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Disclaimer: Power Rangers are © Saban. Dark Wing Duck is © Disney. All other characters are © Lamont Stewart.

Note from Author: I originally wrote these stories in the sixth grade, © 1991- 1992. This series is written in 1st person.

One of the Great Enemies
By Lamont Stewart

Two weeks had past since I was framed for the crime. Earlier in the day my friend Jamie Pounds came by and asked how I could do it. I told her I didn't do it, it looked like she might believe me, but there was a bit of doubt in her head.

I paced my room and said, "I am going to prove to her, that I am not responsible.


Meanwhile, in the world, several things were happing. Joseph Smoeing was on the road to get his Ph.D. A sixteen-year-old by the name of Charlie Nako was getting his first car, and was hanging down by the railroad tracks a lot.

Finally, someone by the name of Nathan Lee was planning something. It was an extensive plan, and it led him to my city.

It was getting late, and I placed my costume on, and skimmed the city downtown looking for something to do. Little did I know, I would have my first run in with Nathan.

Dr. Nathan Lee was a professor at the school Joe was at, but that is a story for another time.

Nathan had come down to Vandalia to get some people to do the job for him.

He went to the new Taco Bell restaurant that they had just built to meet the person that he was going to meet.

I had entered Taco Bell, because I was hungry. I had ditched the costume in some bushes and went in to order.

I gave my order and walked around waiting. I thought, "It is sure good to have a Taco Bell here, but I miss Rax too."

I sat on one of the spiny chairs and tried to see how many times I'd be able to go around. Little did I know that Nathan was on the other side of the wall with his person.

Nathan said, "So you know what to do?"

The person said, "Yes, I break into the Middle School to get the student reports."

Nathan said, "Excellent, be sure you don't get caught."

The person said, "I never do."

Then they both left and I couldn't believe my luck. I got the food then my costume. I ran home, ate, then donned the costume, and went back to my school.


I hadn't been there in one week since I got expelled, the first thing I did, was to go to my locker, and get out some of the candy I had stashed there. Then I went upstairs to the record room.

When I got there I heard a voice in the room. They person said, "I got the Student Files, but I wonder what Nathan wants with them?"

I said, "It's to bad that, he'll never get them."

The person saw me, and pulled out a gun to start shooting. I dodged down the stairs, and hid in a slit in the wall. I said to my self, "Oh great, I've faced 1000 year old nobility, some freak shows, and Magicdarkviot. While my end comes at the hand of a normal human, with a hand gun."

I watched him pass and then thought, "Hey, I stood up to Magicdarkviot so I can take him down too."

I jumped out of the slit and said, "I am right here."

The person turned around and said, "You just made your first mistake."

I said, "While, you made your last."

Using the tricks I learned from, Darkviot's minions, I pulled out a pellet and slammed it to the ground and disappeared in a puff of blue smoke.

Then I reappeared, behind him and kicked him. The gun flew in the air and I caught it.


Later that night I was watching the news, and the newsperson said, "That hero the Masked Kid stopped a robbery at the Middle school in Vandalia today, and the weather will be next."

I turned off the TV and went to bed.


Meanwhile, in Nathan's lair he was working on a computer. He said, "I sure am glad I brought this technology with me. I sure am glad that the person took Digital Photos of the files." The files that appeared on the computer belonged to several students, but the ones that could be make out were Zach Atkinson, Brad Bergman, Chris Leis, Jamie Pounds, and Lamont Stewart.

The End



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