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<P><B>Disclaimer: </B> <I>See the L-Hat for the Disclaimer.</I></P> <P><B>Note From Author: </B> <I>Dreams are the gateway to imagination. But they're also the gateway to nightmares. And even in your dreams, the battle of good and evil still goes on.</I></P>

<h3><center>The House and Helke Show: Battle in the Dream Realm<BR>By Lamont Stewart</center></h3> <P><B>Peviously on Lamont's Adventures...</B></P> <I><P>Magical-El-Play had created a powerful hat to free a dark evil from another planet.</P> <P>However a change turn of events caused the hat to fall in the hands of a five-year-old.<P> <P>When he placed the hat on his head, he was transported to castle of Count Funela, but the hat had a strange reaction to the kid's body. It eventually causes the destruction of the Count.</P> <P>The next thing the kid knew he was back at his school. Talk about a strange first day of school.</P> <P>(Theme Song Goes Here)</P></I>


<P><B>Friday, October 31, 1986</B></P> <P>I was swinging on one of the swings. I was now in the first grade and was six years old.</P> <P>I saw my friend David talking to another one of his friends. I walked over there and said, "So did you get a good haul last night?"</P> <P>Davis said, "Ya! I love trick or treating.</P> <P>So who's your friend?" I asked.</P> <P>David said, "This is my friend from preschool, <B>Jacob McLaughlin</B>.</P> <P>"Hey," Jacob said.</P> <P>"Hey," I said.</P> <P>David said, "Hey I'm having a sleepover at my house. Do you two want to come?"</P> <P>"Sure," I said. "I'd love too."</P> <P>Jacob said, "It sound's like fun."</P> <P>David said, "Excellent, I'll see you both tonight."</P> <P>David and Jacob both walked off, and I thought, "Nice kid, but a little weird." Then I skipped off towards the swings.</P> <p><center>~*~</center></p> <P>I got of the bus, and skipped down the street to my house, humming a tune to a song I had heard today in music class.</P> <P>I opened the door and ran over to where my mom was watching T.V. "Can I sleep at David's house tonight?" I asked.</P> <P>Mom yawned and replied, "Sure, I guess so."</P> <P>I happily said, "Great."</P> <P>"Do you need a ride?" She asked.</P> <P>"I guess I do," I said.</P> <P>She asked, "Where does he live?"</P> <P>"Well he...," I said. I stopped to think. "You know that's a good question."</P> <P>"You don't know where he lives?" She asked.</P> <P>"Don't worry I can find out," I said.</P> <P>I ran out of the house, thinking, "Now what? I've got to find out where David lives. Wait a minute, Jacob. I think I've seen him around this plat. Maybe I can find him. He does ride my bus."</P> <P>I hopped on my bike and went down my street. I was only allowed to go around my block so I rode around, but didn't see anything. So I rode around the block of across the street. Technically my street was on it so it was still my block even though my house wasn't on it. Hey what did I know about logic, I was only six.</P> <P>I rode around the other block, which so some reason seemed much bigger. I was almost at the end of it, when there I saw him coming out of the house. "Hey Jacob," I shouted.</P> <P>He looked around and saw me, and said, "Hey, um what's your name again?"</P> <P>"Lamont," I said.</P> <P>He said, "Oh that's right."</P> <P>I shook my head and said, "I'll get right to the point. Do you know where David lives or at least his number so I can call and ask?"</P> <P>He ran inside and came back with a slip of paper. "Here is his number."</P> <P>"Thanks," I said. "I guess I'll see you there."</P> <P>Jacob said, "I guess you will." Then he went back inside.</P> <P>I shook my head and said, "I still think that kid is a little weird."</P> <p><center>~*~</center></p> <P>I walked into David's house. It seemed much bigger compared to mine.</P> <P>We had a lot of fun until about 10:00 PM. It was then David's mom came in and said, "It's getting late."</P> <P>"Ok mom," David said.</P> <P>David and Jacob were both seven, I was still six. Which meant I had to go to sleep fifteen minutes before the other two.</P> <P>I got ready and got in my sleeping bag. I stared at the ceiling, but I couldn't seem to fall asleep. I reached into my bag and pulled up my stuffed animal I always slept with at the time.</P> <P>I stayed like that for about ten minutes when I heard Jacob and David coming. I quickly hid my stuffed animal and said, "Hey."</P> <P>David said, "You still up."</P> <P>I said, "Of course what am I, a five year old?"