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Previously, in the 27<sup>th</sup> Century there was a Family Feud between the Yolk and Retriever families. The leader of the Yolks was an evil man by the name of Tomas Yolk.</font><p>Five members of the Retriever family were able to free the five legendary Merger Sabers, and they became the Feudal Rangers. Also with them was the Red Ranger&#146;s five-year-old brother Josh, and a five-year-old princess from another dimension named Jenny.</font></p> <p>After several attempts to destroy the Feudal Rangers Tom finally decoded the DVD left behind by Statue the enemy fought by the Digital Rangers and the Galaxy Rangers. The DVD held the secrets of the Power Rangers. Tom Yolk wanted to destroy the Feudal Rangers, but he couldn&#146;t go back in time to kill the Retriever Patriarch so he went trough his wife&#146;s family tree, and traced it back to one person in picticular, Lamont Stewart. He traced it back to Jacob Kay, and killed him. So Lamont and the Feudal Rangers and the entire Retriever family as well as a bunch of other people who never existed, except for one.</font></p> <p>Little Josh had picked up a Time Device from an earlier battle and had survived the Time Change, but it left him stranded in the new 20<sup>th</sup> Century with no memory. He took on the name John and for five years was under the protection of a rebel named Ryan, who was once the Titanium Ranger. That is until Tom killed him too.</font></p> <p>That event pushed John into a tailspin and he remembered everything. He went from dimension to dimension finding friends to defeat Tom. One of these friends was a powerful warrior named Parallax a.k.a. Blade Oliver who was a friend of his ancestor Lamont. The eleven of them came back to Josh&#146;s Earth and found the eleven Merger Crystal-Diamonds. But Tom merged four of the Earth&#146;s together into one to make the universe easier to conquer. They defeated Tom&#146;s army until only he was left.</font></p> <p>In each battle the other also picked up a Time Device that when activated gave them greater powers. Finally the last time device was activated the one of the Silver Ranger Julie who in reality was Princess Jenny. Using her Never Existed Arrows she eliminated Tom. But he came back merged with Oblivion the monster from Paradise Horizon.</font></p> <p>All of the Warriors gave their powers to Josh who transformed into the Legendary Merger Knight and finally defeated Tom/Oblivion and restored the time line and brought everyone back to life that Tom had killed. Josh and Jenny returned to their age of five and went back to 6their time in the 27<sup>th</sup> Century. But before they did it was reviled that Jenny was a descendant of Blade. Who in turn was a descendant of Prince Todd Pale who had been promised to Princess Heather Kay the ancestor of Lamont. Finally through Josh and Jenny was the wedding finally going to take place. (When they grew up of course.) Josh gave Lamont the Gold Merger Crystal-Diamond and his Time Device. While Jenny gave her time device and the Silver Crystal-Diamond to Blade who had lost his Parallax powers. The two learned of a threat fifty years in the future.</font></p> <p>It turns out that during the battle with Tom. Count Daniel Funela and Magical-El-Play had picked up time devices and survived the Time Change back to normal. They laid dormant for fifty years and then threatened the peaceful Earth of the future. Lamont and Blade merged their Crystals with their Time Devices and everyone else did too. Blade told the other to hide the remaining nine device in corners of the Earth. They would find them and nine warriors in the future to use them. Lamont and Blade opened the time port and went into the future.</font></p> <h5 align="center">Power Rangers</font></h5> <h5 align="center">Rainbow Warriors</font></h5> <h5 align="center">The Intro Saga</font></h5> <h5 align="center">Episode One</font></h5> <h5 align="center">It Begins&#133;</font></h5> <h5 align="center">Written By Lamont Stewart</font></h5> <p>* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *</font></p> <p><b>December 31, 2040 ~ Vandalia, Ohio</b></font></p> <p><b>The Camden House ~ 11:59:50 PM</b></font></p> <p>Eric said, &quot;Ten.&quot;</font></p> <p>Annie said, &quot;Nine.&quot;</font></p> <p>Matt said, &quot;Eight.&quot;</font></p> <p>Robbie said, &quot;Seven.&quot;</font></p> <p>Mary said, &quot;Six.&quot;</font></p> <p>Lucy said, &quot;Five.&quot;</font></p> <p>Simon said, &quot;Four.&quot;</font></p> <p>Ruthie said, &quot;Three.&quot;</font></p> <p>Samuel said, &quot;Two.&quot;</font></p> <p>David said, &quot;One.&quot;</font></p> <p>All of them said, &quot;HAPPY NEW YEAR!&quot;</font></p> <p>Lucy walked away from the rest of them and stared out the window. She said, &quot;Lord, if you can hear me. Please help me. I want someone to love and someone that would love me also. If you could send me a sign, that would be greatly apriciated. Thanks, A-MEN!&quot;</font></p> <p>Just then Lucy saw two lights shooting across the night sky. Ruthie who had been listening said, &quot;That&#146;s a sign if I ever saw one.