Lamont and Tammi Index

Power Rangers: Rainbow Warriors

The Intro Saga

It Begins

And so, a brand new saga begins…

Welcome to the Base

Welcome to the Power Chamber of the future.

Meeting the Town Folk

There are some very interesting people in future Vandalia.

Fighting Impossible Odds

The Black Time Device and its owner has been found. Who is it?

Water Worries

The guys really have their work cut out for them…

Girls' Day Out

Who gets to keep the Yellow Time Device?

Red Fire of Courage

The Red Ranger is finally revealed!

Power Unleashed

The Ranger Powers are finally activated, but that’s only the beginning.

The Spirit Saga

Davis Vs. T.K.

The forces of evil are splitting the team up three ways.

Blade's Date

Blade gets to go on his date with Lucy, but meanwhile the two missing guy’s have their own brainwashed plans for their loved ones.

Lamont's Date

It is Lamont’s turn to go out on a Date with Lucy, but they still need to find Liz and Hikari. Meanwhile, Thames has developed a power of his own.

Friend or Foe?

Lamont runs into the person he ran into before. But is he a good guy or bad. The heart tells all.


Lamont and Tammi Index
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