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<P> <CENTER>&nbsp;</CENTER> <P><B>Disclaimer:</B><I> This story is &copy; Lamont. All things in this story are the truth.</P></I>

<P><B>Note from Author: </B><I>This series is partly based on my real life experiences. It will explain the time between when I was a young hero till the time I found the Power Coin. This series also explains my behavior in the future. What you are about to read really did happen. Most of it.</P> <P>This is written in 1<SUP>st</SUP> person.</P></I>

<h3><center> The First Trip to Washington<BR> By Lamont Stewart </center></h3>

<P>Between the acts of a play, there is something called an Intermission. It's where you can stretch you legs or get a snack.</P>

<P>Now normally an Intermission is very uneventful, but in my case, that just wasn't true.</P>

<P>Hi, my name is Lamont Stewart and this is my INTERMISSION.</P>

<p><center>~*~</center></p> <P>This is a tri part series and begins on Tuesday, November 9, 1993. I had a crush on a girl named Mandy Darnell this year; we smiled at each other today. However now I was boarding the bus to go on the 8<SUP>th</SUP> grade trip to Washington D.C.</P>

<P>I was sitting next to one of my roommates, but he left to get a spot on another bus, so I was stuck sitting next to the window hogger, Jacob McLaughlin.</P>

<p><center>~*~</center></p> <P>Meanwhile, across the country, another chapter was beginning. In a small town known as Angel Grove there were five heroes that hap recently surfaced that were known as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. But now there were six of them. The new ranger was named Tommy Oliver and he was the Green Ranger.</P>

<p><center>~*~</center></p> <P>On the way there, we watched a movie, called Star Wars. It was very boring, because I had seen it a million times before. Also you have to remember the year was 1993. The new digital version hadn't came out yet.</P>

<P>Jacob said, "Lets see if we can find words on signs in alphabetical order."</P>

<P>I said, "Sounds like a plan to me."</P>

<P>We were going East on I-70 off of I-75. We started with the letter A and then we went to G until Jacob Gave up, but I continued until I reached the letter P. Then we hit our first rest stop.</P>

<p><center>~*~</center></p> <P>Jacob got to the bus first so he got the window again, but then someone wanted to switch with us, so I got out first and sat down first. I had the window.</P>

<P>We were sitting right in front of two friends of mine, Renee Galibrath, and Jamie Pounds. You remember Jamie from the Mask Kid series don't ya?</P>

<P>Anyway I fell asleep until the next rest stop when Jacob elbowed me in the ribs to wake me up. When I got back Jacob had the window again. I fell asleep again.</P>

<p><center>~*~</center></p> <P>I woke up about 2:00 am and started playing with my seat. I found out with a push of a button the seat reclines and you could manually put them back.</P>

<P>I looked at Jacob and smiled.</P>

<P>I reclined his chair all the way down and then looked back at Jamie and said, "Can you push his chair up real fast?"</P>

<P>Jamie said, "No problem." Then she and Renee did it. Jacob was thrown against the seat in front of us, and woke up for what seemed like one second before falling asleep again.</P>

<P>I just sighed and went back to sleep.</P>

<p><center>~*~</center></p> <P>I stayed asleep until we reached a town in Pennsylvania. It was about 5:00 am. We all bought a little something then we were on our way again.</P>

<P>After a while I saw a sign that said Washington 3 miles. The next sign I saw said Washington 150 miles. We were going to enter through the south and we were in the north.</P>

<p><center>~*~</center></p> <P>Finally it was 7:00 am and we finally made it to Washington. Twenty minutes later a saw a sign that said John Quincy Adams Drive. I finally found a Q. Then I went on down the line, until I saw Parking Zone. Then the bus stopped at 7:30 and we got breakfast.</P>

<p><center>~*~</center></p> <P>Later that day we went to the FBI building. While we were passing the Gun collection I saw several men talking, but I didn't think of anything.</P>

<p><center>~*~</center></p> <P>Later in the day we went to the Air and Space Museum. My partner Jacob, drug me to only what he wanted to see. We ate lunch and then it was time to go the Natural History one.</P>

<P>We were walking down the area called the Mall when I saw my opportunity. I distracted Jacob and then ran. I ran through the crowd and then I saw Eric Griffith. I asked him to be my partner and he said yes.</P>

<P>We went to the museum and we pointed out the girls each of us liked. We also had to hide from Jacob; it was kind of fun.</P>

<p><center>~*~</center></p> <P>Well the next three days was fun and later in the year Eric and me became better friends. Later we played computer games, and explored Taylorsville and Englewood Reserves. All was fine, then we started the 10<SUP>th</SUP> grade.</P>

<B><P ALIGN="CENTER">The End</P><p>o$Ì