"

Just then, the Sailor Scouts appeared and said, "We will rescue you all."

Then the lackey came back, but he looked weird, and then dropped dead, and behind him was Todd. He said, "Welcome, Scouts. Meet the Rangers. And you are all going down." He fired a ray at the Scouts, and they demorphed back into regular people. Then he closed the door, and activated a device that prevented the use of power. Then he made a phone call and said, "It is done, now. It's your turn to do your side of it."


Meanwhile, at the airport, the L-team got off the plane, and saw the airport around them. Lamont remembered how big it was from the last time he was here which was six years in the future. Andy just got off his personal phone with someone.

Chris sensed something was up with Andy. He said to himself, "There is something up with Andy, but why can I feel this? Maybe that explosion gave me special powers or something."

Lamont said, "Come on. We need to get to a warehouse down in Hollywood. That's where the people we need to rescue are." However, he didn't know that the cast of Boy Meets World and the Sailor Scouts were also captured.

Chris, meanwhile, thought to himself, "This new feeling is strange, it's kind of like. . . I don't know. However, I don't trust Andy."

They walked into the warehouse, looked around, and there Lamont saw the Rangers. However, he also saw some people from Japan, and three other people who Lamont immediately recognized as the three main cast members of Boy Meets World.

Just then, Todd came in, and said, "You all are trapped in here. Now for part two of my plan." He fired a ray, but Eric dodged out of the way. The other people were transported all over space and time.

Todd thought he had won, and went to celebrate, but Eric was hiding, trying to figure out a plan.


We now see the planet of Couresent, where the Jedi Council meets. Here we find Chris being trained by Mace Windu in the art of Jedi. Chris is using his lightsaber against a practice droid.

"You have to fall. Don't think. Use your instincts. You can feel the force flowing through you," Mace Windu says.

"Yes master," he replies.

Just then, he destroys the droid.

Mace says, "Your training is now complete. You are now ready to return to you group and help them out."

"Thank you master," Chris replies.

"May the force be with you," they both say.


Meanwhile, Todd had drawn some weird circle like thing, and stood in it. While Eric worked to bring everyone back.

The eclipse began, and a strange energy beam hit Pluto. It traveled through Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and then the moon. Then the light from the energy, traveled to the Earth, right for Todd. He stood in the circle he drew, and was hit with the power. He became more powerful.

Eric finds a way to activate the device, and brings back everybody. Chris, with his new abilities, senses something about Andy.

Lamont said, "Don't give up, we can beat this evil." Then, he remembered about the power he had gotten from the other dimension from the last adventure he just had. He opened the box with the power in it, and it entered the rings of the L-team members. A star appeared on each ring. He said, "Try the powers now. This new energy plus the effect of the alien ship should be nice."

Lamont said, "It's L-team time!"

They held their rings in the air.

Brad Bergman: White Wizard Star Power!

Brad transformed into wizard of white magic.

Jacob McLaughlin: Trapper Star Power!

Jacob transformed into a trapper of the mountains.

Chris Leis: Tracker Star Power!

Chris Leis transformed into a master tracker, but he also gained another power, too.

Jennifer Blessing: Spy Star Power!

Jenny was transformed into a professional double agent.

Jamie Moore: Telepathy Star Power!

Jamie got the ability to read minds.

Eric Griffith: Promoter Star Power!

Eric got the ability to give people more powers.

Andy White: Master Black Belt Star Power!

Andy transformed into a martial arts expert.

Jamie Pounds: Medical Doctor Star Power!

Jamie transformed into a doctor.

Zach Atkinson: Black Wizard Star Power!

Zach transformed into a wizard of black magic.

Mandy Darnell: Red Wizard Star Power!

Mandy transformed into a wizard of red magic.

Aren Dyer: Ninja Star Power!

Aren transformed into a ninja.

Lamont Stewart: Knight Star Power!

Lamont transformed into a knight.

Just then, Andy jumped in front of them, and joined Todd Bull. He said, "Now you're finished."

Aren said, "He's turned against us!"

Serena said, "We'll help stop them."

Luna said, "Do it now."

Serena said, "Moon Crystal Power!" She transformed into Sailor Moon.

Amy said, "Mercury Star Power!" She transformed into Sailor Mercury.

Raye said, "Mars Star Power!" She transformed into Sailor Mars.

Lita said, "Jupiter Star Power!" She transformed into Sailor Jupiter.

Mina said, "Venus Star Power!" She transformed into Sailor Venus.

Darien activated something and he transformed into Tuxedo Mask.

Jason said, "It's our turn now! It's Morphin Time!"

Tommy said, "Dragonzord!" He transformed into the Green Ranger.

Zack said, "Mastodon!" He transformed into the Black Ranger.

Kimberly said, "Pterodactyl!" She transformed into the Pink Ranger.

Billy said, "Triceratops!" He transformed into the Blue Ranger.