</P> <P>"Point taken," said David.</P> <P>Jacob flipped the lights off and we all closed our eyes.</P> <p><center>~*~</center></p> <P>The lights were brilliant as I performed a triple axle on the ice. The announcer said, "And now the youngest ice skater in the world, Lamont Stewart."</P> <P>I took my bow, and some lady gave me my gold medal. I said, "Thank you, and now I'll..."</P> <P>Just then the ice cracked, and I was left floating on one ice patch. All of a sudden a knife streamed by me, making contact with my right knee, drawing blood. I screamed out in pain.</P> <p><center>~*~</center></p> <P>David was climbing his tree in his back yard, and he had almost reached the top. When all of a sudden out of nowhere fighter airplanes came and attacked the top of the tree.</P> <P>David had no choice but to jump out of the tree. When he hit the ground, he twisted his ankle.</P> <p><center>~*~</center></p> <P>Jacob was cooking some doughnuts in the fryer, when the fryer grew arms and legs. Its arms reached inside the grease and threw it at Jacob.</P> <P>He held his arm up to block the grease, but burned his arm in the process.</P> <p><center>~*~</center></p> <P>All three of us woke up at the same time. David said, "That was a weird dream." He reached down to massage his ankle when he noticed that it was indeed sprained.</P> <P>Jacob looked at his arm, and noticed that there was a small burn on his right arm.</P> <P>Getting nervous, I looked down at my sleeping bag. There was a small red stain on it. I slowly pulled out my leg to discover that my nee was indeed bleeding.</P> <P>"What just happened?" asked Jacob.</P> <P>All of us got the proper equipment to cure our three problems. David said, "O.K. lets review. We dreamed something and it happened to us in real life."</P> <P>I said, "Lets go back to sleep, and see if we can find out who's behind it."</P> <P>Jacob said, "But how do we have the same dream?"</P> <P>I replied, "Maybe if we hold hand, we can dream the same thing."</P> <P>I grabbed David's hand on my right, and Jacob's on my left, and we all fell back to sleep.</P> <p><center>~*~</center></p> <P>We were all in a white void. When all of a sudden a male figure, appeared before us. I immediately recognized him. He was the guy from the dream I had the first day of school. Count Daniel Funela.</P> <P>"Oh great," I said. "I'm dreaming of you again."</P> <P>Daniel said, "Actually it's for the first time."</P> <P>"What do you mean?" I asked.</P> <P>He said, "The first time was real." He took the mask off his face and I saw that his left eye was slightly lower then his right. "The acid bath you gave me, turned me into this."</P> <P>I said, "But if you are dead, how can you be here?"</P> <P>He smiled and said, "You have no idea about the extent of my powers, but you soon will." He took a deep breath. "Electrical Lightning!" A lightning bolt of electricity hit me square in the chest, and I slammed against the wall.</P> <P>Then two creatures grabbed Jacob and David.</P> <P>I said, "What do you want?"</P> <P>He said, "Revenge. You killed me, and now I'm going to kill you in your dreams."</P> <P>I shed a small tear, but then I just thought of something. "In <i>my dreams</i>. That's it."</P> <P>"What's it?" Daniel asked.</P> <P>Just then the L-hat appeared in my hand, and I placed it on my head. The hat glowed with a bright light. The wound I had just gotten, had healed it's self, and I automatically stood up.</P> <P>Daniel said, "That light is so bright. What are you doing to me?"</P> <P>The two creatures both let go of Jacob and David, and grabbed Daniel. A bow and arrow appeared in my hand and aimed it at Daniel. "Let's see if this dying in dreams works both ways."</P> <P>I let the arrow go, and before it hit him, Daniel vanished, as did the two creatures. Then the three of us woke up.</P> <p><center>~*~</center></p> <P>"Wow that was intense," David said.</P> <P>"Being your friend is fun," Jacob said.</P> <P>I said, "Ya, but I hope all of our fun together isn't this much fun." I reached up and took the hat off my head. "But I have a feeling that it just might."</P> <p><center>~*~</center></p> <P>Meanwhile Magical stood in David's front yard. She said, "Your nightmares will be like fantasy's compared to the reality of your futures."</P> <p><center>~*~</center></p> <P><I>What fate awaits Lamont, David, and Jacob? Find out in the next chapter, <b>The Cave, Tier Upper, and Maniac</b>.</i></P><p>oE¾