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Note from Authors: This is our second writing we collaborated. We might do more together in the future. This is the finale of the quick mini series that began with Jurassic Day.

Khan's Revenge
By Lamont Stewart & Christopher D Leis

Just then, Kimberly got up and said, "Powerbow fire!" Todd was hit by a couple of energy arrows in the shoulder.

He held his shoulder, but it was too late. Sailor Moon got out her scepter and said, "Moon Scepter Elimination!" It fired a ray at him, and knocked him back.

Aren said, "Ninja Stars Now!" He fired stars at him.

Chris through his lightsaber staff right through his stomach, and Lamont said, "Full Knight Power Now!" He swung his saber at a distance, and the energy from it fired, and struck down Todd.


As they look around, they notice their ship as been blown up, and Lamont says, "How will we ever get home?"

Chris says, "I have a new ship for the L-Team. It is fully updated, with a sickbay, bridge, a new headquarters…everything we had at our home base is now onboard this ship. I am pleased to show you L-Team 001." Just then, Chris deactivated the cloaking device, and the L-Team 001 appears.

The ship amazes Lamont. Chris says, "Dr. Jamie Pounds is in sick bay treating the rest of our team, Captain."

"I am the Captain?"

Chris replies, "But of course. You are the Captain, and I am your first officer."

Lamont then says, "I am speechless."

The Sailor Scouts went back to Japan, and the Rangers went back to Angel Grove, while Ben Savage, Rider Strong, and Danielle Fishel went back to Los Angeles.

After all are onboard the vessel, Lamont gives the signal to Brad, the helmsmen, to set a course for the outskirts of the Solar System. "Brad, on my mark. Engage," Lamont orders. Lamont then turns to Chris. "I feel like something or someone is out there, but who could it be…and why am I feeling it?"

"I forgot to tell you that you are now a Jedi, like myself. I am not sure what is out there, but we will find it," Chris replies.

Just then, Jacob says, "Sir? We are being hailed."

Both Lamont and Chris speak up. "On screen."

You see Khan's face on the screen. Both Lamont and Chris look at each other. "This is not good."

"Hello. Allow me to show you my new powers." Khan opened his mouth, and an energy beam, flew from his mouth, through his ship, through the L-team's new ship, and hit them. They were powered back down, but in the smoke, they quickly escaped back to Earth.

On they way there, Lamont talked to Chris. "Here is Andy's ring. We need to find someone else to claim the Master Black Belt Star Power."

"Also, I created another ring for us to use. You know how Eric's ring can give people better powers? Well, this one can take it away."

"I have the best person for the job — Liz Gordon."

"Cool. Now, he need to find someone to give Andy's ring to." They landed on Earth, and gave the new Demoter Star Power ring to Liz Gordon.

Chris then proceeds to tell Lamont that he needs to go back to the L-Team 001, to due some repairs and link up to the computer for a bit and to check on the rest of our crew. Lamont agrees, but tells him, "Be careful up there. Khan is still up there somewhere. Don't take any risk that you don't have to."

"I won't," Chris replied.

With that, Chris put on his Jedi cloak and beamed back aboard the ship.

Lamont was instructing Liz on how to use her newly found power, warning her only to use it on those who need it. "It is not a toy, but a powerful weapon." Then they proceeded to find a place to hide, to contemplate their next move.


Aboard the L-Team 001, Chris is running a system analysis check to make sure all the main computer systems are working.

"That's odd. No damage was done at all. So where the heck did all that smoke come from?" Chris asks.

Just then, a mysterious laugh eminates from the view screen. Chris goes over to the comms and puts it on screen. He sees Khan and a mysterious, dark figure in the background.

"You fools!" Khan says. "Jump ship at the first sign of smoke? How will you make it out here into the deep reaches of space when your captain jumps ship?"

"First off, who do you think you are?" Chris replies. "You're just a magician with special effects, that's all. You are nothing to us. We can take you down if we have to."

Khan laughs. "Who am I? I am Khan the Great, Ruler of these here parts, and we can and will destroy you finish off the rest of your pathetic little group."

"Try as you might, Khan, you are no match for this Star Ship. There is enough firepower on board to destroy you and your planet. Try to destroy us, you will not be the winner."


On Earth, Lamont and the team — Eric, Brad, Jacob, and Liz; the rest are still aboard the ship knocked out — decide to go out looking for a new recruit.

