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<P><B>Disclaimer: </B> <I> Power Rangers and all related materials are © by Saban. Digimon is also © by Saban, plus Bandi/Toei Animation and Fox Kids. Port Charles, All My Children, General Hospital, Boy Meets World, and Full House are © by ABC. Star Trek is © by Gene Roddenberry. Star Wars is © by George Lucas. Sailor Moon, PoKeMoN, Saved by the Bell, and Dragon Ball Z are © by their respected owners. Everything else is © by me.</I></P>

<P><B>Note From Author: </B> <I> In the World of the Power Rangers, what's the difference one person can make? There have been a lot of famous people in the history of the world, but what about the UN-famous people? People like George Washington, Britney Spears, and Billy Graham are some of the more famous ones, but what about their parents? With out them, those three would never exist. Genealogy is a big part of who you are. Get rid of one person in history, and the whole fabric of time can unravel into something that is totally unknown. So again the question is asked, what effect can one person have on the known timeline? </I></P>

<h3><center>The L-Hat: The Saga Begins<br>By Lamont Stewart</center></h3>

<center><b><I><u>This is the story of the Golden Age of the planet Cologne and the Citrate System in the Earth year 859 A.D.</u></I></b></center>

<P>After many centuries of war, the planet Cologne was finally at peace. The whole Citrate System was under its peaceful hand. The <b>Imagination Kingdom</b> was powerful and prosperous. It's ruler, <b>Robert Kay, Emperor of the Imagination Kingdom</b>, promised his daughter to the son of <b>Howard Pale, Archduke of the Great Continent</b>.</P>

<P>Princess Heather and Prince Todd would be wed at the end of the year. Heather's little brother Bobby, and Todd's little sister Alex were to be the flower girl and the ring bearer.

Their scientists had set the stage for exploration out of the system, for they had discovered a wormhole to a developing planet named Earth. Emperor Robert Kay was going to send some explorers to search this planet, when from out of the porthole there came a human with a mind for conquering. His name was <b>Count Daniel Funela.</b></P>

<P>On Earth 49 years before, there was a scientist named Tony Muncher. He created the <b>Ultimate Merger Diamond</b>, and was a teacher to <b>Steven Manna</b>. Then one day a force turned him evil, and he created the <b>Crystal of Doom</b>. Some good people shattered the Diamond into eleven sub diamonds. The Crystal of Doom was to house the Ultimate Diamond, but he needed to merge them back together first, so, he created the <b>Merger Staff</b>. However, when the good people went to get him, he hid inside the Merger Staff.</P>

<P>Steven Manna then took control of the Merger Staff, and became <b>Merger Day</b>. He trained nobility named Danny Funela. His father, Count Roger Funela wanted his son to be powerful. Then, the good guys created a sword called the <b>Merger Sword</b> to combat the Merger Powers. After a long battle, they imprisoned Steven and the Merger Staff in the sword. Then they locked it in a rock, and hid the three keys to unlock it. Also in 857 A.D., Count Roger died and Daniel inherited the countdom. Danny had even found the eleven sub diamonds to use for his plans. The king decided enough was enough so he waged war on the Count. The war lasted for two years, when all hope was lost, until a wormhole opened up in the castle. They fought one last time, and managed to push Daniel and his forces through the hole.</P>

<P>The Citrate System was unprepared for this attack. Archduke Howard managed to capture the sub diamonds and trapped Danny's eleven most powerful soldiers in them. Then, Emperor Robert sent them back to Earth where they were undisturbed by anyone for more then two thousand years.</P>

<P>In the future, there is a Great War between the Earth of the 27th century and the Earth of the 31st century. The 52nd century is helping the 27th in the battle.</P>

<P>The main group in the 31st century is the <b>Changing History Arounders</b>. They want all history to change, but only one-thing stands in their way; the <b>Merger Knight</b>.</P>

<P>To successfully change history, they must get rid of that one person. The Merger Knight himself, and his descendants, had foiled their plans countless times.</P>

<P>To accomplish this, they sent an operative back into the past to carry out the mission, eliminate at least one ancestor of the Merger Knight. To keep us from interfering, they kept the person a secret.</P>

<P>However, nothing is ever a secret for long.</P>

<P>The 52nd century sent a space craft to help, but the C.H.A. shot them down somewhere in the 20th century.</P>