&quot;</font></p> <p>* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *</font></p> <p>Lamont Stewart and Blade Oliver flew through the Time Wormhole to the future.</font></p> <p>&quot;What do you think we will see there?&quot; asked Blade.</font></p> <p>&quot;I have no idea,&quot; Lamont replied.</font></p> <p>They continued threw the wormhole while someone was watching them threw a telescope on Star Mountain located on the North Pole.</font></p> <p>&quot;Oh my lovely wife they are about to arrive.&quot;</font></p> <p>&quot;Oh we have been waiting such a long time for some real entertainment and I think these two will finally give us that.&quot; She said.</font></p> <p>He said, &quot;Who shall we send to great them when they arrive?&quot;</font></p> <p>She said, &quot;How about our Camera Monster.&quot;</font></p> <p>&quot;Excellent choice my dear,&quot; he said. He called the creature and sent him to meet our two heroes.</font></p> <p>* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *</font></p> <p>Back at the Camden House the phone rang. Lucy answered it. &quot;Hello.&quot;</font></p> <p>It was Stephanie Tanner, Simon&#146;s girl friend. &quot;Hey Stephanie, just a minute, I&#146;ll get Simon for you.&quot; She yelled, &quot;Simon, get down here. It&#146;s Stephanie!&quot;</font></p> <p>Simon yelled, &quot;Just a minute.&quot;</font></p> <p>Stephanie asked, &quot;So did you see those lights?&quot;</font></p> <p>Lucy said, &quot;Ya, and I have a good and bad feeling about that.</font></p> <p>* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *</font></p> <p>Lamont and Blade landed with a thump on the ground. They both got up and reviewed their surroundings.</font></p> <p>Blade said, &quot;Wow! It is so beautiful and peaceful here. I can&#146;t believe that there is a threat.&quot;</font></p> <p>Lamont said, &quot;I used to have a saying for something like this. It is the calm before the storm.&quot;</font></p> <p>Blade said, &quot;You&#146;re right, we were sent here because of a threat and we need to be on our guard.&quot;</font></p> <p>Just the Camera Monster appeared and attacks our two heroes.</font></p> <p>Blade smiled and said, &quot;I think we should teach this monster a lesson.&quot;</font></p> <p>Lamont said, &quot;I think you are right.&quot;</font></p> <p>They pull out their time devices and Lamont said, &quot;It&#146;s Morphing Time!&quot; But nothing happened.</font></p> <p>Blade said, &quot;Why can&#146;t we morph?&quot;</font></p> <p>Lamont replied, &quot;We used up to much energy during the Time Travel.&quot;</font></p> <p>Blade said, &quot;Well then we will just have to defeat them the old fashion way.&quot;</font></p> <p>Lamont said, &quot;I thought you might say that.&quot;</font></p> <p>Both of them pulled back and gave him a right hook.</font></p> <p>Camera Monster fell back, but quickly got back up. &quot;I&#146;m afraid you&#146;ll both have to do better then that.&quot;</font></p> <p>Blade said, &quot;Oh, we will.&quot; He then kicked the Camera Monster, which caused him to spin around to Lamont who also kicked him.</font></p> <p>The Camera monster glowed and split into two beings. A camera and a human.</font></p> <p>Lamont said, &quot;They&#146;re merging innocent humans with objects.&quot;</font></p> <p>Blade said, &quot;That&#146;s inhuman.&quot;</font></p> <p>Lamont said, &quot;It happened to me once.&quot;</font></p> <p>Blade said, &quot;Really!&quot;</font></p> <p>Lamont said, &quot;When I was 15 I was merged with a dove. I didn&#146;t turn into a creature, but gained some of its abilities including the ability to fly a bit.&quot;</font></p> <p>The human then woke up and said, &quot;Thank you, but not all of us are innocent.&quot;</font></p> <p>Blade said, &quot;What do you mean?&quot;</font></p> <p>Some of us our captured and forced to merge. While others volunteer for the process.&quot; Then the Man ran off.</font></p> <p>Blade said, &quot;Now what?&quot;</font></p> <p>Lamont said, &quot;Well we are both nineteen years old and we have a dangerous mission ahead. We need to recharge these so we can Morph. Then we need to find the other nine and the nine that can use their powers. Then we can stop the threat we came to stop.&quot;</font></p> <p>Blade said, &quot;Well you have the Gold one, and I have the Silver one, so reaming ones are, White, Green, Black, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Red, Purple, and Orange. We should try to find the Power Chamber and a Zordon like creature, I&#146;m sure he or she could help us.&quot;</font></p> <p>Lamont pulled out his time device and said, &quot;Well according to this, we are right on top of it.&quot;</font></p> <p>Just then a huge earthquake hit, and the two fell into a crack in the Earth.</font></p> <p><b>What fate awaits our heroes, find out in Chapter Two, Welcome to the Base.</b></font></p> <p><center>~*~</center></p> <p align="center"><a href="index.htm"><img src="../../htdocs/Graphics/home.jpg" alt="Home" border="0" width="83" height="37"></font></a></p>

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