"Team," Lamont begins, "we need to find someone to take the place of Andy, now that he is no longer with us. Does anyone have any suggestions of who we might be able to get?"

They all look at each other and say no. They can not think of anyone that could help them.

"Well, maybe if we walk around for a bit we can think of someone who will be able to help. Let's all go back to my home, and look at our yearbooks to look up some of our old friends and see if they can be of any help."

They all head back to Lamont's house, not aware of the trouble that waits for them there.


Back aboard the ship, Chris activated the cloaking device and was hidden from Khan. He then sends out false ion readings, creating the illusion that the ship had taken off. Khan falls for this trick, and quickly sets off.


Meanwhile, on the way to Lamont's house, the team walked past Roger's house. Lamont got an idea. "Let's give the ring to Roger!" The team agreed. They called Roger out, and gave him the ring.

Just then, Chris transported down. "Khan will not fall for that trick for long. We have to morph."

"It's L-team time!" They held their rings in the air.

"White Wizard Star Power!" Brad Bergman transformed into wizard of white magic.

"Trapper Star Power!" Jacob McLaughlin transformed into a trapper of the mountains.

"Demoter Star Power!" Liz Gordon received the ability to take away powers.

"Tracker Star Power!" Chris Leis transformed into a master tracker.

"Spy Star Power!" Jenny Blessing was transformed into a professional double agent.

"Telepathy Star Power!" Jamie Moore got the ability to read minds.

"Promoter Star Power!" Eric Griffith received the ability to give people more powers.

"Master Black Belt Star Power!" Roger Roberts transformed into a martial arts expert.

"Medical Doctor Star Power!" Jamie Pounds transformed into a doctor.

"Black Wizard Star Power!" Zach Atkinson transformed into a wizard of black magic.

"Red Wizard Star Power!" Mandy Darnell transformed into a wizard of red magic.

"Ninja Star Power!" Aren Dyer transformed into a ninja.

"Knight Star Power!" Lamont Stewart transformed into a knight.


Meanwhile, Khan realized that the readings were fake, and the got very angry. He raced at the speed of light back to Earth.

The L-team saw Khan's ship suddenly appear, and they prepared for the battle. Khan told his masked companion to avenge this death if anything were to happen. The masked figure agreed.

Khan transported down to Earth, battle ready. He pulled out two bazookas on each arm and said, "This is it! Finally I will eliminate you all, and make my way back to my throne in the future!"

He fired the blasts, but they were able to jump out of the away. Lamont and Chris attacked with their sabers, but they had no effect.

"I think we're in trouble," Jamie Pounds said.

Khan just laughed. "I was affected by the same strange energy wave that hit you! Well, since I'm about to destroy you, I might as well tell you how I got here! In 1994, I was created as an experiment by the great Doctor Nathan Lee. I tried to take over the Earth, but you all stopped me."

"He's talking about stuff that hasn't happened yet," Brad said.

"I escaped on a sleeper ship for 300 years, cryogenically frozen, until I was revived by Captain Kirk from the Enterprise. He marooned me on Ceti Alpha V, but I escaped, just to be blasted by the Genesis Wave. It blasted my ship into the future, where they were weak after a hugewar, and I quickly took over. After a while, you guys came along. I was going to capture you for my revenge. However, greatly to my knowledge, you guys hadn't met me yet. So I decided to kill you all before you defeated me in the future."

"Talk about being obsessed," Jacob commented.

"In a matter of seconds, it won't matter what you think."

"Maybe if we combined our powers together we'll be able to kick his butt away from here," Jamie Moore suggested. "Only seven of us'll be enough to kick his butt. Let's go."

"Give it your best shot," Khan boasted.

"White Wizard Power Beam!"

"Tracker Power Beam!"

"Medical Doctor Power Beam!"

"Black Wizard Power Beam!"

"Red Wizard Power Beam!"

"Ninja Power Beam!"

"Knight Power Beam!"

"What in the world…?!"

"Unite!" The seven of them cried out in unison.

The seven beams united into one, and hammered down on Khan, flinging him through the air. "You haven't seen the last of me!" he screamed as he disappeared over the horizon.

"We finally did it. We defeated our first enemy," Jacob said. "Yeah. I hope that the next one is tougher," Brad said.

"Yeah know what they say," Lamont began. " 'Careful what you wish for, 'cause ya might get it,' " as he stared out in space.


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