Trini said, "Sabertoothed Tiger!" She transformed into the Yellow Ranger.

Jason said, "Tyrannosaurus!" He transformed into the Red Ranger.

Just then, Andy fired a ray at Aren, and he joined Andy in the bad side, which was really not good. They took out the Power Rangers, the three cast members, the Sailor Scouts, and the L-Team, except for Lamont and Chris. So now, it was Chris and Lamont vs. Andy and Aren.

Andy says, "Now you two will die and that will be the end of your little L-Team."

Lamont responds, "I don't think so. You have to still go through a Knight and a Jedi master. Good luck."

Aren is laughing, "Ha, you two are no match for a Ninja and Master Black Belt."

Lamont said, "We'll get you back to normal, but Andy is going down."

Chris begins to walk toward Aren and Andy, but says nothing. He just looks and Lamont nods his head, as they pull their weapons out. To Lamont's surprise, his normal sword is not there, instead in it's place was Chris's lightsaber.

Chris then says, "It is just like yours, but does more damage."

Chris then takes off his robe and Aren and Andy look like death warmed over, because now there are two lightsabers. One normal one that Lamont has, and the new double bladed one that Chris has.

The battle is fierce. Lamont and Andy have a great duel. Andy strikes first, but Lamont, just absorbed his fury and turned it against him. Lamont has Andy down on one knee, and then says, "Andy, you are a trader and a liar. You are here by finished and are no longer welcomed in our time line. As of now, you no longer are living. I said I would never kill anyone, but there is always an exception to the rule." Lamont slices his head off in one quick stroke. He then turns to see Aren and Chris's duel.

Aren pulls out his staff/bo, and starts beating Chris with it. Chris just looks at him, and smiles. Then Chris starts doing his attack pattern, and is beating Aren. Aren decides it is time for a new weapon, so he pulls out a Kitana Blade, and slices Chris's saber in two. Aren then throws the blade down and again goes to his staff, and knocks Chris out with it. Lamont then starts running towards Aren, thinking his right hand man on the L-Team killed Chris. Lamont knocks Aren out. Lamont then goes to Chris, who has started to wake up, and says, "I am glad you are not dead."

Chris replies, "Me, too."

Just then, Todd Bull said, "Very good, you two, but now you'll have to face me."

Then Sailor Moon woke up and said, "You forgot about me."

Todd said, "Fine I can take out three people."

Sailor Moon said, "You mean four people." She pulled out the Imperium Silver Crystal. "Moon Crystal Healing Activation!" Aren was awoken, and turned good again.

Lamont said, "Because you let yourself be turned to the side of evil, you are no longer second in command. Chris is now."

Aren said, "Okay."

Todd said, "Um, hello? Remember me? The guy who is going to kill you all?" Then he fired a ray at the Railroader's headquarters and it was destroyed. "Now can you four defeat me?"

Just then, Kimberly got up and said, "Powerbow fire!" Todd was hit by a couple of energy arrows in the shoulder.

He held his shoulder, but it was to late, Sailor Moon got out her scepter and said, "Moon Scepter Elimination!" It fired a ray at him, and knocked him back.

Aren said, "Ninja Stars, now!" He fired stars at him.

Chris threw his lightsaber staff right through his stomach, and Lamont said, "Full Knight Power, now!" He swung his saber at a distance, and the energy from it fired, and struck down Todd.


As they look around, they notice their ship as been blown up. Lamont says, "How will we ever get home?"

Chris says, "I have a new ship for the L-Team. It is fully updated, with a sickbay, bridge, a new headquarters, everything we had at our home base is now on-board this ship. I am pleased to show you L-Team 001." Just then, Chris deactivated the cloaking device, and the L-Team 001 appears.

This ship amazes Lamont. Chris says, "Dr. Jamie Pounds is in sick bay treating the rest of our team, Captain."

Lamont says, "I am the Captain?"

Chris replies, "But of course, you are the Captain, and I am your first officer."

Lamont then says, "I am speechless."

The Sailor Scouts went back to Japan, and the Rangers went back to Angel Grove, while Ben Savage, Rider Strong, and Danielle Fishel went back to Los Angeles.

After all are on-board the vessel, Lamont gives the signal to Brad, the helmsmen, to set a course for the outskirts of the Solar System. Lamont says, "Brad, on my mark. Engage." Lamont then turns to Chris and says, "I can feel like something or someone is out there, but who could it be, and why am I feeling it?"

Chris replies, "I forgot to tell you that you are now a Jedi Master, like myself. I am not sure what is out there, but we will find it."

Just then, Jacob says, "Sir, we are being hailed."

Both Lamont and Chris say, "On screen."

They see Kahn's face on the screen. Both Lamont and Chris look at each other, and say, "This is not good."


Next time — Like the L-team, Khan also had his powers made greater by the alien explosion. Now, the L-team, with new Powers and weapons, will have to put Khan down once and for all.

In Khan's Revenge