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<P> <CENTER>&nbsp;</CENTER> <P><B>Disclaimer:</B> <I>All used items from other shows are &copy; by their owners. Everything else is &copy; Lamont Stewart.</P></I>

<P><B>Note from Author:</B> <I>This is the Beginning of this Series. A lot of secrets will be revealed and pave the way for future events in this and future series.</P></I>

<h5><center> Lamont </FONT>X</FONT>: The New Adventures of the L-team</center></h5></FONT>

<h5><center> CURSE II</FONT>: The Wrath of Everyone</FONT> </center></h5>

<h5><center> By Lamont Stewart </center></h5>

<P>Sometimes things happen for a reason. We might not know what the reason is right now, but sooner or later it will reveal it's self. Everything will reveal it's self in the end. The truth will come out.</FONT></P> </FONT> <p><center>~*~</center></p>

<P><b>Previously on our Series...</B></P>

<P>Lamont returns to 1993, in his body of that age to stop a curse from invading the timeline. He found a Time Machine, and some powers, which he gave to some friends.</P>

<P>Some enemies also came onto scene in the course of the Curse. The Curse made Andy White evil, invaded Charlie Nako's body, and Merged four of the L-team's enemies into one Ultimate Threat. Now as their highschool career is about to began, what is in store for our heroes.</P>


<P><B>September 29, 1234 Somewhere in Europe</P> </B> <P>Young Edward Nako was enjoying a walk in the woods when an evil wizard stopped him. He said, "Your father stopped my mentor so I will put a Curse on you. It seems that for some reason you Nako's only have one son, form now on evil will run in your blood."</P>

<P>Just then a nice Wizard appeared and said, "I can't stop that curse, but I can edit it. Evil will dwell in your descendents, but one of them will have two sons. The second born will have the ability to break this curse."</P>

<P>Then both Wizards vanished.</P>


<P><B>August 20, 1994 Vandalia, Ohio.</P> </B> <P>Deep underground, Chaos was watching a view screen of an event that had happened a few months ago.</P>

<I><P>Lamont distracted the Baron while Brad unchained Mandy. Brad said, "How about a kiss for helping you?"</P>

<P>Mandy said, "How about you don't touch me and I won't give you a bloody nose?"</P>

<P>Brad said, "That's fine too."</P>

<P>They made their way back to Lamont who said, "If we ever want to return home, we have to defeat him."</P>

<P>Just then the voice returned and said, "You have recovered wisdom."</P>

<P>Just then a light surrounded all three teenagers. Mandy and Brad transformed into their Star Power stage while Lamont transformed into his Ultimate stage.</P>

<P>Lamont/Ultimate Ninja-Knight held his sword out and fired a beam from it. It was weakening the Baron and in fact he was turning back into Charlie Nako. But the Baron was regaining control.</P>

<P>Then Mandy/Star Red Wizard and Brad/Star White Wizard each put a hand on one of Lamont's shoulders and focused their energy into him. Then they all said, "Sword Beam Now!" A beam was fired from the sword and destroyed the Baron. His destruction was filled with smoke.</P>

<P>After the smoke cleared Lamont, Mandy and Brad were Demorphed and back in the field in Vandalia, the year was 1994.</P>

<P>Mandy said, "Come on, I got to get home."</P>

<P>As they left a figure stepped out of the shadows</I>. It was Sam Nako.</P>

<P>Back in his hideout, Sam Nako a.k.a. Chaos said, "Those three will pay for killing my son, they all will pay.</P>


<P>Lamont, Brad and Mandy were sitting in a park talking about the upcoming first day of Highschool.</P>

<P>Mandy said, "You know everything is about to change."</P>

<P>Brad said, "What do you mean?"</P>

<P>Mandy said, "Back in the 8<SUP>th</SUP> grade we ruled that school. Now we are freshmen and have to start at the bottom again."</P>

<P>Lamont said, "That's not all."</P>

<P>Brad said, "Huh."</P>

<P>Lamont said, "People change too, when we get there, people that were our friends might not be our friends anymore. That school has the effects of changing people." Both Mandy and Brad looked at Lamont strangely and he said, "Or so I've heard."</P>

<P>Mandy and Brad went to see a deer, but Lamont just stood there and remembered something.</P>

<P><I>What Eric said next shocked me to my core. Eric had been a good friend of mine for about 2 Years. I'd known him for six years, and what he was saying just blew me away. My other friend, Chris Leis whom I'd known since Kindergarten was saying it to</I>.</P>

<P>Lamont said to himself, right now Chris and Eric are with me in the L-team, but they will turn on me in about one year. But I wonder if I missed the clues. Tis time, I'm going to watch and see if it happened slower then I thought."</P>

<P>Just then the Ants attacked. Lamont, Mandy and Brad fought them off, when another figure appeared on a nearby hill. He said, "The time for Vengeance is here." It was Sam Nako.</P>


<P><B>The time is here, things have changed, and now, THEY'RE IN HIGHSCHOOL! New enemies on the horizon. Secrets out in the open. New powers to be reviled. It's a whole new ballgame. For this is Lamont </FONT>X</FONT> The New Adventures of the L-team.</P> </B></FONT> <p><center>~*~</center></p>

<P>Lamont, Mandy and Brad attacked the Ants, but they were stronger then they remembered.</P>

