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<h3><center> Power Rangers Railroad: Introduction<BR> By Lamont Stewart </center></h3>

<P>This is quick summary of the characters in the Railroad series. It will change as time progresses.<P>

<B>POWERS</B> <P> <B>Lamont Stewart/Knight:</B> The leader of the group, and a former Green Ranger of the Power Rangers.<P> <B>Aren Dyer/Ninja:</B> Lamont's friend for half of a year. He is the fastest of the team.<P> <B>Mandy Darnell/Red Wizard:</B> Another of Lamont's friends. She is the cleverest of the group.<P> <B>Zach Atkison/Black Wizard:</B> Friend of Lamont since the 4th grade. His powers are the toughest of all.<P> <B>Andy White/Master Black Belt:</B> Replaced Jim after he left.<P> <B>Brad Bergman/White Wizard:</B> Not the brightest member of the team, but his healing magic comes in real handy in tight spots.<P> <p>dde9