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<P><B>Disclaimer:</B> <I>Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers are © Saban. All other characters are © Lamont Stewart.</I></P>

<P><B>Note from Authors:</B> <I>This is based on the Alien Ranger Saga, and takes place in the same time period. This series takes place after the events in the L-hat, chronologically.</P>

<P>Last time our heroes fought the Return of Mystinizer (See Original Green Ranger & Rise of the Dove: Green Ranger's Return), while in Angel Grove, Rito placed the Orb of Doom on the ground. Just as Master Vile chanted the spell, our heroes defeated Mystinizer and the Reversal Crash happened. It amplified the spell of Master Vile, and the Earth was Reversed ten years back in time. From 1995 to 1985 our heroes are again Kindergartners.</I></P>

<CENTER><h5><center> Just KIDing<BR> By Lamont Stewart </CENTER></center></h5>

<h5><center>Part 1: We Need Help</center></h5>

<P>The smoke cleared, and our seven friends emerged.</P>

<P>Lamont said, "What happened?"</P>

<P>Jamie said, "I don't know."</P>

<P>Brad said, "Does anyone feel smaller?"</P>

<P>Jessica said, "Now that you say that."</P>

<P>Brian said, "I do."</P>

<P>Kevin said, "Oh my gosh look."</P>

<P>They looked at each other and found out the truth. They were Kindergartners.</P>

<P>Lamont said, "I was afraid something like this was going to happen."</P>

<P>Chris said, "Did you know something might happen?"</P>

<P>Lamont said. "Um, no, I just dreamed something like this."</P>

<P>"Is anyone not a little bit younger?" asked Jamie.</P>

<P>Lamont said, "Anyone who is outside the Earth's atmosphere."</P>

<P>Kevin said, "So Joseph and the rest of our old friends, in the orbiting space station is still the same age?"</P>

<P>Lamont said, "That's right."</P>

<P>Brian said, "What are we going to do?"</P>

<P>Chris said, "We can go to the old Railroader's headquarters. Joseph and Danny can help us there."</P>

<P>"Can we transform and teleport there?" Jessica asked.</P>

<P>"No, our powers aren't working anymore," said Lamont. "Not while we are kids."</P>

<P>They walked to their old hideout.</P>


<P>After a five-hour walk, they arrived to the place that they were going.</P>

<P>When they got there, Danny was surprised to see them. "Whoa, you four are back, and you brought some friends."</P>

<P>Lamont said, "Joseph, have you noticed what happened?"</P>

<P>Joseph said, "Yes I have. With you all as kids and the L-team powers gone we need some help."</P>


<P>Meanwhile, in Joseph Smoeing's space station, they were looking down at what was happening.</P>

<P>Joe said, "I can't believe my luck. They are helpless now."</P>

<P>He sent Booker (Jamie Moore merged with a book), Slusher (Zach Atkinson merged with a slushy), and Mouser (Jacob McLaughlin merged with a computer mouse) down to Earth.</P>

<P>"Those fools are finished." Joseph screamed.</P>


<P>Back at the hideout Lamont sent out the distress signal.</P>

<P>He said, "Come in anybody who can hear this. We need help and we need it now."</P>

<CENTER><h5><center> To Be Continued... </center></h5></CENTER><p>