<P>They thought it was the end of that, but the battle for good and evil has always been fighting, even in the past. So, if history as the 51st century knows it will continue, a champion must finally defeat the C.H.A.</P>

<P>The strange thing is that this person was also a descendent of the person they were trying to eliminate. The Merger Knight had been trained to defend, and now found himself trapped in the past with one of the most powerful weapons around, the <b>Rainbow Diamonds</b>.</P>

<P>Back on the planet Cologne, Daniel's forces were slowly winning. Emperor Robert and Archduke Howard sent their four kids to Earth for their protection. All four kids were separated and never saw each other again. Then they sealed the wormhole. Outraged, Danny killed them both, and corrupted the planet and the whole system. However, he was trapped there, never to return to Earth. For only Princess Heather and her descendants could open the vortex. So, Daniel was frozen until the time he could be set free. A few soldiers were sent to Earth behind the royal family to protect them, while some soldiers were sent from the future to find the Merger Knight. However, the Merger Knight's ancestors are also descendants of Princess Heather. They must find this person, so they will at last be safe.</P>

<P><B><I>And so our story begins...</I></b></P>



<B>Tuesday, August 27, 1985 ~ Vandalia, Ohio</b></P>

<P>Eight years before the Power Rangers first appeared in Angel Grove, there was a small city in the state of Ohio that possessed a secret. At Helke Elementary School, the new school year was coming along nicely. The new Kindergarten class at Helke was becoming friends. They are the kids that will become known as the Class of "98". They will face many test and trials in the future.</P>

<P>But right now, none of that mattered, at least not for me. I was late. I missed the bus, my first day of school and I was feeling very hyper.</P

<P>"Come on, come on dad. Ya got to drive me to school." I said.</P>

<P>He said, "You should have been on time."</P>

<P>I said, "I would have been if you didn't stop me every five minutes."</P>

<P>He said, "You're right, I'm sorry."</P>

<P>I said, "It's O.K. Let's go." We both got in the car.</P>


<P>Meanwhile, in a house, next to the school, a lady, who practiced witchcraft, was up to no good.</P>

<P>She created a blue baseball cap with a red L on the front. She called the hat the L-hat. Her name was <b>Magical-E-L-Play</b>.</P>

<P>The L-hat reflected and magnified what was in a person's heart, soul, and mind. Whether it was good or evil. Magical planed to use the L-hat to open a wormhole to Cologne to free Count Daniel Funela.</P>

<P>"Finally, with the power of this hat, I can free the count." Magical said. "Then the world will tremble."</P>

<P>Not just anybody could use the hat. They had to posses a special quality. If that quality was corrupted, then the hat might be used for evil.</P>

<P>However she was so into the creation of the hat. That she did not notice that there was a construction crew in front of her house. The activity shook the house and made the hat fly out the window, and behind a bush.</P>


<P>My dad dropped me off at the corner because of the construction, because he couldn't get down the street.</P>

<P>I ran down the road, but at that time I was only five years old and was still kind of clumsy. I kind of fell into one of the holes created by the construction. But fearing that I would be late I quickly climbed out of the hole and broke down some limbs allowing me to break through a bush.</P>

<P>As I was going through the bush I nearly tripped over a hat. I picked it up and stuffed it in my backpack, and then I hurried on to school.</P>

<P>Later that day at Recess I was near the twisty slide, and I noticed that no one was looking so I quickly tried on the hat. As soon as I did, a bright light streamed from the L on the hat. Everything in front of me went hazy and then darkness.</P>

<P>On of the kids glance in my direction, and looked away to see a rabbit. When he turned back around I had vanished into thin air. "Wasn't there a kid there a second ago," he said.</P>


<P>Slowly my vision returned, and I noticed that my surroundings had changed. I was know in what looked to me like the inside of an old, spooky castle.</P>

<P>Being a curious five-year-old, I explored my surroundings with an interested view about what I saw. I noticed a giant vat with something in it. I couldn't see what was inside, but I noticed a digital device on the side of it. Being the technological wizard that I was, I pressed several of the buttons on the device.</P>

<P>It was about this time I noticed a small staircase going up to a platform above the vat, I thought this would be a good opportunity to see what was inside so I climbed the stairs.</P>