<P>Mandy said, "Let's morph and take care of this problem."</P>

<P>Lamont said, "It's L-team Time!"</P>

<P>Brad Bergman said, "White Wizard!"</P>

<P>Mandy Darnell said, "Red Wizard!"</P>

<P>Lamont said, "Ninja-Knight!"</P>

<P>They all transformed into their costumes, and fought the ants some more. However the ants were even stronger then they knew.</P>

<P>One of the ants three them all against the wall and then transformed into Anty a monster created by Chaos.</P>

<P>The hit on the wall demorphed our heroes and Lamont said, "It's time to take it to the next level."</P>

<P>Brad Bergman said, "White Wizard Star Power!"</P>

<P>Mandy Darnell said, "Red Wizard Star Power!"</P>

<P>Lamont Stewart said, "Ninja-Knight Star Power!"</P>

<P>They morphed into their Star powers, and fought the ants again. This time the ants were defeated, but Anty was still going strong.</P>

<P>Just then the rest of the L-team appeared, already morphed.</P>

<P>Roger/Star Master Black Belt said, "Andy is at the hideout with Joey and Danny."</P>

<P>Lamont/Star Ninja Knight said, "Cool, Lets take care of this thing. Austoros power!" Lamont transformed into his Super stage. Then aimed his arm cannons at Anty. "Say good night." Then he fired.</P>


<P></B>Anty was destroyed, but Sam Nako was just smiling. He said, "Now Anty, grow. Just then Anty grew to his super size.</P>

<P>Lamont demorphed back to his Star Power and said, "We need the Trains now."</P>

<P>Each of them got in a cockpit of one of the trains.</P>

<P>All of them took off their rings and placed them in the key slot, and turned them. Their costumes powered down, but the trains were active.</P>

<P>Brad Bergman said, "White Wizard train, power up!"</P>

<P>Jacob McLaughlin said, "Trapper train, power up!"</P>

<P>Liz Gordon said, "Demotter train, power up!"</P>

<P>Chris Leis said, "Tracker train, power up!"</P>

<P>Jenny Blessing said, "Spy train, power up!"</P>

<P>Jamie Moore said, "Telepath train, power up!"</P>

<P>Eric Griffith said, "Promoter train, power up!"</P>

<P>Roger Roberts said, "Master Black Belt train, power up!"</P>

<P>Jamie Pounds said, "Medical Doctor train, power up!"</P>

<P>Zach Atkinson said, "Black Wizard train, power up!"</P>

<P>Mandy Darnell said, "Red Wizard train, power up!"</P>

<P>Lamont Stewart said, "Ninja-Knight train, power up!"</P>

<P>All of the trains were activated.</P>

<P>Lamont said, "Transform to Bullet Power Now!"</P>

<P>The trains transformed, and came together to form the Bullet Train Mega Battlezord.</P>

<P>Sam Nako said, "Now Anty, freeze them in his tracks."</P>

<P>Anty pulled out a laser and covered the zord with sunup. Then Sam Nako transformed into Chaos, and opened up a porthole. Then transported all of them to an island that he had rebuilt. An island known as the Island of Illusion.</P>

<P>Chaos said, "Now they will pay."</P>


<P>They had demorphed on impacted and looked around at their surroundings.</P>

<P>Mandy said, "Where are we?"</P>

<P>Just then an image of Chaos appeared. He said, "Welcome to the Island of Illusion. The Power Rangers of Angel Grove went here a few months ago. But the island was destroyed. I rebuilt it, and put some of my own surprises on it. Some things are real, and others are illusions. Now like the Rangers of Angel Grove, if you doubt your own abilities you will slowly fade away."</P>

<P>Jacob said, "The other rangers survived this and so will we."</P>

<P>Chaos said, "Oh, one other thing. When you fade away, my son will fade back into existence. Even if you stop fading he will not fade away again. Each time one of you fades he will fade in more and more."</P>

<P>Brad said, "I don't see what we have to do with your son?"</P>

<P>Chaos said, "It's simple" he pointed at Lamont, Brad and Mandy, "you killed him."</P>

<P>"What?!" All three of them said.</P>

<P>Chaos said, "My son's name was Charlie Nako."</P>

<P>Roger said, "That's the first enemy we made when all this started."</P>

<P>Chaos said, "That's right. I was a body guard for his boss, but that accident in the school made me what I am today."</P>

<P>Lamont said, "We had no choice."</P>

<P>Chaos said, "His body had been taken over by the Baron, he had no control over his actions."</P>

<P>Lamont said, "He had some actions. He did want to kill us, and I don't remember him trying to stop."</P>

<P>Chaos said, "Stop, soon, he will be revived."</P>

<P>Mandy said, "No! The other spirit is still in him."</P>

<P>Chaos said, "Like I care. I can control creatures or in case you forgot. Bye." Then he vanished.</P>

<P>Brad said, "I can't take this anymore." He ran around to the other side of some trees and then screamed.</P>

<P>The others ran to where he was and Lamont said, "What is it."</P>

<P>Brad said, "It's a it's a hawk."</P>

<P>Jacob said, "I don't see anything, and a hawk?"</P>

<P>Just then slowly, Brad started to fade away."</P>

<P>Jamie Pounds said, "We have to stop this."</P>


<P>Meanwhile in Chaos's hide out Sam was watching as a pair of feet appear transparent like. He said, "Soon, very soon."</P>

<h5><center>To Be Continued...</center></h5> <p><center>~*~</center></p>

<P>Next time our heroes must each beat their own fears, as Charlie comes back to life, with the Baron still inside. Lamont must find the one weapon that might have the chance of saving them all. Find out in,CURSE III: The Search for the Merger Sword</FONT></P><p>u 9