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Note from Author: The tide of battle is about to turn. You won't believe what happens this season.

This is told in first person from Jamie Pounds's view.

Revenge of Daniel's Son
By Lamont Stewart

Last time we found out that Mathew was Lamont's descendent, which would mean that he wasn't dead. We determined that Lamont was in another dimension, and our new task would be trying to get him back.

Jacob returned, and brought David with him. Together with Chris, Brad, and I, Mandy formed a new team to stop Davis, protect Mathew from Gruy, and find Lamont. It's just a normal day for us.

Jamie Pounds


Saturday, January 1, 1994

It was a beautiful party I went to last night. Counting down the seconds was fun, but I must get back to training. My five friends and I have been training for about a month and a half now.

We are preparing for an ultimate battle that might be coming. We have split into three groups. Mandy Darnell and I are preparing for Davis's next attack and waiting for his master. Jacob McLaughlin and David Erbaugh are trying to locate Lamont. Meanwhile Chris Leis and Brad Bergman are protecting Mathew.

"Jamie," Mathew said.

I looked at him and said, "Yes."

He said, "It's been quiet for a while, hasn't it?"

I said, "Ya it has."

He said, "My mother used to say something at times like this."

I said, "What was that?"

He said, "We are merely in the eye of the storm."

I smiled at him, but knew he was right. We hadn't heard anything since November. That was nearly two months ago. I said, "We'll be ready." Quietly I said, "I hope."


Meanwhile, a figure was watching a video. On the screen you could see Davis fighting the L-team with his special powers, and Flamer coming to the rescue.

The figure said under his breath, "Oh those kids will pay, oh I'll make them pay for what they did to my father. For I am Daniel Funela Jr. and soon those brats will know what it is like to suffer. Thanks to them my dad is now a machine."


I was watching Brad play with Mathew when an alarm went off.

Mathew jumped up the stairs and stopped next to me. "What's up?"

I said, "There is a trouble a brewing."

Brad said, "Is it, Gruy or Davis?"

I looked at the screen and said, "Neither, but the face does bare a resemblance to someone."

Mathew said, "'Well, let's take care of this new guy."

I snapped out of my trance and said, "Right, besides, it gets boring fighting the same guy over and over again."

Mathew said, "Flame Power Activate!" Mathew transformed into Flamer and the three of us transported to the new villain.


When we got there the creep was kind of good looking, but the face. I couldn't help but notice the face. "Where have I seen that before?" I thought.

My question was answered because he introduced him self. "Hello I am the son of the famous Count Daniel Funela. You will pay for turning my father into a machine."

Daniel's son I thought. What was it with families being evil, first the Nakos now the Funelas. But I knew he was jumping up the wrong tree. I said, "Hey, Deviot is the one that turned Daniel and the rest of them into what you see now."

Junior said, "Yes, but you drove him to it. If you would of just surrendered at the beginning or let him have the ninja power, he wouldn't of become desperate and hired Deviot."

Brad said, "So you're blaming us for your father's stupidity."

I clinched my teeth. Brad always had a way of saying something at just the right time.

Junior pulled out a gun and started firing at us. Luckily for us Flamer used his flame ray to melt the bullets before they reached us.

I said, "Thanks Flamer."

Flamer said, "It was nothing."

Junior said, "I have nothing to attack with, NOW! But rest assured I will not rest until my father is avenged" Then he vanished.


Back at the headquarters David was telling me about his progress.

David said, "It's true, I have scanned his presence in a dimension about 28 universes over."

I said, "Do we have a way to bring him back?"

David said, "Not currently. We don't have transdimensional travel. The only way I know of is to go back in time, and stop Lamont."

I said, "That is out of the question. Nathan sabotaged the time machine. We barely got home ourselves. It will take about a year to fix it."

David said, "So what do we do now Jamie?'

I said, "We hold on and wait for a miracle."

The End