<P>Unknown to me, one of the buttons I pressed activated the Count's hibernation chamber, and allowed him to awaken. He said, "Finally after all this time, I am awake." He climbed out of the chamber and said, "I sense that someone with great power is here. I'll teach him to trespass in my palace."</P>

<P>I had climbed the staircase and looked over the railing to see what was in that giant vat. It looked like some kind of strange, bubbling liquid. "I'd hate to have to take a bath in that," I said. Just then a strange feeling overcame me. "I feel something evil?" I said.</P>

<P>A voice said, "That's because there is."</P>

<P>I looked over my shoulder and slowly turned around. There he was. He looked like something out of a storybook. "Are you like nobility or something?" I asked.</P>

<P>He said, "I am Count Daniel Funela. The ruler of this world."</P>

<P>"Nice to meet you," I said.</P>

<P>"Have you come to pay me your respects?" He asked.</P>

<P>I said, "I don't know, I just put this hat on, and I appeared here."</P>

<P>He looked at the hat and said, "The L-hat! It has the power to get me back to Earth."</P>

<P>I said, "Back to Earth? You mean, this isn't Earth?"</P>

<P>He said, "No this is the Planet Cologne."</P>

<P>"Cologne?" I said, "It sounds like something you buy at the store."</P>

<P>Daniel said, "Well it was nice meeting you kid, but now I'm afraid I must take that hat. Solar Blast!"</P>

<P>I looked up and through one of the windows I could see the sun. A huge concentration of energy was coming from it and right towards me. "No!" I screamed.</P>

<P>"Goodbye kid," Daniel said with an evil laugh.</P>

<P>The Solar Blast was getting closer when all of a sudden the L-hat started to glow. I closed my eyes and the solar blast hit me. But when I opened my eyes again, what I saw was amazing.</P>

<P>The blast had stopped a few inched from my face, and was being scatter4ed everywhere. From what I figured, the hat created a force field around me.</P>

<P>"Imposible!" The Count said.</P>

<P>I said, "If you wanted this hat, all you had to do is ask.</P>

<P>Daniel said, "You're a nice kid." He walked over to me, "Now hand over the hat.</P>

<P>I started to walk towards the count, but once again the hat started to glow. It caused on of the planks on the platform to rise up a bit. I didn't notice it, and tripped over it.</P>

<P>Daniel had been rushing towards me, and didn't have time to stop, so he tripped over me.</P>

<P>He fell on top of the railing that was over the vat. It was about a thousand years old and hadn't been kept up in a few hundred years so the railing was weak and gave way. Causing Daniel to fall into the vat, which just happened to be filled with acid.</P>

<P>"No!" He screamed as the acid disfigured his face.</P>

<P>I felt sick as I looked on.</P>

<P>Daniel started to climb out of the vat, when we heard a beeping sound. It seemed that not only did I activate the Count's hibernation chamber, but also the self-destruct mechanism.</P>

<P>The fist thing to be destroyed was the acid vat that Daniel was in. Killing him.</P>

<P>The blast threw me in the air, and I thought I was a goner until the hat once again started to glow. Before my eyes a wormhole opened up and I went through.</P>

<P>It was filled with a lot of bight and flashing lights. I was in it what seemed like an eternity, but then I saw a very bright light.</P>


<P>I blinked my eyes and noticed that I was back by the slide. I quickly pulled off the hat and hid it in my shirt. Recess was over and I went inside.</P>

<P>"Wow, that was some daydream I just had. It almost seemed real." I said.</P>


<P>Meanwhile, the witch watched what happened and said, "How could that kid do that stuff? I mean, a mere human doesn't have that kind of power unless . . . of course! He has to be! There is no other solution! I must capture that kid, and drain his energy."</P>


<P>I went inside and got on the little seesaw with another little boy. "Hi who are you?" I asked.</P>

<P>The boy replied, "My name is <b>David Erbaugh</b>.</P>

<P>I reached out my hand and shook his, and said, "My name is <b>Lamont Stewart</b>.</P> <p><center>~*~</center></p>

<P><i>What does Magical have in store for Lamont? Find out in the next episode of <B>Lamont's Adventures</b></I>.</P>

<P><i>Next time, Lamont, David and another friend was a sleep over, but if Daniel has his way, they will never wake up. Will they survive? Find out next time in,</i></P>

<P><center><b><I><u>The House and Helke Show<br>Battle In The Dream Realm</center></b></I></u></P> <p>l